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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

WOYWW 294 and 'other happenings'

Hello fellow WOYWW deskers - what am I talking about? Click here to find out more stamping-ground  - it's lots of fun if somewhat addictive :-)

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. I found I could not put a comment on some blogs - so sorry.

Apologies for a longish post - with several photos (sorry Julia) but I only have chance to do this tonight but I will do my desk / craft bit first so that you can just see that bit if you don't have time for the rest.

My desk has not changed a lot since last week as I've not been here to craft. I've managed some knitting while I was travelling. Have been to Sugar Craft , it's been good to start it again - I had a bit of break. I was unable to finish my gelatine flowers - hope to next week. Several of you were interested. Yes Jan you just use ordinary powdered gelatine - you add water and food colouring. You can also 'paint' onto the flowers when they have dried. We used wires - shaped but also some sheets we painted gelatine onto some 'sheets' with various shapes/moulds on.

Not a good photo below but my flowers and leaves but not taped/arranged yet.

These are two sprays my friend put together.

You can use them on cakes but I also like them as decoration on gifts. I will show you mine when it's completed.

Below is what we started today - any ideas? :-) It's shaped over a small plastic ball to dry out. It's made from 'pastillage'

So that's my desk and crafty part for this week. Oh yes I also had some goodies arrive -

Show them to you next week :-)
Will visit as many desks as I can.

Now why I've not had much time!!! Last Wednesday saw DH and I set off to Somerset to collect my Mum. Not the greatest weather :-( to travel in

On Thursday we came back to West Mids with my Mum. On Friday set off up to Yorkshire to celebrate Mum's 86th birthday with our eldest son and family.
Had a wonderful time and Mum enjoyed her birthday. Weather on Sat/Sun was not the best but we did not let it deter us.
Although there was snow we set off to Holmfirth on Sat afternoon to show mum 'Sid's Cafe' - used in filming Last of the Summer Wine - had hoped to have coffee there but they closed early because of the weather. managed to find somewhere open though. My son also showed her round the village they live in( Hepworth)

On her actual birthday ( Sunday) she had lots of cards and pressies and was thoroughly spoiled. We all went out for lunch and then back to our son's for cake and tea. Then at Mum's request Matthew played her Moonlight Sonata and Jesu' Joy of Man's Desiring and the boys then played their cornets. Then we had to set off for our two and a half journey home!!!! After a wonderful time it was so sad to leave.

Yesterday I took Mum for a manicure and pedicure and then  we went and collected my granddaughters from school. I then cooked dinner for when our son and D.I.L. arrived from work and to spend some time with Mum.

Today I've been to my Sugar Craft class and then lunch with my friends and Mum went to spend the day with my Auntie ( her sister)

Some photos in no particular order :-)

Mum with Sam

Flowers for our D.I.L.

Waiting for Sunday lunch Harry, Carolynn, Mum and Matthew.

DS playing !!!!

DH and our GS's Harry and Sam

Just before we had to come home.

The boys!!!!

Harry cuddling Big Bear!!!

And below yours truly ( with eyes shut!!!! :-) ) with Sam and DH

Hope you've enjoyed sharing our weekend. x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


It's here again WEDNESDAY!!! and WOYWW (click to find out more)  where do these weeks go? Thank you for all the lovely comments and good wishes.

Sadly I have not found my necklace!!!! :-(

Well I am recovered from the bug - thank goodness. So I managed to put away Christmas Decorations and go shopping last Saturday. We also had a visit from our youngest son and his family. I'd advised them to not visit as I didn't want them catching 'the bug'. They popped in on Saturday afternoon when we got back from shopping, it was lovely to see them all.

On Sunday I started crafting again- yippee. Show you in a minute :-) I had some cards to make and needed to plan for my next class. I'm not overjoyed with the results at the moment. Do you ever find that when you've finished something you're not pleased with it?
It was good to get my crafting goodies out and I've also had a bit of a sort out - still got some more re organising to do.

Yesterday I enrolled again in Sugar Craft class and did a little clothes shopping. I've bought a warmer coat but think it might be too warm for me - so now undecided about it :-(
We had our granddaughters after school yesterday as well and gave them tea. Their mummy was involved in a project with children where she works and had to stay a bit later - going to be the same for next three weeks. The girls were as good as gold - had lots of fun drawing and colouring.

This morning I went to Sugar Craft - we made gelatine flowers - had a lot of fun - really enjoyed it.

