Wednesday, 23 September 2020


 So thought I would attempt to try and join in. Had done a post two weeks ago and accidentally deleted, because of new set up.

Just photographed my space. A bit of a mess but not as bad as it was!

I am about to make a card for our D. I. L. - had lot of birthdays this week. Our eldest granddaughter was 13 yesterday. Will try and include her card.

Will visit desks later.

Ella's card 

Anniversary card for eldest son and D. I. L. 

Take care all. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2020


 Well I forgot last week until later on Wed. Thought I might post late but the moment went.

Have been working on my Class in a Kit almost all prepped. Have arranged for them to be completed, ready for collection by end of the month. They've been keeping me busy and sane.

Looked after granddaughters a couple of days last week - not all day.

We were supposed to have decorators in yesterday. Two lovely ladies, we used before. Had a call last Thursday to cancel. The mum of the duo has cancer. Stage 2, bowel, liver and lungs. So sad. 

Anyway as we had braved going to buy paint and I had cleared out a lot of things from lounge Graham is having a go. He struggles now so going very slowly. 

Have been pleased to have had some home grown produce from the garden. Tastes so good. 

I am struggling with some family issues and of course missing mum. My sons, D.'s I. L  and grandchildren have been so supportive.

Also friends and my brother and family are always there. 

We had the girls last Friday as our D. I. L. had a laparoscopy on Thursday. She needed to take things easy and though Jonathan there he is working. We went to Garden Centre for cake and drinks. Then I took Ella to visit Thelma - friend who is 86, very independent and very into card making. It was lovely watching/ listening to them chatting.

The girls made cards for their mum and then we had pizza for tea- their favourite! Afterwards they went skateboarding with Grandpa - he didn't do it! Lol! On their return it was strawberries and ice cream for pudding. We then took them home. A lovely afternoon.

Will do best to visit lots of desks. Why not join in? Click WOYWW button at the side. 

I am trying to tidy up now prior to packing up kits. 

Have some SU stuff to unpack - things for Christmas Kits :-) 

The cards the girls made

Ella  is very careful and considered. 

Phoebe just goes for it. Liked using my 'blingles' as she calls the embellishments. The sentiment she used was Blessed to know you, tickled me. 

Was having a play with a stamp set and using long and thin card ( they seem to be all the rage at the moment. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


So second attempt. I did one post complete with photos using new interface? Then lost it all.

Thank you for lovely comments last week. I was a little late with some replies so sorry.

I started a little crafting, four cards. Two have already gone.

I also had to visit the bank last week and then decided to pop to Morrisons as it was quiet. Was fine in the bank but some thoughtless people in Morrisons - not sure I will go in again. Also visited my lovely friend Thelma on Friday. Sat in the garden.

We were contemplating visiting Matthew and family in Yorkshire but as they are in Kirklees that's not possible now.( Restrictions back) :-(

Jonathan and family arrived safely home from Aberdovey but said it was madness on Friday so they went elsewhere for the day.

Granddaughters visited today. Jonathan and Sarah are working from home and no Summer School/ activities for girls.
Today we baked, crafted, checked out a box of new craft goodies for me and started a jigsaw! All good fun.

Our youngest grandson turned 13 ( 4th August) miss not being able to see him- the first time we have not celebrated his birthday.

You can glimpse one of the cards, they were all the same but had different coloured embellishments.
The paper to the right is a new one from SU- Christmas theme.

Phoebe decorated the box whilst Ella filled the cases.
They tasted yummy - toffee muffins.

So that is all for this week. I will pop by as many desks as I can. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

WOYWW- this week for my Mum

Hello all. Thank you for  the lovely cards and messages I have received. A special mention to Margaret ( Glitter and Glue) for some very comforting words

We finally laid my mum to rest last Friday- 24th July. It was a lovely service and burial- there were tears but also smiles at happy memories. I will write a little more below and add some photos - I hope that is ok Julia?

So to my desk/aka dining table. I had to clear the table and pack away a lot of stuff as needed table free.

Anyway I started to put my things back ( yesterday ) and I hope I will get back into crafting - it has been plus five weeks since I last did any crafting.

So here we go

My space tonight (Tuesday)
I have put out my mat, tools etc - the two cards were made ages ago and I need a couple to send now.

A box of cards at various stages - hope to complete them soon

So not a lot to see at the moment. Hopefully be a bit more interesting next week.

I will be visiting as many as I can tomorrow - see what you've all been up to.


We were only allowed to have 15 in the Chapel. However our younger son was able to stand at the back - I was so pleased. He had done so much to help me before hand, without his intervention I think I would have 'gone under'
Our eldest read a poem ( The Fifth Season by C.A.Schlea)  on my behalf and although we were not allowed to sing there was some beautiful music included.

After Mum's funeral we came back to my house. Only my immediate family - ten of us - we could not all get together because of current situation.

Our grandchildren did not attend the funeral but joined us afterwards. Jonathan ( younger son) had suggested an Afternoon Tea - a lovely idea and mum would have enjoyed it so much. we were able to sit outside - which given the current situation was a blessing.

My lovely friend prepared and delivered the food whilst we were at the service. I used some of mum's pretty plates as well.

