Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Hello all.
I did do a post for last week and then completely forgot on Wednesday to post!!! I hadn't been feeling very well and was also trying to get ready for a class - think I just lost the plot for a while :-)

Had a very successful class, nine ladies - hectic but a lot of fun.
Week before I went to a Pink Night hosted by my friend. She cooked for 13 , we had a quiz and a raffle and lots of fun. Everyone makes a donation for a cancer charity that she chooses. 
Yesterday lunch out with two friends.

I have been continuing with my major decluttering - a bit at a time- getting there.

So to my desk/work space

A sight you don't see very often- my actual desk ( was a washstand a long time ago - quite old as is the chair) it is not usually this clear.

Where I have been working today.

All ready and waiting last Saturday

Ladies at work - one of them brought some Bucks Fizz - those not driving had some at end of class :-)

A bookmark I made for each of them

The three cards and a Gift Wallet we made

A small inspiration display - do you remember the printers tray I was working on last year ( it;s at the back - I had to postpone this class from last year

Above you ca see a small ( exploding box)
below is the box opened. There is a mini box inside - it can hold a Ferrero Rocher or similar

Have started another display for my next class

A card for my Great Niece

Below a card to congratulate my friend on her three years as an SU demonstrator

Card for Mum, she was 91 last Saturday, this time last year she was very ill in hospital :-(

Everything looks better in real life, the light was terrible.

I will be round the admire as many desks as I can.

I responded to the appeal for joey pouches etc to help with the rescue of animals in Australia. I only managed to crochet one pouch before they asked crafters to pause due to the overwhelming response to the appeal. Managed to get it to the drop off point ready for the stock take here,
items will then be taken over to Australia and distributed. I am hoping others will have made liners as there was not enough time for me to do them.

See you soon.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020


Well a week gone already. I have not been crafting! Last Friday I took my friend out for lunch and to do some shopping. I have been putting away decorations and craft stuff and cleaning my dining room , moving furniture etc.
It was going well until we woke on Sunday morning to a boiler that was as dead as a dodo! So lit the woodburner and pretty much stayed in the lounge! Ventured out to make lunch and hot drinks!  It was repaired on Monday and heating back on at approx 3pm. I stayed calm. Thank goodness it was still under warranty or there would have been a hefty bill £650+

I need to start doing some crafting soon as I have nine ladies on 18th Jan! Too many in one go really but didn't like to say no! Story of my life!

So here is  a very uninteresting space!

 Last few bits to go away!

Hopefully ready to start creating by weekend. Going to come and visit your desks, looking for inspiration :-)

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

WOYWW 1st January 2020

Hello fellow deskers. Just wanted to pop on say
Happy New Year

I did a little crafting yesterday- made some bags for treats for my sister's grandchildren who have had a difficult few months. I am in process of sorting and cleaning the room!

 The bags - filled with chocolate

Cheers- a cheeky pink gin!

We are going to enjoy a Chinese Takeaway and a drop of Prosecco :-)
Our sons and their families are celebrating together , in Yorkshire this year. Love that they all get together and get on! Matthew the eldest is On Call  tomorrow so no partying as  such but I'm sure they are having fun!

I hope you all have/ have had a lovely evening and I wish you all the very best for 2020.
Special thoughts to all in Australia. X

Wednesday, 18 December 2019


Hello all. Thank you for all the kind comments last week.

Well last night saw me visiting Aunt , in hospital again. This time on other side of B.ham to where my brother and I live.
She was taken in again last Saturday. Infection in face.

She is of sound mind, so if she wants to go home she can. My brother and I again stressed she needs care in place - she doesn't want it! If she suffered with dementia I would feel more sympathetic but she is selfish - always has been - never married was looked after by my Grandmother - who did exactly as she was ordered to. She doesn't think about the consequences to others of her stubbornness. ☹️

It is only three weeks today since she came out of hospital last time. Of course I will keep an eye on her etc would not see her suffer but have to step back a little so that she can see she needs more help and for my well being.

Last Friday brother and I did the 300 miles round trip,l trek south to visit mum. She looked well, though frail and thin. She wanted Christmas music on. We all sang along and reminisced about past times when we were little. A lovely afternoon. No moaning from mum!

I have been finishing cards to send and little gifts.

Yesterday my 12 year old GD spent a few hours with us ( she finished school last Friday) her sister is poorly and off school and she was getting a bit bored so came to us. I took her to visit a friend, then she helped sort paper and card. Later we crafted, then I had hairdressers and then hospital visit to see Aunt.

Had my final meeting at WI - The Christmas Party. Not the best.

