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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hello it's that time again!!! A trip around the world via some fabulous crafty desks/spaces!!! WOYWW - don't know what I'm talking about then pop over to Stamping Ground  the home of Julia who started it all.

Well I really can't believe it's that time again. The weeks seem to be flying by!! As always I've been busy, visiting my Aunt, having a lovely pedicure, Church Fete with my lovely DH, DS, D.I.L. and gorgeous granddaughters, I've made a card and almost finished another, knitting - well trying to - have undone more than I've finished, had our younger granddaughter yesterday p.m. and then took both out for tea last night after school - an end of term treat, had my hair trimmed this morning and then to lunch with several ladies from sugar craft class. At the end of the year we go to the house of one of the members for a 'garden party' She has a beautiful garden and this year we were able to sit outside. We all take something for lunch. It was all so delicious and the garden was looking lovely. Ended up staying to chat until 5.30. It was lovely to see everyone again. I've not been to class since March - to begin with because of problem with my knee and after it became easier I had various appointments and so decided not to rejoin until September.
Oh yes also been trying to make a model of Olaf from the film Frozen - for a birthday cake I'm helping with.

Well I digress - to  my desk (aka dining room table) - it's a mess again!! The whole room is. I have cake decorating stuff out, card making stuff and I have been having a big sort out, moving things around and getting rid of things. Have a bit more to do yet so everything is in the dining room.

It doesn't look that bad in these photographs but that's because you can't see the rest :-)

Below is the card I made and have I just realised there are a couple of things not straight and I've forgotten the butterfly that was to go on it!!

I will visit the blogs I follow regularly, anyone who visits me and those ending with same number as me.
Back soon x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday's Smile

Very late joining in but think I've just made it!!!!! Lots of things made me smile last weekend and during the week.
We spent last weekend in Yorkshire with my eldest son and family and were lucky enough to see the second stage of Le Tour de France as it went through Honley ( near Holmfirth) . My son was one of the Tour Makers ( volunteer helping on the day) It was brilliant being there and experiencing the excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation of the crowd. Lots of smiles.My grandsons enjoyed writing messages on the road.

The day before my youngest grandson lost his two front teeth ( first teeth) after a long wait for him. He looks so cute.

On the Friday evening the boys came home with excellent end of year reports. So on Saturday we treated them to luxury hot chocolates at The Carding Shed - Oil Can Cafe - near their home. They love these.

There were lots of other smiles as well hope you've enjoyed these few . Now I must link my smiles to the lovely Annie's Blog  I'm pleased I can join in this week. Thank you for hosting this Annie.
Back soon x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WOYWW 266 ( and Le Tour )

Well as always it's been hectic since this time last week. Nothing new there I hear you say. I am going to show my work space first as I know Julia - who started this wonderful weekly visit to desks around the world will be cross with me for a long post. So if you only want my desk you only need to read the first part.
As I have been away again from last Thursday until late Sunday evening my paper crafting desk is the same as last week.
However I have been attempting to set up a sewing corner in one of the spare bedrooms.I am attempting to organise it so that I can easily turn it back to bedroom for when my grandchildren stay.

So here we go

A small folding table with my old, old machine - well used as you can see.

I would like to paint the small sets of drawers above
I am also going to decorate fronts of the boxes you can see to  right of shelf - you can also see folding chair to the right. I still have a lot to organise etc but have used the space to sew and it works well.

And finally for this section - rather late but I hope they will still be acceptable 3 quilts for the Lilybo appaeal. The first one was made by the mum of a friend of mine - she was 90 when she made it ( she sadly died in January)

The next one was made by her niece.

The above are gorgeous - the next effort is mine - I'm not very happy with it and would do it so differently. I hope though it will comfort someone. I would not make such big panels again.

Below the bag for mine - almost done. I'm ashamed at how long mine as taken - the other two were finished ages ago - hope I'm not too late with them.
Well that's it for this section . I will visit all who visit me and any ending with same number as me. Why not join in with WOYWW - pop along to Julia's Blog

Le Tour 

Last Thursday we set off for Yorkshire to visit our eldest son and help with childcare and also attempt to see one of the two stages of the Tour De France which started in Yorkshire. 
On Friday we took our grandsons to school and watched the whole school put on their own' tour' and then looked at a display of work connected to 'the tour' . 

On Saturday our D.I.L. was working and son went off to Pool in Wharfedale to watch the cyclists come through there. We took Sam to band practice and later took both boys for  luxury hot chocolate as a treat for excellent School Reports. That evening we all enjoyed a super BBQ together.

DS with his new toy - a BBQ!  

