Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Oh dear my poor blog, neglected for so long :-( where does time go? I guess life happens and you get caught up in so many things something has to give. There have been several times I was going to post but then knew I'd be unable to comment on other posts and also felt so worn out, didn't have the energy!

Craftwise I held a Thursday  evening class decorating Advent Calendars - a lot of fun with mulled wine, mince pies etc.
 My All DayChristmas was successful. Lots made. Everyone bought along something towards lunch as my friend who usually does lunch had to do the Craft Fair at the Community Centre. I foolishly said I would make some cards etc and DH went and looked after my table. Turnout was poor and it really was all too much.

I decided that I would have to delay an afternoon for charity until the new year.

 I am going to put a few photos of makes etc.

My desk this morning - making deer for more Christmas Cards whilst waiting for new bed to be delivered!

Will visit as many desks as I can.

I have been to Yorkshire to visit eldest son and family - a great weekend just chilling out!  However I came back to the news that Auntie had fallen. She went out despite my brother offering to shop for her, fell while out. He got her back and settled. That was on Sunday - two weeks ago. On  the Monday she fell out of bed, was not wearing her alarm, could not reach the pull cord so lay for 15 hours undetected. She didn't break anything but spent over a week in hospital. It was dire in A&E so many waiting to be seen or for a bed. Because she still has her faculties ( though can barely see) she told everyone she could manage and wanted to go home. She still refuses to wear the alarm, is no longer allowed to turn cooker on - she is a danger to herself and other residents. The Manager had no choice - they have had fire brigade out in the past because of her. She refuses to have proper care. I dread what will happen next.

At the moment I am crafting just for me and enjoying it!

Below is a Stuffed Envelope for a swap I joined in with.

Some of cards for Craft Fair

More bits for Craft Fair

The Advent Calendar plus other bits.

Ladies at work!

The things I made at The Craft Retreat and then used ideas for my All Day Christmas.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019


Goodness I have made it two weeks in a row! How fast that last week went by!

Thank you for the lovely comments. I was a little late reply and joining in. I had settled down that evening to look at all your lovely desks etc when I had a call from my brother. A long story but we had to go our Aunt's, mum's 94 year old sister - she had sat down on a low stool and could not get back up! Had taken her panic button off and could not reach it! Thankfully she could reach the telephone.
The Sunday before she rang saying she had no milk, bread. Had been going shopping on the Saturday but hadn't felt up to it. Thought she would try on Sunday but still felt unwell. We have told her we will get shopping anytime but she is quite stubborn.
So with mum being miles away, Auntie not making life easy and my son and family miles away in Yorkshire life can get tricky! :-)

However all well with Auntie, mum was chatty today - I was relieved.

The Craft Retreat was such fun, just what I needed - I am feeling much better.

I cannot show photos yet as it is happening again this Saturday and some ladies going might see it on here and it would spoil the surprise. Will share some photos next week.

Last night I had a craft table at WI Craft Night. It went well, lots of compliments. A much better meeting . One lady apologised for not knowing my name or recognising me. I have been going for three and a half years. She agreed it was sad that she did not know me. It is a big group 60 - 80 ladies. Mostly they sit in rows and have speakers! Some are interesting - others not so. Many do not want change. I have decided to leave at end of year.

 Today I have been attempting a  snow globe card for my class on Saturday. I did one but didn't like it - so back to the drawing board!

The ladies last night with their completed cards.

Below the completed Vanity Boxes. I should have photographed all the little gifts inside but didn't!

Well that's all for now, rather long I fear!
Hopefully tomorrow night I can sit down and visit your desks.
Click on the button to find out what WOYWW is all about - and of course join in!
See you soon.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


So I didn't make it again last week. We had two lovely lady decorators here - revamping one of our spare bedrooms. I knew I wouldn't get round to visiting.

It has been the usual 'busyness ' here. Spent a lot of time clearing out the bedroom for decoration , taken lots to Charity Shop. We decided to change the furniture completely and I am trying to get rid of old stuff so I have things all over the place. New carpet coming in a week's time. Will be glad to get all sorted.

I don't really feel I get to see mum often but the distance is a problem. :-(  Felt at a loss last couple of weeks as she doesn't seem to want to talk on phone.

Am quite well prepared for upcoming craft events.

Looking forward to the weekend as off on a Craft Retreat weekend. Will tell you all about it next time.

Lots happening and I feel as though I'm not coping with it all that well at present - hoping weekend away with friends will help.

This was/ is work area tonight (Tuesday) - have been putting final touches to the Vanity Boxes as they are gifts for two lovely ladies at the weekend.

 A couple of cards I made for World Card Day.

 Hopefully back soon.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


Well it's been a while since my last post. Life has been hectic here at Copper Beeches over the Summer early Autumn. You will be pleased to know I'm not going to list all of my adventures etc here today. A separate post is needed methinks! :-)

At the moment we are awaiting decorators and I have been clearing out a large bedroom with of lots of stuff - it was a spare room and things dumped in there, and lots of clothes ' I might get into again' - so someone else will now benefit from them. I feel much better letting go of them all.

We did go to Cornwall visiting mum on way there and back!

View from our cottage.