So to my desk / dining table

the list on the right is my stock take list of card I have (hangs head in shame )
 I really like the paper I've used under my work after I've tried out various stamps and colours on it -  I know I'm sad.

Below there is a wooden crate at back left - contains card scraps- I have to decide what to do with them all. I keep every little bit and it's getting ridiculous. I am working out the little birdhouse - this a prototype - saw it somewhere - can't remember now. i ant to be able to open the top so am trying to work out an easy way for ladies to 'close'  it.

below is the card I have made for my Mum - unfortunately the colour is not very good on here - it is pink - looks more peach here

This one shows the centre panel.

Finally some thank you cards, get well card and birthday card.

Will visit as many as I can including all who visit me and end in same number as me. See you soon.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year. Can't believe we are already a week into 2015. Though it's not been the best week for me. Hope yours has been good and you enjoyed New Year's Eve whatever you did.
Last Tuesday we travelled to Yorkshire to spend NYE with our eldest son and family. We were taking care of the boys on NY eve as both my son and D.I.L. had to work. All went well to begin with. Lovely meal on Tuesday evening but I had already begun to feel unwell. Went to bed feeling very poorly. Dreadful night. Then of course we were looking after boys Wednesday ( I'd not told DS and D.I.L. ) so they'd gone to work. DH did a lot - I kept taking paracetamol and managed to drag myslf to cinema as DS had pre booked and boys were excited. DS and D.I.L. came home to find me on sofa under a blanket. Poor D.I.L. didn't get home until 7.30 and prepared gorgeous food. I managed a tiny bit. We did manage to enjoy the evening - the boys especially as they were allowed up until midnight and then brought a piece of coal in each. D.I.L. was due back at work NYD. Son was ill during night and so DH had to look after the boys again.
I am feeling better than I did - it seemed like flu with a tummy bug.
Sadly during all of this I have managed to lose a necklace. It was expensive but it has great sentimental value DH bought it when our youngest son got married and I wore it on the day ( he did the same when our eldest married as well. ) So I am so upset about it's loss and am praying it will turn up.

I tried to visit everyone last week - there were some blogs I was unable to leave a comment on - I am sorry.

The colouring in tablecloth was via Amazon. We all enjoyed colouring it in. :-)

Well needless to say I've done no crafting! I've either been in bed asleep, on sofa asleep or in bathroom ( don't ask :-) )

So I took these two photos
 Dining table some of sweets/and craft makes left

My actual desk. Received Christmas cards - waiting to be sorted - I dumped everything down yesterday. I tried to get decorations down and ended up asleep on sofa!!
I had intended to dust !! Knew it was bad for you! The ball decoration was hanging in hall. DH was telling a tale raised his arms and knocked it on floor - it now needs my glue gun to repair it.

I really need to get started crafting. Have a class planned for 31st January BUT got my mum stopping before then. That involves collecting her and taking her home - never do things by halves do I?

That's all for now. Will visit as many desks as I can. Back soon.x

Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday Smiles

Haven't been able to join in for a while - hope I can do better this year

We have been away for a few days. We went to our on and daughter - in  - law's in Yorkshire. Arrived on Tuesday evening - feeling a little cold and slightly nauseous. Carloynn and Matthew prepared a delicious dinner which I did manage to eat. By time I went to bed felt really unwell. had dreadful night. DH and I were looking after boys during day as both mummy and daddy at work. A film was booked at cinema (in Pennistone for anyone who knows area) DH mainly looked after boys but I managed to get to cinema. I had a very poorly tummy ( leave rest to your imagination - or not) ate nothing all day. Arrived home and had to lie on sofa under a blanket. poor D.I.L. at work till 7.00 She then came home to prepare a feast. I managed to sit at table eat a tiny amount and play game. We had fireworks - boys were allowed to stay up - they had fun. Then to bed. DS ill in night and D.I.L. had to work New Year's Day and so DH mainly looked after the boys. Managed to eat a little last night. Then another bad night. Very poorly tummy again. Managed to drive the two and a half hours home though ( well DH did without a stop. Mind you I'd had nothing to eat/drink. Now feeling worn out!!
So you might well ask what do I have to smile about - well it was lovely being with family.
I loved watching these two having so much fun in their garden on New Year's Eve

The film was also funny ( A Night in the Museum) and it was lovely to see boys enjoying it.

When we arrived home I managed tea and toast and it stayed put :-)

I put the TV on as I didn't feel like doing much and there was a very old film on How the West Was Won!!


