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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


A big thank you to those who have shown concern about my knee etc. I was very touched. Also big thank you's to Darnell and Shaz (in Oz) who sent me cards. So kind and thoughtful There are some lovely people  out there in Blogland.

Well it was a quiet Easter for us. Both our sons and their families went away .  Happy for them as they all needed time away . Did miss seeing them though but DH and I chilled out and I managed a bit more crafting and some sorting out.
Our Easter Day main meal was not a success!!! DH was carving the chicken and as he was carving realised it was not cooked properly - still bloody!!! DH risked eating what he'd carved but I wouldn't. So it was mainly veg for me!! Only the tiniest piece of chocolate afterwards as well as I am trying hard to lose weight. I bought DH an egg - everyone elected not to buy us chocolate in effort to help me. It's not easy though :-(

I will include a photo of what we had for Easter  instead at the end. Well I've digressed again so to my 'desk'

I managed another Easter card,  for my granddaughters and am trying to make a card for DH and our son. Their birthday's are only a day apart - next week. I have also managed some more crochet - but a still way behind others in the CAL. Also did more for my journal for DLP. Mine is very simple and amateurish compared with others but I am enjoying the process. No stressing any more !!!

So to my 'desk' to say I spread out is putting it mildly ;-) I haven't finished the cards for DH and DS yet - struggling a bit if truth be told. ( Photos taken Tuesday evening)

Above the start of DS card - not sure about it yet though. Oh it's an easel card as well - doesn't look like it there.
 The rest of the table. Can you see there is also stuff on the windowsill and elsewhere you can't see :-)
Also on the floor and a chair.

Below the card I made for my granddaughters. I cased this from another blog. ( frenchiestamps ) Thought it very cute .

Oh and our Easter gifts

They both looked much better in real life.

Well I think I've probably gone on too long again. Sorry Julia.
If you haven't already joined in WOYWW then pop along to The Stamping Ground home of the lovely Julia and find out more. Will visit as many desks as possible. x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Hello fellow WOYWW ers. Have to admit I wasn't going to join in this week feeling a tad down. Am trying hard to be positive and indeed have a date with the hospital re my knee! Pain is more manageable and I am crafting more and getting about more easily. Yesterday though was (at long last - a long story) the funeral of my son's F.I.L. It was sad but there were some smiles as we remembered a lovely man who we lost way too soon.
Then I discovered via a text that my phone service provider was trying to bill me again for last months payment. It has taken me several hours to sort this - won't bore you with all the details - something I could have done without! So was feeling like I couldn't be bothered with anything. BUT pulled myself together and here we go.  SORRY FOR THIS BIT JULIA

Anyway no photo of actual desk this week . But thought I would share some of what I've managed to do.

Not the finest photos but just doing best I can at moment :-) 
I will be popping around to visit all my favourite desks later and a few new ones. If you want to join in then pop over to Julia's blog and get all the details on what to do  Hopefully I'll be back soon!!!! Have a great day. x 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Despite not a lot happening the week has flown by in some ways. My knee is slightly less painful - well while I'm taking the tablets!! Have tried to cut down on amount though. Moving about as much as I can . Still finding sat making cards difficult. After a while knee hurts but also the getting up and down to get things doesn't help. Managed some sewing and crochet though. Did manage a couple of cards this week.
Thanks to everyone for you kind words and good wishes.

To my desk - (sorry for going of piste Julia)

My main working area. It is not terribly exciting. I sat and put some bits away. I then began to get other bits together to make some Easter cards and gifts - but didn't get any further. I seem to have lost motivation :-(

This has been where I've worked in the main. Sat on the sofa with mainly yarn around me. On arm of the sofa is my journal I'm trying to take part in Documented Life Project. Doing bits here and there. Have started a blanket ( one of four two knitted and two crochet)

A simple birthday card. I already had the base card  with the oval cut out.

Well not a lot to see. I look forward to visiting as many other desks as I can. Want to find out more / join in then go to Julia's ( the boss) Blog and find out more!!!

See you later. x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I was missing last week - a very difficult and painful week ( you can read about it in previous posts if you want to.

So what is WOYWW ? Well pop over toJulia's (the boss lady) and find out more and join in!!!

Sadly my work space and desk has been neglected due to all that has happened. You would think that despite problem with my knee I would be able to sit and craft. Could not last week. I may have found a way to support my foot which in turn seems to take pressure of knee so might try again .
I was unable to finish my Mum's Mother's Day card and sympathy cards for my Son and family.. Had to go online for Mum's and send one that way.

