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Hi I'm Anne and I'm an Independent Stampin'Up! Demonstrator. I live within easy reach of Walsall, Sutton, Streetly and Great Barr in the West Midlands. I hold monthly cardmaking classes. If you would like details of my classes, hold a workshop in your own home ,more information about Stampin'Up! or would just like to place an order please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


It's that time of the week again - WOYWW - a chance to look at the desks/work spaces of other lovely crafters from around the world. Don't know what I am talking about then visit  the lovely Julia's Blog - Stamping Ground and join in ! :-)

Thank you for all the lovely comments left last week. Oh and someone asked how I'd made the chicken/bunny boxes. It was a die called Curvy Keepsakes from Stampin' Up! I love it.

So what have I been up to this week? Last Wednesday DH and I went to the Jewellry Quarter in B.ham. I wanted to see if I could find out how much my lost necklace cost /how much to replace. We should have checked opening times as that particular jewellers  were closed :-( However I also took my grandmother's ring to find out if I can have it resized. I can and it's going to cost a fair few pounds but the jeweller said it was a lovely ring, has 3 diamonds and the gold around the diamonds has been beautifully crafted so it is worth doing. It has to have a 'half shank' put in. I also took two watches ( one that my parents bought me for my 21st birthday ) for repair. I think I need to start saving :-)
On Thursday evening we went to visit a friend and had cheese and wine - very yummy.
Saturday evening we were invited to our youngest son's for dinner. delicious lasagne and salad and they made a delicious chocolate mousse.
On Sunday two of my fellow sugar crafters and I got together. One of them has to make 100 cupcakes each decorated with a daffodil for a charity event in Wales on Saturday.  I cut and embossed the toppings and the other two made the daffodils. She will put the toppings onto the cakes on Friday - the cakes are made but frozen for now. We had a delicious lunch. Then chatted away for rest of afternoon. I left DH grouting between tiles in the bathroom :-) it was best to keep out of the way!!! The rest of the time I have spent preparing for next Saturday's class - I have ten ladies coming eek. I am almost ready .

So to my desk

You can see some sneaky peeks of what's on offer - if you look carefully. By the roll that is kitchen towel in the orange bin- someone asked if it was  TP ( toilet paper ?)

I have started to clear away the rest of the stuff  that was there ready to get the table set up for my class. 

That's it for now - will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.  x 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


It's Wednesday again!! I can't believe it :-) Time to look at the desks of friendly crafters around the world - it's truly addictive. Click on the WOYWW button in my sidebar, find out what its all about and join in.

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. I'm sure there were one/two questions I should answer. I will have to pop back and look at the comments.

I  am rather late this week. I was out all day yesterday with friends and then came home and changed and went out again ( with same friends) - we went to an Indian restaurant and had a superb meal. Also out again today.

So to my desk.

Not terribly exciting is it - I have had a big tidy up. Last week I was making a few bits for my D.I.L. to take to a craft fair. After I had finished I had to clear up before starting working on makes for my class.

The Craft Fair was very quiet and although advertised as Vintage and Handmade Crafts it was more Vintage. Sarah sold a few of her things and one/two of mine but it was very quiet on the whole. We popped along with DS and the girls to give some support. 

Below are the things I made. Found lots of inspiration/directions from Pinterest. Adapted to make my own.

The little boxes above are filled with chocolate hearts.

Below are the cards I gave my granddaughters. There were chocolate heart lollies in the bags.

There are small ' angel' key charms in the little bags.

Bunnies and Chicks filled with mini eggs.

Little bags of hearts.

Finally my Valentine rose and heart from 'My Secret Admirer' - looks like DH's writing :-)

Below the card I made for DH. Who also cooked us a delightful dinner.

Hope you all had a good week. Will visit all who end in same number as me and hopefully a few extra. x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Nearly that time again - WOYWW ( I'm writing this ready on Tuesday evening)  - and though I know we say it every week but it does come round very quickly - and I've not been as busy as I have been.

Thank you for all the lovely comments etc last week. Also the kind wishes for my nephew. He has full casts on each arm at the moment. Fortunately the bone had not fragmented as at first thought. Cannot believe he got himself down the mountain on his own - then got help.

I have been crafting - some cards and other bits and pieces. My D.I.L. has a table at a Craft Fair on Saturday and said she would take some bits if I wanted her to - so have been making just a few things for that.

As you can see below I've spread out a bit :-)

The window sill

The bookcase


I've been reorganising as well - put some of my Sugar Craft equipment in boxes upstairs - more accessible and looks neater - it was all pushed into bottom of sideboard and not easy to find. Also 'bit the bullet' and sorted out scrap card - there was so much - it was driving me nuts. So I have kept larger pieces all leveled off ( I know I need to get a life) the rest I binned  know some of you punch out flowers and other things to use later but I never do use them. I also gave all the bits I have kept  to my granddaughters to use. I feel better for having it sorted.

