Wednesday, 19 January 2022


 Another week gone in the wink of an eye- well it feels like it! 

Thank you for your kind comments last week..

The good news is that my D.I.L. is better, fully recovered from Covid, though our other D.I.L. Sarah is feeling unwell. Waiting to see :-( 

My friend, great nephew and his grandfather are all doing well. 

Also heard that my Auntie is making a good recovery  - very pleased for her, amazing really. She will be 97 this year.

Since last week our eldest , Matthew,  fell and fractured his ankle - it is only a small fracture. He decided to return to work today ( Tuesday)  but  has struggled a bit. He didn't want to let people down , his colleagues and patients.

Then our boiler started leaking, though we still had hot water and heat. They came and replaced a part today. After the engineer left we discovered one of joints was leaking. They promised to send someone out. No one arrived. G rang again, job had been cancelled! Now coming on Friday. I am not happy!

We had been going to have lunch out today ( Tuesday) I had planned on going to the cemetery as it was mum's birthday then lunch. We had to go straight home after the cemetery though to wait for engineer 🙄 

I did a little crafting - two sympathy cards 😪 but also a new baby card and a congratulations one.  I have no photos - forgot. 

I am beginning to think about doing a class again - not planned anything yet though. 

My craft space not very interesting. 

I have managed to do January on the calendar. Not too happy with it though :-( wish I'd sponged with a different colour , but not end of the world. 

Light not good this morning. 😕 

So that is it for this week. Not terribly inspiring. Have a good week all. 


  1. Love your calendar page and am so glad life is getting better for all....let’s hope it continues.
    Annie x #9

  2. Well I think your January page looks fabulous - typical colouring for the month so I think you chose right at the start.
    Sounds as if it has not been a good week with the boiler. Glad all patients are recovering and hope it does not spread any more through the family. Sorry about the fracture.
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  3. What with Covid, fractures and repairs you have had a trying time. Good news about your Aunt and those who are recovering though. Hugs Angela #10

  4. I like the calendar page Anne. Glad to hear that most of the family is on the mend. How annoying about the boiler appointment. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

  5. I like the calendar page…and in a minute, it will be next month and the colour won’t matter at all! The boiler engineer story is so typical, isn’t it frustrating. So glad that the fam are getting well, hope very much that Sarah doesn’t succumb too badly. Poor Matthew, however small, a fracture hurts and it’ll make being on his feet all day a bit difficult! Physician, heal thy self! If only.

  6. It's strange but 2020 seemed to drag on but last year seemed to fly past and we're well into January too. Sounds like your family have been having a hard time recently and hope things start to get better soon. Have a happy woyww, Angela x1x


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