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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Well I didn't make it last week to the weekly desk sharing - a lot going on.

Cannot believe it is almost May!!!! The year is flying by for sure.

Last week was busy with preparations for a wedding we were attending- mainly me finding something to wear!! Found it very difficult and had a bit of a meltdown at one point - so silly really. More re the wedding following my desk sharing.
I had to finish the wedding card and gift holder. Have also been making birthday cards for DH and youngest son who have a birthday a day apart this week.

Also been making two more of the stationery chests that the ladies made in my all day class ( see previous post) my granddaughters saw the one I'd made as an example and wanted one. So I've made them one each but slightly different contents for the girls.

I have also been trying to decide what we will make in next half day class plus preparing for another All Day Class for those who missed the previous one ( at their request - so a confidence boost for me )

So here is my workspace - ready for a tidy up. It doesn't seem to take long though to get messed up again - I am not a tidy crafter :-)

The blue card in the middle ( above )  is DH's card waiting for finishing touches.

DS's card.

The chest's for the girls - filled with all sorts of things they like.

Thanks for looking - will visit all who visit me ( where I can) those I follow regularly and those ending with same number as me.

If you are interested
The Wedding

The groom was present at our wedding 44 years ago aged 18months so it was lovely to see him marry. He and his now wife had been together for 14 years and I'm sure his Mum thought he would never actually marry :-) it is his first marriage and we hope they will have a long and happy life together.

The venue was Iscoyd Park Whitchurch Shropshire - stunning setting.
Everything about the day and celebration was just lovely- we had a super day.

Some photos

The gardens

DH scrubbed up well :-)

There were beautiful floral decorations everywhere

Waiting for the bride

Some words of advice maybe :-)

Confetti time - the grooms brother directing proceedings

Finding where we were sat for reception

Our table

The cake - made by the brides mum

Cutting the cake

The card and gift holder I made.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

This and That

I didn't make WOYWW this week- too much going on and wanted to spend time with DH this week as he was left to his own devices a bit last week. I was very busy making final preparations for my All Day Craft Class. I was also busy trying to get an outfit sorted ready for a wedding we are attending soon.
Last Wednesday I went out with three friends for a dinner at Plough and Harrow.

Yummy and great company - and because I had a birthday I got a free bottle of champagne which we all enjoyed.

The class went really well - my friend Marion put together a wonderful lunch - I forgot to photograph it all :-(

There were eight ladies all together and they all managed to finish !!

They made a Stationery Chest

Inside were cards,notelets,tags, altered notebook,gift card holder,pen,paperclip/bookmark.
Goody Bags for the ladies.
looks like I will be doing it all again as there are four ladies who missed it and want to do it :-)

On Monday we spent time in the garden - I do find it a lot more difficult now but did manage a bit.

This week I didn't get to Sugar Craft as I had am appointment for a mammogram :-( - routine check up.
Afterwards DH and I went shopping. Sat outdoors enjoying our lunch followed by an ice cream delicious.
Yesterday had my hair done and then DH and I had a gentle stroll to local pub for tea - really enjoyed it.
Today I've been making a card for youngest son for his birthday next week - need to make DH one there birthday's are a day apart. Also made the wedding card and a gift holder.

Back soon . x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


And I'm back !!! :-)

So where have I been - will try to keep this bit brief Julia.
First and main reason for my absence was my laptop died :-( took time to choose, purchase, get set up ( dear son) and then get my head around it. Did have my phone for internet access but I find it too much of a faff trying to blog from it - and I couldn't post photos ( though that seems to have changed)

Had lots of stuff going on, visiting here and there and then Easter and then we had our grandsons all last week so I really couldn't find a lot of time for blogging . I also have an All Day Class on Saturday and am trying to prep for that - now that it's all designed!!!!

So to my workspace

 Playing making some flowers for decoration for all day class - can't make up mind which type to use.

 Other end of table with preparations for the class - the box is not quite ready yet.

Some bags for goodies for the ladies. Awaiting decoration. My I have a lot to do in next three days.

Some recent makes - for a friend.

Couple of Easter cards.

Easter gift

having a play - not quite right
more Easter gifts

Oh yes I've had a birthday as well :-) flowers from DH

Well that's it ( sorry a bit long this week Julia) I will visit all who visit me and those I follow regularly and those ending in same number as me. If you want to know more about WOYWW then click on link on my blog. See you soon.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

WOYWW 301 (and Yorkshire)

Wednesday - again - phew where did that week go ? Well I was busy in a lovely way so can't complain. :-) but I will write about that later so that if you only want to look at my desk you need not read on.

Last week I visited everyone and left a comment where I could. Thank you to all who reciprocated and visited me. This week I shall visit my favourites, all who visit me and those ending with same number as me. Why am I visiting people's work spaces ? Click on the WOYWW icon on my blog and join in.

Since last week on the crafting front I worked a little more on my project for my up coming 'All Day Class' in April , made some cards and have carried on with making 'leaves' in Sugar Craft for a foliage arrangement.
Tomorrow two of the ladies who couldn't make my last class are coming to craft. I am also getting ready for my next Saturday class! It's all go :-)

My workspace - there is a card in the making there although I have decided to change the colour of the card.

The 'box' from last week. This is as far as I've got at the moment - next part prepped though.

My foliage to date - have some glazing and steaming to do!!!
 I have enjoyed the leaf making - they may not be perfect but I find them great therapy.

