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Hi I'm Anne and I'm an Independent Stampin'Up! Demonstrator. I live within easy reach of Walsall, Sutton, Streetly and Great Barr in the West Midlands. I hold monthly cardmaking classes. If you would like details of my classes, hold a workshop in your own home ,more information about Stampin'Up! or would just like to place an order please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Hello everyone. Couldn't manage a visit last week :-( just knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to visit others either - so doesn't seem fair) missed you all.
Last week saw a lot of paper crafting as I prepare for my all day class on 8th November - never done an all day one before - eek! My friend is doing lunch for everyone - I am excited as well as a tad nervous . making 24 cards. Some are quite simple - and they will make 4 of each of 4 designs, then 2 of 2 stepped up designs and then , 2 shaker cards and two more detailed ones- I hope they like them all. When it's over I will post more details.
It was good to have a lot of crafting to do as I was not able to go out I still can't drive - another 4 weeks yet the physio said - though they are very pleased with my progress.  DH was at our son's house quite a lot as they are having some work done and needed someone there when they couldn't be. Also our D.I.L. was unwell and had to go to two medical appointments so couldn't be there. Did get my hair done ( hairdresser comes to me) so that made me feel better. On Sunday we were invited to have dinner with our son and family so that was lovely.  I also managed to get to Sugar Craft so that was good and I enjoyed seeing everyone.
Well on to WOYWW ( if you don't know what I'm on about then pop over to Julia's Place and find out more)
I have put most of my paper crafting stuff away until Sunday as my eldest son and family are visiting at the weekend and we will all get together for dinner on Saturday evening and I will need to use the big dining table. I have been trying to catch up with sugar craft projects as well and they are still on the table so that's what I'm showing you this week. They are not brilliant - I missed a class and have rushed to catch up.

Hopefully they will look better when finished and all put together!

I was surprised when I went out in the garden yesterday at how lovely these pots still looked.

A busy week this week. Yesterday I went out to lunch with friends. They have been so good collecting me etc. Today I went to see physio who was very pleased with my progress. Tomorrow my D.I.L. and granddaughters are taking me out :-) , Thursday I have to make youngest GD's cake ready to decorate on Friday and I am going to see consultant Thursday afternoon re knee. On Friday eldest son and family arrive and then it's all go for the weekend. Hope to blog about it all next week. 
Anyway I will visit all who visit me and who end with same number as me and as many more as I can. Bye till next time. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

WOYWW 280 (etc if you want to read on :-)

Hello again. I had every intention of joining in last week but it was not to be. Since my last visit I prepped for my Class on the 4th Oct. Had a rest on the Sunday and then it was all go - but with enjoyable things - more afterwards. Thought I'd do WOYWW first cos don't want Boss lady to tel me off :-) and I know some of you are busy and it's my desk you have come for.
Many thanks for all who visited last time - much appreciated. As always I will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.
Well my class went very well and the ladies all enjoyed it and were keen to book up for the next one - which I hope I can be ready for!!!

We made these cards and a box.

I also made some other bits and pieces .

Another play with another Christmas set.
And when we were asked out to tea on Sat evening I decided to have a quick play with a die from Stampin Up - called Curvy Keepsake - I have a lot of plans for this but these were done very quickly and filled with chocolate eye balls and creepy fingers - my granddaughters loved them!! 

After all this - this was my work space I am in process of getting sorted for all day class I mentioned- had to stop for a bit - see later on!
So my work space as of Sunday evening as I've not touched it since.

Above area I was working in - fairly tidy with a little peek at side of all day class projects.

Below a view down the table of stuff I am using. 

