Wednesday, 29 August 2018


Here we are again, another Wednesday and time for WOYWW! If you don't know what that is then pop over to thestampingground, Blog of our lovely leader Julia, founder of the phenomenon that is WOYWW! Join in!

I have just photographed my desk, not a lot to see as I am trying to have a big clear out/ tidy up. I want to sell some of SU's retired stuff ( I'm running out of room) so having a good sort out!/It's hard to do though as I love what I bought - in the main :-)
So a boring desk!

Very, very tidy. The little card was one of a set made at one of my classes. I am sorting through my makes, tidying up where needed and giving to charity.

Last week I mentioned working on the Wedding Album. Finished it and my D.I.L. was thrilled with it. Such a relief.

Hope the above gives you an idea. Not best photos. There were lots of pockets with pull out pieces for photos etc.

I also made a card for our Son and D.I.L. for their wedding anniversary , that was on Sunday.
It was our 47 th Wedding Anniversary yesterday, where did that time go? So another card was needed :-)
I also printed a verse for the inside, you can just see the edge peeking out.
We had a lovely day. Our D.I.L. and granddaughters popped in with a card and bubbles :-) Prosecco , DH bought some beautiful flowers. We went out to eat at Bardolinos, an Italian Restaurant, situated in The Cube in B.ham. This was a treat from youngest son ,for Father's Day but we decided to go on our Anniversary. Had a lovely time.

We had our granddaughters last Thursday for the day as their mummy was recovering from a small operation otherwise a quiet week.
Looking forward to looking at your desks and hearing your news.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Well I did a post last week and then couldn't get photos to load :-( so as I was so tired I'm afraid I gave up.

Thanks for all lovely comments from week before last and apologies for not making it back to some I will definitely pop by this week.

A quieter time for a change. Windows were finished. We are very pleased with them and I feel as though I am in a new house. Need to get some decorating done - not because of windows, though few areas need touching up. We are also having bathroom done in September which I am dreading.

I think I didn't explain the little window very well - it just gives light into stairs and landing area - there is a little balcony - that is above the downstairs loo. The little door at the side is to access  the window to clean it, not to climb through , though one of the fitters did :-), he was a lot thinner than me! From the stairs it is quite high up. I usually have a huge pottery jug on there that we bought on Skye.

Have been up to the usual, crafting - making a Wedding Album for my D.I.L. to give to her cousin on her wedding day on Saturday. Helped celebrate my Auntie's (93rd birthday. Been out to lunch three times!!! I'm very lucky.
This last weekend I visited my friend in Witney - we met 60 years ago, aged seven in school. She was the new girl and I had to look after her.  Our journey was not much fun as there was a very nasty accident on the M40 , we were delayed by 45 minutes- the  aftermath looked dreadful and I pray that no one died or was left with serious injury.

So the reason you are really here, my desk :-) - why am I showing you my desk, check out here and join in here

My work space is pretty crowded I need to tidy up tomorrow and finish the album.

I recently finished decorating this box. A lovely lady in another craft group I am in has been making boxes of variuos shapes and sizes and asked volunteers to decorate as you wanted. She wants to sell the boxes as they are but put examples of what can be done to them.

Look forward to visiting many desks this week.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Sorry a little photo heavy.

Hi there, I'm back. Couldn't quite manage to put in an appearance last week.

I wasn't too sure I'd manage this week as we are in the middle of having our windows replaced and I felt so tired earlier but have rallied a little :-) - I haven't been sleeping and getting up to be ready for the fitters to arrive at 8 a.m. They only seem to work half a day though - maybe the heat I'm not sure. Today was difficult for them- an awkward window and difficult to get at part of it.

There is part of a wall between the three to the left and the one on the right. Hard to explain, maybe I should photograph the other side - hold that thought.

From the inside - the three
There is a little door to access for cleaning

Then on the other side of the wall / door is the fourth window along. 

It caused a few problems as I said. I will be glad when it is all done - we were in two minds about what to do , they were metal frames in excellent wooden frames and we had looked after them. However they were not doubled glazed and we were so cold last winter. Have to admit that they do make the rooms brighter. I'm getting myself geared up to the big one tomorrow - the lounge!!

Anyway I digress- sorry Julia - my craft area/aka dining room is in a right state as we moved stuff in there - there is already a double glazed window in there, apart from having one of the sealed units replaced it is not being touched- only room that's not.

I am working on altering a wooden box. Hopefully share next time.

So much stuff around :-( 

On Saturday 28th July I did my Crafternoon Tea - my friend hosted for me as I was in a bit of a muddle preparing for windows 

It was a lovely afternoon, nine ladies and me! :-) 

 Goody bags in place ready to start!

