Tuesday, 7 November 2017


Hello there. Thanks to everyone who visited last week and all the super comments. My friend was pleased with the card, not sure what the birthday girl said yet!

I am feeling a lot better thank you. Had a super weekend and saw mum. More later.

I've been busy finishing off my swaps and planning makes for my All Day Christmas Class - feel a bit more in control now. Hope my swaps will pass muster but I won't show them off this week :-) The SU Onstage ( Convention) is on Saturday. I am getting rather excited about it all.

So to my desk / AKA dining room table :-)

You can see the birthday card I was making for my Great Niece - gosh that makes me sound very old - I'm a Great Aunt lol
Also signs of Christmas :-)

 Love a cup of tea when I'm crafting. Lots of glimmer paper in evidence - I was covered in glitter :-)

Looking the other way - 
So that's my work space for this week. I have been trying to keep reasonably tidy in there this week. Tell you why next time :-) 
So why not go and look at some other desks or better still join in at the the lovely Julia's Blog, go on you know you want to :-)
I will visit as many as I can, all who visit me and all ending in same number as me.

As I'd started to feel better we decided to go down and see mum. We went via Weston Super Mare - ate lunch, had a walk and found a lovely placed for homemade cake and lovely coffee. Checked in to our hotel in Chard, The Lord Leaze. Went to see Mum for evening visit. She looked a lot better than I had thought she would - last time I'd seen her was waving her off in the ambulance :-( we returned to the hotel, had a lovely bar meal and a glass or two of wine. On Sunday we went down to a freshly cooked breakfast - cooked to order. So much nicer than when it is all precooked and then served buffet style. After checking out we went along to mum's bungalow ( still not sold :-( ) I had a little dust and put vacuum round. We ate a sandwich we'd bought and then locked up and off to the hospital. Mum was not quite so bright but did perk up. At the end of afternoon visiting we popped out to find something to eat - not that easy unless you wanted to drive and DH didn't as we were driving home later. Anyway we managed and then back for evening visit. It was very hard leaving, mum got very upset. Difficult leaving but needed to get home. It took us three hours and got in at 10.40. 

Mum, couldn't get her to smile for a photo though she was smiling and laughing at times. She is still in lot of pain when she tries to walk, but is managing a few steps. Staff said she worries too much about silly things and is maybe not trying as much as she could :-(  
Well that's it for now. 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Well another Wednesday has come round so quickly. Cannot believe it is November either!
Thank you for comments left last week and again kind comments re Mum. She is ok, still struggling with painful leg but trying to walk a few steps each day. We are trying to keep her motivated as she says she doesn't feel she can go on. I was due to go down to see her today, but I have been poorly since last week and am still coughing away and as well as not feeling up to going all that way,  am worried about passing something on to her. Going to wait a few days and see how I am.

I was late visiting last week, but hope I visited all who popped by.

So onto desk (photographed Tuesday evening )

A gold teddy :-) I got DH to bring him home - for research purposes of course :-) he was too big for what I wanted - so does that mean I can eat him? :-)
 I wanted teddy to fit in box - big one but not to be , so back to drawing board :-)

A friend of a friend asked for a card for her mum. Said not over fussy and likes browns, cream, taupe - I'm not sure re colours but that was what was wanted. She also asked for that spelling of 'mom', there will be an insert and short message, she said her mum doesn't do soppy :-)

I don't really do Halloween but made some little treat bags for my grandchildren- they all do Halloween :-)

There has been other crafting going on - slowly and I have been messing up a lot - I shouldn't have tried really as I was feeling so poorly but have a lot to get done, swaps for Stampin Up Onstage Event and have a big class coming up with lots of other stuff in between.
I sadly missed out on some fun stuff last week - meeting up with family for day in Cotswolds and an Afternoon Tea on Friday, meal out tonight - oh well better for my waistline :-(  I have been 'confined to barracks'  since last Tuesday :-(

Well that's all for now. Will try and visit a few more this week and on time. Why not pop along to the chief desker and look at some far more interesting desks than mine WOYWW

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Hello, Wednesday again. The time is flashing by. Thanks again for all the kind thoughts, good wishes etc re my mum. The hospital she was sent to closes tomorrow, she was transferred to another one today :-( She was in reasonably good spirits, though her leg still very painful and causing problems'

 I finally got everything ready for my class, had nine lovely ladies attend. The ideas I used were from a training day I should have been on- couldn't attend as it was day after mum's op. My lovely SU Upline made them up for me and I used three of then for my class - it was so kind of her and I'm not sure I would have made it with her. The fourth card ( the one with NOEL on it) was based on one that the lovely Linda Parker of http://www.papercraftwithcrafty.co.uk/ I changed a couple of elements. Linda makes some beautiful items.