I've also managed to put together the most recent project I've been doing at Sugar Craft- not the best photo - light not good. It is an upturned parasol filled with flowers - whole thing is made from sugar paste.

We had our granddaughters for a sleepover on Saturday so our weekend was very much taken up with that which was lovely. They came to us after school last night as well and the youngest was sewing and Ella was persevering with her knitting. I need a lot of patience :-)

That's about it for now. Will visit all who come to see me, those ending with same number as me and the ones I visit regularly and try and fit in a few extras :-) See you soon x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


As always the time has flown by. I took photo of my desk this afternoon as knew I would not be doing anything paper crafting wise until tomorrow.

I had cleared up from my class on Saturday and then made Valentine cards for my grandchildren. I have also bought them a chocolate heart each.

You can also see a Get Well card for my nephew who has broken both wrists while snow boarding in Bulgaria!!

Also a New Baby card for one of my card class ladies who has just had her first baby - I think she might not be at class for a while :-)

The class went very well. I had eleven ladies altogether - that included three new ones. Potentially I have fourteen - hope they don't all come at same time as I will struggle for space. On Saturday they were trying to plan where I could extend :-)

So to my desk - not the best photos!!!! Realised it's not very good of the New Baby card but you get the idea.

Below are the cards etc we made on Saturday. I did case them - so not my original ideas - sadly. Sorry I can't remember who to credit :-( I made another two of the Valentine card - one each for my granddaughters. have made two different ones for my grandsons - didn't think they would appreciate pink!!

I forgot to take any photos of ladies and their makes - I was so busy!!!

If you'd like to find out more bout why I am showing you my desk click on WOYWW button in sidebar of my blog.
I will visit all who comment and all ending in same number as me as well as ones I visit regularly.

Other News this week!!!

Well it's actually been much quieter. Last Thursday and Friday I mainly prepped for the class. On Sunday I just chilled most of day as I was exhausted. Yesterday we had our granddaughters for the day as the teachers had a training day so they were off school. Had a super day. Ella finally got the hang of knitting ( she asked me ages ago to teach her - didn't get the hang of it so left it for a while) and Phoebe finished her sewing - so sweet. Forgot to take a photo of that as well :-(
Today I went to Sugar Craft Class and then came home and carried on with that as I am behind and we start a new project next week.

And finally a little touch of Spring

These gorgeous flowers came from one of the ladies on Saturday. They are gorgeous.

Have a great week everyone. x

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Another Wednesday !!! Where do the days go? Time for another peek at the desks of crafters around the world. If you'd like to join in then pop along to the lovely Julia's Blog and join in the fun.

Thank you for your lovely comments last week. We took mum home on Thursday and returned here on Saturday. Had a narrow escape re M5. Heard on radio that there had been an accident so went through Bristol and rejoined M5 via M32, M4. Motorway and services were deserted. Took us longer but at least we weren't at a standstill on motorway waiting for it to reopen.

Look what the Postie delivered today!!!! 

Yes it is the bag LLJ showed us on her blog last week. Jan is selling them to help Crafty Gashead Zo raise funds for her Charity. I liked this one as soon as I saw it. my photo is not brilliant - it really is gorgeous - and for such a good cause. 
I am now trying to catch up with lots of things - not had a lot of free time since Christmas:-) I have managed to start preparation for a class on Saturday. ( weather permitting ) Also made a few more gelatine flowers and started making some sugar paste flowers. Also been doing some more knitting, including starting to make  a few hats for charity. So to my desk. 

I was practising using The Lotus Blossom Stamp ( free from Stampin Up when you spend £45) It's a three step stamp and have to say I really like this one. There are some little flowers I am using on one of the makes. I was experimenting sponging them slightly to match the cardstock. 

Some more petals etc - am making fantasy flowers - now just need to put them together. 

And finally this is what was in the smaller box I showed you last week.

And the big box?  Just the pad of grid paper shown below!!!! The box was mainly filled with brown packing paper. Crazy. 

I had quite a few problems with the delivery of these parcels - I was not a happy bunny!!!!!

Well that's all for now. Will visit as many as I am able including everyone whose number ends with same as mine.

PS Hope that everyone in US is safe in the snow if you are in areas affected.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

WOYWW 294 and 'other happenings'

Hello fellow WOYWW deskers - what am I talking about? Click here to find out more stamping-ground  - it's lots of fun if somewhat addictive :-)

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. I found I could not put a comment on some blogs - so sorry.

Apologies for a longish post - with several photos (sorry Julia) but I only have chance to do this tonight but I will do my desk / craft bit first so that you can just see that bit if you don't have time for the rest.

