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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

WOYWW 289 (and more - sorry Julia )

Thank you for all the super comments last week.
Last Thursday and Friday were spent finishing off my Craft Fair makes and some preparation for Christmas for us! The Craft Fair was tonight (Tuesday) I actually did reasonably well - it was manic at first. Some things sold really well and could have sold more but other things not so well. I don't think it is really worth the effort , time and money spent. However it was in aid of charity but I don't think I want to do another. My three friends who were also asked to take part did very badly and one of them was quite upset and I felt really bad.
I didn't get a photo of the stall as I was besieged to begin with and hadn't even finished arranging it!!!

I took photograph of my work space on table and rest of dining room this morning. It was / still is a tip!!! Have a lot to do now to get ready for Christmas and sort of resent time I spent on Craft Fair preparations.

Had a great weekend though as I went away to Winchester and then Oxford on Sunday with three girlfriends. We had a lot of fun and lots of laughter - was very good to relax.
I think I need to slow down a bit now - I've had two falls this week. First I forgot I was on top step of my steps and ended up falling off backwards. Then this afternoon I tripped over my case and sprawled headlong and onto my bad knee. I'm ok but a few bruises and think I wrenched my back a bit :-(

Anyway a few photos of my messy space!!!!

Where I wor - well have dumped stuff - I've been working all over the place. Dreading sorting out that lot at the back!

As I said - I've been everywhere - won't show you kitchen table and lounge :-)

Above a few makes close up ( these have gone from the table now.)

Below three cards I made for friends.

Card for my Son and his Wife

Card for Mum - the ribbon on closed one does lie straight - I didn't check before I took photo.

A Christmas Banner - cased from the very talented Julie Kettlewell. ( photo not brilliant)

Well as they say 'That's all folks' - I am shattered and need to sleep. I will link to WOYWW tomorrow - if you don't know what on earth I'm talking about click on button on side of my blog and JOIN IN!!!
Will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me. See you soon.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

WOYWW 288 - I think and other happenings

Well I was missing in action last week - just not enough time and I have a note from my mum :-)

Anyway my desk?Work space first as that's what you're here for - and if you're interested in any more then you can read on :-)

I am still  mainly working on stuff for the Christmas Fair - I really don't think I want to do this again - it has filled every spare moment - and I fear that it is late in the day and I'm going to get left with loads of stuff!!!

Have had a bit of a tidy up actually as it was getting out of control. In the box are a couple of cards I have to put the finishing touches to. In the bag some baubles that are awaiting some decoration for the Christmas Fair- not sure they will get done  :-(

Cards above were made for a swap- had to use a freebie from a magazine - used stamps I got years ago.
Below some of my makes for the Fair awaiting final touches.

If you want to know what WOYWW is all about click on WOYWW button on my blog. As always I will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.

As always I have been too busy. Hence my absence last week.
Since my last visit I went to Somerset to see my mum. Took her Christmas shopping etc. Lunch with my friends, then went to Yorkshire to see my D.I.L. in the village Panto - hilarious. It was a mad , hectic weekend but we had a wonderful time. Today (Tuesday ) I went with my Aunt to a concert at B'ham Town Hall. It was to raise funds for children with cancer ( CLIC Sargent) it featured the Midlands Hospitals'Choir, a soloist- Menna Cazel Davies, Gemini Brass, Organist, Bournville Strings ( amazing children) Guest Speaker Dr Bruce Morland - Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at Birmingham's Children's Hospital - who works closely with the CLIC Sargent team and with children and their families. It was a wonderful concert. After taking my aunt home DH and I went out for tea - 'the works Christmas do ' :-) - he is always so supportive of all my crafting endeavours and transports me and my friend's around that i take him out for Christmas :-) :-) :-)
So that was the brief version of events.
I am nearly at end of prep for the Fair and hope to resume normal service soon .

Above DH.

