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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WOYWW and so on

It's that time again!!!!!
Firstly thank you for the kind comments last week and good wishes re technology. I still haven't sorted out camera and saving photos in an easily accessible place. Honestly I used to have no trouble with old lap top and old camera - now it's a real trial. I know that it is probably very simple - I WILL MASTER IT!!! Not had time to consult 'The oracle' our son :-) as we have been away for a few days. I will tell you more of that later - so those that are here for desk only can do just that.

So to my desk, aka dining table - I'm afraid that this morning it looked exactly as it did last week. couldn't show you that. Last Wednesday I went swimming - I have signed up to use pool at local hotel so want to use as much as possible ( I need to for health reasons) and then I was getting ready to go away.

So I cleared away what was there and took a photo of current sugar craft project- photo was rubbish so can't show that.

Sooooo I am showing you a closer look at one of the projects from the class I did.

These are note sized cards and I made the envelopes as well.

They were all held in the this 'Berry Basket'

There is a sweet butterfly on the handle of the basket cut from this gorgeous glimmer paper from Stampin ' Up!  I love it.

So I hope to get back to paper crafting soon! Have been doing a little knitting as well- show you next week.

So if you would like to know more about WOYWW and join in then visit The Lovely Julia's Blog
and join in.
I will visit all who visit me, those ending with same number as me and some favourites.

So as promised where have I been? I've been to Yorkshire to visit our eldest son, his lovely wife and our gorgeous grandsons :-)

We have been spoiled and had a very relaxing time. On Sunday we went to Manchester Arena to see the Strictly Tour. It was our Christmas Present from them all. We had super seats and there was a great atmosphere - we thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards we went for dinner at Chiquito's lots of fun!! We returned home yesterday and this morning I went to sugar craft  and then swimming. I was shattered after swimming!

I will leave you with a shot of our son and grandsons puzzling over some computer writing gadget that the boys had for Christmas and son was setting up! :-)

Here is Grandpa's lap - he is putting together a  'catapult' another Christmas pressie the boys had.
So that's it for now. Back next time - who knows I might have cracked the new camera / new laptop combination :-)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Well I'm about to throw  laptop, mobile phone and brand new camera away!!!! lol   Sorry Julia just needed to set the scene! I didn't visit last week as I was very busy preparing for the ten ladies who came to my class last Saturday. I seemed unable to post/ add photos from my phone - even though I had been doing that. Sending photos from my phone to laptop week before last was hopeless photos all small :-( Got new camera this week and was all excited re photos for blog etc and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but have had a right performance. I need to investigate further and consult my Techie - aka my son :-)
Anyway hopefully can put some photos on with this post but I don't think they are the quality I'm hoping for eventually.

So Saturday class went very well. I went out for lunch afterwards with two of the ladies - I was exhausted on Saturday night!!!!!

So to my desk/aka dining table :-) I had cleared everything away so have just put out the cards we made and ones I made for inspiration.

hurray it's worked ;-)

Above are the four items we made. The little box is big enough to hold a lipstick. I'd managed to get some lip balm - one for each lady. There was a ribbon round it but it got taken off.
Above some of the cards I made as 'inspiration' and to show some of the new goodies from the Stampin' Up!Spring/Summer catalogue.
So I am going to link up with Julia's Blog Stamping Ground and see what other crafters have on their desks. Why not pop along and join in.
I will visit anyone who visits me and those who end with the same number as me plus as many others that I can manage.
By for now and I will hopefully be back soon with some fab photos - when I get my rather old head around it all !!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Here we are another week gone and time to visit desks around the world. Wondering what on earth I'm talking about? well click on the WOYWW button on my sidebar and find out and do join in - the lovely Julia and her band will make you welcome.

A fairly quiet week for me. I visited my Auntie , she's 90 and lives alone. we think that while she was visiting with my mum at Christmas she had a mini stroke :-( - that was on NYE but she wouldn't go to hospital!! She was down in Somerset but travelled home on the Sunday and finally called doctor who arrived while I was visiting. She is due at hospital next week!! She is a vey difficult lady to help. I do what I can.

I did go out for lunch with girlfriends last Friday - that was fun. Younger son and family visited Saturday - I enjoyed colouring and pattern making with my granddaughters.

I have managed to mess up my table preparing for my class and making birthday cards that I need to send plus a swap.

Have been asked to do another box frame Christening present so must get on with that.

To my desk

All sorts of bits and pieces - am loving the new papers from SU

I also spread out to the windowsill - love the pink glimmer paper as well!!

A card for my B.I.L. - do you like the little house? I bought it in the Christmas Sale at the Garden Centre I went to last Friday after lunch with the girls - well we actually had tea and scones there in the afternoon- didn't have pudding after lunch though earlier !!!!

sorry re small photos - I've had a time and a half trying to get this done today.