Today need a final trip to shops. ☹️

Desk getting tidier, Ella ( GD ) helped a lot yesterday. She likes things to be tidy! :-)


 With my baby brother :-)
 Flowers we took mum

My tree and Star.
I just love the reflections in the windows, quite magical

If I don't make it on next week would like to wish all of you the happiest Christmas. 
Thanks for reading. Will be around visiting as many as I can.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019


Wednesday again! Thank you for your kind comments last week.
Sadly when I visited my Aunt she is still refusing to wear the alarm. She was a little unkind at times and the visit did not end well :-( She is making it difficult to help her.

 I have caught up with some things but still a few bits and bobs to buy.
I did manage to bake the Christmas cake on Saturday. Better late than never I guess. Now have to find time to marzipan and ice.
I was going to decorate the tree on Sunday but found more bulbs on lights  had gone. We have had them a long time! So on Monday morning went out to buy more. Not had chance since though to put them on the tree.
Monday evening was meal with WI ( breakaway group lol)
Today ( Tues) I went to a Christmas Afternoon  Tea with Carols. Lovely time.
Craftwise I have been trying to finish cards and other bits. Nearly there.

To my workspace AKA dining room table - look away now if you are of a nervous disposition - it is a mess!

A few more photos of cards I have made.

I will try  and make it to more desks this week and earlier!

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Oh dear my poor blog, neglected for so long :-( where does time go? I guess life happens and you get caught up in so many things something has to give. There have been several times I was going to post but then knew I'd be unable to comment on other posts and also felt so worn out, didn't have the energy!

Craftwise I held a Thursday  evening class decorating Advent Calendars - a lot of fun with mulled wine, mince pies etc.
 My All DayChristmas was successful. Lots made. Everyone bought along something towards lunch as my friend who usually does lunch had to do the Craft Fair at the Community Centre. I foolishly said I would make some cards etc and DH went and looked after my table. Turnout was poor and it really was all too much.

I decided that I would have to delay an afternoon for charity until the new year.

 I am going to put a few photos of makes etc.

My desk this morning - making deer for more Christmas Cards whilst waiting for new bed to be delivered!

Will visit as many desks as I can.

I have been to Yorkshire to visit eldest son and family - a great weekend just chilling out!  However I came back to the news that Auntie had fallen. She went out despite my brother offering to shop for her, fell while out. He got her back and settled. That was on Sunday - two weeks ago. On  the Monday she fell out of bed, was not wearing her alarm, could not reach the pull cord so lay for 15 hours undetected. She didn't break anything but spent over a week in hospital. It was dire in A&E so many waiting to be seen or for a bed. Because she still has her faculties ( though can barely see) she told everyone she could manage and wanted to go home. She still refuses to wear the alarm, is no longer allowed to turn cooker on - she is a danger to herself and other residents. The Manager had no choice - they have had fire brigade out in the past because of her. She refuses to have proper care. I dread what will happen next.

At the moment I am crafting just for me and enjoying it!

Below is a Stuffed Envelope for a swap I joined in with.

Some of cards for Craft Fair

More bits for Craft Fair

The Advent Calendar plus other bits.

Ladies at work!

The things I made at The Craft Retreat and then used ideas for my All Day Christmas.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019


Goodness I have made it two weeks in a row! How fast that last week went by!

Thank you for the lovely comments. I was a little late reply and joining in. I had settled down that evening to look at all your lovely desks etc when I had a call from my brother. A long story but we had to go our Aunt's, mum's 94 year old sister - she had sat down on a low stool and could not get back up! Had taken her panic button off and could not reach it! Thankfully she could reach the telephone.
The Sunday before she rang saying she had no milk, bread. Had been going shopping on the Saturday but hadn't felt up to it. Thought she would try on Sunday but still felt unwell. We have told her we will get shopping anytime but she is quite stubborn.
So with mum being miles away, Auntie not making life easy and my son and family miles away in Yorkshire life can get tricky! :-)

However all well with Auntie, mum was chatty today - I was relieved.

The Craft Retreat was such fun, just what I needed - I am feeling much better.

I cannot show photos yet as it is happening again this Saturday and some ladies going might see it on here and it would spoil the surprise. Will share some photos next week.

Last night I had a craft table at WI Craft Night. It went well, lots of compliments. A much better meeting . One lady apologised for not knowing my name or recognising me. I have been going for three and a half years. She agreed it was sad that she did not know me. It is a big group 60 - 80 ladies. Mostly they sit in rows and have speakers! Some are interesting - others not so. Many do not want change. I have decided to leave at end of year.

 Today I have been attempting a  snow globe card for my class on Saturday. I did one but didn't like it - so back to the drawing board!

The ladies last night with their completed cards.

Below the completed Vanity Boxes. I should have photographed all the little gifts inside but didn't!

Well that's all for now, rather long I fear!
Hopefully tomorrow night I can sit down and visit your desks.
Click on the button to find out what WOYWW is all about - and of course join in!
See you soon.


Hello all. I did do a post for last week and then completely forgot on Wednesday to post!!! I hadn't been feeling very well and was als...