Below the Town Hall

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Went to  Yorkshire last  Thursday to see our son, D.I.L. Carolynn and grandsons Harry and Sam. So there has not been much going on there until Tuesday afternoon when we got back. I am still working through makes for Craft Fair. En route to Yorkshire I did some knitting. When boys were at school I helped with preps for school Christmas fair and also covered some wreaths for craft fair I'm doing. Was also going to make some 'bead angels' but had left some stuff at home.

Where I have been working - bit of a jumble!

As you can see below I spread out a bit.

Even onto the window sill.

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All for now. I will visit all who visit me and those ending with with the same number as me.

On Friday as I said I helped with preparations for School Christmas Fair. Spent time with boys when they came home from school and we all had lovely dinner together. On Sat both parents had to work although our son had hoped to come home at lunch time but was needed all day. Luckily didn't have to work all night. We were able to have lovely evening together. On Sat morning we took Sam to band practice. A friend took Harry to football. In the afternoon boys donned cub and beaver uniforms and we took them to do bag packing at local co op to raise funds for a new scout/cub hut. Afterwards we took boys for an ice cream treat. Of course DH and I had a little treat as well- would have been rude not to :-) We then waited for the Christmas Light Switch On - it was a bit of a let down really but the children had a great time.
On Sunday Sam went to football practice and I cooked Sunday lunch. We all went for a walk in the afternoon and then Harry went to a birthday party , Sam stayed at home with DH and I went with my son. When we got back the boys went to bed and my D.I.L. had come home and we had tea together. I took it easy on Monday - a bit more crafting :-) After school DH and I took the boys for their swimming lesson. DS and D.I.L. went to see James Blunt in Leeds. After taking boys to school this morning ( well DH took them) we came home  - and I carried on crafting :-)
Tomorrow collecting our granddaughters from school and giving them some tea. There's never a dull moment :-)

 Cheeky monkeys

View just over the road from my son's home- he also has this behind his home.

Son and grandsons pointing towards their road and asking if they could go that way as we were going around the block - not far.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Wednesday again and I've actually managed to blog last Friday and now again today.

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week.

Time is certainly flying by - already so much on calendar between now and the big day ( Christmas :-) )

There has been a bit of a lull in proceedings since last week though I've been busy preparing for the Christmas Charity Fair I mentioned. I really have no idea how it's going to pan out. I don't know if I've made enough , not enough but I've had enough of making for it now. Not sure I like doing it really.
I did take my Aunt to hospital last Thursday- she has a cataract - in her only eye. Unfortunately removal of cataract is not advised. It won't make much difference to her sight as the scarring on her retina - a result of macular disease is the real problem. Removing the cataract might cause her to lose what vision she does have, sadly she had to have her left eye removed because of a malignant melanoma behind the eye. I do feel so sorry for her but she is not the easiest of ladies - also doesn't help herself. She thinks that I should be there a lot to help her.
On Friday night I had a great time at my friend's Pink Party' ( raising money for cancer research etc) She decided on Tapas for the menu. The food was fabulous but I ate far too much!!!!  Sadly only took a couple of photos on my phone but they were not very good.

Since then I have been crafting!!! Did have a visit from my D.I.L., son and granddaughters which was lovely. We were invited to spend Christmas Day with them ( that was last Friday) then when they came on Sunday DS asked if they could come to us :-) It is going to be a difficult time for them as it's first Christmas without Sarah's ( D.I.L.) dad and on top of that they have building work starting next week.

Anyway I'm sorry Julia the big boss of WOYWW in case you were wondering :-) I have digressed. So here's my work space. Tidy really. There was a mountain of stuff but I was struggling to find stuff or a space to work so had to have a big tidy up.

I also spread about a bit. I have my makes for craft fair in various stages of readiness scattered around the place.

In lounge - some part finished wreaths and treat boxes

The dining table - the hearts, gifts bags and more treat boxes


more bags, treat boxes and little bags waiting for bag charms to be put in and decorated.

