Tuesday, 6 February 2018


It's that time again- visiting desks around the world - want to know more then pop over to Julia's Place and join in.
Thank you for all the lovely comments last time. I did visit everyone who commented, if I didn't return the compliment then it's because I wasn't able to - sorry.

Well I managed to get the gifts for the Baptism of my Great Nephew completed. I did mess up a little bit but couldn't put completely right without ruining it and I didn't have time to start again. :-(

We travelled to the Christening with my brother and his wife. It was in Greens Norton , Towcester. Lovely church and everyone was so welcoming. It was a lovely service , my nephew and his wife are members of the church so it was very personal. Afterwards there was a delicious lunch at the nearby Community Centre.

Sadly mum was not well enough to go. My brother's youngest son and family couldn't attend as one of them was ill. Our eldest son couldn't go either as he was On Call but my D.I.L. and grandsons were there along with our youngest son and family. All but one of mum's great grandchildren were there, she has 13 altogether and another due in May). We managed to get them altogether in one place for a photo - it is lovely.  I cannot share as some of the parents do not want their children's photo online - which of course is understandable. It was so good catching up with everyone.

The happy parents, my nephew, his wife and baby Noah.

Below is our eldest grandson Harry and another of my great nephews. Henry born last year.

My Great Niece Tabitha, with youngest grandson Sam and my youngest granddaughter Phoebe with her back to us.

So to my desk
I have been experimenting with Brushos - new to Stampin' Up! and me. I am hoping to use them with six ladies coming to craft on Saturday. However, so far I'm not loving my efforts :-(

Below is the start of one idea

A pile of experimenting :-)

One of the gifts for Noah, not the best photograph - the error I made was to put the 'F' and the '8' too near the edge so it was slightly covered . It was perfct otherwise though the photo doesn't do it justice.

I also made a Mini Album. It had places for writing, photographs, a verse from the Bible about children. I also wrote a message and a verse for Noah. There were also pockets with tags for adding photos etc. I used instructions on construction from Ann Melvin's Blog http://www.positivelypapercraft.co.uk/p/about-me.html I googled for some ideas and it popped up and she had coincidentally used the same papers I was going to use :-) I did change things inside though. Ann makes some lovely things. 

I was very pleased with it and apparently so were Noah's Mummy and Daddy!!
Thanks for looking. I will be back to visit as many desks as I can.


  1. What a wonderful family party! Your album is spectacular and will surely be treasured his whole life and become a family heirloom. Good job on it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow what a beautiful book....I can see why it was loved by all. You are so clever.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x #16

  3. Hi Anne, I don't think anyone but you will have noticed what you feel to be a mistake. It looks great to me. The mini book was a lovely thought too. It's so nice when family can get together. Have a great week. Sarah #23

  4. Such a wonderful day and what a lovely photos Anne! The pile of 'experiments' really speaks to me - they look amazing to go as backgrounds for a card (or, in my case, art journal page.) Happy woyww and a warm hug from Holland, Marit #26

  5. Oh that album is gorgeous!! What a good job you did. I'm so pleased you had a lovely time at the Christening, family days like that are very precious.
    Hugs LLJ 15 xxx

  6. I do love that nook Anne. You should do a tutorial 😉 Have you been experimenting with Brusho's with the Beautiful Peacock stamp or some other technique? Karen #34

  7. I do love that book Anne. You should do a tutorial 😉 Have you been experimenting with Brusho's with the Beautiful Peacock stamp or some other technique? Karen #34

  8. Great projects Anne, love the mini album! Don't discard those Brusho experiments, very often they don't really come alive until you stamp on them. I often stamp onto a piece of acetate, then lay that in various places to find the perfect spot. If you stamp in normal dye ink, you can just wipe it off after, and keep using the same piece.Have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #11 XxX

  9. What an adorable book you made for Noah! I am sure his parents were pleased with it. How lovely is that so much of your family could be there. It is too bad your Mum wasn’t able to attend, but how wonderful that she has so many great grands! Thanks for sharing your lovely day and book with us! #37

  10. Precious family time. Lovely cards. very nicely made. Happy WOYWW!
    Rose #7

  11. What lovely gifts! I can see they must have been thrilled although you had a couple of tiny reservations - needless as they were lovely. Lots of lovely family photos for you to remind you of the day - shame some had to miss out.
    Keep up with the Brusho's - you did put a tiny hole in the lid didn't you. Important that you only get a tiny bit to make a lovely background to stamp on. Otherwise just mix with water to use as ordinary watercolours. Sorry if you already know this.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx (been asleep all day)

  12. Looks like a lovely ceremony and I love the album! Brusho?? I'll have to check that out. Is it new? I'm thinking maybe yes but I haven't looked at Stampin Up stuff lately. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    ~Sandy from Texas
    Sandy Trefger Creative Designs

  13. I'm sooo late getting round the desks this week! What a beautiful book for Noah - well done you. Lovely family photos too. x Jo

  14. Hi Anne, lovely post. The party looks like great fun. The album you made for little Noah is stunning - something to be treasured for life. Brushos are a favourite of mine for making backgrounds and for watercolouring too. I love the green idea - it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Elizabeth x #30


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