So to my desk

I abandoned it last week - I don't think I even managed to clean that stamp. 

On a previous post I showed you a grey plastic bag This is what was inside. I decided to join in with a CAL as couldn't paper craft. I really had enough stash I could have used but was feeling so sorry for myself so clicked on the button 'order' It is going to be a blanket of granny squares which are joined as you go - something I've not tried before. 
Finally look at these - go on try one. 
They are chocolate with salty caramel. Today is my birthday and my friend came round with these this morning. I was not expecting the best of days but it has been lovely. 
That's it from me for now. I will visit other desks at some point tomorrow. Please bear with me as it takes a long time to get my self ready to go visiting at the moment. x

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothering Sunday

Just wanted to say thank you for previous comments. Much appreciated and so encouraging.

It is Mothering Sunday today in the UK. Hope mums everywhere have had a lovely day. My son from Yorkshire and family traveled down to see us. ( We should have been up there and I should have been on a Sugar Craft course on Saturday- it was not to be - God had other plans)
Last night we went out early for tea with my sons and their families and Sarah's Mum came too. I had to go in a wheel chair. The children thought it was fun. Harry thinks I should get a motorised scooter and he can race me. I pray that does not happen though. Sadly Matthew had to take Sam back to our house as he felt unwell. We were at Pizza Express so he was able to take his tea home and eat it. Sam went to sleep when he got back at 6 p.m. and so was awake at 2.30 this morning feeling better and chirpy. We had a lovely dinner.
This morning there were cards and presents and breakfast in bed for my D.I.L. Carolynn and me- served by the boys- young and old :-)
After breakfast my sons and families all went to Church. I cannot get ready very quickly at the moment so stayed at home. They arrived back with scrumptious homemade cake to have with coffee. Then Sarah, Jonathan and the girls went off to see Sarah's Mum. Matthew, Carolynn, the boys and Grandma and Grandpa had some lunch and then they went back to Yorkshire :-(
Despite the pain and discomfort it was a lovely weekend with my family - the sort I like best.

My lovely presents
Beautiful crds and presents. The handwash and handcream that is out of the packet is Molton and Brown and smells divine. There is also some Cath Kidson as well. Love it. 

Below a close up of the book mark - love the words. 

Below is a present to myself . Postie brought it on Saturday. I will reveal all in next post. :-) 

Knee permitting I will hopefully be back soon. x 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

'Chin up buttercup '

It has been a difficult few days. I shared in my earlier post the sad death of my beautiful D.I.L's Dad who was also became a friend.
At the same time I have been dealing with a very, very painful knee. Had problems for a long time. To cut a very long story short it had begun to hurt quite severely. Saw GP - painkillers etc. No joy. Got much worse last weekend - especially Saturday when we were needed to help with our granddaughters. Saturday evening and Sunday saw me in agony. Back to GP on Monday. More painkillers and referral for an xray. Was told would take approx 2 weeks for that to happen. By this time I was in agony and tears and Doctors receptionist told DH to take me to A&E. Xray revealed loss of cartilage due to osteoarthritis and bone is rubbing on bone. Was give anti -inflammatory tablets and a stick!!!!
Despite pain killers etc and resting it I am still in intense pain unless I keep my leg out straight. Can just manage a shower after taking painkillers and to get to bathroom and back. I cannot sit at table - do anything. DH has been brilliant looking after me and our granddaughter while her mum helps to sort out funeral arrangements. ( that has not been straight forward due to mix ups with doctor and coroner)
So why 'Chin up buttercup' - by chance I went onto another blog this morning and the owner of the blog who has had difficulties in her life was told this and said it helped. So although I am worried and afraid about what is going to happen I am trying to keep this in mind.
So I have to go back to GP for a referral to orthopedic surgeon - cure knee replacement - could take ages for that to happen - not sure I can stand the pain :-( alternative - have it done privately - obviously expensive. However as it is at the moment I cannot do a thing except sit on sofa or stay in bed - no life. Very, very worried. x

Monday, 24 March 2014

Sad and painful days

During some time on Friday night / early hours of Saturday my D.I.L.'s lovely Dad passed away. For him it was a blessing as he was so poorly at the end. So so hard for all of his lovely family. Trevor was a lovely man so kind and sweet. My husband and I could not have asked for better in laws (and good friends as they became)  for our son. God Bless you Trevor Our hearts go out  to Sarah , her Mum and the rest of the family.

Our dear D.I.L. Sarah and her Dad on her Wedding Day. So many happy memories.