I went on a lovely ( for the day) Free Motion Embroidery Course in Staffordshire. I'm no expert but it was fun. I've a little bit to finish off.

Have been attempting to crochet some hearts  for a gift - getting there!

Generally having fun and being creative, well trying to be lol!

So my  'desk' is very tidy. It was a big mess but I cleared it yesterday as I have four ladies here tomorrow night to craft.
Need to set everything out in the morning.

Where I usually sit.

Other end with everything for the class.

I did this class a couple of weeks ago, repeating tomorrow - making a selection of the above - not the Vanity Boxes this time.

Vanity Box

My lovely mum - a fortnight ago.

Found this ' Mug Shot' of a very young me! :-)

I will be round to visit as many of you as I can.
Hope to be back next week.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019


Hello there. That time again.
Thank you to all my visitors last week. I'm sorry I was late visiting in return- life got in the way. I think I did get to everyone who left a comment.

My desk tonight, I did tidy up to be ready to start again.

The 'Printers Tray' ( thank you Sarah) was a homemade one, a little rough. I picked it up from somewhere. I wanted to make it part of a display for my class. I haven't quite finished it yet. So here it is waiting for me to complete in the morning.

I am also in the process of preparing for Crafternoon Tea on 24th Aug. I am a bit behind with things :-(
On Sunday I went to visit my Aunt who was 94. She is not easy and I got stressed, glad my brother and S.I.L. were there as well.
Yesterday was fun, one of my friends who also comes to craft invited us all to her house for lunch. All but one of the ladies could make it and it was a fun day.
She moved about 16 months ago and has been busy sorting things out and watching her lovely garden bloom. There was snow on ground when she viewed it. She moved in March last year and gradually the garden came to life. So many plants!

Looking forward to Afternoon Tea on Thursday. A treat from my friend ( belated birthday celebration)
Well I think that's all from me. Won't bore you with some of the other stuff.
Hope to get round on time tomorrow.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Here we are again, another Wednesday! Thank you for the lovely comments left last week.

I have had a fairly quiet time since last Wednesday. DH and I went out to lunch and did a little shopping. Nothing exciting! Lunch was very enjoyable though, it was a lovely day and the surroundings soothing ( Garden Centre)
It was very warm and the sun was hot when it came from behind the clouds!

This was a display put together to attract bees. So pretty.

I have been crafting for me and trying to clean the house. Working my way from top to bottom! :-)
Last Thursday saw three ladies come to craft. They were catching up with the others from couple of weeks ago! An enjoyable evening!

It involved cake and a drop of wine!

We had a surprise invite to our youngest son's on Saturday. They had all arrived home from their holiday and we were invited to share a take away with them and my son's M.I.L.  A lovely evening - we were not allowed to lift a finger!

So to my desk!

Not very exciting. I had been trying to get a layer of tape that had been  stamped on, off  the box- (I'm sure there is a name for this type of box , though this was quite roughly made)! It took a while as it has been at least five years since I paid a few pennies for it at the Craft Barn I used to go to! Some peeled off easily, some stuck fast. Hope to share next week what I suddenly had a mind to use it for!
So that is all for now. Look forward to visiting everyone!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Where did July go????

It has flown by! I last blogged nearly four weeks ago! Life has been hectic!

So what have I been up to?
Two Card and a Cuppa meetings! Over now for the Summer. I did have a new lady attend the last one but don't think it was for her!Long story.

A lot of time was spent preparing for a Craft Fair- it was not brilliant. I did sell a few things but generally not enough people! WI had a stall and did well- funds all going to 'Blood Bikes' we had a talk from them and were astounded that they are a Charity, completely dependent on donations, fundraising etc.

We also met up with both sons and families at Carsington Water- had a BBQ and the kids all went kayaking,a super day.

 I went out for a meal with some WI friends, had lunch with some Sugar Craft friends. One of them holds a 'Garden Party'. We all take something towards lunch. Her garden is gorgeous and big! She is 85 and apart from having someone come and cut down anything major she does the garden herself.

Have held two classes - well same class twice :-) - it would seem that everyone had fun! :-)

Granddaughters are now on holiday. The eldest as now finished at Primary School - we really enjoyed her Leavers Assembly. The youngest will go into Year Five - we enjoyed hearing her play her cello in end of term concert.

There may be more but I'm sure you are well and truly fed up if you've got this far!

So to my desk. I have been doing some crafting just for fun of it! I haven't staged it for WOYWW but had just cleared up a bit - looking for something :-)

Both sons sorting out the BBQ :-)

'Our Encampment' :-)

Ralph- probably sniffing those burgers etc, not that he was allowed any

Grandsons - ready to take to the water

A friend of mine went to a steam punk/fantasy wedding. She asked if I could make a card that had gears, purple etc. I actually had no idea but I did this and she was happy with it. Also put together a 'fascinator ' for her to wear. She made an amazing cake for them. 

We had Phoebe for the day - hottest day last Thursday. She wanted to make a scrapbook. I found an old book and she raided my craft stash to decorate the front.

Part of my friend's garden.

We made some of these cards at class

Think I had better stop there or Julia will throw me off :-)

I will be round to visit later.


Oh dear my poor blog, neglected for so long :-( where does time go? I guess life happens and you get caught up in so many things something h...