Wednesday, 19 January 2022


 Another week gone in the wink of an eye- well it feels like it! 

Thank you for your kind comments last week..

The good news is that my D.I.L. is better, fully recovered from Covid, though our other D.I.L. Sarah is feeling unwell. Waiting to see :-( 

My friend, great nephew and his grandfather are all doing well. 

Also heard that my Auntie is making a good recovery  - very pleased for her, amazing really. She will be 97 this year.

Since last week our eldest , Matthew,  fell and fractured his ankle - it is only a small fracture. He decided to return to work today ( Tuesday)  but  has struggled a bit. He didn't want to let people down , his colleagues and patients.

Then our boiler started leaking, though we still had hot water and heat. They came and replaced a part today. After the engineer left we discovered one of joints was leaking. They promised to send someone out. No one arrived. G rang again, job had been cancelled! Now coming on Friday. I am not happy!

We had been going to have lunch out today ( Tuesday) I had planned on going to the cemetery as it was mum's birthday then lunch. We had to go straight home after the cemetery though to wait for engineer 🙄 

I did a little crafting - two sympathy cards 😪 but also a new baby card and a congratulations one.  I have no photos - forgot. 

I am beginning to think about doing a class again - not planned anything yet though. 

My craft space not very interesting. 

I have managed to do January on the calendar. Not too happy with it though :-( wish I'd sponged with a different colour , but not end of the world. 

Light not good this morning. 😕 

So that is it for this week. Not terribly inspiring. Have a good week all. 

Tuesday, 11 January 2022


 Goodness where did that week go? 

I am still sorting and cleaning. 

I had lunch out on Friday at a friend's house. I was somewhat apprehensive but we were well spaced out and windows open. It was a lovely lunch. We all chatted for several hours 😆 we are all crafters so always lots to talk about / share. 

It has also been a week of sad news 

My D.I.L. tested positive - she is lot better but has been poorly and down 

A friend lost her Nephew, in his 20's and whole family got covid via a carer - it's long story and don't really want to put detail here. Heartbreaking though.

Another friend has lost her sister - very sudden 😢 so tragic.

I also heard that my Auntie suffered a stroke - I have very few details due to difficult family situation- but do worry about her still.

Today heard that my great nephew- who has Cerebal Palsy - he is five - has had covid but getting better. His grandfather who lives with him has now got it. Pray he recovers.

I managed to finish the little envelopes and add chocolate. The ladies have their projects now. I saw the idea on FB - decorated calendars. The calendars were from PaperMill Direct. I sent them a calendar each and have said that they can decorate if they wish using what they have or use them as they are. Sent them photos of ones the lady on FB used to help with ideas.

These are finished mini envelopes. They contain a small amount of chocolate. 

Thank you for the lovely comments last week.  I will visit as many desks as I can.  Take care all. 🙂 

Tuesday, 4 January 2022


 Happy New Year - again lol - hope you all enjoyed your celebrations - if you did celebrate. We had a take away and a quiet evening. Managed to stay awake until 12 - just about.

I managed to clear my dining table back into my work space/ desk. Have a small craft offering. 

My table hardly ever sees the light of day!

Covered up again and ready for crafting.

Here we go. I am making some mini envelopes to hold small, square chocs. 
The papers are rainbow themed.

Below is a present from my grandsons. I loved it. 

I am not doing a class in January as I felt crafted out and wanted to do other things. I am sending the ladies a little project though and a small piece of chocolate 😁

Thank you for your lovely comments last week. I am looking forward to visiting you all this week. 

Happy New Year

Happy New Mini Catalogue

Link to mini catalogue

The Spring Summer mini catalogue is now live...  Lots of lovely new products for the Spring, Summer and other occasions in the months ahead.

Sale a -bration has also started

You can earn free products when you spend £45

Its a great time to join Stampin' Up!

I have started some In person classes again and also happy to provide a Class in the Post.

If you would like to know more about any of the above please get in touch. 

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

 Hello all. I have just seen Julia's FB post and realised it's Wed. 😀

Just said goodbye to our eldest and his family. They arrived Boxing Day - Christmas Day was spent  with youngest son and family and then we spent lots of time all  together. It has been magical. Lots of food 😋 some alcohol may have been consumed 😂. Games played.  Three eldest popped into B.ham yesterday. The sons did a bit of car tinkering ( putting dash cam into Matthew's car :-))  and had a drink together and put world to rights. Sarah (D.I.L.) took youngest granddaughter to some shops so she didn't feel left out. I didn't want to go to shops!!!

Graham read his book and dropped off. Carolynn (D.I.L. ) and I went to Garden Centre to buy a plant for mum's grave, had to have a coffee  there 😄 and then went to visit a lady who comes to my class, lives alone and is 86. Loves crafting. 

Last night we went out for tea altogether. We felt quite safe in the area they put us.  It has been wonderful, feel

This photo need up in wrong place! Grandpa and Sam playing chess! 
so blessed. 

My crafting space was cleared as need big table for them all. House now seems much bigger and very quiet ☹ Hopefully see them all again soon. 

Happy New Year All. Xxx

My craft space filled with the beautiful family we have 'Crafted' together. 




See you all in 2022

Wednesday, 22 December 2021


 It's been so long I know. So much going on and I was finding it fiddly trying to get  photos on etc etc. Youngest son has tweaked a bit here and there so hope it might prove easier.

Since last visit I did a class, went on holiday to Cornwall, did an All Day Christmas Class and then made stuff for a Craft Fayre.  Which was cancelled at 8am on the morning it was supposed to happen - inclement weather 😑 I have said never again. I have managed to sell some and gave some away for Charity. 

I have made four attempts to blog since September but ended up losing posts and gave up. 

My desk is empty as I have been clearing the room for visitors - but who knows if that will happen - both sons and families on 27th.

A few photos 

Stockings decorated and filled for ladies at class.0

Some of ladies
Some makes

Some of Craft Fayre makes.

The morning of Craft Fayre

A little knitting not quite finished here, made two for grandsons. 

More Craft Fayre makes.

A Very Merry Christmas to all.  🎅 🎄 

Wednesday, 22 September 2021


 Hi all. Late this week. 

Not much to see on my desk as I am tidying up after lots of crafting for my class last Sat. Had to make a few cards for personal use as well. 

Two of above my own designs, two I saw elsewhere, tweaked. Can't remember where.

 That little die needs to be put away, can't remember which set it is from need to investigate. 

Keeping it short and sweet. 

Will be back later to check out desks. 


 Another week gone in the wink of an eye- well it feels like it!  Thank you for your kind comments last week.. The good news is that my D.I....