Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW 364 The 7th Anniversary !!!!

(Firstly thank you for all the lovely comments last week - I was so pleased and surprised. I replied to all I could by Wednesday evening. We then went to my son's home , in Yorkshire until Sunday - I cannot access unpublished comments for some reason via my phone so couldn't reply - I am so sorry - I don't usually join in if I know I can't visit people who visit me - doesn't seem fair - but I'd expected to be able to :-( I will try to do better this week ) 

It's Wednesday again!!! Gosh that came round even more quickly than usual. 

So it's time for WOYWW - and this week it's a very special one!!! The Seventh Anniversary of this wonderful, weekly sharing of desks around the world. Want to know more, join in the fun then go to the lovely Julia's Blog  where you can learn more. For the next few weeks WOYWW is being hosted by the lovely LLJ ( Jan) - all is explained on Julia's Blog. 

Sadly I'm not able to join in with the ATC swap but look forward to seeing them all as they are shared, have fun everyone!!!

I managed to start paper crafting after a bit of a break as I have been busy ( see last week if you are interested! As I'm due to do some crafting with five ladies on Saturday I though I'd better get my act together!! It's somehow proved difficult, I didn't seem to have the ideas or energy. It would seem I may have a cold/cough so that might explain it. :-( 

My desk/dining table 

Above where I'd been working and below a shot along the table - various items - not connected to card making - need to be put away.

I also spread out to the sideboard - as usual - the card/3D item are for Saturday - still not finished though and there's another that I'm not happy with so still messing with it.

The photos above were taken with new camera and I have a card in now  - but I still don't think they are very special - I'm obviously doing something wrong :-( need to study the manual more.

I will visit everyone who visits me -I promise,  this week and all ending with same number - that caused me confusion last week. I started as number 24 on the list but hadn't checked later and I went to number 23 so that messed up my system as well!!!

To finish - as I said earlier we went up to Yorkshire to visit our eldest son and family.
Thursday evening we had dinner with Matthew and Carolynn ( boys had eaten earlier) and caught up with each others news.
 We also did a spot of babysitting :-) Our D.I.L. went for a Spa day on the Friday and stayed at her friend's on the Friday evening and our son went off to London on Friday afternoon to catch up with friends he knew from his Uni days.
Matthew treated us to lunch on Friday- it was good to chat and lunch was delicious and then DH took him to the station to get his train to Huddersfield and I think from there to Leeds and on to London.

 Our venue for lunch - the pub in the village - love going there.

Carolynn returned early on Saturday morning and took Sam to his cricket tournament - which his team won :-) We had a quick lunch on her return and then all set off to Wakefield to watch the Wizard of OZ - it was a musical production by an amateur society but it was excellent. Afterwards we went to a pub for tea.

Sam looking very smart in his cricket whites though they were not white on his return :-)

On Sunday Harry, eldest grandson went to football practise while DH. Caro, Sam and I just chilled out - DH and I played a game of table tennis with Sam.

Harry all ready to go off to football practise,

After lunch it was time to start back home. Had a good journey, no hold ups so only took a couple of hours. Sad to leave though look forward to catching up with younger son and family this week.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I'm back!!! It's been a busy time but then that's not new for me is it? :-) More of that later for anyone interested.
I have still not done any paper crafting. I do need to get my act together though as I have a class booked in for a week on Saturday - so if I make it here next week I might have something on my desk.
Crafting wise I have been trying to get to grips with a crochet square that had a daisy in the centre, then a heart inside a square. Very simple to the experts out there but took me a while to get it right.

Not perfect- did manage two more that were better.
I also joined in a CAL but have not done a lot yet!!!

I have also been working on some sugar craft items. Our group have made made some Edwardian ladies, a Geisha girl and peony and a Victorian street scene. Our teacher is taking them to a Sugar Craft Show to exhibit as an example of work her class does.

 Above my peony and Geisha ( had a bit of help to finish her as I was a bit behind)

My 'Matchgirl'
 Everyone's work together

Some of the other models for the street scene

I have also been doing some knitting for charity.

So that's my craft offerings for this week.
Why am I showing you? Well it's all the brainchild of the lovely Julia - pop along and have a look at what it's all about :-)
I will visit as many desks as I can and all those who visit me and who end with same number as me.

...... and the rest

It was our youngest son's birthday on 28th April and DH's on 30th April. That weekend our eldest son and family came down from Yorkshire to celebrate all the April birthdays.
On the Saturday we went into Birmingham to the Pizza Festival to support our D.I.L. who took her Vintage Ice Cream Van to sell ice cream. Unfortunately it was a cold day and not really what we all expected but we made the best of it.

 When we got home that evening we actually ordered in more pizza for supper as everyone was still hungry - lots of fun all being together.
On Sunday D.I.L. was based outside the library in the City Centre ( B'Ham) for the B'ham 10 K run. It was a better day weather wise. Our son and D.I.L. took part in the race and were pleased with their times.