If you want to see much more interesting desks than mine click on button in sidebar  WOYWW

Also made these as well 
The new baby card was for my nephew and his wife. My great nephew Jack was born last Wednesday !!!!!
As I said last week was busy. I had Sugar Craft, then out on Wednesday for lunch with a friend of many years. On Thursday I took delivery of new blinds for my kitchen. I've waited for a long time for them to made - long story and now I'm not sure I really like them :-(  On Thursday afternoon I had one lady who had to miss class last Saturday and wanted to make the cards etc. Then on Friday I went out again for lunch - this time accompanied by Champagne - all very civilised and delicious. 
As I said we were out to tea on Saturday evening at my son's house - had a lovely time with him, our D.I.L. and granddaughters. Sunday was a bit fraught I was trying to get a lot done, DH was trying to fit the blinds ( fraught with difficulties) I made a cake in preparation for our GD's birthday and then went to do something else. DH heard the timer ring but didn't call me- one 9" sponge that was not cooked in centre. Outside was ok - but I will have to start again at some point. 
Yesterday I finally had the arthroscopy - I did not go down until 4.10 pm and finally got home at 8.30 last night. Had to have general anaesthetic. Didn't feel too bad last night but have felt very tired and a bit down today - guess it's the anaesthetic. Not really in pain as such and am able to move around quite well- just not felt up to much today. Here is my enormous bandage!! :-) 

I was not given any feedback last night so don't know what/if they found out what caused the dreadful pain earlier in the year!!! Anyway that's all for now folks. Good to be joining in this week. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Was in two minds about joining in as feeling a bit under the weather but had to miss last week as I was so busy - nothing new there then. I am also very late to the party this week!!!
Since I last blogged I've spent a day looking after my granddaughter who was poorly and couldn't go to school!
Then we had both granddaughters the weekend before last -overnight so their mummy and daddy could have a day out and a lie in! On the Sunday we all went out for Sunday lunch as part of eldest granddaughter's birthday celebrations. Also made a birthday cake for Ella.
 Then had my hair done, made a lot of cards, another cake for my eldest son and D.I.L. to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary. We took ourselves off to have dinner out one evening as well - needed a break!!! :-)
Then last Thursday went to Yorkshire to celebrate our son and D.I.L's 10th Anniversary. They got a babysitter for the evening and we went out for a lovely dinner with them, my son's in laws and us. Champagne for starters! beautiful bread and olives and then beautiful food. had a starter and main but couldn't manage dessert but had an Irish coffee - delish. Then son and D.I.L. went away for the weekend and along with son's in laws we looked after our grandsons for the weekend. They were very good and at school on Friday and then went to a party on Saturday afternoon followed by a sleepover. As they didn't go to sleep until 4.30 am they were very quiet on Sunday!!! :-)
Lunch out yesterday and Sugar craft class today - phew.
Have been preparing for Saturday's class - 8/9 ladies coming!!!
Sorry Julia think I've gone on a bit!!!

Anyway my desk this morning- not very exciting.

It's tidier than this now as I sorted out all that scrap at the back.

Below colouring in on a Sunday morning with my granddaughters - at 7.30 am


Eldest son and dear D.I.L. last Thursday - their anniversary.

Below quick cake I made.

The happy couple ten years ago.

Their sons - our gorgeous grandsons.

Below a mug made out of paper. This was for a swap on theme of time - I put a twix and the options drink with a tag saying 'time for a break. (I sent it to lovely Sue who is also a WOYWWer :-)

 The One Direction cake I made for my granddaughter.

That's it for now. I can't believe that anyone has not heard of WOYWW but if not then click on button at side of my blog and go join in. I will visit anyone who visits me and all ending with same number as me.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Here we are again another Wednesday!!! Where do the days go? Thank you for all the lovely comments last week.
Well I managed to be ready for my class on Saturday and everyone seemed to enjoy it. One lady bought yummy chocolate cake and another scones with jam and cream - yum- yum yum!!! Not helping my healthy eating plan though :-)

A quieter time than of late. However last Friday evening we had dinner with our youngest son and family - really lovely. The girls went to bed and we ate later so that we had chance to chat :-)
Saturday was class and then I went to lunch and a mooch around the garden centre with two of the ladies.
Sunday was a beautiful day and we worked in the garden - well I told DH what needed to be done lol

Monday a few chores and some crafting. Today I went out to lunch again and a mooch around another Garden Centre and managed to get some birthday presents I needed.
So a very relaxed and enjoyable few days.

