Thursday, 13 June 2019


I  did try to do a post for WOYWW but didn't finish it - so tired!
 I had  class on Saturday then out to lunch!
 Ready and waiting
 Paper Pumpkin Kit - first time in UK

A sample of new SU colours for 2019- 2021

Inspiration Station

Ladies at work

Then on Sunday down to Somerset to visit mum. Lovely to see her though I shed some tears. So sad to see that the OCD she suffers with has become much worse. She is a lot more forgetful now as well.

Mum wanted a 'proper ' fruit cake with Royal Icing. She was ill for her 90th birthday in January - finally got to take her cake. She did have one in hospital - but a sponge. The flowers are sugar flowers but made by a friend this time - not me.

Below part of our journey home! 150miles of very scary conditions.

We arrived back on Tuesday evening after a horrendous journey on M5. Weather appalling!

I will write more later about our trip to Somerset.

Hopefully back soon.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Cannot believe it isWednesday again. This week flew by.
What a wonderful time was had at the Crop on Saturday. Annie and Jo looked after us beautifully. It was lovely seeing some of the ladies I met two years ago and meeting others for the first time. Sat with the lovely Neet again and  Heather who I met for the first time. Enjoyed catching up with Caro, it's been a while since we last met. I enjoyed having a go at parchment work with Maggie. Great to see Helen as well. It  was the best day! I know  that Jan has written all about it and added some super photos!

I did manage to stamp these and began to colour.

Thank you Julia for starting it all, Jan for her input and of course Annie and Jo for all they did for this 10th Anniversary.

I have some of these mementos of the 10th Anniversary WOYWW and the Crop. If you would like one please leave me a comment. I would love to pass them on.

 I made the little birdhouse on Sunday.

My desk on Tuesday evening. I have been crafting ready for my class on Saturday.

I will share all the goodies I collected next week

Take care all.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Another week already and next stop The Crop!!! How exciting.
My week didn't go as planned. I was supposed to go to visit mum but came down with a virus and had to postpone :-( managed to re arrange accommodation so hope to be  fit and well. Things with mum are a worry and I hope to find out a little more about exactly what is happening.

Here's my desk - I moved what I was working on - a secret until Saturday.

This is how it looks now. I'd been looking for a thick twine - then decided to try and tidy the tray a bit. Got fed up and left it.

So short and sweet again. Why not click on WOYWW on my sidebar and pop along and join in.
Looking forward to seeing those who will be there on Saturday.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Hello Deskers. Happy 10th Anniversary and congratulations to Julia who began this. An amazing achievement! Think LLJ needs a mention as well as I know she has been so supportive in this endeavour!
I have been so busy  as always and missed last week. Another busy week and I nearly didn't make it again but really had to on this momentous week.
More of what kept me extra busy another time.

My workspace is a mess!
This was it last night!

 Below a bag of gifts for my friend who was 50 last week. It was a very quickly made tag. I used some gelatine flowers  that were in my box of previously made goodies.
That's it for this week as I have to be out shortly.
See you soon!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Time has flown since last Wednesday!

I was really busy getting ready for family to arrive to celebrate DH's birthday ( it was actually on 30th April but couldn't get everyone together then)

Eldest son Matthew, D.I.L.Carolynn and youngest grandson Sam arrived on Saturday lunchtime. ( eldest g'son was away on Sports Tour with School - those who played in teams for the school were invited to go to Glasgow. They trained with St Mirren amongst other sports related activities)

After lunch we met up with Jonathan, Sarah and granddaughters Ella and Phoebe at a local RSPB Reserve for a walk, followed by coffee at Jonathan's house.

On Sunday morning we went to watch Ella play football, she was named 'Man of the Match'

Sarah and Jonathan

Above Matthew, Carolynn, DH and yours truly.

Above is Harry when he got home on Monday evening - very tired!

Saturday evening was at ours. Champagne and Pizza followed by cake - made for DH by my friend. I decided to not stress re getting everything done and asked her to make it.

On Sunday we out for a late lunch/early dinner. It was at a lovely venue and everything was perfect.

