Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Went to  Yorkshire last  Thursday to see our son, D.I.L. Carolynn and grandsons Harry and Sam. So there has not been much going on there until Tuesday afternoon when we got back. I am still working through makes for Craft Fair. En route to Yorkshire I did some knitting. When boys were at school I helped with preps for school Christmas fair and also covered some wreaths for craft fair I'm doing. Was also going to make some 'bead angels' but had left some stuff at home.

Where I have been working - bit of a jumble!

As you can see below I spread out a bit.

Even onto the window sill.

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On Friday as I said I helped with preparations for School Christmas Fair. Spent time with boys when they came home from school and we all had lovely dinner together. On Sat both parents had to work although our son had hoped to come home at lunch time but was needed all day. Luckily didn't have to work all night. We were able to have lovely evening together. On Sat morning we took Sam to band practice. A friend took Harry to football. In the afternoon boys donned cub and beaver uniforms and we took them to do bag packing at local co op to raise funds for a new scout/cub hut. Afterwards we took boys for an ice cream treat. Of course DH and I had a little treat as well- would have been rude not to :-) We then waited for the Christmas Light Switch On - it was a bit of a let down really but the children had a great time.
On Sunday Sam went to football practice and I cooked Sunday lunch. We all went for a walk in the afternoon and then Harry went to a birthday party , Sam stayed at home with DH and I went with my son. When we got back the boys went to bed and my D.I.L. had come home and we had tea together. I took it easy on Monday - a bit more crafting :-) After school DH and I took the boys for their swimming lesson. DS and D.I.L. went to see James Blunt in Leeds. After taking boys to school this morning ( well DH took them) we came home  - and I carried on crafting :-)
Tomorrow collecting our granddaughters from school and giving them some tea. There's never a dull moment :-)

 Cheeky monkeys

View just over the road from my son's home- he also has this behind his home.

Son and grandsons pointing towards their road and asking if they could go that way as we were going around the block - not far.


  1. Hello Anne.. you sure are having nice times with your family.. you are a wonderful mom and grandmother! We're all set for cooking our Thanksgiving dinner day after tomorrow..

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    Teresa :-)

  2. Hi Anne happy WOYWW. You certainly are a busy person not just making great looking items for the craft fair but helping out with the grandsons. Lovely picks of the country views. Cheers RobynO#34

  3. Another busy week for you Anne. Really love all your craft fair makes....hope they sell well.
    Annie x. #23

  4. Hi Anne - glad you managed some down time after all that activity. I think it's such a lovely time, the run up to Christmas - really exciting, and gets me in the mood (just a big kid, really!) Anyway, I hope the fair does really well - you've got some great stuff there. I particularly like the pretty blue boxes and the wreaths. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 8

  5. Busy, Busy Busy!!! you've got a lot done!! Cute kids too! Thanks for sharing,
    Happy WOYWW Ginny #43

  6. Wow, Anne, all your Christmas crafts are so beautiful! I love the covered wreaths, they really are festive :-)
    You've had a busy time away, I noticed Sam goes to band practise. What instrument does he play?
    Good luck with all the fairs btw!
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  7. Gosh you have been busy, never a dull moment indeed!
    Love the photos of Yorkshire. Beautiful.
    How was James Blunt? Was it good? I like his music.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a great week,

  8. what a full week you've had... and what gorgeous views your son has! Helen 6

  9. What absolutely fabulous makes there for the fair, I think I'll come along!!! Oh rats it seems it has already happened and Yorkshire would have been a bit of a trek.
    Smashing grandsons you have there, bless them,
    Thanksfor dropping by my page and yes I am still croaky but feeling much better.
    Chris #27

    1. Hi Chris - no fair yet I was helping my D.I.L. prepare for the one she is organising at our grandsons school :-) x

  10. Thanks for popping by Anne. Your desk and creative areas are just full of festive goodies. Those are two vey handsome grandsons!! Thanks for sharing. Keep smiling and creating.

  11. Never a dull moment Anne! Do you ever get to put your feet up? Loved all the makes for the childrens craft fair and I love the view your son and his family have. Sweet boys too, sounds like you all have a great time together. I'm happy to have two days off work I can tell you!!

    Brenda (thanks for visiting already)

  12. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting and Happy WOYWW. You have been very busy, I love your wreaths and bits and bobs. What a fabulous view your son has, and your boys were so good, you all deserved that treat!

    Cazzy x

  13. Lots of Christmas busy-ness this week, Anne! Hope the craft fair goes well. My one experience of one was a wash out so I shan't bother again! Thanks for your visit and your nice comment - glad you like my pages. I hope you find a nice soap making class, with a teacher as good as ours! We had fun tonight.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #33

  14. So glad you are having happy, busy times with your family, Anne! I love seeing glimpses of the projects you are working on. We plan to have 12 family members around our dinner table tomorrow, just missing my oldest son and his family in NY, but thankful the rest of us can gather :) xx

  15. Never a dull moment indeed - working weekends can be so difficult - you are a Godsend to your family! Golly your Craft Fair preps are going really well, and they all look gorgeous.

  16. Fab makes.

    Lovely to have your family with you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #39

  17. Sounds like you had a great trip to Yorkshire - all that family time & great scenery too ! Thanks for visiting Ali #22

  18. Hi Anne,

    Uhoh - my computer is acting up.
    I must say I need to take a break after reading all that you've been busy with! The wreaths and boxes look great. I have an idea for a wreath and if it comes to fruition I'll write a post.

    The mistle toes tags are for nail polish. Several had said socks and I really like that idea too.

    I've had my Thanksgiving meal so it was a perfect time to visit desks - either that or take a nap!!

    Thank you for visiting me already! Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (21)

  19. Ah Anne a very bus family time going on there .. and a Christmas production line, well done you!!!
    So glad you are up to doing it all, every blessing of the LORD, Shaz in oz.x #12

  20. Now that looks like organization! Umm, isn't that what window sills are for? :D All under control from what I can see :D
    Beth P
    #70 WOYWW (late again, sorry)

  21. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - sorry its a late call this week - Blogger keeps refusing to load for me! I am feeling much better and have even managed some sewing!! x Jo

  22. It looks like you have Christmas well under control. Great job.

  23. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for visiting my Chris Isaak post. I don't go to a lot of concerts at all. I've been listening to his music for years and years. At the last minute Alyce called and told me she had an extra ticket. Yay!!



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