Wednesday, 30 December 2020

WOYWW ( fingers crossed and other happenings)

 Hello all. I tried to connect to wish you all a Happy Christmas but could not link. I hope to this week by switching to Mobile Data on my phone and then going outside to link  lol - we will see.

So I didn't get everything done that I thought I needed to but guess what it really didn't matter :-)

On Christmas Eve I met my brother and S.I.L. at the cemetery and we put wreaths on Mum,Dad and my brother's grave and on my Grandparents and Uncle's grave. It was bitterly cold there so didn't stay too long but it was good to see my brother. 

On Christmas morning we went on a socially distanced walk with younger son and his family. Later in the day we all linked up via WhatsApp other son , other than  we were on our own. It was the sensible decision but 

 it was hard and very strange.

Boxing day was quiet though the lads did check on us. 

Last night we all caught up via zoom and had a quiz. 

Today ( Monday) I tried to tidy the tip that is the dining room. We didn't need to use it this year so I had not cleared it after Christmas Crafting etc.

Excitement since then was the snow! Pretty and magical.

We did not need to go out in it though . Our grandchildren have had lots of fun. 

Yesterday Tuesday - more snow and youngest brought us some shopping round. 

Covid cases continue to soar and I try not to worry about my eldest and the effect it is having on him and his colleagues in the NHS. 

However I count my blessings and try to remain positive.

Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year - let us hope it is. 

Just few bits to go through and then I hope to feel like crafting. Take care and stay safe.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Happy Christmas one and all

 My granddaughters :-) 

A couple of makes

The tree, there are now a few pressies underneath 

Close up

Here we are it's Christmas Eve. I have done as much as I intend to. 

Tomorrow morning we will go a socially distanced walk with our youngest Jonathan and his family. Then we are on our own. We decided that it was the safest thing to do. First time for 44years  we have one been with one or both of our sons. However its only one day. Matthew and family could not drive down now as rules changed. We have each other, a warm home and plenty of food. Take care everyone, stay safe and enjoy whatever you are doing.

To all my WOYWW friends I am sorry I didn't get on to Julia's blog, have a wonderful time. X

Wednesday, 2 December 2020



Goodness what an achievement Julia. Congratulations on the 600th Edition of WOYWW. 

Thank you to all who commented last week, think I visited all who came by and I am sorry if I missed anyone.

It has not been the best of weeks. We made the difficult decision along with our sons that we would not get together. We had been invited to Jonathan's for Christmas Day,  Matthew and family were going to visit and stay Boxing night. Even though it will be allowed it is not wise. I have been so upset as have family. So many tears and I think I have cried more for Mum as well than before - it seems to have really hit me. Eldest granddaughter walked round to say hello and she ended up crying and I couldn't comfort her. 

If weather permits we might meet in our garden, I will provide some hot drinks/food and go for a walk. It is a long way though for Matthew and family to travel for just two hours. We will see what happens. 

After feeling as though I didn't want to do Christmas I have pulled myself together and started decorations. 

Also got myself sorted re making things/cards that I need to get posted. 

The room and table look a tip. 

Empty glass was a chocochino - yummy

I finished the cards for the girls to colour. Packaged them up ready to deliver tomorrow.

Going to water colour the images and then cut out for a card.

Trying to resist those chocolates :-)

Well I think that's it. Looking forward to visiting others, 

Why not pop along to Julia's Blog the stamping ground and find out more about WOYWW and Julia's marvelous achievement. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Hi all. another week gone by. Despite everything the weeks fly by. 

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. I think I visited everyone who visited me. 

Still ploughing through lots of stuff trying to declutter. I find it hard to get rid of things lol Getting there - sorted out a lot of craft stuff and gave away. It did feel good.

I have done a few more squares but not as many as I would have wished. Never mind I'm not stressing. I am even contemplating starting something else as well - it will mean sending for more yarn even though I need more like a hole in the head!!!

On Sunday younger son suggested a walk. So we all went through a nearby wood and then through what were the grounds of a hospital. It was a Psychiatric Hospital . It had been built in the grounds of Great Barr Hall - sadly allowed to fall down. It is fenced off now and people have been dumping rubbish there, Some of the grounds have been sold and there is a housing estate at the other end, 

I walked too far, I didn't want to be a party pooper so kept on going. In the end I stopped and Phoebe, youngest granddaughter stayed with me while the others continued. I have suffered since the walk - especially my hip. I should have known better but it was so good to be outdoors and with the family ( socially distanced of course)

In the woods.

Here is Phoebe and you can see the disgusting rubbish and behind the fencing the sad remains of the Hall.

This is what the hall looked like in 1907. So sad. 

There are several Lodges that were part of the estate. The one below is near where I live and we enter the woods here. 

The lodge is privately owned now. Also been painted over :-( 

On the way back there were two girls having a problem with one of their horses. The other was a big one and he didn't want to go to the other side of the pathway. The one below had gone happily. So Sarah held onto the smaller while Jonathan helped the girls coax the other one through. 

I have not done any paper crafting - I need to get a move on as I need a few more cards yet. 

There is a packet with some pieces to make some cards, the knitting pattern I came across and am tempted to try. I need some chunky yarn for it.

Two lists peeking out here and a mini cutter I found from a bag I had been going through. 

All for now. Back tomorrow to visit as many desks as I can. 