My work space is reasonably tidy, waiting for me to come up with some ideas for my all day Christmas class.

 Above - ready for action!!!!

Below my new alchohol markers from Stampin' Up! I've not had time to play with them yet but am looking forward to having a go.

I also decorated a cake for my granddaughter Phoebe. She had her eighth birthday party on Friday. She loves her Uncle Matthew's dog Ralph, and would dearly love one. Daddy is allergic though so she can't. So she wanted a cake with a model of Ralph on for her birthday. So grandma obliged. She loved it, not sure it was pretty enough for her friends lol

Well I think that's all for now folks :-) I will visit all who visit me, those ending in the same number and as many more as I can. Why not pop along to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ and join in the fun.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Hello everyone. Thank you so much for the lovely, kind comments re Mum. She is settled in the Community Hospital but having trouble putting weight on her foot due to swelling :-( We also heard last week that the hospital she is in may close at end of the month - so another hurdle.

Anyway you are here to see my desk - if you are not sure why I am showing you my  desk then pop along to the lovely Julia's Blog and do join in.

I did manage a little more preparation for Saturday's Class - it is still happening - at the moment.

Well I thought I'd taken a photo of my desk this morning as I knew it would not change until tomorrow - but it seems I didn't :-(

So a few  finished bits and pieces to share instead.

If you are looking Margaret I had a go at ribbon weaving - not the best but enjoyed trying.

A little gift for a good friend who really helped me recently.

The one below was to send to mum- it hasn't photographed very well - it says hugs - the letters are raised - called The Eclipse Technique so I'm told!

A card to go with the little gift for my friend.

Well that's it for now. I will visit all who end in same number as me and as many more as I can. Hopefully back with a photo of my desk next week!!!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

WOYWW 346 and other stuff

Hello. Apologies Julia, this will go on a bit - sorry.

Well I'd hoped to report in last Wednesday!!!! However I was unable to access t'internet - so frustrating. You see I went to THE CROP - oh yes I did - and DH and I stayed in Wales for the week and although I did have internet till Tuesday it then just wouldn't play at all!!! So I am a bit late reporting in. Anyway I had a fabulous day. It was great to meet Julia, Jan, Margaret, Neet,Annie,Chris, Sarah and Sarah's friend, Eva - who I chatted to for quite a while, Dolores and Bishop's Mate - Chris I did very little crafting, will show you later but lots of chatting and food - all fabulous!!! DH had a great time as well - he enjoyed chatting to everyone.

So to my desk first - I took two photos earlier today ( Tues) but then did do some crafting - for therapy - will tell you more shortly - so took another.

I have been busy trying to prep for my next class, though my heart was not really in it today. :-(

It's not dreadfully interesting but there we go. I will visit other deskers- as many as I can fit in. Definitely all who visit me, end in same number as me and some favourites.

The Crop 


 Below Margaret and Neet making ribbon cards.

 Above is me, Elizabeth and Chris - we are also in another online group and it was lovely to meet them.
 Above my dumphing - spelling Annie ? I thoroughly enjoyed trying this. Annie is a great teacher.
 I took a kit - I didn't have much time beforehand to sort out anything, also some crochet. All I did was put a layer on the card above and place the leafy bits- didn't get stuck down lol
 Above again the lovely swaps I received. Just a little taster of the day.

DH and I really had a lovely week in Wales- I think that needs another post though. I very much needed the break.

