Wednesday, 15 June 2022


 Hi all. Forgive my absence last week. I knew visiting would be tricky so didn't think I should post. 

I think I managed to visit everyone the week before. 😀

We enjoyed the week of the Jubilee so much. Had a lovely lunch out just the two of us on the Monday, Tuesday I visited a friend for a couple of hours. Graham was supposed to go as well but a parcel was due. 

Thursday we enjoyed a simple but yummy lunch with my friend Thelma and spent a delightful afternoon with her.

Friday was lunch with my brother and his wife. Stayed until 8.30pm and came away with plants he had grown and were surplus to requirements. He has a huge garden. He loves it like our dad did. He looks very like dad now. 

We stopped in on Sat and Sun but watched various bits on TV. 

Last week was the dentist( Wednesday) which always fills me with dread. Afterwards there was food shopping needed. On Friday lunch out with friends. 

On my desk you will see preparations for  class on Saturday. I am praying it will have cooled down on Saturday. 

Photos ( sorry if too many) 

Jubilee Lunch


Graham and Thelma

I made a gift box and put in some chocolate for T. She is a chocoholic! 

Yours truly and the lovely Thelma. A toast to Her Majesty! 
There was also cake later. 😀
I made some simple treatbags for my my brother's grandchildren.

The desk, The fold is called Miura - I wish I'd not used it lol! 
I will share cards next week all being well. 
Have a great week all. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2022


 I'm late, I'm late. Story of my life 😆 How did I ever find time to work full time! 

I can't believe how fast the time is going!!! I still didn't get to everyone, I'm so sorry.

My class on Saturday went so well. The ladies said they loved being back 'home'. We went out to lunch afterwards. I got a free bottle of Prosecco! 

I completed the card/ keepsake for my friend for her Golden Wedding Anniversary. Wrapped up their gift, very prettily. Completely forgot the photos. I get worse. 

The lady who is almost 88, she comes to class,  ( this month) was going to be alone tomorrow so I said I would pop in. She has invited G and me to a light lunch, cake, tea and a toast to the Queen. She is so excited. So glad I suggested going. On Friday my brother is hosting lunch. 

I need to make a few appropriate bits and pieces - always last minute . Com :-) 

On Monday G and I had lunch at the Garden Centre and I bought last few plants I intend doing. 

Yesterday visited the friends who will be celebrating their 50th ( on Friday) Anniversary. He has several quite serious health issues , wondered earlier this year if he would make their celebrations. He has recovered substantially, though will not ever get back to what he was. The one great thing is he can walk again, he couldn't and was in hospital. I hope he stays well for their special weekend. A big house with their family. 

Our younger son and family are away in Wales until Saturday. The eldest still slaving away for the NHS. 

Anyway better finish this and go and create!!!! Have super long weekend here in UK 🇬🇧 . 

Take care all. 

 A jumble of photos! 

A small display of new colours I did for the ladies.

Some cards for inspiration.

Ladies at work!
Cards they made.

My desk this morning. 
Another shot of ladies. Thelma is the lady at the leaning over. She is hiding another one sat at very end.
Another of the makes.

Hope you enjoyed looking. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2022


 These weeks go by so fast. Realised that I didn't reply to all comments last week. I thought there would be lots of time, and then before you know it, Wednesday again!!! Thank you to all who commented and I will try to visit you all this week. 

I have been busy finishing my big sorting out. Still have bits of sorting left from having one of spare bedrooms decorated. It had become a bit of a storeroom,  so lots of stuff gone now,including some furniture. 

Took my friend out on Thursday. Well she bought me lunch, belated birthday treat. I took her shopping afterwards. She said she enjoyed it all so much and was thankful that she didn't have to go shopping on Friday. She goes on the bus, with her trolley. She is soon going to be 87. She is amazing for her age. 

We also went to the Garden Centre. She bought more plants for her garden. It is large and already full of plants etc. She offered to come and plant the few I had bought. 

Our youngest son offered to jet wash the patio on Sunday. So a lot of stuff had to be moved ready. I had already decided not to plant up so many pots this year. So on Sunday, after it was done and I'd fed him, G and I had to put things back! To be honest I did too much and have suffered.  😞 However we are so pleased with how the garden is looking. I've one/two things to do in it and then hope we have some weather to enjoy it. 

Have been getting ready for my class on Saturday and enjoying our granddaughter's messages from France and Spain. She is on a school trip! I don't remember such trips when I was at school 😂. 

I tidied up my workspace before dinner. Need to clear table off ready for the ladies on Saturday.

