Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Last week I did actually write a post and took a photo of my work space (s) but I tried to do it via my phone and then when I came to link it had all disappeared and I didn't have chance to try again as I was up to my eyes in finishing off stuff for The Craft fair. A friend had asked me for some things, offered to take them for me ( her cousin had organised it and she went to support her) Well I spent the two weeks after my class doing practically nothing but craft for this Fair. I actually sold more than my friend and another lady but it was not masses. I am left with a lot of stuff that I don't know what I am going to do with. So this time it really will be my last. Too much time spent for too little reward, and I am out of pocket. I also stressed a lot and am now very behind with other things. I enjoy making the stuff but it is so disappointing. I have almost finished tidying up my craft space, aka dining room from the All Day Class and Craft Fair makes so not a lot to see really. I still need to make some more Christmas cards so leaving things ready in case I can get in there. Crazy as I will end up having to buy them.

 Above four examples of makes for the craft fair.

Some photos of my makes as i was putting finishing touches- not best photos :-(

Do you remember me talking about my Great Nephew and his very difficult start to life? Well Saturday was his Naming Day. He is such a little cutie. He is inquisitive, alert and has such a lovely smile. His future is still uncertain, but then it is for many children. There was some brain damage, only time will tell the extent of that and how it will affect him.

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I am looking forward to popping by lots of desks this week. More time thankfully.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Thanks for all the kind comments last week. I was able to do my class - felt better although not as well as I would have wished. I was shattered afterwards and slept all through that night, unheard of for me!!! I'm still not quite right but getting there.
The class went exceptionally well and everyone seemed to have a great time. My friend provided a delicious lunch with yummy desserts. There were mini mince pies and Christmas themed biscuits for the morning and mini fruit cakes for the afternoon - a sort of light Christmas cake - delicious. There was much fun and hilarity. Everyone joined in with the 'Spirit of Christmas'

 Goody bags ready and waiting.

 See that table- oh so tidy :-)

The ladies!!

Everyone busy.

Forgot to take photo of yummy food before everyone started :-0

So my desk, aka dining table tonight (Tues) I am now making a few bits for a friend to put on a craft table at her cousin's Craft Fair. Only have a couple of weeks to make anything so will do the best I can.

I still have a bit more to do on my sleigh and reindeer but getting there.

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I will visit all who end in same number as me and as many more as I can. I lost internet connection last week for a while when I was trying to visit. Hopefully won't happen this week. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Thank you for the lovely comments last week.

Well that week went quickly despite me feeling unwell for most of it - well still do, so I will be short and sweet - hurray I hear you say :-)
Think I said last week DH unwell? Well I came down with it on Wednesday. Steadily got worse. Thought my head would explode, ears hurting, teeth hurting, flu like symptoms etc etc. Of course couldn't have come at a worse time with my preparations for this coming weekend and my class. Although not properly well yet I'm much better than I was and hope to go ahead as planned. My little Elf aka DH has been very helpful in my craft room aka dining room :-) So everything is almost complete. House is a different matter - a tip!!!! So operation housework is next.
So here is the 'craft room' and 'desk' as of Tuesday evening - will be same in the morning.

All the pieces for the boxes.

Sleighs and reindeer :-) DH has now die cut 100 reindeer amongst other things. He will have to get a Christmas bonus!!!

Oh did I mention my new toy. I have thought and thought about getting one for a long time. I finally decided to use my birthday money ( that was beginning of April :-) )  and ordered it. I am thrilled with it.

Hope you are all fit and well. Hope to be back with some photos of my class - if I get time to take them :-)

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I will visit all who visit me, end in same number and my 'regulars' :-)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Thank you for your kind comments last week. as always I've had a busy week but all good - I'm almost afraid to say that. More of what I've been up to at the end for anyone who would like to know.
On to my desk though as that's what WOYWW is all about. Want to know more please look at lovely Julia's Blog and learn more.

Well I am still in the throes of prepping for the big All Day Class - it's getting closer. Had DH cut out 78 reindeer yesterday. As I have a lot of ladies coming along I will have to have prepped a lot - usually they would do more themselves. Sure though we will have fun and I know all the food will be fab. I mentioned last week a lady new to crafting was coming along. Julia suggested I showed her a few things beforehand. Good advice, but she has some family problems at the moment and might not be able to come. If she can't I will try and arrange another time for her.

