Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Hello all. I have missed you as yet again I have been missing!

Sadly on 8th January Mum was taken into hospital. At first told pneumonia, possibly sepsis, antibiotics intravenouslyi, then put in sideward - flu. Then not flu. It changed hourly. As someone you know my mum lives 140 miles away! I visited on 12th Jan, staying at the hospital until 9pm and getting back at 12.30pm.
Daily reports were concerning and I had a bag packed all the time.
Friday 18th Jan was mum's 90th birthday. Some of family there that day and then there were eight  of us there on Saturday. Our eldest son travelled down by train from Yorkshire to see her, younger son took DH and me down. She is very weak and slept a lot of the time but was pleased to see us. At the moment she is barely eating but we hope she will get better and we will have some sort of celebration.
It has been a roller coaster of emotions on many levels ( family issues as well) and I seemed to spend a lot of time on the phone etc.

Anyway that is the very short version of events and reason for my absence.

I photographed my desk/ aka dining table  Tuesday evening. Light not good.

I had been trying to just stamp a background rectangle using an acrylic block. Done it lots of times but just couldn't get it right!
I will try again on Thursday
I am preparing for a class on Saturday ( all being well )

I will leave you with the card I made for Mum and as flowers were not allowed I made a little basket of flowers . I hope that soon she will be out of hospital and we can send some real ones.

So if you want to know what WOYWW is all about click on the button on my sidebar and do join in the fun.
Hope to be back next time and meanwhile will get to as many desks as I can. Take care.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

WOYWW 500!!!!

Hello  and a Very Happy New Year to all! Gosh 500 weeks of WOYWW - congratulations Julia!
Don't know what I'm on about then follow the link and join in the fun!
I have no craft to show you today. I was crafting up to Christmas Eve , then it was cleared away to make room for visitors- my sons and their families. Had some happy meals at that big table! :-) I didn't take many photos, just enjoying the moment!

So here it is

  The spot I usually show you :-)

Below a view along the table- at the end some dishes etc waiting to be put away- I have done very little since family left last Friday!

The cloth is my Christmas Craft Cover, I ended up leaving it on
the table - it was so easy to just wipe instead of changing the cloth from inevitable spills :-) 

Below - I did get brushos out- but only to show someone 😉

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season. I have still got all decorations up, intend to continue to enjoy until the 6th. I didn't finish decorating until Christmas Eve!!!  I have much I would like to achieve in 2019 - we shall see. There are aspects of my life and crafting I want/ need to change!

I will leave you with this, a  slightly blurry photo

'A Unicorn Down'  - :-)

Our nine year old granddaughter was determined to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve. She just about did it! She was ready for bed in her Unicorn Onsie - she loves Unicorns -

See you all soon x

Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Well I did think I would have to give today a miss as I have lots to do as eldest son and family arrive later from Yorkshire. However decided a few minutes would be ok :-)
I'm afraid though I have no desk /aka dining table to show as it is all cleared ready for visitors!

We had a great time at my brother's for his birthday.

Yesterday we went out for Christmas Day lunch with younger son and family, a first, a local pub, not a 'grand' place but it was excellent. Great service , lovely- hot meal and no washing up!
Afterwards we went a walk , watched a film and Strictly Special and played games which were hilarious.
On Thursday we will all be together for more of the same.

From all of us we hope you've had a wonderful time so far, continue to do so and we wish you a very happy and healthy 2019!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Phew it's been all go since last Wed! Have felt better though so there are signs of Christmas here! Have posted all cards that had to be posted. Have finishing touches to make to remainder. Even managed two cakes! Never been so late though!
Play at granddaughters school was very good! Also managed to make last WI meeting of year, fish and chip supper and some dodgy singers , it was fun though.
Spoke to Mum she has moved in to her new home. I pray that all will be well and she can settle there. This is sixth home since last December plus a stay in hospital. My heart aches for her and the situation.

Of course I didn't get around to taking photographs of my cards, it was make, put in envelope and address!

So last night my space looked like this!

This all has to be cleared away before the big day !

Yesterday, my ' baby' brother was 60! :-) This was his card. We are celebrating with him on Sunday.