Afterwards we returned to our house and at Sarah's (D.I.L.) request Graham showed some of the slides he took many years ago. So me when I was 17 and upwards ;-) , Matt and Jo as babies and growing up etc etc. They were fun to look back at and caused a lot of laughter.

Final photo on Monday morning :-)

On Monday morning we went to Jonathan's again for coffee and more birthday cake! Then we had to say goodbye to Matthew and co and they went back up to Yorkshire. :-(  It was so quiet here afterwards.I love them all being together.

So there has been very little crafting. I then realised that today was Tuesday - not Monday and it is Card and a Cuppa Wed morning. Had to set to and design a card etc. We also had the girls after school.

I also made one/ two Thank you cards that are for a Charitable cause - need to make more yet.

I did tidy up a bit afterwards. Again I then remembered it's Tuesday and needed to photograph my desk . So it has been tidied.

So my desk and surrounding area :-)

A view along the table

So if you don't know what WOYWW is please pop along to Julia's Blog and find out more! and join in!

I will be along later to visit as many desks as I can.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Hi there. I really can't believe it's Wednesday again and the start of May.

As always I have been so busy. Had a Class last Saturday which went really well. Sunday saw us at Jonathan's ( youngest son) and family to celebrate his birthday. Yes they are back from abroad, sadly weather was not good for them, it was better here and now they all have colds :-( Grace has returned to them. I miss chatting away to her :-)
Yesterday was DH's birthday, he was 75. We went out to lunch and I also got my birthday present from DH - I'd been deciding all month what to have. I will show you next time.
Jonathan (youngest son) and family all came here after school and we had cake and tea and it was warm enough to sit outside, we played bat/ball and blew bubbles :-)
Our eldest son and family will all arrive on Saturday and we will all celebrate Graham's birthday together.
Not a lot of interest on my desk. I have taken a month off from crafting- my class as I felt a bit crafted out. I also wanted to catch up with neglected chores etc. I have a few bits to complete for the 'the bride ' from Crafternoon Tea fame :-) I am also trying to have a good sort out of my craft stash - not easy!

My desk

 The birthday boy

Lunch - Brie,bacon,cranberry sauce on a panini,salad and chips!
 These photos don't do the garden centre justice!

Last Saturday's crafting and our makes.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my desk, I will be along to look at yours later. If you would like to join in doing this then pop along to Julia's - the stamping ground and join in. There is a link at side of my blog. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


Phew another week gone in a flash!
Last Wednesday saw our grandbaby guinea pig arrive for a stay! :-) our youngest son and family have been away for Easter ( sadly not had the best weather! ) Eldest son and family also away in Orlando!

Easter Saturday was the Crafternoon Tea for the bride to be. It all went better than I could have hoped for. It was brilliant that we could sit outside for the tea part.
Everyone had fun and we got all the flowers made, that  the Bride wanted for her tables at the Reception.

DH and I had a quiet Easter Sunday. I was pleased with the roast lamb I cooked for a very, very late lunch - well Dinner really!
On Monday we went to local Garden Centre for lunch and to look for a statue for the garden. We went on to a second one that has a lovely lake and fairy walk. We sat and watched all the goings on, including cute ducklings. After a while we walked around the lake looking as the 'fairy homes'

Today I managed to get to the hairdresser for a much needed visit. I had to cancel a fortnight ago when I was unwell. Hair was a right mess. Feel better now and treated myself to a manicure!

On my return I thought I'd best sort out what I am going to make with the ladies at class on Saturday.

So my workspace tonight ( it's Tuesday )

Getting started

The Bride, her mum and a cousin.

This time with the cakes :-)

All done. Gifts for everyone!
 The Bride with her mum and sister.

All the finished flowers- daisies and kusadama flowers.

The aforementioned lake.
 Two of the fairy houses!

So that is it for now. I look forward to visiting lots of desks.
Want to know what WOYWW us about then click on button in my sidebar.


I  did try to do a post for WOYWW but didn't finish it - so tired!  I had  class on Saturday then out to lunch!  Ready and waiting ...