Wednesday, 28 December 2022


 I have completely lost track of the days. Just realised it's Wednesday! We were in Yorkshire on Christmas Eve, home Boxing Day and Yorkshire crew came down as well. We were joined by youngest son and family for dinner on Boxing Night. Yesterday saw us in B.ham. Kids went ice skating, adults into bar for mulled wine! We then went to a restaurant for pizza then home to youngest son's for dessert, fun and games. 

Yorkshire crew have left this morning for final stage of their Christmas, up to Scarborough to D.I.L.'s parents. 

We have tidied up but it's so quiet 🤫

Just wanted to wish you all A Very Happy New Year. 

Take care and stay safe and well. Anne x 

Sorry - no desk. 

A couple of photos of us all. 

Two of all four grands and one of us all! 

Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Goodness me its been a while! WOYWW

 My poor neglected blog. Where does time go? It is difficult picking up again after a long absence 😞 

Since last post

 I 've been on holiday to Wales ( that's why I missed The Crop) 

Held two classes including an All Day Christmas one on 19th November. 

Made stuff for  Charity Table - proceeds to a local Hospice .

Lots of other things going on as well. 

I have been keeping up with all the 'comings and goings' of the WOYWW deskers!

Didn't want to miss wishing you all a Very, Very Happy Christmas.

I have not photographed my desk AKA the dining room table! I am getting it ready for a meal with both sons and their families on Boxing Night. 

Ten of us so kitchen table  not big enough! 

Will put a few photos on, hope that is OK Julia? 

A few makes

Ready and waiting for All Day Crafting
I made each lady one of the above
They all made a Rosette Christmas Tree
I gifted each lady an Advent Bag 24 presents plus the humble hoop below to open on Christmas Day.
A few of the 24 gifts that went into each of 9 bags.
My very simply decorated Christmas Cake.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate.

Hope to see you on the other side! 

Wednesday, 21 September 2022


 Didn't make it last week. 😕 How it goes. Only just made it this. 

Sorry Julia if my post is not in true spirit of WOYWW this week. 

I finished the cards I featured last time, the ladies loved their Strawberry ones. 

Like many I was so shocked to hear about the death of the Queen, I was more upset than I ever imagined I would be. Like many she was such a constant in my life and somehow I thought she would be there forever. Her death also made me think of recent losses. 

I watched the television avidly on Monday ( lots at other times) .

I held a class last Saturday. I did tell the ladies I was happy to postpone  but they all wanted to carry on. 

I had chosen to use a kit from SU. Part of the cost was donated, by SU to Food Scarcity charities. 

I also put out some of my stash, no longer needed and asked people to take what they wanted,  and if able to, make a small donation to Action For Medical Research. Our eldest  Matthew had taken part in an event to raise funds for the charity. He cycled 40 miles, canoed 2 miles on Derwent Water and then hiked up Skiddaw. It all had to be completed between dawn to Dusk. He and his team were successful and raised £4000. 

The research is all for babies  children and young people.

The ladies were very generous and donated £101  in total. 

Matthew's reward - he tested positive for covid the day afterwards! 

After crafting we had lunch. In memory of the Queen we had coronation chicken, some jam sandwiches,  cake and biscuits that the Queen liked. We also drank a toast to Her  and the New King. There were crowns and horses on the cakes. 

Everyone said that it was lovely to be together and talk about the Queen and memories we have.

So no desk, I'm sorry. I hope the photos are OK to share here.

The pretty crockery was mum's.  
The lady at the back is Thelma, she has just had her 87th birthday, loves papercrafting. 

They did it! 

I am sorry Julia for the slightly off topic and lots of photos. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2022


 The last two weeks have flown by. I did try to comment on every ones blog two weeks ago, Thanks for comments received.

I was missing last week - had to go to a very heart wrenching funeral last Tuesday. It was the daughter of a friend. Three years ago she had her hen do here. It was a Crafternoon Tea. She, her mum, sister and friends made flowers for the tables at her wedding reception. We then had a beautiful tea, sat outside. She married in the June and now just three years later she has gone. It was very tragic and we were devastated. I was physically and emotionally drained last Tuesday, which continued on Wednesday etc. 