Below is what else has been going on this week.


Last Wednesday was our eldest son's birthday - my baby was 39 - how did that happen? We went up to Yorkshire to celebrate on Thursday. We stayed with son and family Thursday evening. Had a lovely meal. 
On Friday DH and I were booked into a B&B for two nights. Youngest son and family were arriving for the weekend as well and we decided it was going to be a bit cramped with 6 adults and 4 children - especially as my poor D.I.L. had to work on Sat and Sun ( she is a nurse) and really needed her own bed!
We went along to our 'home' for the weekend on Friday morning with our D.I.L. We were not disappointed! It was a stunning place and the owners were so friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. Our room was delightful and spacious and breakfast was amazing. We could not have asked for more. 

It's  Ackroyd House 
 A few photos

First one is view from our room

Sitting area

 Dining room

 The super comfy bed

 The grounds and the house

On Saturday we went to http://www.cannonhallfarm.co.uk/
It was a lovely day and we took a picnic. There was lots for the children to do and see and they had a whale of a time. Saw cows being milked, newborn piglets and lambs and also had a tractor ride. A super day with all y grandchildren and family ( missed you Carolynn)
On the evening we all went out for dinner complete with Champagne. It was then back to my son's home for cake - Carolynn had a made a yummy chocolate cake - it had kitkats all around it and M&M's and Smarties on top.
The children loved being together and had lots of fun. We certainly enjoyed having everyone together. We came home on Sunday tired but very happy. See you soon, x

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

WOYWW 300 ******* !!!! ******

Here we are again Wednesday - time for WOYWW and a momentous one as well. number 300 !!! Congratulations to WOYWW and it's lovely founder - Julia at The Stamping Ground why not pop along and find out what's going on!!! You'll have fun.

Thank you for all all the lovely visits and comments last week.

Since last week I worked hard prepping for my class on Saturday - it went well and everyone seemed t enjoy it and are coming back for more :-) _ I'd better get cracking preparing for it- even though I only (usually) do one a month it comes round very quickly.
On Friday I had a play day with my Stampin Up Upline - a lovely lady also called Julie. We also went for a yummy lunch. Another of her 'downlines' was there as well. She had lots of new goodies that she kindly let us play with :-) .

DH and I went out for an Indian meal - very yummy. On Sunday youngest DS and family visited. My eldest GD told me all about the artist they are studying at school ( she is 7) he has captured her imagination that's for sure. It is Hundert Wasser ( hope I have spelling correct) she said 'grandma his name starts with W but you say V because of where he is from! We had to look at lots of his work via the internet. Anyway she wanted to make a road for her Barbie to travel on, on her scooter :-) and she wanted to draw things in her interpretation of Hundert Wasser. There were more photos but I accidentally deleted them .

Anyway to my work space

Above is showing my brief play this afternoon - not for my next class but the one after :-) an all day one I love that DSP from Stampin Up - Painted Petals - I think.

A view of rest of table - need a tidy up I think. The sheets are instructions for what I am working on for the all day class - I bought them!!!

Dreadful photo but this is what I'm working on for All Day class - any ideas?

Three recent makes ( well the 'bluey' one at the back I changed slightly ) Have two birthdays and a Wedding  Anniversary coming up!! 

Still working on foliage in Sugar Craft!!! 

Will visit everyone who visits me, my 'regulars' :-)  and all ending with same number as me. x 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


It's that time of the week again - WOYWW - a chance to look at the desks/work spaces of other lovely crafters from around the world. Don't know what I am talking about then visit  the lovely Julia's Blog - Stamping Ground and join in ! :-)

Thank you for all the lovely comments left last week. Oh and someone asked how I'd made the chicken/bunny boxes. It was a die called Curvy Keepsakes from Stampin' Up! I love it.

So what have I been up to this week? Last Wednesday DH and I went to the Jewellry Quarter in B.ham. I wanted to see if I could find out how much my lost necklace cost /how much to replace. We should have checked opening times as that particular jewellers  were closed :-( However I also took my grandmother's ring to find out if I can have it resized. I can and it's going to cost a fair few pounds but the jeweller said it was a lovely ring, has 3 diamonds and the gold around the diamonds has been beautifully crafted so it is worth doing. It has to have a 'half shank' put in. I also took two watches ( one that my parents bought me for my 21st birthday ) for repair. I think I need to start saving :-)
On Thursday evening we went to visit a friend and had cheese and wine - very yummy.
Saturday evening we were invited to our youngest son's for dinner. delicious lasagne and salad and they made a delicious chocolate mousse.
On Sunday two of my fellow sugar crafters and I got together. One of them has to make 100 cupcakes each decorated with a daffodil for a charity event in Wales on Saturday.  I cut and embossed the toppings and the other two made the daffodils. She will put the toppings onto the cakes on Friday - the cakes are made but frozen for now. We had a delicious lunch. Then chatted away for rest of afternoon. I left DH grouting between tiles in the bathroom :-) it was best to keep out of the way!!! The rest of the time I have spent preparing for next Saturday's class - I have ten ladies coming eek. I am almost ready .

So to my desk

You can see some sneaky peeks of what's on offer - if you look carefully. By the roll that is kitchen towel in the orange bin- someone asked if it was  TP ( toilet paper ?)

I have started to clear away the rest of the stuff  that was there ready to get the table set up for my class. 

That's it for now - will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.  x