Our eldest son, Matthew and family stayed until Sunday morning for which I was so grateful. Jonathan and family had left on Saturday  for a week in Wales.

Some of mum's great grandchildren painted some stones to place on the grave

These two were done by my granddaughters

Pretty plates

                                                       My Mum - Marjorie Eunice Harvey
                                                                       Bless you Mum

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


Firstly can I say thank you for all the lovely, kind and thoughtful comments last week re my mum.
I am also so sorry that I didn't reply to all. It was a difficult and stressful week. Thursday saw me have a bit of a meltdown. However my son has taken over as my 'voice' re trying to sort out arrangements. It has been very fraught. We finally have a date for  mum's funeral.

I braved the hairdresser today and then went to the florist to sort out flowers.

When I returned home I managed a little craft therapy- it soothed me.

So this is how I left my 'desk' tonight ( Tuesday)

I made two thank you cards for two of my class ladies ordered something via me.

I wil try to do much better re visiting desks this coming week. Please bear with me. I will get to everyone eventually.

Why not pop over to Julia's blog and join with WOYWW - details of how to join in are all there.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020



She gave the gift of laughter
and dried her share of tears,
She left her mark on many lucky lives
throughout the years.
She spread a lot of love around,
She shed a world of light.
And in the memories she left,
her spirit still shines bright.

Hello all.
I am sorry I don't have a photo of my desk so I hope that Julia will forgive me.
Some of you know already  but my dear mum died on Monday 22nd June - for her a blessing but those left behind  are heartbroken but we wouldn't have wanted her to suffer.

I hesitated posting but I have often spoken about her on here so I hope you understand.

On Sunday 21st we were allowed to visit her in her Care Home. I made the 150  miles journey in trepidation as it was first time out for me since 17th March and I travelled in the back of my brothers car. I wore two masks and a visor!
Three hours later we arrived and dressed in PPE we went in to see Mum. She was so poorly bless her but knew we were there. We gave her drinks, wiped her chin and chatted gently.
When we had to leave to return home she put her fingers to her lips, kissed them and gently waved. I , through a mask gave her a kiss on her head.

She was rushed to hospital in early hours of Monday morning. She was very poorly but was still being treated and we were not expecting her to lose her fight. Sadly she couldn't fight the infection she had ( not the Covid virus thankfully) and left us during the afternoon. I am so thankful that the owner of the Care Home allowed us to visit the day before and we had those beautiful three and a half hours with her.

Not much crafting at the moment but I am sure I will resume at some point.
Just before all the above I had made kits for my ladies.

The box was a holder for the cards.

A little blurred = the card at the front was a pocket card. 

I think they were well received.
I hope everyone is ok and I will try and pop by to see you all but it might not happen in one go.

Anne x

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


Hello all. Thank you for all the kind comments last week. I have I think visited all who visited me. I was very late linking in. Discovered two new comments today - I will reply.

Sending special thoughts to all in the US - so sad to read of events over there. 😪
Despite still bring confined to barracks as it were it has been busy.
I think I am busier than before Lockdown!

My workspace and whole room need a good tidy up before I begin putting the kits together! I was up early this morning ordering all I need. Stampin Up have a new catalogue- live from today so new things to play with and use in the kits.

My work area - I took the photograph last night but it looks the same this morning!

I made only one card since last week as I have been mostly in the garden!
The above card was the  example for last week's Thursday Challenge for my ladies. It was to emboss- either dry or heat embossing. I stamped on vellum for the daisies and heat embossed , ran thew layer behind daisies through Big Shot in embossing folder. Quite pleased with this one.

I have practically finished planting. There are areas to tidy up and I am making plans for a few future changes- not practical at present.

We sat for a while outside after dinner last night. Enjoying last of warmth for a while ( had rain this morning and it's cooler)
We only have a small garden now but it is enough!

Last Saturday I had a lovely video call with Mum. She looked well and was telling me a story she had made up- it involved her, two boys, a boat, alligators and a box of frogs. She was chuckling away. The carer had taken her iPad in so we could do the call. She contacted me afterwards and said it was lovely to hear Mum laughing. I was very touched that she also said how much better mum was after my calls as I was so positive. I am lucky that the carer is so kind and keeps in contact with me.
I will be sending more cards down there and some goodies soon. They were all recently tested for the virus. They are all clear- such great news.

Another lovely surprise was getting flowers from family in Yorkshire and then a visit. All four came down, we sat in the front garden. They brought their own food and chairs and we kept two metres apart. It was such a joy to see them. First time since February. We thought Matthew a little quiet but I think his experiences with patients with the virus have taken its toll. He is now longing to get back to some sort of normal - but it is taking time to set up safe environments.
They stopped for two hours, popped to see Jonathan and family then home.
We were also able to visit Jonathan & family in their garden and watch girls having fun. We kept apart but it was a lovely change.

Matthew, Carolynn and grandsons

Ralph -  their Beagle!

Above the flowers they sent beforehand. So pretty.

Well I think that's it for this week. I will visit as many desks as I can. Also catching up with housework! :-(

Stay safe everyone


 So thought I would attempt to try and join in. Had done a post two weeks ago and accidentally deleted, because of new set up. Just photogra...