Well that's it for now. I will visit everyone who visits me and those ending with same number. x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Friday Smiles

It's only Thursday but I am going to try and join in with Annie's Friday Smiles. Not been able to for quite a while. Had a lot of things to smile about but these photo's ( sent to me by my D.I.L. in Yorkshire) of my gorgeous grandsons thrilled me and I was grinning from ear to ear - love them so much.

Sam who had just had his hair cut and styled - he was very proud of his new hairdo

Harry- in his Cub Scout uniform  proud to wear his poppy and take part in The Rememberance Day Parade

God Bless you both my lovely boys. x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

WOYWW 284 etc etc

Hello and I've made it this time!!!!! I will do my WOYWW bit first ! I had fully intended to post last week - took the photo Tuesday evening and then completely lost the plot. I remember on Wednesday morning seeing that LLJ had posted and thought I wonder why on Tuesday morning? On Thursday I though uh uh I've got me days mixed up :-) When - well if you read the etc etc you might understand :-)

Anyway my desk - well the table is a tip as I am now trying to make some stuff for a Charity Christmas Fair that I rashly agreed to take part in - I really should engage brain before opening mouth but I never learn.
Yesterday morning the table/room were all tidy - after I'd cleared up the aftermath of my all day workshop - didn't last long - being tidy I mean.

Above was trying out some ideas for gift tags.

Below a view all along the table!!!

The hearts are a project I am also working on - hopefully more of that later.

So that's it for my desk. Not heard of WOYWW - surely there's no one left that hasn't - or not joined in yet then pop along to Julia's Blog and join in.

I will visit anyone who visits me and all those ending with same number as me. Below the etc etc if you're interested.

The etc etc

Since I last posted it has all been happening - well when doesn't it? To think I thought I might get bored if I retired lol
Thursday 30th October - went to see consultant re my knee and the arthroscopy . Apparently the cartilage was torn and had been catching between bones - hence awful pain. I found out that they had shaved the cartillage. However the arthritis in right side of same knee is bad :-( so to cut a long story short - one day when I can't stand pain, loss of mobilty etc etc than I will be a candidate for a knee replacement.
After the trip to hospital went to have tea with my granddaughter as it was her 5th birthday. Lots of fun.

31st October decorate cake for GD's birthday party on the Sunday also get ready for eldest son and family to arrive for weekend. Went to youngest son's house, eldest and family arrive and children have tea. DH and I come home. Sons, wives and children get dressed up and go to visit my friend for trick and treat fun. All back here and children watch DVD adults have a take away and chill. All children stop the night!

1st Nov - eldest GD up at 6.15!!!! Not long before rest arrive downstairs. Later they all go out so that I can prepare for evening. All arrive back, get dressed up again and go for spooky walk in woods, call at another friend's house and then bring him back and we all have dinner - Halloween party for children.

2nd Nov - we all meet up for lunch for GD's birthday. After lunch eldest son and family return to Yorkshire and we came home to collapse :-)
Had a wonderful time though. That was the short version!!!!

Phoebe's cake - not very good light.

Monday 3rd Nov - out all day with friends.
Tuesday 4th Nov - sugar craft then out for lunch

5th, 6th, 7th Nov preparing for all day class here ( oh and a morning shopping)

8th Nov
Let the card making begin!!! Had 8 ladies here and they made 24 cards each. Some were fairly simple and they made mulitiples of those designs and then 6 individual ones. my friend made lunch which was amazing- chicken tagine, roasted veg , couscous, homemade bread for dipping. Two deserts and biscuits for morning coffee and cake for afternoon tea. DH made special coffees for anyone who wanted them and also tidied up. Had a great time but boy was I tired when I sat down that night. Photos to follow!

Above tables ready and waiting. I made goody bags and little gifts for everyone.

Some ladies at work.

Some finished cards
 Some more
 and some more

And finally - if you've lasted this long

Some inspiration.

Thanks for looking- espeially if you got this far- hopefully back next week :-) x