Tuesday, 28 July 2020

WOYWW- this week for my Mum

Hello all. Thank you for  the lovely cards and messages I have received. A special mention to Margaret ( Glitter and Glue) for some very comforting words

We finally laid my mum to rest last Friday- 24th July. It was a lovely service and burial- there were tears but also smiles at happy memories. I will write a little more below and add some photos - I hope that is ok Julia?

So to my desk/aka dining table. I had to clear the table and pack away a lot of stuff as needed table free.

Anyway I started to put my things back ( yesterday ) and I hope I will get back into crafting - it has been plus five weeks since I last did any crafting.

So here we go

My space tonight (Tuesday)
I have put out my mat, tools etc - the two cards were made ages ago and I need a couple to send now.

A box of cards at various stages - hope to complete them soon

So not a lot to see at the moment. Hopefully be a bit more interesting next week.

I will be visiting as many as I can tomorrow - see what you've all been up to.


We were only allowed to have 15 in the Chapel. However our younger son was able to stand at the back - I was so pleased. He had done so much to help me before hand, without his intervention I think I would have 'gone under'
Our eldest read a poem ( The Fifth Season by C.A.Schlea)  on my behalf and although we were not allowed to sing there was some beautiful music included.

After Mum's funeral we came back to my house. Only my immediate family - ten of us - we could not all get together because of current situation.

Our grandchildren did not attend the funeral but joined us afterwards. Jonathan ( younger son) had suggested an Afternoon Tea - a lovely idea and mum would have enjoyed it so much. we were able to sit outside - which given the current situation was a blessing.

My lovely friend prepared and delivered the food whilst we were at the service. I used some of mum's pretty plates as well.

Our eldest son, Matthew and family stayed until Sunday morning for which I was so grateful. Jonathan and family had left on Saturday  for a week in Wales.

Some of mum's great grandchildren painted some stones to place on the grave

These two were done by my granddaughters

Pretty plates

                                                       My Mum - Marjorie Eunice Harvey
                                                                       Bless you Mum


  1. Dear Anne, my heart goes out to you and your family. It sounds like a lovely service and I'm glad you could do it. So many places they can't have any funerals. Sending you hugs and love your way. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I honestly think that your mum would have been so pleased with the afternoon tea and family getting together because that's what counts the most. I think the painted stones are also a wonderful idea, I like that so much. Hope you're keeping ok Anne, I think a little crafting is a good thing to do.
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  3. Just to say thinking about you...
    Lovely idea to have the grandchildren paint the stones...
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Susan #6

  4. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Life is so different at the mo but it really sounds like you gave your mum a send off she would have loved so well done to you all. Biggest hugs.
    Annie x #9

  5. Anne, that is a lovely tribute to your mum and what a lovely photograph that is. Your friend certainly put on a glorious spread for you all, I assume nobody went home hungry and everyone was pleased with the way it was all set out and how your mum's plates were used.
    I think that was so nice and to my mind much nicer than going out somewhere - this way it was so much more personal.
    I hope you pick up your crafting soon, it will help you to have your mind occupied with something that you enjoy doing. Cake icing and doing my homework for the night class helped me through a terrible time once. I hope your craft will help you.
    Thinking of you and sending love
    Neet 3 xx (wot, not Bert?)

  6. Oh Anne - that sounds like a wonderful send off for your Mum especially under the current circumstances. It reminded me of our Mum's funeral. Annie and I made tea using Mum's china plates (she loved to treat herself to a pretty set - or two!!) Take care and keep safe. xx Jo

  7. Hi Anne, what a beautiful thing your friend did with all that food. And how lovely the weather was good enough to sit outside.I think the decorated stones are a lovely idea, particularly for children.Thats a lovely photo of your Mom on the service.Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 X

  8. Sending you the biggest (((((hug)))) sitting here with tears in my eyes. I think under the circumstances you couldn't have done any better . I LOVE the painted stones and the pretty plates. My mum died suddenly 21 years ago just before Christmas ( not a fan of Christmas anymore). it was so bleak and i still miss her so much. You will get back to creating when you are ready xxx Take care . Soojay #18

  9. oh Anne, that is such a lovely post, despite the underlying sadness. I am glad that as many of you as possible were able to gather to celebrate your Mum's life. the food looks fabulous too. Take care and much love. Helen #4

  10. Pleased everything went well. This is difficult for me as we were unable to have anything for my dad as I was unwilling to risk the family attending the funeral but life must go on. Take care, Angela x14x

  11. I am sure your mum would have approved of the afternoon tea, Anne! What a spread. How lovely of the great grandchildren to paint the stones in her memory too. Glad the weather held up so you could get together in the garden. You will get back to crafting at your own pace. Don't feel you have to have lots to show us to join in each week. Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #10

  12. Hi Anne. Sorry I am a day late got a bit tied up with paint and phonecalls yesterday!! What a beautiful post. I feel very humbled to have a mention. I am so very glad that the funeral was such a positive time for you. I thank Father God that He undertook for you in so many lovely ways - and that tea looked amazing!!! You'll craft when you are good and ready - it's in your blood...! :-)
    Take care dear girl. God bless you.
    Margaret #2

  13. I am so glad that you were able to give your mum such a beautiful send-off, Anne, in spite of current difficulties, and that even if you couldn't all be together for every part of it, at least everyone got the chance to make their own tributes. I absolutely love the painted stones the kids did - what a beautiful idea! She looked such a lovely lady from her photograph. And Sidmouth sea front - not a million miles from where we live - we've visited several times! Who needs to go abroad for their honeymoon when they can enjoy the beautiful Devon coastline? I am so grateful to be living near it permanently.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #19


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