Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Well hello again another week has gone and as always I've failed to achieve what I had imagined I could. However what I think I could and what I actually can are two very different things. I set off with the best intentions but life and my body dictate otherwise.
Having said all that I had a wonderful time at the weekend with my family (see previous post) I managed to get to my knitting group and Sugar Craft. Managed to knit another couple of squares for a blanket for charity. Sewn together all my panels for my Lillybo quilt and did a little bit of paper crafting!!!!

In case you don't know WOYWW is an idea dreamt up by the lovely Julia where you can show everyone your desk and have a nosy    look at theirs!!!! So come on what are you waiting for JOIN IN !!!!

So on my work space is a book I won in a giveaway. I went onto this site http://sarastexturecrafts.blogspot.com after reading about it on on Annie's Blog  and Sara had a review of this book. She announced that she was going to do a give away of the book. I entered the give away and won. I was so surprised. The book is gorgeous and I am looking forward to making something from it and especially with my GD.
Can you see the white butterfly? That is not on the cover - but something I am working on.

Another page - would like to make a garland similar to this.

Lovely heart!!!

Dove of Peace

Ah the butterfly again. I have punched out several and stuck together. ( saw idea from a swap I had but it was a bird)  I have yet to decide how to decorate. I will turn it into a brooch!!!

At long last have been labeling drawers holding my craft supplies- fed up opening every drawer to find what I was looking for .

Also managed a couple more squares towards baby blanket for Africa ( not blocked yet)

Below some crochet bunting for Yarndale - not blocked either.

Finally some sweet peas I grew myself. Very pleased. My dad always grew sweet peas so have done them in memory of my dad.

Think that's it folks!!!! Will visit all I follow, all who visit me and those ending in same number as me. Back soon, x

PS Mum had brain scan last Friday still awaiting results. Still having giddy turns :-(   x


  1. I sure hope your mum gets better. I need to try some sweet peas, they are so darling. I'm having my blog friend Gracie over for lunch on the deck tomorrow.. that will be fun. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your drawers look very organised now.... and I can imagine the scent from the sweet peas, heavenly! Helen, 17

  3. great pictures - love all your labelled drawers, esp. - v. organized!! and I have a bunch of sweetpeas too - a friend brought them round from her garden last night to cheer me up!! they are the sweetest flowers, aren't they??
    happy WOYWW and have a fun week :)
    no. 31

  4. Hi Anne,
    It seems I am not the oly one with not enough hours in my day! Congrats on the book win....have fun using it. Hope Mum's news is good too.
    A x #61

  5. Hi there.
    Just popping my head around the door to say hi as I haven't been around for a while. t all looks very organised!
    Hope you have a great week.
    Neil #39

  6. Lots of lovely pics of your crochet and the most amazing set of organised draws. Wow!!
    Sandra de @84

  7. I love the sweet peas - I used to help my dad with his - memories of some very special times in that wonderful garden of his! Well done on the book win - it looks fab and I am sure you will love having a go at some of those projects. x Jo

  8. the felt book looks great, I guess the butterfly is felt too? My sweet peas died, never got around to repotting them - oops. I can smell your though. BJ#36

  9. Hi Anne, the book looks lovely - felt is such a nice fabric to work with, especially because it doesn't fray! You have been busy - knitting, patchwork, crochet and labeling all those drawers - and I can so easily identify with the need to label those drawers ... it's so frustrating opening drawer after drawer to find what you are looking for. Your sweet peas are flowering early - ours are still thinking about it. They are gorgeous - my grandfather always grew them and consequently they were my mother's favourite flower. Elizabeth x #57

  10. Your have really gotten organized. Labeling your drawers looks like a lot of work. I like your crochet work. Happy crafting #7

  11. Oh I do love Sweet Peas, they bring back such good childhood memories. Looks like a great book...Congrats on the win. I keep labeling and labeling, cause I also HATE to search for something, and I had a boss that thought I should be able to produce what ever document he needed with in minutes, so it has become a habit.
    Lovely colors for a baby blanket!!
    Krisha #5

  12. I love your brightly coloured squares...they're going to make an amazing blanket...such gorgeous vibrant tones. And your sweet peas are lovely too, my favourite flowers that smell divine.
    That felt book looks really useful, some interesting ideas...often, these craft books are a triumph of style over substance.....
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  13. What a great won, and some lovely organisation for you too. Thanks fr visiting us already today,

  14. Hi Anne, That looks a really good book you have on your desk with some great projects in it. I recently had a dabble at felt making, and enjoyed it. Your storage units are lovely, and you are so organised with your labelling. Thank you for dropping by earlier. Hugs Mo x #60

  15. What a lovely series of photos, Anne - so varied and interesting. Love your special memory of your dad. Mine is very poorly and confused and not doing to well at the moment.