My desk has not changed a lot since last week as I've not been here to craft. I've managed some knitting while I was travelling. Have been to Sugar Craft , it's been good to start it again - I had a bit of break. I was unable to finish my gelatine flowers - hope to next week. Several of you were interested. Yes Jan you just use ordinary powdered gelatine - you add water and food colouring. You can also 'paint' onto the flowers when they have dried. We used wires - shaped but also some sheets we painted gelatine onto some 'sheets' with various shapes/moulds on.

Not a good photo below but my flowers and leaves but not taped/arranged yet.

These are two sprays my friend put together.

You can use them on cakes but I also like them as decoration on gifts. I will show you mine when it's completed.

Below is what we started today - any ideas? :-) It's shaped over a small plastic ball to dry out. It's made from 'pastillage'

So that's my desk and crafty part for this week. Oh yes I also had some goodies arrive -

Show them to you next week :-)
Will visit as many desks as I can.

Now why I've not had much time!!! Last Wednesday saw DH and I set off to Somerset to collect my Mum. Not the greatest weather :-( to travel in

On Thursday we came back to West Mids with my Mum. On Friday set off up to Yorkshire to celebrate Mum's 86th birthday with our eldest son and family.
Had a wonderful time and Mum enjoyed her birthday. Weather on Sat/Sun was not the best but we did not let it deter us.
Although there was snow we set off to Holmfirth on Sat afternoon to show mum 'Sid's Cafe' - used in filming Last of the Summer Wine - had hoped to have coffee there but they closed early because of the weather. managed to find somewhere open though. My son also showed her round the village they live in( Hepworth)

On her actual birthday ( Sunday) she had lots of cards and pressies and was thoroughly spoiled. We all went out for lunch and then back to our son's for cake and tea. Then at Mum's request Matthew played her Moonlight Sonata and Jesu' Joy of Man's Desiring and the boys then played their cornets. Then we had to set off for our two and a half journey home!!!! After a wonderful time it was so sad to leave.

Yesterday I took Mum for a manicure and pedicure and then  we went and collected my granddaughters from school. I then cooked dinner for when our son and D.I.L. arrived from work and to spend some time with Mum.

Today I've been to my Sugar Craft class and then lunch with my friends and Mum went to spend the day with my Auntie ( her sister)

Some photos in no particular order :-)

Mum with Sam

Flowers for our D.I.L.

Waiting for Sunday lunch Harry, Carolynn, Mum and Matthew.

DS playing !!!!

DH and our GS's Harry and Sam

Just before we had to come home.

The boys!!!!

Harry cuddling Big Bear!!!

And below yours truly ( with eyes shut!!!! :-) ) with Sam and DH

Hope you've enjoyed sharing our weekend. x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


It's here again WEDNESDAY!!! and WOYWW (click to find out more)  where do these weeks go? Thank you for all the lovely comments and good wishes.

Sadly I have not found my necklace!!!! :-(

Well I am recovered from the bug - thank goodness. So I managed to put away Christmas Decorations and go shopping last Saturday. We also had a visit from our youngest son and his family. I'd advised them to not visit as I didn't want them catching 'the bug'. They popped in on Saturday afternoon when we got back from shopping, it was lovely to see them all.

On Sunday I started crafting again- yippee. Show you in a minute :-) I had some cards to make and needed to plan for my next class. I'm not overjoyed with the results at the moment. Do you ever find that when you've finished something you're not pleased with it?
It was good to get my crafting goodies out and I've also had a bit of a sort out - still got some more re organising to do.

Yesterday I enrolled again in Sugar Craft class and did a little clothes shopping. I've bought a warmer coat but think it might be too warm for me - so now undecided about it :-(
We had our granddaughters after school yesterday as well and gave them tea. Their mummy was involved in a project with children where she works and had to stay a bit later - going to be the same for next three weeks. The girls were as good as gold - had lots of fun drawing and colouring.

This morning I went to Sugar Craft - we made gelatine flowers - had a lot of fun - really enjoyed it.

So to my desk / dining table

the list on the right is my stock take list of card I have (hangs head in shame )
 I really like the paper I've used under my work after I've tried out various stamps and colours on it -  I know I'm sad.

Below there is a wooden crate at back left - contains card scraps- I have to decide what to do with them all. I keep every little bit and it's getting ridiculous. I am working out the little birdhouse - this a prototype - saw it somewhere - can't remember now. i ant to be able to open the top so am trying to work out an easy way for ladies to 'close'  it.

below is the card I have made for my Mum - unfortunately the colour is not very good on here - it is pink - looks more peach here

This one shows the centre panel.

Finally some thank you cards, get well card and birthday card.

Will visit as many as I can including all who visit me and end in same number as me. See you soon.