That evening we all went out TGI'Fridays where we had a very  noisy and fun celebration. Afterwards back to younger son's for cake and a glass of wine or two. :-)
 Eldest son and family went home on Monday and then we got ready to go to Somerset to visit mum and then on to Cornwall for a much needed holiday. I was very stressed, especially after visiting mum :-( - she is lonely and needs help with looking after her home. Breathing is not good especially when she tries to do too much - but she is being very stubborn. We did go out for a lovely meal on the Saturday evening and she enjoyed that. It was hard leaving her on the Sunday.

Above the view from our bedroom, lounge - stunning .

Duck pool beach and below a misty day at Boscastle.

Only been back since about four o'clock on Sunday and went to our son's that night for a BBQ, then afternoon tea on Monday ( a birthday treat for my friend and me from two of our other friend's) It was yummy- sandwiches, lots of cake, prosecco and tea :-)

Lovely friends

This morning it was Sugar Craft where we were all frantically getting everything finished and together for our teacher to take to the show at the weekend, Then came home and collapsed :-)

Sorry re the phone photos. Took the new camera away , had got the card for it but  left the cable needed  to recharge at home :-(

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

WOYWW Catching Up!

Didn't make it last  Wednesday to WOYWW - not much on my desk though as I'd tidied up after the All Day Class on Saturday. In fact not a lot this week as I have not done any paper crafting since the class.

All ready for me to start again!!! Got family coming at the weekend though so I don't think any paper crafting getting done just yet.

The class went really well, everyone enjoyed it - well so they said. I forgot again to take many photographs -

 I made up kits with everything in for the above - that way those that didn't finish were able to do so at home.

In the morning we made the mini album and box below. This is not my photo of this - but from jenny Moors from whom I purchased the class tutorial. The ladies all finished theirs and they looked as beautiful.

Completely forgot to take pics of the lovely food/ cakes etc my friend made for the day :-(

well I'm a bit late to the WOYWW party this week , but will visit as many as I can and all those ending in same number as me.

Catching Up

 I needed to catch up with a few chores that were neglected and also wanted to spend time with DH - he was very good while I was preparing for my class and he was brilliant on the day. He did go out on the morning but came back in time for lunch :-) which was delish. He loaded up the dishwasher afterwards and tidied up the kitchen, what would I do without him.

We actually spent quite a bit of time together in the garden- moving things around etc. I was inspired after visiting the Garden Centre last Sunday with DH and also by the 'bucket o' herbs ' my friend gave me for turning up her curtains.

On Tuesday I went to Sugarcraft and then DH and I went to hang the curtains for my friend.

Friday we went on a ' Jauntette' as DH described it. Not mega exciting by many standards but we enjoyed it. Went to Ikea for breakfast, very tasty and good value - they just need to get people through the tills more quickly to ensure food stays hot. Afterwards we went to Boundary Mill, had tea and scones there!! Then ordered in pizza for supper - we were very lazy. Bought a few bits when out as well - spending the kids inheritance :-) Enjoyed the day!!

Had to go and do food etc shop / really needed to replenish and replace :-)

I decided to join a CAL - should have started on Wednesday but haven't managed to yet. Have my yarn and everything ready now though.Not stressing will do it as and when  am able .

On Saturday we had an impromptu picnic in the park. I had to go and get a few bits and pieces ready for DH's and youngest son's birthday ( Thursday and Saturday) , added a couple of new tops for me. DH had gone to park in the park - it is near my Auntie's and we had to pop there as well. I bought a sandwich etc and we sat in the car enjoying the view and watching lots of youngsters enjoying themselves. very relaxing and then I had to go to my Aunt's - another story !!!!

Here are a few more cards Imade/ still working on the bottom two . Cased  the first one

That's all for now - have a cake that just cooked needing my attention. back soon.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Gosh this last week went quickly. I have been busy preparing for my All Day Class on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the seven ladies and enjoying the food that my friend will prepare for us. i know there's lemon and lime cheesecake for dessert and carrot cake for the afternoon :-) - I'm never going to be thin!!! I did manage to swim twice last week but I don't think that will counteract all I've eaten. Unfortunately when I am stressed I eat - and I've been worrying a lot about mum and her situation.

I was happy on Friday and Saturday when I knew my sons and their families had returned safely from  their holidays in Portugal/ US ( Florida ) I'm so pleased that they had fabulous holidays but so relieved they were home safe and sound.

On Saturday evening we had a lovely meal at younger sons to celebrate their homecoming Lasagne and salad followed by tiramisu- yummy.
Enjoyed looking at all the photos :-)

I have almost finished everything for the class - on my desk/aka dining table you can see final bits being finished.

Normally the ladies would do own die cutting but they need a lot of these and I only have one set and one Big Shot!

Looking further down - there is an order to it - honest :-)

And I've spread out onto the sideboard - I've made some goody bags as well .

Popped into Aldi last Wed after the dentist and bought the above for some charity knitting - not the price marked!!!!

The yarn above is for a CAl I decided to try and join in with - just in case I don't have enough to do :-) The yarn is the basic kit but it is beautifully soft.

