Thursday, 15 February 2018

Smiles for Friday

I have had a few things to smile about this last week but no new photos. I posted in my last post about my class last Saturday and my Valentine makes.
It has been a good week. I have achieved a lot and spent some time with my friend , catching up and enjoying tea and scones. Also had a lovely Valentine's Day with DH - we had a yummy meal and fizz last night. Today we popped to Ikea - I needed another set of drawers for my cardstock, Also had some delicious soup there for lunch.
Just remembered a photo I can share, though apologise that it's not brilliant. Last weekend younger son and family went to elder son's home in Yorkshire - I love when they can all get together. Great that my granddaughters and grandsons get to spend time together. Well DH and I had to go and care for the Guinea pigs. They always make me smile. When they hear the fridge open - for me to get some of their food out - they squeak so much. I let them out while I was getting it ready and the one was practicaly following me around the kitchen. I told her she had better be careful or I would be treading on her  :-) I couldn't get a good photo but here they were tucking into the fresh hay, after they had eaten the vegetables they like best.
They are so cute - Chloe and Grace - my granddaughters wanted to be called those names when they were younger :-) and so they called their guinea pigs those names. :-)

I am joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles. Pop over and have a look at Annie's Blog and FB page she makes some lovely things. 


  1. I am glad you had a nice week. Nice of you to take such good care of the little piggies.. my daughter had 2 when I visited there and I thought they were hilarious with their wheeking when the fridge was opened. They just lost one though and it broke the whole family up into tears. Have a super week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I went back and saw the cards you made. They are simply stunning. Beautiful and so clever, too. I adore the one you made for your husband and the box with chocolates matched beautifully.

    I've never seen Brushos, although a lot of my European friends use them all the time. You and your class made some beautiful ones.

    Those guinea pigs are adorable. You seem to enjoy caring for them (or should I say sitting with them). I was surprised to read they are allowed out of their cages. I had gerbils and they were so fast, I would never have been able to catch mine. They are sure cute, though.

    Have a great Friday and weekend, too.

  3. Oh Anne it’s so lovely to see you joining in today....don’t forget to link up. You really couldn’t have chosen anything better to make me smile. We used to have free range guinea pigs in our back garden at our old house about twenty years ago .....up to thirty plus at times. When we had a new born little family to share I used to invite classes of children from our local school and they would have lessons in our back garden, including drinks and biscuits of course.......oh happy times. I loved my piggies.
    Annie x

  4. Hi Anne, I so love Guinea Pigs. I had several as a child, my favourite was called Quintin Hogg but please don't ask why I called him that it was just that there was a politician at the time and I liked the name Lol! The garden centre we went to is towards Chesterfield and it's called Dobbys. You mentioned about the Powertex which I love but it is messy and I normally do my projects in the summer and work in the Greenhouse as it dries quicker if you are somewhere warm. If you want to see more and some of the workshops I attended they are on my Workshop page at the top of the blog. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. I like guinea pigs. We had some when the boys were younger.
    I too enjoy hearing about it when my boys meet up. I was worried they might lose touch a bit when we moved away, but they do visit several times a year and just occasionally, I get to meet with them too. Happy days! Kate x

  6. Thank you for introducing Cloe and grace. They certainly are cute. And I would think, no troubloe at all to baby-sit.
    Of course i had to scroll down and have a look at your previous post(s). I don't know Brushos, have never used them. They are probably available online here but I have never seen them used. It was new for you to if I understood well. The cards you made are stunning. Well done.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend,


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