My work space has been tidied up after the weekend and yesterday

In background is card I was working on for my son and daughter in law's wedding anniversary - it's not going well!

One of the ladies busy making - love that watch.

 Above are cards and bag we made. I did use some ideas I had seen on Pinterest as I was really short of time. I made some little changes to the originals.

Some birthday cards and a thank you card I made .

 Above some ideas I played with.
 If you'd like to join in and show us your desk then visit the lovely Julia's Blog and find out all about it.

I will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me. x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hello again. I went walk about last week! Well not really but I had been so busy that I was exhausted and although I took a photo of my desk I just didn't have time to do anything with it.
More of that later. Will show you my desk first as I know that's what the title of the post is all about and I don't want to get told off! :-)
If you are wondering what WOYWW is all about then pop along to Julia's Blog  and join in.

Last Thursday and Friday I was able to prepare for my class on Saturday! Fortunately knew what we were doing but still had quite a lot to get ready. Just about made it. Then forgot to take photos!!! Have three more ladies this Saturday as they couldn't make it last week.
Anyway I took photo of work space this morning as I didn't intend crafting today ( DH and I are on a mission to declutter) and all there was to see is everything ready for next Sat. You can see the two cards and simple tag we made ( cards based on some I've seen but not exactly the same - will have to show you them properly. Oh and the bag we made.

The card to the right above is actually and easel card - was quite pleased with that one!

Then this afternoon I got fed up with sorting and tidying so decided to make a card. So I took another photo after I'd finished for the evening!!

So this is how I left it !!!

You can just see a sneak peek of the card. 

AS I said DH and I on a declutter mission. Yesterday we did the first of two roof spaces. ( Not the loft) There was a lot of stuff belonging to our eldest son. School books, Uni work etc etc. Also stuff of ours - my wedding dress/veil. Baby things I've kept. Books and so on. I do find it hard to throw away things I am very sentimental :-) 

Below is some of the stuff that we are going to take to our son when we visit next. We are not going to be popular with our D.I.L. :-) 

An old camera and some books. 
We spent a lot of time reminiscing and remembering and I must admit I got a bit tearful looking at little baby clothes and shoes and the shawl mum made. 
Well I'd best end this part here. I will visit all who visit me and those who end in same number as me. ;-) x

Part Two

Since I was on last we have looked after these two cheeky monkeys   

On Wednesday a fortnight ago we met up with them and their mum and then brought them back home with us. Had a lovely time but Harry (the eldest) was unwell. To cut a long story short we ended up at A&E with him on he Saturday afternoon. He was ok but got upset and wanted his mum. So my D.I.L. ended up driving down after work and took the day off on Sunday. She didn't want to let her colleagues down ( she is a nurse) but Harry and Sam come first - of course. He seems fully recovered now. Their daddy was doing a coast to coast bike ride in Yorkshire and frantically trying to work out how to get himself and bike down to West Mids in event of an operation. Thankfully all was well. Oh Sam bashed his head on bathroom door and we were looking after the guinea pigs :-) 
On Monday last week we had out granddaughters for the day. Their mum was supposed to collect them about three o clock but she ended up spending whole day in Dental Hospital !! On Tuesday we were due to collect youngest at one o clock from school ( for two weeks new children do until 1 o clock) I had to go to hospital and there was a long delay. DH gets call to collect Ella as well at 3 .30 as D.I.L. still at Dental Hospital - for second day - DS had to leave his car at home and go and collect her and her car and drive them home. She had had an awful time following attempted treatment and ended up having tooth extracted and an awful lot of anaesthetic. She is still having to take painkillers a week later!!! We then collected Phoebe on Wed at one o clock as per plan and on Thursday I rested. Well not exactly as I had to prep for the class I mentioned above - never a dull moment - and that was the short version. On Sunday we went out and rested and enjoyed the lovely weather. back soon x 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


It's that time again !! WOYWW !!! Want to know more then pop over to Julia's Blog 'the boss lady ' and go on join i,  do.

