Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Hello again. I'm afraid that I didn't manage to get to many desks last week but think I did visit all who came to see me. I fully intended to via my phone as we set off for Sidmouth, Devon on Wednesday last week to see my mum, I lost track of time and hence my poor attempts at visiting desks. I will try better this week. I was crafting on my lap as I was in the car last weekend when I posted :-)

So we got back late on Friday evening and I felt very tired ( physically and emotionally drained) and did very little on Saturday. Sunday saw us going to see our youngest son and granddaughters. A lovely time in the garden having ice cream, playing and painting pebbles.
 Yesterday ( it is Tuesday evening at the moment) saw me doing a few chores and then crafting , preparing for Card and a Cuppa tomorrow. Classes at the Centre finish this week for the Summer holidays so no more there until September - though not sure yet how that will pan out as they want to change the arrangement :-(

Today more crafting I needed a few cards for family and friends so have been doing those. Last night I went to a WI meeting. It is ok but I feel they could do so much more.

So my work space tonight - it will be the same tomorrow

 So the part you can see is not too bad.
 However I did put stuff onto the sideboard ready pack for tomorrow.The cards are a two for one. We will sponge using a laser cut paper as a stencil and use the paper and the negative to make two cards - hope that makes sense. I saw this done on Pinterest I think and used the idea with a couple of other touches of my own.
 The card above is for my D.I.L. - she has a new job. Also saw this one online somewhere and liked it - just a couple of differences,
The one above is for a colour challenge.
Well hope to visit a lot more of you this week. why not join in , just click on link on my sidebar to get the details.

As I said earlier, DH and I went to see Mum. On our arrival I was pleased to see that she seemed quite well despite a fall she had on the previous Saturday - thankfully no broken bones this time. We stayed in a lovely B&B not far from the seafront. You could easily walk into Sidmouth - we crossed a wooden bridge over the River Sid and walked along The Byes. On the Friday we walked in the other direction - just beautiful alongside the river. We'd hoped to spot a Kingfisher but it did not oblige.
On the Thursday we took Mum out to a lovely hotel on the seafront and we had tea and cake. She was tired afterwards but seemed to enjoy it.
On Friday we had lunch with her at the Care Home and stayed until about 6pm. Had afternoon tea on the decking outside her room. I washed and styled her hair , walked around the decking with her and sorted out a few things. It passed very quickly. I am hoping to go for a bit longer the next time. We were sad to say goodbye to each other.

 Above Mum and me. Below across the road - the sea!

Loved this display by our table.

Just outside her room - she has french doors from her room onto the decking. DH is in middle of munching cake :-) behind him is part of the day room which is lovely. I forgot to take a photo after her hairdo - she liked it though.
Our view from the decking.

The River Sid, gently bubbling along at this point.

where we stayed - a lovely house. It's garden went down to the river.

Looking along the front on Wednesday evening. I think everyone was watching the football match :-)
Look forward to catching up with you all.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


I'm late to the party and it is now Wed pm! Lots going on! Nothing new there then! I'm afraid I don't have a photo of my workspace either. Sorry Julia. Just wanted to pop on though and say hello.
My workspace is on my lap at the moment! :-) I am knitting some squares for Charity and also have my SU catalogue to browse through!

I have completed the cards I had on my space last week but forgot to photograph them all but one!

This one and the book mark are for colour challenge I am joining in with.

 I cut out an embossed image and gently sponged then attached with pads.
A simple tag for the second colour challenge. Nothing amazing but I enjoyed joining in. 
Since last week I watched my Granddaughters in their end of term play - really funny! Had a BBQ at our youngest son's - lots of fun. Yesterday saw me at the physiotherapist's followed by a lovely lunch at my friend's house with ten other ladies! The annual 'Garden Party' of Sugarcraft group. They kindly still include even though I've not been to a class for over a year. 
Well I think that is all for now. Have a lovely week everyone. 
Click on link on my side bar and join in with the fun. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Wednesday again, well Tuesday evening. Had a more relaxing week and weekend though busy crafting- preparing for Card and a Cuppa tomorrow ( (Wed) and again had a few cards to make plus a Christening Gift that I am very late with !!!
Also looked after my granddaughters guinea pigs. They went to a Brownie Camp and their Mummy and Daddy decided to have two days away as well- although they did stay not far from where girls were in case of emergencies.
Also been planning and getting organised for my Annual Crafternoon Tea. Got ten ladies coming so going to be busy :-) Not till end of mvonth but lots else going on in between so need to be organised.

Thanks for all the lovely comments re Harry, his birthday etc. Do you know I forgot to take a photo of his card!!! Can't believe it!

Hi Sarah Brennan - it would have been fun to visit The Craft Shed! We not a long way from you anyway, Walsall. Husband's family lived in Hanley.

Anyway to my desk! AKA dining table. Had to tidy up as I was in danger of losing things in with rubbish.

