Wednesday, 15 September 2021

WOYWW/Where did Summer go????

 I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. So many things going on , in a good way. 

Meeting up with friends and family, trying to sort out the garden and house in prep


aration for a special weekend. Although in the end it was not warm enough to use the garden. I have been having my classes again - though not at home as before. They seem well received 😊

My desk, aka dining table had to be cleared completely for the special weekend. We only use it when both sons and families are here. We have a table in the kitchen that seats six of us. It made sense to use dining room to craft in. I have organised it to make it reasonably easy to put things away when needed. 

At the moment it is a complete mess again, as you can see above, I

 am preparing for a class on Saturday. 

The special weekend was our Golden Wedding Anniversary - I know some of you saw my post on FB. It was the Bank Holiday weekend. We had planned to invite several people to a celebration party but all the plans we had in mind pre covid were cancelled. However we had a wonderful weekend thanks to our sons and their families. Friends were also very kind and thoughtful.

On the Saturday - the actual anniversary we went to watch some of the youngsters paddle boarding. I had said I would like an activity for them all to do. It was  lovely weather wise and they had such fun. Later we went to younger son's home for a BBQ. Sunday was a late lunch at a nearby hotel, beautiful food and surroundings and it meant so much to have our sons and their families there. I had hoped we would go home to sit in the garden but it was not warm enough. We still had fun indoors though, playing games to music from the 70's , eating cake and drinking champagne. On Monday I did brunch before everyone returned home. It was all so lovely, especially after the last 18 months. 

Unfortunately eldest grandson has had covid since - we were very fortunate to not get it, he must have had it while here. He had to miss his first day at college as he was still in quarantine. Graham and I also isolated , even though all our tests were negative.

Our youngest granddaughter started her High School and other two grandchildren returned to school. Harry now settling into college to do A levels. He did very well with his GCSE'S- so pleased for him. He also finally went to his Prom. 

Just a few  ( sorry Julia) of the many photos, to give you a flavour of the weekend. 

There has been lots more going on but I think I've written enough for now. Looking forward to catching up with you all. 

Wednesday, 7 July 2021


 Hello all. I have been missing for 2/3 weeks. All sorts of reasons, not bad though. Life has been busy in a good way. 

I have apologies to make as well. I had promised to send some ATC's. They are posted now. 

I think I also failed to tell three lovely ladies I received their's. Thank Lyn, Susan R and Maureen. All received and so lovely. 

Two weeks ago, 22nd June marked 1st Anniversary of mum's death. I visited the cemetery with my brother to lay flowers. Our youngest had invited me for coffee earlier, he also arrived with flowers later. The evening we were invited round to his. We remembered happy times we all had with my mum and dad.

At the end of the week we visited Matthew and family. It was Harry's  16th birthday. He also started a part time job at the village pub. We trooped up there on Sat afternoon, much to his embarrassment,  he had to serve us! 

It was a lovely end to that week. 

Anyway there is much more news but I will spare you. 

My workspace- I am only just starting to craft again after a couple of weeks break. Making a card for my 4year

 old great niece and 4 year old great nephew. You can just see them in top left of photo. 

Harry, ready for his first ever job. He was very nervous.

With his brother Sam.

Flowers for mum. 

I will visit desks later. X 

Wednesday, 2 June 2021


 Hello. I do hope all those in the UK enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend. What amazing weather we had/have. 

We finally went to stop with our son in Yorkshire - we followed all the rules. It was the first time we had stayed with them since Christmas 2019. It was wonderful, we were so spoiled and I cried. 

Our eldest grandson left school on Thursday, he will be 16 on 23rd June. His school don't have a 6th form, they go on to College or A levels. I can't believe he is almost 16. 

On Monday we all met up, outdoors, both sons and their families. We had a wonderful picnic etc together. 

We made some very special memories which I will treasure forever.

(See photos below) 

It will soon be a year since my mum died. I finally felt ready to send the only three items of clothing I have of Mum's (long story) to Annie. I have a Memory Bear made from Dad's clothing and now one from Mum's. As always Annie did a wonderful job. She also hemmed the housecoat used so I can still wear it. How lovely is that? 

I haven't done a lot of crafting as last week I was getting ready to go to Yorkshire on Friday. Today ( Tuesday)Today  I started some bits and bobs ready for a plant etc sale at the centre where I hope to hold my class.

My desk on Wednesday morning

We are now looking after the guinea pigs for youngest son and family, They are having a few days in London. :-)

Watching Sam at cricket training on Friday evening

Enjoyed sitting in the summer House with a G&T listening to the stream just beyond the wall

A drink with my D.I.L. at the village pub 

DH with Ralph

They all prepared dinner on Sun eve 

Harry made the Bhajis

Caro the curry and Sam the flatbreads

Grandchildren and eldest 

There are of course lots more photos and activities but am sure you get the idea. 