 Working away!

The lady below in pink hosted for me and did the food.

We made a card, stamped on two tiles to use as coasters and made a box for the coasters.

So if you would like to see what other crafters have been up to then join in WOYWW - started by Julia
Last week we had our grandsons from Tuesday until Friday. Met our D.I.L. half way to collect the boys and then our son to hand them back. We had a super time. Spent a lot of it with our granddaughters, our other D.I.L. and our younger son. There was a trip to the local Arboretum, the golf club range, pub for tea, playing at girls home, swimming and pizza at ours. It was a great , fun filled time and lots of lovely memories made. 

A picnic 

Playing on the Pirate 'ship'

Three of the children practising their swing etc :-) 

Phoebe was practising getting out the bunker!

And now the windows - :-) no time to get bored!!!

Sorry it's so long.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Well that week went by in a blur :-) Thanks for all who visited I think I eventually got to everyone.
Cards and a Cuppa went well - there were three ladies. I am not sure what will happen in Sept, might need a new venue as the person running the Community Centre is talking about me paying for room hire. I wouldn't mind it for a class - if they advertised it but it won't work for card and a cuppa as it is just drop in - wouldn't be viable. So we will see.
Last Wednesday evening saw us collect our granddaughters from school, give them tea and then our son picked us all up and we went into Brindley Place in B'ham to the Film Festival. Watched Back to the Future 2. It was all open air and great fun. Our D.I.L. has a pitch there with her Vintage Ice Cream Van - Betsey ( she is the only ice cream seller that they allow in there) .

Brindley Place

Friday saw us packing ready to go and visit our son in Yorkshire and his family. We were celebrating all sorts - more later.
Yesterday and today I have been getting ready for Crafternoon Tea. I am having a bit of trouble with the tiles I am using for making coasters. Have researched and got the glaze used by others but the ink was still coming off. Not sure if it's the heat. Going to leave overnight and praying all will be well tomorrow. If not I am up the creek without a paddle !!!!!

So to my work space

This is tonight ( Tuesday ) it won't change - I'd tidied up a bit as had no space left. Had been cutting card and DSP for the card and box that the tiles (coasters) are to go in - fingers crossed.

I showed the cards I made for Card and a Cuppa last week - brief explanation how ( someone was not sure what I meant.
I cut the corner from a piece of laser cut paper and used as a stencil and sponged ( different colours last week)

 Below is the negative , above the stencil.

I used both pieces to make two cards.

I stuck the stencil piece on another piece of card and then put other piece onto a backing piece.
Hope that makes sense.
Completely forgot to take a photograph other cards I made  :-(

If you are wondering why I'm showing off my desk then pop along to Our Head Desker and join in all the fun.

We set off for Yorkshire on Friday morning. Had lovely lunch with our D.I.L. and her parents and then went up to the school to see our youngest grandson, Sam,  in his Leavers Assembly. He spoke very well and we were very proud of him.

That evening we had a lovely dinner and joined by  eldest grandson Harry, Sam went out with the other leavers for dinner. Sadly our son was On Call and had to go into work.
On Saturday we all went to a Golf Club and some played golf football - much laughter.

 Afterwards we went back for lunch and chilled out ready for dinner at a lovely pub - quite high up with fabulous views.  Called The Huntsman .
We went early so that Matthew, son, could join us. Fortunately he was not called in on Saturday evening.

 View from by our table
Son, D.I.L. and grandsons.

Sunday morning saw us up early again and went to watch both boys play in a cricket match at their cricket club. Beautiful views, bacon butties and coffee watching our grandsons team win - joy.


The Birthday Boy

Then back for lunch, birthday cake for Sam who will soon be 11 and he was allowed to open his presents from grandparents.

 We also said Happy Birthday to out D.I.L.- her birthday at the end of the week, and then up to the pub in the village to listen to the village Brass Band. They were fabulous - thought of you LLJ :-) - unfortunately I did get sunburned - not intentionally - thought I was safe as there was some cloud. I moved when cloud all dispersed but by then the damage was done :-( I should have realised of course but there you go. I don't usually sit in the sun as I know what will happen.

Hepworth Brass Band - brilliant!

Here's their dog Ralph. It was a little cooler up at  cricket ground on Sun morning so he came with us. He was keen to field :-)

We left Yorkshire at about 5pm and had good journey home- with many, many special memories.


Here we are again, another Wednesday and time for WOYWW! If you don't know what that is then pop over to thestampingground, Blog of our ...