Will have to show you my makes for class next time.
As always will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me. Bye for now.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Happy New Year - again. The first WOYWW of 2016 - where did 2015 go? If you've not joined in before click on the WOYWW button on my side bar and find out what it's all about.

The decorations are all down - though not all put away. They are all upstairs though waiting to go in the roof space. I have had a sort out and need to buy one more plastic box as that's how I'm storing them - keeps them clean and dust free.

I have got my crafting table cover back on and started to put out crafting tools etc. I've not done any crafting for a while - once I'd made everything for the Craft Fair I had to concentrate on other things in preparation for Christmas. I had to buy some Christmas Cards in the end. I also lost my enthusiasm a bit after the pressure of items for selling !!!!

 Anyway here was my desk/aka dining table starting to look ready for action - this was a little earlier this afternoon.

The far end of table with last presents to go to their homes :-)

I sat looking at it for quite a while - and trying to come up with some ideas for my first class of 2016. I've only just decided to carry on with them - still a bit unsure about carrying on :-( we'll see how things go.

Had a little play - wanted a small gift box for lip balm - always try and make a 3d item as well as cards.
Have a basic shape - now need to decide colours I'm using. I am waiting for my Stampin Up order to come - some pretty papers in it. Can't wait. Also made a sketch of one of proposed cards and some notes.

Hopefully there will be a bit more to see next time.

I will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.

We enjoyed a very quiet New Year's Eve . DH was unwell so we stayed in. Had a lovely Chinese take away - we were going to have some bubbly at twelve but I didn't feel very well so we have saved it for another time.
Hope that 2016 brings you health and happiness.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

WOYWW and a Happy New Year

No crafting to show you but wanted to say    Happy New Year.

Almost cleared dining table/ aka desk after festivities :-) cloth still on and here is a colouring book I bought on spur of moment but didn't do anything with in end.

Where I could visited everyone last week - there were one or two blogs I couldn't get on to. Hope everyone had a wonderful time.

On 23rd Dec we went up to Yorkshire to spend Christmas with our eldest son, daughter in law Carolynn and her parents and of course our gorgeous grandsons harry and Sam.

He's been!!!!

Beaytifully laid table and some colouring in for us all between courses :-)

Gorgeous starter

A selfie of us all at the table
Below Carolynn (D.I.L.) and son Matthew 

DH and Matthew

Matthew and yours truly ( hair a bit flat after hat from cracker :-)

We had a wonderful time up there. Lovely food and company and our grandsons were delightful.

We returned on Boxing Day as did our family from Yorkshire and then went to our youngest son and family for Boxing day/ evening. Had another super time with both sons, their wives and all our grandchildren - what other present could we ask for ( though we did get some lovely ones as well)

On Sunday DH and I played host and hostess. everyone came to us along with my brother, his wife and some friends. have to say we had a really good time - I finally got to bed at half past one on Monday morning!!!

Grandsons allowed some time on their ipads next morning

After a walk on Monday morning - eventually,  when we were all up and dressed we went a walk - well all except DH who is poorly again :-( then son' wife and grandchildren went home :-( boo.

DH and I chilling and I am going to watch Downton - recorded and have tried to avoid any references to it :-)

Fairly short and sweet - as Julia would like. I will pop by and visit my favourite blogs, all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.

Enjoy your celebrations if you are having any and a very Happy New Year.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Phew nearly didn't make it again. Meant to get post ready last night but invited out to son's for mulled wine and mince pies. Straight to bed when I got in - so tired!!! Last weekend I was at mum's. It's been a rush fitting everything in but am now done.
I have cleared almost everything crafty  from my desk/ table as it will be needed - we are having visitors :-)
So here it is at moment. Plus a shot of the sideboard with this years cake. Also my dresser with the village scene plus states I received in a swap.
Happy Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful time.

My snow queen is a bit chunky - too much wine and too many mince pies :-)

Thanks for looking. Will be along to visit later.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I'm very late posting. To be honest I was not going to but have found a bit of time for me:-)
Didn't make it last week as it was day/ evening of the Craft Fair - I knew I'd never find time to visit fellow dealers.
The Craft Fair was successful. Made a little bit of profit on materials but a lot of work beforehand that you don't get paid for - and most people want something for nothing. Had a fun evening though and there were posh canapes and wine served all evening. DH and my friend came with me so a lot of laughter!
So not my desk but my stall!

On Thursday we went up to Yorkshire for weekend. D.I.L was Baroness Rubella Hardup in village panto and eldest grandson was a dancer. Youngest son and family and Carolynn's parents and other d.I.l.'s mum all came- quite a party! My D.I.Land grandson were brilliant.

On the Friday our son took us to lunch and collected their Christmas tree. Below our lunchtime view- beautiful.

Arrived home Sunday. Been doing deep clean, getting decorations out, sorting cakes and cards.
Will try and visit lots of you. May not all be tonight.