I look forward to visiting other desks and hearing about what you have all been up to.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021


 Thanks for all the lovely comments last week. Many thanks to LLJ, Annie and Jo who kindly sent me ATC's. Thanks also to the lovely ladies who have also offered to swap. I look forward to receiving them and sending some. I will share all at later date.

The ladies were all pleased with the kits and I had a lovely lunch with my friend Sheila. 

The rest of the week was not very interesting. A lot of sorting out. Had a visit from youngest son and family on Sunday. Always good to see them. 

I have started a little crafting this week. Preparing for possible face to face class though it's still not absolutely certain yet. 

Tomorrow is dentist again, to get the permanent crown fitted. Really hope it goes well. 

So not a terribly a  exciting week. Hope more to report next week :-) 

So that's it for this week :-( 

If you want more information re WOYWW and to see far more interesting desks than mine then pop along to the stamping ground to find out more.  


Wednesday, 19 May 2021


 Happy Anniversary 

So I completely messed up last week, again. Thank you to all who messaged anyway and pointed out the error. I also forgot to put a star by my name for this week. Not to worry. 

I finally finished the latest Class in a Box - a mini one and it was in a bag lol

I am going to meet up with a friend today, lunch at her house !!! I have a mini class to deliver to her as well. 

I could not let this momentous occasion pass with a post. Thank you Julia for WOYWW and to everyone who participates. It is a wonderful thing,  many  friends have been made.

Thinking also of the lovely Shaz. 

Take care all. Stay safe.  

No shot of my desk as covered in stuff being sorted and put away. 

So here are mini kits.

Four larger cards above and three note cards plus bag to hold them below.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021


 I did write a post for last week and then didnt get around to posting it. 

This was part of it 

You were very kind re the garden, it is my front garden, which is probably slightly larger than the back! 

We celebrated Jonathan's birthday on 28th, suitably distanced in Jonathan's garden in the gazebo! There was cake! :-) 

On 30th it was Graham's birthday, more cake lol. 

We started the day with a visit to the dentist! We know how to celebrate!!! G needs a filling and I need a crown :-( 

 On Saturday Jonathan did a BBQ to celebrate both birthdays. Lots of fun. 

Sunday was quiet with a little crafting.

Monday weather so dreadful!

I started the day by making soup and a cake. In the afternoon more crafting :-) 

Yesterday was breadmaking,  a visit to the hairdresser - hurray - I have gone quite short again, it felt very liberating! Afterwards I visited an elderly friend, soon to be 87 but young in outlook, more cake and tea. She also wanted to order some  craft items.

Last Friday I met up with three friends for a walk in the arboretum and went to view a possible venue for face to face classes. 

Since then I heard of the death of another lovely blog friend ( see previous post) I am heartbroken at losing her and also for her family.

Yesterday ( Monday)  I attended  a funeral online, and today went to  another funeral. So all in all a very sad week. It also made me think that life is so fleeting really and you can be here one minute and gone next. 

I have been crafting, some smaller kits for my ladies, might possibly be the last ones by post if I'm able to resume face to face classes. 

There have been a lot of butterflies floating around. :-) 

I will showed completed project next time.

Card for DH - to match the shirt I bought him 🙂

Below a card for a friend. 

Hopefully I will link correctly this time. last time something went wrong, thanks Julia for sorting it out. I will be back to comment when I get back from the dentist after prep work for a crown. :-( 


Sunday, 9 May 2021



For Teresa who loved flowers.


I missed posting last week on WOYWW. I had thought I might update my blog in last few days but didn't manage it.

I checked comments and noticed the last one was from a dear friend - I hadn't met her, she lived far away in Oregon on a beautiful farm. 

She blogged about her life, her crafts and beloved family.

She last posted on 30th April. She usually posted three times a week.

Yesterday I was devastated to learn she had passed away. She had been taken into hospital on her birthday, came home again following treatment. Although unwell,  she posted as I said on the 30th. 

She was one of the first people to ever comment on my blog when I started many years ago and  always left a comment and encouraged me to continue. 

I feel I knew her and her family. I had always dreamt of visiting  her part of Oregon, especially Multnomah Falls where she volunteered . 

She was very creative and I was  in awe of her skills. 

R.I.P dear Teresa 

I shall miss reading your blog so much and your comments on mine. 

My deepest condolences to her husband Dayle and her family. 

If you want to look at Teresa's blog she is listed on my sidebar - Teresa Kasner

WOYWW/Where did Summer go????

 I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. So many things going on , in a good way.  Meeting up with friends and family, tryin...