Today has been very difficult. Mum was transferred, via ambulance back to Somerset. Because she has still not sold her property she could not go to rehab up here. So eight weeks to the day she came from the very same Cottage Hospital she returned. It took over five hours to get back. It was awful saying goodbye. She looked so old and frail and was frightened.  It is one of the hardest things I have done. She is safely back and settled in.( My sister was there to greet her at the other end) I was at hospital last night until late as she was very distressed, I had no sleep and went back at eight this morning. She was due to go at nine but the ambulance was stuck in traffic and so it was 11.15 before she left.
 It is so sad her belongings are scattered at my house, my brother's and still some in her bungalow. Just have to reassure her that all will be well. It breaks my heart and I have shed many tears today. Anyway enough. I am sorry Julia this is not what WOYWW is about I know. But my day with you all helped me immensely. Love and hugs to all.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Hello everyone Firstly can I just say a huge thank you for all the kind words and wishes re my mum.
She is making slow and painful progress. she is getting out of bed, with a lot of help but it is very difficult for her and she really struggles but she has to do it. She is going to need 24 hour care for a long time I feel. yesterday we were told she is medically fit and they are looking to discharge her. They have said that she does not meet the criteria for the Rehab Unit and we need to sort out care. She is 88,has numerous health issues and we are now to quickly find her somewhere to go. There will be a meeting tomorrow with all concerned :-( I am not sure where all this will go.

Anyway I am here for WOYWW - sorry to digress. I have not done much crafting as you can imagine but have been having a little play - it is therapy and helped

 Above - my work space with something I am working on but can't share yet :-) In the background the abandoned project that was to be some swaps - I might go back to it

A view along the table
 The bag and gift card holder above were for my D.I.L. - photo not so good, it was her birthday on Monday.

The Cookie Monsters Cupcakes ( she designed them herself :-)) were for our granddaughter who was ten on Friday. She went out for afternoon tea with some friends. The restaurant is the photo above the cupcakes. We were invited and it was lovely. Again photos don't do justice to everything.

Well that's really all for this week. If you wonder what WOYWW is and would like to join in then click on the icon on my sidebar. I will do my best to visit as many as I can and all ending with same number as me. Hope to be back next week.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Hello all. Well where have I been? I will explain later. thank you for all your lovely comments the last time I posted.

I didn't think I would make it today but decided that even though it's late  it's better late than never :-)

So I photographed my desk earlier today in the hope I would make it :-)

So this was my work space today, it is still the same tonight. I was making some swaps ( tags ) for a SU training day. I didn't manage to finish them or get to training.

Not a lot of crafting has happened since my Crafternoon Tea on Sept 9th. It was a very successful day and everyone said they had a lovely time.

Some photos of makes etc

 There was also a card which I didn't get round to photographing :-)

All above of the Crafternoon Tea afternoon.
If you are wondering what WOYWW is about then please click on the icon on my side bar.
I will visit as many people as I can but it may take a while.

 Why have I been MIA ? Well on the Tuesday after the crafternoon tea I took mum out for lunch etc. A lovely day!! On the Wednesday I went back down the M5 to mum's bungalow. My brother was making good all work he'd done. I cleaned and tidied ready for estate agent - that's the short version :-)

I was chilled on Thursday morning as one of my sister's was going to take mum out. THEN came the call that changed it all.
Mum fell in her room at Care Home. Very, very long story short. She had actually broken her shoulder and hip. I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the hospital with my brother. They were finally able to operate to pin her hip on Saturday, it was thought that she wouldn't survive - she has so many health issues. Amazingly she pulled through. Of course not out of the woods yet but hopefully getting there. Until today I have been at the hospital everyday. My brother has gone this evening and my sisters are going tomorrow.

Below is DH with our new Great Niece - we met her for the first time on Sunday, she is a sweetie. her name is Matilda. On the day of mum's operation my nephew had his first son- Noah William - I felt so sorry for my sister - it should have been a very happy day but like rest of us we had an agonising four hours waiting to see if mum had pulled through.

So a week of mixed emotions. Mum has a long way to go, she is being a little difficult at the moment but she has suffered a lot. :-(

Hopefully I will be back soon!!!


Hello there. Thanks to everyone who visited last week and all the super comments. My friend was pleased with the card, not sure what the bir...