So we have two cards for first birthdays, my Great Niece Matilda and Great Nephew Henry. Born within a day of each other- my brother's grandchildren. Both very cute! 
There is a simple card at back for a challenge.
I like the colours and images on the grid paper I was using to stamp off on!

Well that's it. Hopefully I can get to everyone early this week. Apologies for being late to some. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Oh gosh where does the time go? I can't believe I've missed two weeks. There have been all sorts to sort out, Doctors appointments, collecting our granddaughters from school, my Card and a Cuppa Group - now have three ladies :-) , trying to sort out new windows,going to Stafford to cheer on Matthew as he competed in the Iron Man Challenge - he did  Half Iron Man which seemed phenomenal  - 1.2 mile swim, then a 56 mile bike ride and finish with a 13.1 mile run and then last weekend our eldest grandson's 13th birthday celebration :-)

So it's WOYWW - if you want to know more then go and visit the   lovely Julia and join in.
So to my desk
 It's all a bit of mess at the moment , I am trying to sort out my retired SU stuff, make way for new things, prepare for my Crafternoon Tea and sort out some cards.

Look forward to visiting lots of desks.

I mentioned that ourGrandson Harry was thirteen at the weekend. So we went up to Yorkshire on Friday along with his other grandparents. It was a beautiful evening and we went  to Cricket Club to watch both grandsons practise whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Afterwards we went back for a lovely dinner at home.
Saturday morning it was up early for cards and presents. Afterwards Harry and his friends went off to an Aqua Park ( with our son and D.I.L.) for some fun. The grandparents stayed with Sam ( younger grandson) and Ralph - the dog :-) After lunch DH and I went for a walk whilst others watched football. When Harry and co returned we had yummy birthday cake and then watched The Greatest Showman - great film.
On Saturday evening we went to an Italian restaurant - chosen by the birthday boy - yummy food and a lot of fun.
On Sunday other grandparents set off to Scarborough and home. The rest of us travelled to Derbyshire - to halfway point and met up with our younger son and family so that they could also celebrate with Harry. Lots of fun - though so hot on Sunday!!

Almost as tall as Grandpa now!!!

Brothers - enjoying catching up and the sunshine.
It was a lovely weekend with some lovely memories made. Thank you for looking.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Hello there. Time for another peek at other Crafters desks from around the world. Want to know more then visit the lovely  Julia's Blog!!!
So I did manage to finish everything for the weekend of crafting, even had a few hours to chill out on Friday before packing up the car, collecting one of the ladies and heading for my friend's house!!!
Had a glorious weekend! One lovely lady described it as magical - how lovely of her.
After setting up we sat outside for drinks and nibbles it was a beautiful late afternoon. Then we began the first project. Made a box to hold four note cards and a card to go with it in case anyone wanted to gift it. I had also made a gift box with a candle holder, lavender candle and hand cream inside. Everyone seemed to have fun. Then a lovely supper with an Italian theme - yummy.
Some ladies stayed the night but I returned home.
On Saturday I returned at half past nine and we had a delicious breakfast before starting the next project - a Mini Album and two layouts using Memories and More from Stampin Up. I was very nervous about this as I'd not done anything like it before- but they loved it- said it was good to try something new. We sat outside for lunch and again for Afternoon Tea!!
On Saturday evening we went outside again for a drink and nibbles and then had a Spanish themed dinner. We all went home full, tired but happy! :-) I forgot to photo the ladies with their completed projects. I will share at some point when I have photographed mine.

Here is my work space tonight ( Tuesday) I have cleared up most of the stuff I took to the weekend sessions but needed to make a card for tomorrow's Card and a Cuppa.

My butterfly embosslit ( I think that is what it was called has snapped :-( I managed to still use it though.

Some photos from the weekend - sorry if too many

Goody bags for Friday

Gift boxes

Pre crafting nibbles and drinks

And we're off

Breakfast on Saturday

Nearly ready to craft

You can see the front of the mini album

Time for a break

Pre dinner drinks after a fabulous day!

I am shattered today as I went on a trip to Upton Cressett Hall with the WI. Upton Cressett Hall
We began with a wander around Bridgenorth. Then it was off up a very, very narrow lane to get to our destination. Eventually the coach driver could proceed no further and we had to walk the rest. I was not amused as my joints and knees were not happy. Two ladies could not walk it but the owner of the hall went to the coach and collected them. It was not ideal though.
The Hall was lovely and in a beautiful setting but I was disappointed that we were shown very little and some of us felt that the owner went through the motions of showing us what he did and really wanted it over but had to suffer it as they need to promote the place. Rather sad really.
Had lovely cake and tea before departing - though there was quite an uphill climb and I am just not fit enough really :-(

A few photos, I felt it would be frowned upon to take any more inside.
Anyway a bit long I know but hope you have enjoyed. Looking forward to visiting everyone tomorrow. ( Wednesday )


Hello again. I'm afraid that I didn't manage to get to many desks last week but think I did visit all who came to see me. I fully in...