On Sunday D.I.L. back at work (she is a nurse) and DS set off early as he was one of the volunteer helpers for day 2. DH and I had decided where we would go with our GS's to watch but DS rang and said he was on route not far from home- there was parking , toilets and still a lot of space so off we went and set up camp. DS was able to be with us a lot of the tie and he was especially pleased that he was with our grandsons when the Pelaton went through. It was all so exciting. The boys were really good despite a wait of nearly four hours - we managed though to keep them occupied. As the crowd built up so did the anticipation. The lads enjoyed all the police , support vehicles and floats etc and managed to collect one or two freebies. They were very spoiled with sweets and ice cream. 
Before we knew the cyclists swept through and were gone in a flash on our stretch of the route ( Honley - if you know it) they then went on to Holmfirth and the the climb up Holme Moss. It was an amazing spectacle. 
Sadly my photos don't do it justice. 

My little offering 

I took the above photo at Holmfirth High School where Sam does Band Practice. They have a sweet little garden area and had set up the above scene - a tribute to Le Tour and Last of the Summer Wine

Above 2 my son and his sons.

Above next Harry and Sam all set up and ready and waiting.

Grandpa looking after base camp :-)
 The boys were writing various messages on the road.

 One of the floats.




Hope you enjoyed this little taste of my experience - I think I will do another post later with some other bits and pieces from my weekend. Back soon x 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Another week gone and now it's July!!!! Whatever happened to the first half of the year - and everything I was going to accomplish!!!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week and good wishes re my knee problem - no more news there yet.

At last I've photographed my received ATC's 

Above top row envelope and ATC from Lottie, card and (bird) ATC from Sharon Madson
Second row - pink envelope/ATC from Regina, blue card ( with lovely verse) and 'quilted hug' from Annie

Above - top row first one from Maggie (Silver Crafter), orange ATC from BJ,  bird card and ATC from Elizabeth
Row two - from Cindy and second from the lovely Jo ( Twiglet)

Below - floral card and butterfly ATC from Diane Baker Williams , Hello Friend card, ATC and bits and pieces from Robyn ( Waterlily Cards ) - there's also a better view of the ATC from Maggie

Thank you everyone they are all fabulous.

My desk ( AKA dining table) is very bare of any crafting etc. I have almost tidied everything away after my class on Saturday - which went very well. Ladies loved the card and were anxious to know when I was doing the next one - very flattering for me -
We made cards for males and I did CASE them / used some I saw for inspiration. I find it very hard to come up with cards for men !!!!

The box at the back was courtesy of PaperCraft Button. The one at very back inspired by Paula Knall - I can't remember where I saw inspiration for other two. 

My workspace - as I said very bare!!!

Other end of table with last few bits to put away and stamps to clean.

Ah this is where everything is :-) I'd seen these in a lot of craft rooms. Did convince myself I didn't need it. Then talked myself round :-) It's great cos it means I can have everything handy but just wheel it out of dining room when I need to tidy up!!!

A bit picture heavy - sorry. 
If you would like to join in WOYWW pop over to Julia's Blog and join in the fun.
I will visit all who visit me and those who have same number as me. See you soon. x 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I am sorry that I have still not photographed all my received ATC's . Many apologies and I will try to do so for next week. I hope that everyone has now received theirs from me. 

Another week has flashed by and as always I have been so busy!!! Not a lot of time for crafting but I did manage to do a little knitting and have almost finished sewing those pesky ends in on my crochet squares.

Last Thursday I had the results from the MRI scan on my knee. A tear in the meniscus, extensive bruising, fluid and a query osteonecrosis. Consultant asked if I'd had a fall ( no) He seems a little puzzled and wants a second opinion. I am also going in for an arthroscopy . It is so strange really as it has been a lot easier and DH said last week just as I was going to see the physiotherapist that I was walking so much better. The consultant said that is is probably the steroid injection that is making it easier at the moment. I do worry about return of the pain I had before :-(  So watch this space!!!

After my appointment DH and I went straight off to Yorkshire to visit my son. his wife and our grandsons. Our eldest was 9 on Monday so we were there for his birthday celebrations and to see/hear our younger grandson play in his first concert - he plays a cornet.   I will do a more detailed, separate post about all of that as I am waiting for some photographs from my son. Briefly - ish on  Friday evening we sat and watched the boys at cricket practice - it was a wonderful evening in stunning surroundings. On Saturday morning we took Sam to band practice and I sewed in some more ends !!! Saturday afternoon D.I.L. and I decorated Harry's cake and then we went to local beauty spot to look at 'Art in the woods' - I only have photos on my phone though as I forgot to take camera and I can't get photos onto here. We then went to a local pub for tea. It was yummy.
Sunday morning was Harry's party. Started with 7 boys going swimming. They came back to have hot dogs and chips. Cake of course!!! Then at Harry's request they had a pinata - a dragon shaped one which they bashed with great gusto until all the sweeties fell out and were quickly gathered up. This was followed by some football themed games.