So since last week we've looked after our granddaughters for a day. We went to local shops to a special sweetie shop so they could have some treats for their holidays. I also took them to look at some clothes. BIG MISTAKE !!! They are only 5 and 7 but oh my word they knew what they did/didn't want!! Some things I said, ' no way'. Then Phoebe said she couldn't choose and wanted all seven items. I don't think so!! I said. So we had tears. In the end they chose something and off we went. Asked them where they wanted to go - they said IKEA lol they love lunch there and to play in the creche. So we did that. After the creche they went on a huge trampoline thing. Fastened in with harness and then jump away - looked fun. Then ice cream and balloons and finally the park. Phew were we tired that night. Good fun though. The next night we babysat because my D.I.L. got her Biology GCSE so I suggested they went out to celebrate  as my D.I.L. has been struggling a lot of late.
On Friday evening this arrived

My granddaughters Guinea Pigs are in there. We are looking after them for a week while they are away. They are called Chloe and Grace - very cute. I managed to get them out of the cage and outside today. Cleaned them out and then got them back without losing them - :-) phew. All this after having my hair done!! I'll never be a glamorous granny!!!
Saturday was just shopping and crafting and then DH cooked a lovely dinner. On Sunday we went out for a late lunch at a nearby hotel. It's really lovely there and the food is superb. We made it an early Wedding Anniversary celebration. It's not until Thursday but we will have our grandsons staying with us from Wednesday until Sunday so no 'Romantic Meals' for two !! Hahahaha 
Yesterday DH discovered a leak in our roof. Oh happy days. So waiting for the roofer to get in touch :-(  and of course we've had so much rain!!!!

Anyway I have managed to craft - yippee - so to my desk   
This is my actual desk and I have put on here the preps for my next workshop plus everything I used. Got to finish prepping when grandsons go home. 

Below the table where I usually craft.

And some makes

This was for our son and D.I.L. - there Anniversary is today ( I'm writing this on Tuesday )

This speaks for itself.

For my nephew's engagement.

I saw one with this fold today and needed a card really quickly and so made this this evening.

Below I was having a bit of a play making some different sized bags ( part of a challenge in a group I'm in) I haven't finished yet.

Well that's it for now! bet you're relieved if you've got this far :-) I will visit everyone who visits me and those ending with same number - and grandsons permitting a few others :-) x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Hello everyone and here we are another WOYWW . Wondering what it's all about? Pop over to Julia's Blog  and find out - oh and join in do.

Thank you to everyone who popped by my blog last week and left lovely comments I appreciated them so much.
Had a slightly more restful few days since last Wednesday. On Thursday I shopped, tidied and made sure DH had ironed shirts etc. I geared myself up for my arthroscopy on Friday. Then at 5.30 on Thursday evening a phone call from hospital my appointment was cancelled!!! :-( so now waiting for another. Very frustrating as we'd made all sorts of arrangements around it all. ) So everything back in the melting pot. Still I know it could be so much worse.

I have managed more paper crafting so that's been good. Mainly prepping for my next class ( if it goes ahead - depends on that appointment. I've made a lot of mistakes working it all out - sometimes wonder if I'm cut out for taking classes. I sort of design as I go along. Usually get an idea from Pinterest etc and then try to do my take on it. Trouble is I have to try it out and get it wrong and so waste card etc. Only way I can do it though.

So here's my space this week.

Space I've been working in. All self explanatory really.

Below a view down the table!!! Most of stuff there I've been using for class prep. The box contains Christmas Stamps - my non Stampin Up ones.
In bottom right you can just see bit of order that arrived today :-) can't show it yet as it contains some of Christmas goodies.

I also spread out to the window sill :-)

Well that's it for this week - not terribly exciting is it.Hopefully put some makes on next time - can't show them just yet.

Will visit everyone who visits me and those who end in same number as me. Bye for now x