Tuesday, 17 November 2020


 Another week, my they are flying by even though we can not do all that we would have perhaps at this time of the year. I have been trying to really sort out things here. Getting there slowly.

Have only been making cards as needed and not too many of those. Need to do some more Christmas cards yet. 

Started to knit some squares again for charity. The challenge was to use tones of same colour. I seem to have several different shades of green so going with that. The challenge is to make 84 for a decent sized blanket - not sure I will manage 84 within the time frame set. 

Have put fruit to soak in brandy and hope to make my Christmas cake this week, Maybe a small one for my brother as well.

Went shopping today. Hated every second of it. There are some really thoughtless, stupid people out there. Hopefully stocked up for a while apart from fresh stuff.

Managed a couple of short walks with Graham - it is good to get out. Called at our son's to say hello. Of course we stayed on the drive and were well distanced. It was just five minutes if that :-(

The knitting - started with corner to corner squares but am hoping to do a variety.

This little jar was given to me filled with home made marmalade. I returned it with some chocolates to say thankyou. My friend said that when she makes some more she will let me borrow it again lol

Today I was experimenting colouring with water colours. Just testing out some card I had in my drawer. My granddaughters want to make some Christmas cards. Obviously they cannot come here so they have chosen some stamps they like. I am stamping for them and then they are going to paint them. 

Not a great deal of news. Look forward to reading what others have been up to and looking at what is on desks around the world - got to be more interesting than mine!

Back soon I hope. 



  1. Good idea to send some stamped images for painting Anne. Shopping is horrid isn't it. The knitting looks cool, hope you manage to finish the blanket squares in time. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

  2. I'm thinking I might have posted already....but had to go to answer phone and the page d disappeared! Anyway, I said, knitting in a triangle, hmmm, I think I said Like the little Christmas lady. Great Fun! Good idea with the jar, never really want to give them away so to get it back filled with goodies is a great idea! You and your friend could be swapping for years to come! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn))#12

  3. I love knitting squares corner to corner...just when it gets so big to make a row seem endless you start on the downhill road :-)
    Hope you're staying safe and well.
    Annie x #9

  4. We might be in Lockdown but it looks as though you are finding plenty to keep you occupied so well done. Sending woyww hugs, Angela x14x

  5. I love that little diagonal square knitting pattern. I might give that a go over the lockdown - keeps us out of mischief! xx Jo

  6. What charity is the blanket for Anne? I have a couple of blankets (crochet and striped so maybe not suitable) that need homes. Love the little stamped images and your colouring too, so cute!
    HUgs LLJ 7 xxx

  7. The stamps are so sweet! And I love the idea of the jar travelling between you and your friend with different goodies each time. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless. Caro xxx (#13)

  8. not sure mine's more interesting - been trying to get into Christmas card mode... well done with the knitting too. Helen #1

  9. Anne, I REALLY like the thoughts of your friend! LOL 84 would be pretty ambitious for me with the knitting squares...I'm too slow! LOL But your "greens" look wonderful and I bet you will nail it! Such a wonderful thing to do as well!! :) Oh my the Christmas cake sounds devine! It's a favorite of mine and I look forward to this time of year for that very thing!!! Happy baking! :) Blessings for the rest of your week! Felicia #32

  10. I think that's great how the little jar has gone back and forth with different kinds of goodies in it... I wonder how long that could go on for! It reminded me of the time Darnell had to buy an extra suitcase to take all the extra goodies that she had acquired in England, back to the USA... funny thing was when I visited her later that year, she gave that same suitcase to me to bring back all the extra goodies I had acquired in the US!
    Take care,
    Chrissie #6

  11. What a neat idea to stamp cards for your grandkids so they can color them in! I like your first green square. Take care and stay safe, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Is there a reason for doing with corner to corner squares? Or is it just a different way of doing it. I like the edge you have done. Have a great week Angela #33

  13. I love knitting squares like that they seem much neater knitting for Charity is a great thing to do, I knit for Prem babies and find it so rewarding

    Take care and stay safe, Lilian B# 15

  14. Sorry I’m late! I’m rubbish at watercolours...I don’t like to wet the card too much or I don’t have control of where the colour goes, and despite the mess I make, I like things to be under my control!! It’s lovely of you to stamp out the images etc for the girls, I’ve made up a few card kits in the last couple of weeks and it sure doubles the amount of Christmas that you think you’re dealing with! I don’t know, but I really like the corner to corner technique, that somehow makes a lot of sense to me for making a good square!

  15. I love a nice xmas cake, share pics if you do make them please :)
    Stay safe
    Ellie #8

  16. Good idea to stamp some images for the kids...
    Good luck with the squares!
    Sorry I am late again...
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan Renshaw #23
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