So are you ready for my desk :-) :-) - well it's not just on my desk, but everywhere else as well!!! Sorry bit photo heavy Julia.

So what else did I manage to do since last week? I made a birthday cake for my granddaughter Phoebe. She was seven on Sunday. Also made her a card, and some very small Halloween treats for all my grandchildren.
Below a card I made for a swap. Had to use greys with an accent colour.

On Thursday my sons and their families ,DH and I  all met up in Matlock for a get together. A lovely walk on Thursday afternoon and dinner on the evening.
On Friday we all went to Gullivers Kingdom- a lot of walking up and down hills :-) DH and I managed some gentle rides - thought I was going to be unable to get up from the log flume ride as my joints are very stiff. We had lots of fun watching the children play together. That evening we had a lovely dinner at The Red Lion . We were all shattered afterwards and were early to bed.
Saturday saw us check out of our hotel and then meet up in Bakewell. There was a lovely farmers Market. A walk and then lunch. We all said bye bye at about three o clock and headed home. So lovely that we could be together. ( Our eldest, Matthew lives in Holmfirth - Jonathan and family live not far from us in West Mids)
Saw Jonathan and family again on Sunday as it was Phoebe's birthday. Monday was taken up with chores and then crafting. Today Sugar Craft and a bit more paper crafting.
As always DH has got a cough - seems to happen every year about now :-( hope he doesn't get as poorly as last year!!! Will visit as many as I can tomorrow.

A few photos from our visit to Derbyshire

Three of our grandchildren were up there.

One of my D's. I. L. , our eldest grandson.

DH playing on a digger :-)


Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Managed to make it back again. Thank you for the lovely comments and good wishes - especially re my mum. I hope I didn't sound too sorry for myself , go on to much re mum and yes crafting has really helped me get through the worry etc. Mum ok at the moment.

So my desk this week - I am trying to get everything ready for my All Day Class in November - so lots of cutting of card and paper etc.

I work on the dining table usually - I did tidy up a bit - had to, ran out of space - there's stuff on the floor and everywhere else but this bit now looks a bit more organised.

Below is my actual desk - very small and it was a washstand in a former life, it is quite old. It also needs to be tidied up.

Below you can see the start of a sleigh and reindeer I have been playing with. I have used thinlits from Stampin Up. I didn't come up with the idea and at the moment I cannot remember the name of the lady who put up a tutorial. I need to do something with the inside as I didn't do it wholly according to the instructions. I think I am going to put a 'sack' of sweeties in the back.

Well I have tried to keep it short and sweet this week. If you don't know yet why I am showing you my desk/or what WOYWW is then pop over to the lovely Julia's Blog - the founder of WOYWW. Find out more and join in the fun. I will visit all who visit me and who end in same number as me plus as many more as I can manage.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Where have I been - brief account!!!!

Oh dear it's been a while again hasn't it? Thanks for all the lovely comments the last time I posted - especially re my mum. Smiled at a couple of comments commenting on mum enjoying a 'tipple' it was just juice!!! Put it in a wine glass so that she didn't feel too left out. :-)
I have been busy , mum has had two more stays in hospital! She reacted badly to some medication and developed a dreadful rash and it made her quite poorly. So they took her off it, got her right and sent her home. However they didn't do anything else re the problem ( her breathing) that she had medication for!! So breathing got worse and she landed up back in hospital. She is home now and I visited her week before last and then DH and I went to Cornwall for a week for  a much needed break. There is so much more re mum and all the problems and concerns but I'm sure it would be boring to listen to and to be honest I just don't have the energy to explain. :-( Thank you though for caring.


So crafting wise I did manage a class on 1st October which went very well. After that I went down to mum's and then onto Cornwall. Did a little knitting and pom pom making :-)

Now we are back I have been getting ready for three ladies who are coming to craft tomorrow ( they missed the 1st October) and went to Sugar Craft this morning - making an Autumn arrangement.

So this afternoon ( carrying on from yesterday ) I have been starting to sort out makes for my Christmas All Day crafting!! I can't believe that 13 ladies want to come. It will be hectic and chaotic but as long as it's fun that's what's important? Have two ladies who have not been before!!! It's not until November 12th so hopefully time to get organised :-) So I took this photo of my work space just before dinner tonight. Have to get all sorted and cleared by one o clock tomorrow for the three ladies I mentioned earlier!!!

Some makes 

My granddaughter was nine in September - she is a real tomboy and loves football - hence the cake :-)

Below - my daughter in law was 40 and this was her cake!!