If you would like to join in WOYWW then pop along to Julia's Blog and find out more.
I will visit all who visit me, those ending in the same number and as many others that I can.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

WOYWW etc etc

Well I was missing last week - been away and then had my mum here - more of that in a while. Had been going to post yesterday re what I'd been up to - but never got round to it :-( so will do my desk and for anyone interested I'll do a 'part 2 ' :-)

So to my desk  aka dining table ( I don have to keep clearing it off - someone asked - we only use dining room on highdays and holidays when all family come DH and I usually eat in the kitchen

So two views

Above I am prepping for my next all day class- yes there were two mugs there :-)

In this view is my very old sewing machine and curtains that I am turning up for a friend not very happy with how it's going :-(

So there you are not  very interesting

Why am I showing you? Click on WOYWW button on my blog and find out more.

I will visit all who visit me and those ending in same number.

Etc etc

It has been a whirlwind of activity since my last post !
Thursday 24th March saw me having hair done and packing. DH and I went down to Southampton on 25th March ready for our nephew Michael's wedding. Friday night saw us with some members of family, including the groom enjoying dinner together. We were all pleased  Mum was able make it as well. She hadn't been very well again - and as is usual she delayed going to see the doctor.
On Saturday we all had a leisurely breakfast together and then all got dressed up :-)in our wedding finery.
The wedding took place at Romsey Town Hall with the Reception at Amfield Golf Club. Lovely time  had by all.

 Bit of a blurry photo of back of dress

Bridesmaids - flower girl is my great niece Tabitha 

 my nephews, sis in law and brother ( flower l and mummy at end - wife and daughter of my nephew 1st right)
 top table

cake - I didnt make this one

DH and I decided stay down that way for an extra couple of days - just in time  for storm Katie :-) was not as bad as we'd thought ( very windy during Sun night) however didn't do  a lot as DH was poorly - turned out to be a chest infection -  but we had a rest.

 At Southampton - a large cruise ship - Britannia I think

On Monday we went to Calshot - saw ship come in

Returned home on Tues and then mum came - she had been at my brother's for a few days.
Friday - 1st April :-) it was my birthday. Went out for lunch and then had a Chinese take away in the evening - quite low key - son's and family away and DH unwell. Did enjoy the day though and had lots of lovely cards.

Flowers  sent by my son and family who are on holiday in Florida

Mum cuddling Alexis - my phone flashed and startled her.

 I had a cuddle with my great nephew - he's at home now and mum held him. His daddy went to just the wedding ceremony as he was joint best man. It was a long journey for him though especially as they are getting no sleep. Alexis is struggling  with feeds. Some concern re arm  that was broken , it is healing but little movement - could be nerve damage or to do with the damage to right side of brain due to being starved of oxygen. We just have to wait now.

Managed to go swimming today - had  miss a couple of weeks.

Well that's all for now. Back Soon.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Hello everyone. Thank you for all your kind comments and concern last week. Hope Julia doesn't mind me starting with news of the baby.
He has suffered some kidney damage - some of the tissue had died as it was starved of oxygen but his liver and heart now seem to be ok. He had to have a transfusion of platelets as his count was low. The MRI scan shows some brain damage on the right hand side but it will be some time until they know what the impact of that is. BUT the good news is I heard from my brother about an hour ago and they are discharging him so my nephew and his fiancee can take him home - hurray - that is such good news. He is two weeks old today and this time a fortnight ago he was not expected to make it - such a little fighter. We are so pleased. Thank you for all the kind words, wishes and prayers.

So to my desk/aka dining table - not a lot happening there I have tidied up a lot and for the moment no crafting as we get ready for Easter and the wedding.

  A book about basics of crochet that thought someone might find useful

Some mankey looking sponges :-) at the back are Easter decorations in the box and on the right the start of preps for my All Day Class

Another of the cards I made with my class.

Please join in with WOYWW - visit thethe lovely Julia's Blog and find out what to do
I will visit all who visit me - where possible - there are some that I can't but I do read your blog if you visit, also all who end in same number as me and as many others as I can.

on Saturday I went to a Sugar Craft Demonstration. The person demonstrating is named Alan Dunn and his work is fabulous. He is very entertaining as well - it was relaxing and good therapy.
Some of his work

Saturday evening we went out for dinner with our younger son and his family- an early birthday celebration as they will be away on my birthday - going to Portugal, as will my eldest son and family. who are off to Florida. Needless to say I am slightly concerned following the terribly sad events in Brussels - my heartfelt sympathies to all affected.

Yesterday my friend Marion had a birthday. She invited some friends to her house and arranged for a beautician (a neighbour) to come round and we all chose various treatments. There was cake and Prosecco. Then Marion made a wonderful meal for us all - she insisted it was what she wanted to do on her birthday - she really does love entertaining and cooking. It was a lovely relaxing day. Something I needed.

Here is the cake and cupcakes a friend of ours made for her

Mum not well - fluid on her lung - she would not go to the doctors so is now worse than need be and it is not helping re wedding attendance arrangements for her as she is not sure she feels up to going :-)

So there we are - good news and not so good. Hope all is well with everyone out there.