The birthday boy on his new bike ( in the garage) still in his PJ's :-)

Later on Sunday we set off to Holmfirth High School for the concert. Wonderful!!! More in a later post.
Sam ready to go to his concert - looking a little nervous here. He has never done anything like this before and is only 6. Bless him. We were very proud of him.

We returned home yesterday !!! Today we had Phoebe - well grandpa did I went out with friends for afternoon tea :-) but more of that later.

My desk - nothing has happened there since last week. It is all waiting for me to start to prep for my class on Saturday!!! Gulp.

Well that's it for now. If you want to visit some far more interesting desks than mine then pop along to Julia's Blog and join in the fun!!!!! See you soon. x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Not sure if there is going to be a WOYWW this week ? Sadly Julia- our hostess and founder of this weekly event was poorly last - I'm not sure how she is at the moment but I do hope Julia you are a lot, lot better.

Since last week I have been busy as ever and the week has just flown by again. had a delish BBQ( to celebrate Father's Day) at our youngest son's home on Saturday and amazingly the weather held. We set off and it was very sunny - by time we arrived -a ten min walk the sky was black!!! Looked very stormy but it held off. On Sunday they came here to see DH as it was Father's Day. They went out together for the day as it was difficult for our D.I.L. - her first Father's Day since her dear dad died and it was not that long ago. We will celebrate with our eldest son and family soon. He had to work on Sunday so missed Father's Day. He started at 8a.m. and was still working at 6pm that evening!!!
Yesterday we had Phoebe and after collecting her from Nursery at 11.40 we went out for lunch. I did some shopping while DH took her to the park and then we went to see my Auntie. Today I've been catching up with chores and finishing off some cards.

Tomorrow I have to see the physio re my knee and then I have a date with the hairdresser :-)
On Thursday I get the results of the MRI scan of my knee. It has been a lot better since the steroid injection so it will be interesting to see what they say.

Anyway I have digressed really from the purpose of this post :-) - my desk!!!

Well the dining table really. It's all a lot tidier than last week. I finished some of the projects I've been working on and then tidied up so this is how it is at the moment .

First of all you can see part of a screen divider card ( thank you to Linda Parker for tutorial) a card for my grandson, a box that matches the card ( thanks to Elaine at papercraft button for her tutorial) and a concertina card ( tutorial from Julie Kettlewell) and box for the concertina card ( thanks to Amanda Bates for link)

Better view of cards

A card for my grandson

Another view of the table with some of the preparation for my next card class.

My desk by the sofa :-) with the crochet squares!!! I am busy sewing ends in!!!!

Hope that you've enjoyed looking. I will pop by and visit some of you tomorrow. X

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Where oh where do the weeks go? It has flown since last Wednesday. However I have been away visiting Mum in Somerset. We went last Thursday, returned on Sunday. Then had Phoebe - our granddaughter yesterday and today ( afternoons) not complaining :-) It was good to see my mum - it had been a while as I wasn't able to get there because of my knee problem. She seemed better than I expected :-) Also love having Phoebe. Cannot believe it's been nearly a year - well last Sept until July. In September she will be off to full time school - she is youngest of our four grandchildren so an end of an era. New beginnings though and I'm sure we will still be involved.

I have received some more ATC's  and am sending mine out as we speak - my apologies for being so behind. I will be in touch with the lovely ladies who have sent me an ATC to let you know. I will photograph everything for next week. I just haven't been able to do all I thought I could :-( so sorry

On the crafting front I managed to finish all 80 squares for a throw I'm making. It's taken me far too long. I finished them at mum's and while travelling. have managed to sew in ends on 13 of them. Then to join and do border.

My desk (aka dining table) is just a mess and a muddle -
I tried last Wednesday to tidy some things away. It doesn't look that way at the moment. No crafting there though.

You can see my glass mat. Underneath it is a laminated sheet of my granddaughters art work!!! The paper chains were made by my granddaughters - they kept them happy for ages :-) they were going in garden when we had a BBQ a couple of weeks ago and we forgot to put them out. Keeping them for next time. Balloons left from DH's 70th birthday celebrations. I don't like bursting them :-) bonkers aren't I?

The other end of the table. You can see an airmail envelope - from a WOYWWer :-) more next week.

Above is my actual desk - not a space to be had there!!!!

So lots of sorting out for me tomorrow and then I need to decide on cards I am making in next class. Also have cards to make and ATC's to post.
Sorry I've gone on a bit I think.
Don't know what WOYWW is pop along toJulia's Blog and join in the fun!!!
Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. I will visit as many blogs as time allows :-) x