The guinea pigs have returned home- have missed them. I have been crafting - getting ready for a class followed by lunch/afternoon tea in a couple of weeks. Have everything ready now, Hoping to start on Christmas makes - well have a little already. 

My desk looks  tidy as I had to sort it out - had to start on cards I need for family and it was a mess. 

Now to try and add photos.

A  card for our eldest son and D.I.L.
I have the Christmas Mug out lol
Can you guess why the mini terracotta pot is there? 😀

A card for Sarah ( youngest son's wife)
As part of next class I have given the ladies the materials to make the three cards above. 
Well I think that's all for this week. Hope to be back here next time. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2022


 It's been busy again and I can't believe how quickly time is passing. Thank you to all who visited me last time, I think I managed to visit you all in return.

I managed to complete all the projects from the weekend Craft Retreat - the 7th/8th August ? We had lots of lovely materials, gifts , three stamp sets, 2 sets of dies and a punch. we were truly spoiled. 

Our eldest son and family are safely home from their holiday in Turkey. Younger son and family now in Cyprus and we are taking care of the Guinea Pigs, they are so entertaining. 

I've enjoyed another afternoon tea,  in aid of breast cancer and also two lunches with friends. 

The piggies Flo and Buttons.

Projects from The Retreat. 

My desk! Playing with an idea for future Christmas Class. Not complete yet. 

Well I think I had best sign off for now. Looking forward to looking at your desks later. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2022


 Hi all. I know its been so long since my last visit. A combination of life, health etc, etc. I also struggle to get photos on to my blog from my phone. It used to be so easy, then I had a new phone , oh my its a pain. Dearest younger son claims to have sorted it now , but I'm still messing up. 

Anyway I do read the posts you all put up and I like to know how you are all doing, or am I just nosy lol.

I don't even have a pic of my desk. There is stuff dumped on it after my fab weekend elsewhere just crafting. In past, pre covid it was away in a hotel. After covid the hotel wanted to charge an extra £100  per person. So the organiser of the retreat decided to use venue she uses for classes. It worked perfectly. Some peeps stay at local hotels and then get together for dinner. I was able to go home and back again the following day. 

I can't share all projects yet as there is a second one this weekend for another group and everything is top secret.

Here is a photo from the weekend though.

We made some lovely projects and had such fun. 

Hopefully I will be back soon with my desk and some makes. 

Take care all. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2022


 Hi all. Forgive my absence last week. I knew visiting would be tricky so didn't think I should post. 

I think I managed to visit everyone the week before. 😀

We enjoyed the week of the Jubilee so much. Had a lovely lunch out just the two of us on the Monday, Tuesday I visited a friend for a couple of hours. Graham was supposed to go as well but a parcel was due. 

Thursday we enjoyed a simple but yummy lunch with my friend Thelma and spent a delightful afternoon with her.

Friday was lunch with my brother and his wife. Stayed until 8.30pm and came away with plants he had grown and were surplus to requirements. He has a huge garden. He loves it like our dad did. He looks very like dad now. 

We stopped in on Sat and Sun but watched various bits on TV. 

Last week was the dentist( Wednesday) which always fills me with dread. Afterwards there was food shopping needed. On Friday lunch out with friends. 

On my desk you will see preparations for  class on Saturday. I am praying it will have cooled down on Saturday. 

Photos ( sorry if too many) 

Jubilee Lunch


Graham and Thelma

I made a gift box and put in some chocolate for T. She is a chocoholic! 

Yours truly and the lovely Thelma. A toast to Her Majesty! 
There was also cake later. 😀
I made some simple treatbags for my my brother's grandchildren.

The desk, The fold is called Miura - I wish I'd not used it lol! 
I will share cards next week all being well. 
Have a great week all. 


 I have completely lost track of the days. Just realised it's Wednesday! We were in Yorkshire on Christmas Eve, home Boxing Day and York...