I had never forgotten my father taking all five of us and Mum to see this when it first came out (1962) I was entranced - it was on a new type of screen and you felt you were there. We loved it. I've never seen it since - until today. Brought back a lot of happy memories.

Finally we had slightly more hopeful news re Carolynn's father. He needs open heart surgery. Before Christmas he was told his op was cancelled as they were afraid they would not be able to restart it afterwards. Today he saw the cardiologist who said he wants another angiogram to check pressures and if ok he will recommend the op goes ahead. So that is more hopeful.

Happy New Year x

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

WOYWW New Year's Eve

Hi there and thank you for the lovely comments last week. I think my dining table looked very long because of angle I took photo :-) I can seat 12 comfortably. On Christmas Day there were six of us so lots of space and on Boxing day ten of us. It looked very pretty once I'd removed the crafting cloth and put on tablecloth etc. I also put on a 'colouring in' cloth :-) to keep the children occupied between courses - also kept adults busy :-) and it's only crafting I've done!!!!

Below is the 'coloured in cloth' - now on kitchen table !!!!

My space / aka dining table is now being restored to crafting work space albeit very slowly and one end is being used to store dishes etc used during festivities and waiting to be put away!!! I want to sort out cupboards first and declutter a bit. So no crafting to speak of!!!

Well hope to be back on WOYWW next week with some crafting going on - need to start planning next class.

Just wanted to join in last one of 2014 and say

                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR

Will try and visit as many as I can over next few days . See you next year :-) x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Hello - not sure if anyone is going to be be having a look at desks this week as it's CHRISTMAS EVE !!!!!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments left last week and I tried to visit all who visited me.
As per usual I have been busy! Last Wednesday was having my hair done day. Thursday trying to tidy up, finish off cards etc and pack. Friday I went to visit my friend in Witney.DH and I returned   home Sunday. Monday the big food shop. Today nails, deliver some presents and wrap others. As well as other stuff.
Anyway remember the mess last week? Aftermath of the Craft Fair - well it's cleared and room almost ready for table to be laid for Christmas Day lunch!!!!!
The bits at the end are what I needed for wrapping and will soon be put away - box on floor going too.

Looking other way - ( light not good)

Some little boxes ready to be finished for table presents.

'Craft corner' my actual desk

Christmas cake - finished - not my usual extravaganza but didn't have time for more.

Will visit anyone who finds time to visit and all ending with same number as me.

                              Happy Christmas Everyone 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

WOYWW 289 (and more - sorry Julia )

Thank you for all the super comments last week.
Last Thursday and Friday were spent finishing off my Craft Fair makes and some preparation for Christmas for us! The Craft Fair was tonight (Tuesday) I actually did reasonably well - it was manic at first. Some things sold really well and could have sold more but other things not so well. I don't think it is really worth the effort , time and money spent. However it was in aid of charity but I don't think I want to do another. My three friends who were also asked to take part did very badly and one of them was quite upset and I felt really bad.
I didn't get a photo of the stall as I was besieged to begin with and hadn't even finished arranging it!!!

I took photograph of my work space on table and rest of dining room this morning. It was / still is a tip!!! Have a lot to do now to get ready for Christmas and sort of resent time I spent on Craft Fair preparations.

Had a great weekend though as I went away to Winchester and then Oxford on Sunday with three girlfriends. We had a lot of fun and lots of laughter - was very good to relax.
I think I need to slow down a bit now - I've had two falls this week. First I forgot I was on top step of my steps and ended up falling off backwards. Then this afternoon I tripped over my case and sprawled headlong and onto my bad knee. I'm ok but a few bruises and think I wrenched my back a bit :-(

Anyway a few photos of my messy space!!!!

Where I wor - well have dumped stuff - I've been working all over the place. Dreading sorting out that lot at the back!

As I said - I've been everywhere - won't show you kitchen table and lounge :-)

Above a few makes close up ( these have gone from the table now.)

Below three cards I made for friends.

Card for my Son and his Wife

Card for Mum - the ribbon on closed one does lie straight - I didn't check before I took photo.

A Christmas Banner - cased from the very talented Julie Kettlewell. ( photo not brilliant)

Well as they say 'That's all folks' - I am shattered and need to sleep. I will link to WOYWW tomorrow - if you don't know what on earth I'm talking about click on button on side of my blog and JOIN IN!!!
Will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me. See you soon.