Made these pirate goody bags for my granddaughters. My son arranged a surprise picnic and boat trip for my D.I.L.'s 40th birthday and had a bit of a pirate theme for my granddaughters. So the goody bags.

Well I could go on but I won't!!!! If you are wondering about the title WOYWW then do go over to Julia's Blog  find out more and join in.
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

WOYWW - - it's been a while!!!!

So where have I been? I will tell you more after my WOYWW post.
I have managed a bit of crafting since I last visited - I held my repeat All Day Class on the 7th August but after that I didn't do any more paper crafting until last week and I was getting ready for a class last Saturday. I've forgotten to photograph any of the makes - will have to show them next time. The class was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I have another on 1st October ( all being well) so have started work on that this week. The preparations are what 's on my desk tonight and it won't change until tomorrow .
Yes we are making a start on Christmas :-) not all the makes last Saturday or at next class are Christmas - but dipping our toes in the water :-) everyone was happy to start.

 Made the card above for DH for our 45th Wedding Anniversary - I was a child bride :-)
 The one above was for our eldest son and our daughter (in law) who celebrated their 10th Anniversary two days before us.
Above the table set for the All Day class I mentioned, I made everyone a little bag to hold goodies.
So that 's my contribution to WOYWW - glad to be back joining in. If you would like to know what it's all about and join in then visit the lovely Julia at her blog The Stamping Ground.

Part 2

So where have I been and what have I been up to ??? I will try not to write an Epic
After my class on the 7th August my mum arrived on the 8th to spend a few days with me and then my brother - then we were taking her home.
I had lots planned with mum - but it didn't happen :-( On the Tuesday we had decided to go shopping have lunch etc - mum was really looking forward to it. We had coffee and then went to go downstairs in the store we were in and mum fell on an escalator. I tried to grab her but couldn't hold on to her. She fell backwards and went about half way down before I managed to stop it, long story short she fractured her ankle :-) we both got a ride in an ambulance to A&E. They sent her home with a tubular bandage on- said they were not sure if fracture or not. That night I realised they'd left the cannula in her arm so back we went next day.
On the Friday I took her back for a review - doctor said definitely fractured - temp plaster!!!
She then told me she thought she had a water infection and her breathing was dreadful.

On Saturday my son and family arrived back from their holiday in Cornwall. Mum told my D.I.L. ( who is a nurse) she had blood in her urine should she tell me!!!!

We had a BBQ that evening with both sons and families, mum , my brother and his wife. Then my brother took mum to stop with him for a few days. DH and I then looked after our grandsons until the Wednesday. Meanwhile my brother took my mum to medical centre where she was diagnosed with a chest infection and a water infection. He also took her back to hospital where they took plaster off and gave her a big boot arrangement.

On the Thursday DH and I collected mu from my brother's and set off to Somerset to take mum home. She was quite unwell and I had to get someone in to see her. They gave her more medication and a good examination and arranged for blood tests. It was a difficult, tiring time but we did get a visit to the seaside and had fish and chips.

On the Tuesday of the next week my sister came to take over. DH and I went home. We then looked after our granddaughters overnight and then had the Sunday off !! :-) our wedding anniversary

On Monday we met eldest son in Derbyshire and brought grandsons back here. Met son again on the Thursday to hand them back. On Friday we had the girls for the day.
Collapsed in a heap after that :-) took ourselves out to lunch on the Sunday and then I started crafting again ready for last Saturday's Class!!
That was the short version!!!
Mum's ankle is improving but she had to spend last Thursday in hospital. she became very disorientated and had a rash. Turns out that she had an allergic reaction to the medication. I am very concerned about her and of course she doesn't live nearby. There are lots of issues and I am beginning to feel quite down about it all. It has been good to craft again and it relaxes me.
A few photos of events.

Above mum - this was after her fall. She is amazing really. She will be 88 in January.
 About to have champagne - mum bought it - said we didn't have chance to all be together very often and should celebrate - our eldest lives in Yorkshire, mum in Somerset and we are in the Midlands.

 Fun in the park with the grandsons. Managed to catch me on the swing as well :-)
 DH, eldest son and boys when we met up in Derbyshire to collect the boys.
 Had a lovely picnic together. It was a beautiful day.

Anniversary flowers.

Well I think I'd better stop there - sorry it's a bit long - thanks if you made it to the end,
Hope to be back next week.