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Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday Smiles

Time to join in with Annie again and find out what has made you smile this week. Since last Friday I've had a lot to smile about but also there has been sadness and tears - but that news is not for today.
Last Saturday many family members visited my Auntie for tea and cake as part of her 90th birthday celebrations. On Saturday evening we enjoyed a super BBQ at younger son's home. Much laughter. On Sunday we were all together again for my great nephew's Christening - a lovely happy day. After the Christening my eldest son and daughter returned home to Yorkshire but left our grandsons in our care until Wednesday. We had lots of fun. We also had four days of seeing all four grandchildren have fun together! I am thankful to have had those wonderful days. Off to link up with Annie at her blog -
     a stitch in time


 My nephew Jack and family.

 Youngest son Jonathan

Eldest son Matthew with DH. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

WOYWW and Mum is improving

Well another week has gone by - some of it a bit of a blur if I'm honest, There have been celebrations, lots of worrying and sadness but some fun times and smiles. Before I try and recall some of the weeks events I will show you my desk as I know that's what you are here for.

So not a lot of interest really- I had some cake decorations in the chocolate box - chocs long gone.

There was a bit of crafting as I frantically tried to finish a Christening gift for my great nephew Jack. The Christening was on Sunday.

 I also had to finish the cake for my Auntie for Saturday for a drastically scaled down Afternoon Tea for her 90th birthday.
I didn't make the flowers for this cake but did do the decorating. 

I also made a Christening card for Jack - but forgot  to photograph it. :-(

Also made some cupcakes to take to my son and D.I.L's on Sat evening. They had a BBQ as a belated celebration for our other D.I.L.'s 40th birthday - they had been unable to go to previous celebrations.

I will visit all who visit me plus all ending with same number as me.  

Thank you for all the good wishes re Mum. She is still in hospital and in quite a lot of pain from pelvis injury. She is walking a little more each day. She is sounding more cheerful now. She was saying that she didn't think she could go on - but I think we've turned that corner with a good deal of encouragement. I will be going again for a few days as my sister is off on holiday again- it will be good to see her. I find it very hard being so far away and worry all the time.

It has been very busy since last Thursday with Auntie's birthday and the Christening. Then we have had our grandsons staying with us since Saturday - their mummy and daddy went home on Sunday from the Christening - had to go to work on Monday and Tuesday so we were helping out. They go home Wednesday :-(

Sadly my sisters M.I.L. passed away this morning. She died peacefully with her family but it is so sad - especially as her grandson marries in just over three weeks. Not sure yet if his other grandma ( my mum) will make the wedding. Also heard on Saturday that my dear friend's son and d.I.L. have just had their second much wanted baby and he is a Down's Syndrome baby. They are coming to terms with it and I know that he will be much loved and supported. We have a Down's Syndrome child in our family and he is delightful and to us all he is just Ryan.

Well I am still deciding if I should cancel my Crafternoon Tea this Saturday. DH and D.I.L. say no - I need to do something for me - just hope though I can finish prepping as have only Thursday and Friday to be ready :-(
 Bye for now.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Friday's Smiles

If you read my previous post you will see that it has not altogether been a week of smiles. I have been on an emotional roller coaster. Just when I think things are looking better then along comes another cloud. Hoping that the weekend will see some brighter times.
My son sent me this during the week which made me smile

Below is my auntie - mum's sister who was 90 on Tuesday. Mum was due to come here to help celebrate. We managed to take auntie out for lunch - but sadly had to cancel the Afternoon Tea I had planned . We hope to do it again when mum has recovered. I didn't make this cake - a quick supermarket purchase. I have a special one for her for Sat. We are just going to have a cup of tea and cake with her. She seemed to enjoy herself - so I was pleased and it was cause to smile. Am linking to Annie's Blog - a stitch in time 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WOYWW and best laid plans!!!

Hello - after a few traumatic days since last Wednesday. I'll explain after showing my desk as that's what you really popped by for.
I have not done any crafting since last Wednesday - so here is my desk as I left it last Wednesday - think I'd tidied up a bit after my photo for last week's WOYWW.


Mr UPS had been with my Stampin Up order. One of the items in my order was the Water Colour Wishes Kit - I've yet to explore it though.

I will visit everyone who visits my desks and those that end in same number as me. If you don't know what WOYWW is then click on the button on side of my blog and join in.