Yes that is an Easter Egg waiting to be eaten. Sadly its not that I have been very good, my birthday was just before Easter and there was so much chocolate!!! 

We do need some work done now on paving slabs and crazy paving. The mortar was cracked prior to cleaning, so trying to find someone reliable to do the work. Seems so much to do. We just can't do all the things we used to be able to. Have to get help in. 

Anyway that's it for now I think. Will do my very best to visit lots of you. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022


Have been looking through paper for a particular design, so much of it - sigh.
Have been using this gorgeous paper for cards for my next class.

 It's been a while. Just had to come on and say hello on this special WOYWW - 13 years. A wonderful achievement Julia.

Sorry I missed out on sharing ATC's, can't wait to see them posted on here. 

All sorts going on here , it has been mainly good. 

I have been doing a monthly class, so still crafting. My next class is a week on Saturday and will be here at home again. The first one here since March 2020. We are going to be very sensible re covid concerns. 

Take care all and hope to make it back next week. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2022


I have been missing in action again. Just life and  one week I forgot what day of the week it was! Didn't have much to share either. 

I just wasn't in the right headspace for crafting either - though glad to say I have started again and had a class last  Saturday :-)

I started this post last week and just didn't finish. 

This was taken this morning.

Anyway I have managed some crafting and some photos so here goes.

Cards made at class. Used some blending brushes and stencils.

Another using blending brush and stencil.

For my Great  Nephew. 

A few weeks ago I told you my Auntie had a stroke but was making a good recovery. Things were being set up for her to go home. 
Sadly she had a second stroke and died on 14th February. I did manage to visit her although she was non responsive. I like to think that she knew I had held her hand and spoken to her. 

I came across the photo below whilst sorting out. It was 1951 and is Auntie holding me 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely week. Take care and stay safe. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2022


 Another week gone in the wink of an eye- well it feels like it! 

Thank you for your kind comments last week..

The good news is that my D.I.L. is better, fully recovered from Covid, though our other D.I.L. Sarah is feeling unwell. Waiting to see :-( 

My friend, great nephew and his grandfather are all doing well. 

Also heard that my Auntie is making a good recovery  - very pleased for her, amazing really. She will be 97 this year.

Since last week our eldest , Matthew,  fell and fractured his ankle - it is only a small fracture. He decided to return to work today ( Tuesday)  but  has struggled a bit. He didn't want to let people down , his colleagues and patients.

Then our boiler started leaking, though we still had hot water and heat. They came and replaced a part today. After the engineer left we discovered one of joints was leaking. They promised to send someone out. No one arrived. G rang again, job had been cancelled! Now coming on Friday. I am not happy!

We had been going to have lunch out today ( Tuesday) I had planned on going to the cemetery as it was mum's birthday then lunch. We had to go straight home after the cemetery though to wait for engineer 🙄 

I did a little crafting - two sympathy cards 😪 but also a new baby card and a congratulations one.  I have no photos - forgot. 

I am beginning to think about doing a class again - not planned anything yet though. 

My craft space not very interesting. 

I have managed to do January on the calendar. Not too happy with it though :-( wish I'd sponged with a different colour , but not end of the world. 

Light not good this morning. 😕 

So that is it for this week. Not terribly inspiring. Have a good week all. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2022


 Goodness where did that week go? 

I am still sorting and cleaning. 

I had lunch out on Friday at a friend's house. I was somewhat apprehensive but we were well spaced out and windows open. It was a lovely lunch. We all chatted for several hours 😆 we are all crafters so always lots to talk about / share. 

It has also been a week of sad news 

My D.I.L. tested positive - she is lot better but has been poorly and down 

A friend lost her Nephew, in his 20's and whole family got covid via a carer - it's long story and don't really want to put detail here. Heartbreaking though.

Another friend has lost her sister - very sudden 😢 so tragic.

I also heard that my Auntie suffered a stroke - I have very few details due to difficult family situation- but do worry about her still.

Today heard that my great nephew- who has Cerebal Palsy - he is five - has had covid but getting better. His grandfather who lives with him has now got it. Pray he recovers.

I managed to finish the little envelopes and add chocolate. The ladies have their projects now. I saw the idea on FB - decorated calendars. The calendars were from PaperMill Direct. I sent them a calendar each and have said that they can decorate if they wish using what they have or use them as they are. Sent them photos of ones the lady on FB used to help with ideas.

These are finished mini envelopes. They contain a small amount of chocolate. 

Thank you for the lovely comments last week.  I will visit as many desks as I can.  Take care all. 🙂 


 Hi all. Forgive my absence last week. I knew visiting would be tricky so didn't think I should post.  I think I managed to visit everyo...