Wednesday, 7 April 2021

WOYWW - the big birthday :-)

 Apologies Julia there is no desk , at least not one showing crafting lol- it is still covered by stuff waiting to be put away. There was last minute crafting and then gift bags, wrapping paper etc, etc. 

Last Thursday , my BIG birthday was fabulous, amazing and manic. 

It started on Wed eve, my D.I.L. and granddaughter arrived to decorate inside the gazebo, and there was a bunting at the front of the house with balloons. I also had online drinks party, arranged by my SU mummy. 

Thursday began with a delivery at 8.15, followed by many, many more. There were messages, cards and presents to open. I had six deliveries of flowers plus a huge box that contained three filled 🎈

After lunch three friends came along, we sat in the gazebo with Cava and snacks ( made by one of the ladies) more cards and gifts, plants and flowers.

After school our youngest son & family arrived.  More flowers, gifts made by my granddaughters and champagne. Later we ordered pizza and sat out until 10pm. Heaters on of course. It was just magical. I slept well that night!

On Friday morning son and family came back.  There was a fabulous breakfast. Later on after Jonathan and son left our eldest and family arrived from Yorkshire. It had been 6 months since I had seen them. I burst into tears ( there were lots of tears throughout both days) We had afternoon tea, provided by Jonathan and family. 

The two families managed to catch up a little later, abiding by rules. 

It was hard when they left, although I was tired. 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday involved more visitors and gifts.  I was thoroughly spoiled. The best part however was being able to be with people, even if it was 6 at a time. 

We were very lucky re the weather, but the gazebo (and its 3 heaters) was a Godsend.

I do hope that everyone of you had a blessed and peaceful Easter.

There follows a lot of photos, sorry Julia.

No particular order.

Above made by my D.I.L.

Cupcake bouquet


Photos are all mixed up but give you an idea, I am very late posting but will visit tomorrow. 

Take care all.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021


 Hello all. Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. 

Today is a quite a special  day for me, the eve of a special birthday, a new decade :-) . How on earth did that happen I ask myself. However it's better than the alternative 😉

There had been secret plans for special celebrations, set up before the pandemic. However these are obviously not going to happen. They are being kept secret still, just in case at some time in the future we can still celebrate.

There are new plans, breaking no rules, that I will report on next week. I just wish that this beautiful weather was going to stay for tomorrow and Friday. Still I must just be grateful for what we can do, so different to last year! I am very excited.

I will report back next week! :😀

Graham had his second jab yesterday, absolutely no side effects this time, Hope I get mine soon. Hoping side effects not as bad as last time, but in my book worth it and better than being on ventilator or worse.

I have tidied away a lot of 'stuff ' from my workspace, so nothing really to see.

Easter cards are sent. 

There were three designs.

Some small gifts completed.

I also completed cards for Hug a Hospital appeal. They are to thank nurses and I think started by a Consultant.

Finally for this week 

My D.L.L. sent me this

Hello All, would you like to take part in a big art project?

I'm making a "covid quilt" and would like you to make a square for it. 

The square can be made of any fabric, knitted, crochet, felted, sewed, appliqué etc but must be personal to you and your experiences with covid/ lockdown/ the strange times we are currently in.

Your square needs to be 30cm by 30cm so it can be sewed together to make a big quilt to be displayed at Dean Clough Gallery in Halifax 

There are no age restrictions so this could be a family activity. The idea is to be mindful and to just take some time out of our busy lives to be restful and craft.

I thought I will have a go. Had great ideas in my head! Left it late to complete.

So a very very amateurish effort! Apologies to those of you who produce amazing creations in textiles. I had intended sewing everything but had to resort to using some glue. Despite everything I did enjoy doing something different. Please be kind lol 

So I think that is it for this week. I will be round to visit but it may take a little while. I hope that you all enjoy a very happy and peaceful Easter. 

Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 Hello all. Thank you for comments last week. I was quite late getting back to some of you but I think I managed it in the end. 

The week has flown by. I did a doorstep visit to a friend who had a birthday, her second one with no visitors allowed etc. Another doorstep hello with another friend.I have managed a couple of walks - trying to increase exercise though the FM and wretched arthritis don't help with my endeavours but every little helps right! 

I have been trying  to find my mojo and made , well not quite finished yet, some Easter cards. I will share properly next week. 

Yesterday I observed the minute silence for those lost to the virus and who were impacted by it. I remembered mum,  I could not visit until the day before we lost her, I think she gave up as she missed physical contact so much and not seeing us all. Of course I remembered dear Shaz. Last night I lit a candle for all.