Tuesday, 17 November 2020


 Another week, my they are flying by even though we can not do all that we would have perhaps at this time of the year. I have been trying to really sort out things here. Getting there slowly.

Have only been making cards as needed and not too many of those. Need to do some more Christmas cards yet. 

Started to knit some squares again for charity. The challenge was to use tones of same colour. I seem to have several different shades of green so going with that. The challenge is to make 84 for a decent sized blanket - not sure I will manage 84 within the time frame set. 

Have put fruit to soak in brandy and hope to make my Christmas cake this week, Maybe a small one for my brother as well.

Went shopping today. Hated every second of it. There are some really thoughtless, stupid people out there. Hopefully stocked up for a while apart from fresh stuff.

Managed a couple of short walks with Graham - it is good to get out. Called at our son's to say hello. Of course we stayed on the drive and were well distanced. It was just five minutes if that :-(

The knitting - started with corner to corner squares but am hoping to do a variety.

This little jar was given to me filled with home made marmalade. I returned it with some chocolates to say thankyou. My friend said that when she makes some more she will let me borrow it again lol

Today I was experimenting colouring with water colours. Just testing out some card I had in my drawer. My granddaughters want to make some Christmas cards. Obviously they cannot come here so they have chosen some stamps they like. I am stamping for them and then they are going to paint them. 

Not a great deal of news. Look forward to reading what others have been up to and looking at what is on desks around the world - got to be more interesting than mine!

Back soon I hope. 


Tuesday, 10 November 2020


 Hello everyone. Thank you for all the visits and lovely comments - I am hanging my head in shame as I've not managed to pay a return visit to everyone. I promise I will do better this week.

On Wednesday evening I was taking part in a FB chat room get together. Pre Stampin' Up!, Virtual Onstage get together.

Thursday evening I was Online for about two hours for Opening event and  Achievers Awards. I am very lowly but my name was there for Team Building - I feel not really deserved but hey ho its how they do it. 

Friday was from 8am until about 3 I think. Lots of demonstrations, seeing new product etc.

Saturday some final demonstrations amongst other things - I'm not a business demo so not really into that side. 

It was lots of fun, chatted with other ladies via FB got a couple of prizes. I was shattered afterwards- felt as though I'd been away all weekend for it, as in the past. 

I have been crafting /involved in it so much the last four weeks - I am glad of a break. I am sorting my room out now. 

My space not very interesting tonight (Tuesday) 

In the basket are some of my ribbons. The boxes at the front have some stuff that needs putting away.

The wooden box has more bits and pieces - the chocolates are not for me. I want to make something to put them into - a little gift for someone. 

The colours of these tea lights are much more orangey - pumpkin colour. They smell divine. I am in a group of some other Stampin.Up! ladies, one of them had designed a class and realised she didn't have enough snowflake doilies and could no longer get them. I had some and sent them. She sent me the tea lights to say thank you. They are homemade by Made - Scents -, beautifully presented, I had not heard of them before. 

Well short and sweet for me. I will try and get to all who visited me last week and more. Pop and see what this is all about. Visit  Julia and find out more. 

Take care everyone and stay safe. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2020


 Hello all. 

I have come out the other side' lol of mammoth crafting, that is. 

Remember I mentioned the Retreat Online? That was the weekend after my last post, well it was fabulous. The goodies etc in the kit were incredible. The makes were superb and we had a lot of fun 'together' in a FB room. Loved it. After that I have spent two weeks preparing my All Day Christmas Class in a Box. I am inspired by the ideas from the Retreat makes ( all with the organisers permission)

I had eight to prepare and finally got them finished by Friday night, they were collected on Saturday by the ladies - not altogether but it was lovely to see them all and have a chat. It seems that everyone approved of their kits and are thankful to have them to work on in the coming weeks. 

I have not photographed my table as I have tidied a lot away.It was carnage in there! So some photos of things that have been on my table the last two weeks. Hope you enjoy.

All packed and ready for collection.

As well as everything needed to make the projects I included some gifts and treats

A calendar - made from recycled heavy card and covered - it does actually stand up - lets hope 2021 will be a better year.

Below was a master board I made as an example for the ladies.

I used the master board to make above cards, a bottle tag and a tag.

Another gift below
I stamp on the muslin bag and put a small hand cream and a hand gel inside.

and another
The above is an envelope and there is a notebook inside.

A box of notecards above - ladies had all this in their kit to make 

Below a box with magnetic pegs - one of the makes

Below the notecards

Mini Treat Boxes

A Box for a Chocolate Orange

Well there are other makes but maybe I will share those later. 

I also made a card for our granddaughter who was 11 on the 30th October.

We looked after the guinea pigs last week as well

So as we enter Lockdown again I continue to worry for everyone our eldest son on the frontline and rest of family. Our eldest grandson does his Mocks next week - the results of which may be very important to his final grades.

Our youngest grandson has been offered an eight week trial at Sheffield Wednesday Academy - not sure now what might happen. 

I hope to visit many desks this week. Why? Look at Julia's Blog to find out :-)

Hope to be able to link up, like LLJ I have had lot of problems for months getting onto Julia's Blog hoping it might be easier now. x

WOYWW ( fingers crossed and other happenings)

 Hello all. I tried to connect to wish you all a Happy Christmas but could not link. I hope to this week by switching to Mobile Data on my p...