Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Smiles

I couldn't make it last week as I was away looking after my mum who had been discharged from hospital following her fall. She told them she didn't want/need care package as family were going to be there. Three of us live about three hours away and although we go and visit we obviously cannot be there indefinitely. My sister who does live near her is not happy to be looking after :-( It is a difficult situation that we are trying to resolve.
After being with mum last week I was due to go to Wales for a few days to meet up with my son and family. My youngest sister arrived to take over from me and we were able to have much needed break. A lot of smiles from us all for those four days! Although the weather was mixed we got out every day and had cosy times in evenings. My granddaughters loved having us there. So here are a few happy memories that made me smile amidst the worry re my mum.

Donkey and horse rides!

Crabbing - and yes Grandma did join in :-)
 Digging and building - the lump in the middle was a fish according to Ella- you had to be there! :-)

Oooppps my finger got in the way- you can just about see an escaping crab :-)

Playing with the puppies on the farm we were staying on. The next day they had been sold. They were sheep dog pups and farmers wife hoped they would be sold to become working dogs! My granddaughters were very upset they'd gone!

So although difficult times I had lots of smiles last week. I'm off to join up with Annie's blog - a stitch in time - pop along and share your smiles. 


  1. It's always good to fucus on the happy times when there are things to worry about Anne. I really hope you get your mum settled back home happily.
    Annie x

  2. Aww i just adore donkeys, wish i was young enough to ride them again. Great beach pics and im glad you had some time for a break.
    Gill x

  3. Hi Anne, happy Friday, what fabulous photos of the GK enjoying themselves at the beach and on the farm, they are so precious, it's wonderful to spend time with them. I hope your mum improves quickly now that she's home - you take care, and enjoy your weekend Robyn

  4. I hope the coming week has a better smile/stress ratio x
    Happy Friday

  5. Morning Annie, I hope your mum makes a complete and speedy recovery. It sounds as if you were ready for a few days away with your family. What lovely photos at the seaside. Hope you have a stress free week ahead. Barbxx

  6. So glad you had a few fab smiley days. It is such a difficult time for you so you do have to grab every smiley moment and enjoy them to the utmost. x Jo

  7. Yes, it's difficult when people refuse a care package. Obviously she would prefer her daughters to look after her, I can understand that, but it doesn't make it any easier. You live a long way away and have your own home and loved one(s) to look after.
    So it's great you have been able to have some quality family time and a much needed rest.
    Thanks for visiting earlier,

  8. So glad you managed to get away - I can remember my dad ( passed away now) telling the hospital that I was his main carer and would look after him . I had to let them know that I have three SN children and a full time job , so while I would visit as often as possible and do as much as I could - I could not be the main carer! Families eh? Take care and I hope things get better x Soojay

  9. I don't envy you having to look after your mum. Always difficult and they tend to be so stubborn about care - been there done that!!
    Lovely that Wales helped you calm down!! Where in Wales were you? You know I am a Welsh lass!!

  10. I have been all through having all 4 of our parents get old and need to be in assisted living and passing. So, I can understand your situation very well. I hope it gets sorted out. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Having shared some parent care with my sisters, I well understand your challenges, Anne, and I am cheering you on as you work out the best care situation for everyone. While my sister who was closest geographically to my folks gave many hours of loving care to my folks, she was not naturally gifted in doing so, and eventually each of my folks ended up in skilled nursing care for several years...difficult for everyone involved.

    I'm glad you were able to enjoy time with your grandchildren! xx

  12. It was good to get away for a few days with your family. Moments with grandchildren (and children) are so precious. I am sorry you have to deal with the mum situation. Having been there myself, I appreciate how difficult it can be. I do hope she soon improves and needs a little less care. Kate x


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