I watched Shaz's funeral, what a wonderful send off Doug had organised, so Shaz.  

Sadly that afternoon we had another, my husband's boss - from a few years ago. 

Anyway here is my desk, aka the dining room table. Not terribly exciting but at least I have managed some crafting this week. Do take care and stay safe. 

To the right of my working area.

Where I was working. Hope to finish assembling the cards today.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021


 Here we are, Wednesday again. 

Firstly thank you for the lovely comments and compliments last week. I thought I had made return visits to all but now not sure. Many apologies if I didn't and I will visit this week.

So to answer one question from last week - the kitchen where my grandsons were photographed is at their home, it is not my kitchen, I wish:-) It is very lovely, the doors are along the whole of the kitchen. The garden slopes down and there is a stone wall at the bottom and a stream on the other side. On the other side of the stream is a wood. They live in a village in Yorkshire. and are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

Secondly I said that people had been popping by. I don't want anyone to think I broke rules :-) they came up the drive, stood a way off and that has been the extent of visits. 

 The weekend was difficult at times as Friday was the  anniversary of my brother's death, it was a long time ago now, he was 10 and I was 11 but it was particularly upsetting because I always rang mum on the 12th March as I knew she would be so sad, of course this year she is no longer here. Mothering Sunday was difficult at times being the first one without her. So strange to have not made a card. However both sons spoiled me. I talked to Matthew and received beautiful flowers from them. Jonathan, who lives around the corner called with his wife and our granddaughters. A lovely gift, flowers and a card. Another doorstep Mothering Sunday. Jonathan then offered to take me to the cemetery. Graham was going to but as he felt a little under the weather I accepted. Jonathan said he wanted to go there and it gave him a little time with me. I sat in the back of his car and we wore masks. We have both been vaccinated now and Jonathan and his wife have worked from home since last March. So I felt reasonably safe. We met up with my brother and his wife , they had organised the flowers as they go shopping. I haven't been since before Christmas except into a garden centre two weeks ago. May venture out now but not on any grand scale, I am still very wary. 

All grandchildren returned to school and are trying to settle down to it. Harry has lots of tests as he should have been doing GCSE'S so lots of testing to aid with assessments for grades. His school don't have 6th Form. He will go on to a college so also has interviews to contend with, online. It is all so different to what we thought just over a year ago.

I have not been crafting a lot. Trying to sort out my craft stuff and rest of the house. 

I have had to make two  sympathy cards though. 

Our neighbour died ( not Covid related) he was in hospital. His wife was allowed to visit to say goodbye, he was not able to fight an infection , had health issues but it was unexpected. L

Today a friend had to have her greyhound put to sleep. All happened quickly. His leg was not right, had xray and it was bone cancer. She made the painful decision to let him go, he was in a lot of pain. 

So to my desk - not a lot of interest , just as I left it after finishing the above mentioned cards.

Flowers for mum

Flowers in situ

Eldest granddaughter,  Ella


So that is this week's woyww and my news. I hope to be watching Shaz's funeral on Friday.  (Graham has another in the afternoon. An ex colleague. ) 
Hope you all have a good week. Stay safe. I will endeavour to visit more desks this week. 

Wednesday, 10 March 2021


 Its been a busy two weeks since my last post one way and another. Have not been anywhere other than odd walk here and there. Chores and people popping by seem to be the order of most days. Ventured into the garden for short periods of time , attempting to tidy up here and there. Have crafted along with others Online. Cooked and sorted stuff out. 

The main focus of my crafting has been cards for my S.I.L's 60th birthday and her's and my brother's Ruby Wedding Anniversary - both on 7th March. I also helped organise a cake. 

They had socially distanced visits by two of their three sons and families. Obviously not at same time. There was  also an afternoon tea provided by their sons. So despite the current situation they did manage to enjoy their very special day.

Above my 'desk ' - as I left it Tuesday  evening. 

Ooops the above is grandson Sam, back to school yesterday Tues)

Below eldest grandson Harry. He returned on Monday as did Phoebe, youngest granddaughter.

Eldest granddaughter , Ella returns on Friday. 
Nothing much changed for us. Can go and meet a friend and sit on a bench now! 

Will try and visit lots of desks this week. Why not join in? Click on woyww on side bar to find out more. Take care all. 

WOYWW - the big birthday :-)

 Apologies Julia there is no desk , at least not one showing crafting lol- it is still covered by stuff waiting to be put away. There was la...