So why no crafting and blog title ???? Here is the short version.
Last Thursday I rang mum making final arrangements for her visit to me to celebrate my Auntie's 90th birthday and my great nephew's Christening.
Three quarters of an hour later she rang me - with help from paramedics.
She had her case open , on the floor emptying it from her holiday in Guernsey - (she had just returned) she tripped over it!!!! Long story short she broke three ribs, fractured her pelvis, internal bleeding, cut above eye, laceration to elbow.
I went down ( she lives in Somerset I am in west Mids) - an awful journey of five hours due to holiday traffic. As I went into hospital doctor was ringing me - you can imagine the panic. I saw mum first and then went to speak to the doctor.
They said the difficulty was that because of the pain she was on a lot of pain killers and this made her sleep - so she was not breathing properly and waste gasses going into her blood. They were also afraid of ribs puncturing the lung. Mum also has heart problems so fear of heart failure. They said it would be futile at that stage to try to resuscitate. Told me to be prepared for her not to pull through. I was devastated.
Anyway move on to Monday - although still in lots of pain mum is out of bed and sending texts ( she is 86 by the way ) - obviously a long way to go and not completely out of danger but she is a lot lot better. My sister who lives by her has returned home from her holiday so I felt able to come home so could sort out some things and celebrate yesterday with my Aunt and also attend the Christening on Sunday. My sister is due to go away again soon so I will return to be with mum with help from my other sister and brother.
If you got this far thanks for reading. Back soon - hopefully.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


It's that time again - time to have a look at the desks/workspace of other crafters around the world. Want to know more then click on the WOYWW button on my blog and find out more. be warned though it's very addictive.
So since last week DH and I had a lovely evening with friends on Friday. Granddaughters came on Saturday with their daddy - our youngest son and we were kept on our toes crafting and then watching their puppet show :-)
Sunday I tidied up bits of the garden - can't do too much in one go any more - and I planted one or plants I'd bought at the Flower Show.
On Monday I went to chat to my friend about sugar paste peonies for a wedding cake for my nephew and his fiancĂ©e ( sadly their cake maker had a stroke - at the time there was only 8 weeks to go until the wedding. On top of that my nephew's gran had collapsed at home and been taken into hospital - her son - my B.I.L. and sister were due to travel to my mum's as they were taking her on holiday to Guernsey. The bride,s mum also had to go into hospital for an operation yesterday. So I have been organising the cake - with a lot of help from friends, will tell you more about cake and wedding another time. )Another friend joined us and off we went for lunch - would have been rude not to :-)
Yesterday was crafting - lots of cards needed and I have a Crafternoon Tea planned for 22nd August - but have a million things happening before then so have to be prepared.
Today a bit of me time - treated myself to a manicure - then more crafting - so this was my space late this afternoon - yes I know I'm a bit late :-)
There is a get well card there for my nephew's M.I.L. to be.

Below is card I have been making for my Aunt . Have some finishing touches to put to it.

Well that's it for this week off to link up and join in before it's too late.

Friday, 31 July 2015


Hi I like Annie's weekly Friday posts about things to smile about. Sometimes we do get hung up on the negatives and it is good to remember the positives there may been. As I posted previously last weekend I was away with three friends - we went to Chester and then on Sunday to Tatton Flower Show. Although Sunday was awful weatherwise there was a lot of laughter.
On Tuesday I went out for early tea/ late lunch with three friends and they came home with me and we were joined by another lovely lady for a craft workshop. The rest of my week has been having a massive tidy up, declutter and cleaning. I don't enjoy cleaning but I did smile when it was done !!! :-)
It was also good to see my granddaughters and their mummy and daddy as we had been away and then they were away and we'd not seen each other for two weeks- usually it's at least once a week , often more :-)
Also good to hear that our eldest son and family had safely arrived in Spain and then onto France.
Love this photo of them.

 Here is Sam showing me his new rucksack ! My mum had asked me to get him something for his birthday from her.

This was in airport lounge. Sam asked his mum to send this photo and tell me he'd had all these Cokes! I hasten to add he hadn't! :-) Just trying to trick grandma! 

I am off to link up with Annie here

What has caused you to smile this week? Come and join in. :-)

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


What's on my desk? The remains of last night's workshop. The table is not too bad - but there is a lot of stuff elsewhere that needs putting away! Did my class in two halves this month - not everyone could make the first one but wanted to come so did extra one
for four last night. Good fun. If you read previous post you will see that as always life has been hectic!
I was away at the weekend as well - Chester and then Tatton Flower Show - sadly the flower show was very wet!!! So much rain. We managed to laugh and have fun anyway - went with three girl friends - all crafters.

My craft room aka dining room this morning!

My actual desk!

A couple of 'gardens' at show before rain started!

 We did manage to spend an hour watching a flower arranging talk. There were lots of beautiful creations.

Thanks for looking. Off to link up and will visit others later.