So that is it for now.
 Wishing you all a very
 Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Hello all. Thank you for the welcome back last week and kind comments.
Hi Sarah Brennan, sorry I  couldn't reply on your blog, but I did visit.
As far as I know mum was moving today. I've heard nothing so hope no news is good news.
DH and I feel lot better and managed to get to Yorkshire on Sat, just for day .Our D.I.L. drove and we saw our other  D.I.L. and grandson in the village panto. They were both
so good. It was so lovely to get out and see my family and grandchildren together- well all but younger son he was on his way back from a Conference.
Still making Christmas cards and trying to catch up with everything!I have yet to make two Xmas cakes - not sure that is going to happen  ☹️

My workspace tonight ( Tuesday)

Grandson on stage , he was one of the seven dwarfs.

 Below , his mum, aka Carolynn our D.I. L. She was hilarious as the mirror- very cleverly done!

Some recent makes

 We met in Yorkshire for lunch - below our view. Lovely.

Hope everyone's preparations are going to plan! Not long now!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Gosh it's been a while! I did post two/ three days ago, catching up.

At the moment we (DH) are still suffering from a virus. DH started off with it and now  have it as well :-( miserable, the cough is the worse part. It seems as well that you start to feel a little better and then it gets worse. :-( miserable.
No signs really of Christmas here, I just haven't felt like it although have made some cards.
So my desk tonight ( Tuesday)

Looking down the table.

A recent card I sent to my Mum. Much prettier in real life,

That's all for now, I know very short from me :-) but am way behind today - already . Spent ages as well getting photos from phone to laptop( new phone - not worked it all out yet) See you soon.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Where did all that time go????

It's been a while since I was on here. Missed all of September and October and nearly November.
I have had a lot going on one way or another and at times just didn't have the energy to think about doing my blog.
Below is a brief explanation and recap of the fun things :-) - if you want to catch up !!!

I was preparing items for a Craft Fair- I have already said no to one but this was to raise funds for my grandson. He is going to India with his school in 2020 and has to help raise the cost of going. It will be a holiday but the young people also have to take part in a Community Project.

Our stall at the Craft Fair

Below the table at Centre Stage

Some of the goodies I received.

On Friday 9th Nov and Sat 10th  I was at Stampin' Up!s Onstage event in Solihull, B'ham. I also ( for those familiar with SU) attended Centre Stage - a first! I had promoted in the SU world. It was a fun weekend and I received lots of lovely gifts and swaps - it was extremely tiring though. I'm not sure how many more I will manage.

Had some new medication which hasn't made life easier even though it's supposed to help. Pain and lack of sleep drags you down at times - even though I do try to get on with it, join in and enjoy life and my family and friends. It just seems to have been a bit more difficult of late. I have still been doing lots, though have said no on some occasions when in past I would have said yes to everything.

We also had our windows replaced and bathroom refurbished and that has taken it's toll. I am fed up of workmen in the house and a mess and dust!!!!

My mum has recently moved to another home. She is due to move again at end of November. It is a long story that I don't wish to share on here but it is a difficult time. My brother, younger sister and I have had no say in what has happened and until this week my brother and I had no idea where mum is going next. My eldest sister, who is controlling everything wouldn't tell us. We receive no info re my mum and it is all so difficult and sad.

fun stuff

a card class
card and a cuppa
a weekend Craft Retreat - though I was very unwell
An All Day Xmas Class

Ready and waiting for class to start
 Display of some makes

Display of what the ladies made

Hard at work

Celebrated my granddaughters birthdays
met up for day with both sons and families
a craft session to make cards and baubles for elderly and lonely people
visited mum when she was still in her previous Care Home in Sidmouth
Pink Night
out with DH and friends
a surprise meal with SU ladies, organised by my Upline to celebrate my new title I had some beautiful flowers and gifts.

so not all doom and gloom :-)

But DH and I now have a nasty virus! So much for flu jabs! Before I finally succumbed I did manage to get to the first of two WI Christmas get together!
On Monday of this week I also went into my granddaughter,s class to help with some sewing. My first time back in the classroom for 12 years. It was fun, though I wouldn't wish to return to teaching.
Hopefully I will soon be over this virus and can think of preparations for Christmas.

Will be back with some more photos.


Hello all. I have missed you as yet again I have been missing! Sadly on 8th January Mum was taken into hospital. At first told pneumonia, ...