    I love all your knitting and crochet, and what a fabulous felt book! Loads of ideas in there.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - it's been quite a week, but I'm on cloud 9 both on my diagnosis (not cancer!) and the development of my beautiful new ARTHaven - when I first saw what the builder had done when we visited yesterday I was more than overjoyed - he is making a dream come true!! He and his team are such craftsmen and everything is being finished so beautifully. I can't wait to get in there now and start creating again!!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #92

  16. What a lovely post Anne. You've achieved so much this week. So many items on the go and you got out and about too. love your book, lovely prize and I too love that garland. You must make one.
    All those drawers labelled, quite an achievement all round, well done...and a LillyBo quilt in progress to top it all!! woo hoo!
    Jo x

  17. Thanks Anne for the kind b-day wishes and visit today! I love your garland and the start of your blanket for such a great cause! I wish I could do needle work, but I am literally all thumbs. I love sweet peas, and have some pink ones here. They only grown in one patch in my garden, so it must be the best spot in the yard for them. I will keep good thoughts for your mom! Take care! Winnie#90

  18. Hello Anne, lovely book my DS does a lot of felting, the clothes they create with felt are amazing.That butterfly will be gorgeous when you add the color and sparkle. Great idea labeling everything, I found it much easier after I did mine, love your knitting, something I can't do. The sweet peas are lovely, bless you.. Thanks for sharing and your visit, have a great week. Oh your weekend looked like some big fun..

  19. Hi Annie
    Sounds like you have done a heck of a lot to me so don't beat yourself up and try and be Wonder Woman
    Enjoy the sunshine while you can
    Have a good week

  20. You have been so busy,
    Happy WOYWW
    Rosie x

  21. Lovely post - so many crafty things have been displayed and what organization!! I have managed to tidy up but the labels - that is a seperate problem! You are good being so organized! Love all your crochet work - I am just about to start something with crochet too!
    Have a lovely week - thank you for commenting on my blog!

  22. You have so many plans and ideas of things to do. I am crocheting at the moment, just a blanket to throw over my cold feet in the winter, but also a project that can keep my fingers busy in the evenings. The daytime is taken up at the moment with supplying the hot, thirsty roofers with their regular cups of tea. They will still be here next week, as they still have the porch roof and the dining room roof to do, and some plaster work to do inside. They are also going to put some bird boxes up for me, for the swifts and the house sparrows. It looks as though you had a great time up in Derbyshire. Have a good week. xx Maggie #10

  23. I'm sorry they haven't yet come to a diagnosis for what is happening with your Mom, Anne. I hope you get some resolution soon!

    You've written a lovely post full of wonderful images to snoop at! Love the sweet peas and your handwork and the brooch butterfly you are working on! Well done!! And super well done winning that awesome book!!

    Happy Belated WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week! Thanks for coming to see me at the Playhouse! Darnell #24

  24. Wow, you have been very busy and creative this week! Congrats on winning the book -- that garland looks really neat (and like it might not involve sewing!) Hope you find out answers soon about your Mom's condition. Sending a long distance hug. ~ Laura #98

  25. Happy WOYWW!
    So you have a new hobby, or extension really, well done on winning the book!
    Well done on the labelling, I bought a Brother labelling machine that hooks up to the computer and I haven't yet tried and really need labels!

    How can I find out about crocheting blankets for African babies?

    I love sweet peas, we don't have any in the garden, maybe we should.

    Cazzy x

  26. Congratulations on your win, and it looks like a great book too. I love your labeled drawers too. Blessings on all your new projects!

  27. ah hullo there Anne sorry to hear of your dear mum and pray scan sorts out a an easy to fix reason for it all for here please Lord.. and sweet peas how special can smell them from here, a great fave of min and love your knitting crotchet and well done on book! Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x #36

  28. I don't think that you can say you haven't achieved much this last week. Seems you've done a mighty lot...from where I'm sitting!! Congrats on your win. The book looks very interesting! I also like the butterfly and look forward to seeing the finished article!! Joan

  29. Lucky you winning a book. It looks great. I have the same drawer unit but a three set i have still not labelled all of them.
    Thanks for visiting.

  30. That looks like a wonderful book! Well done on the neat labelling...looking very good and professional. Do send my love to Auntie and I am praying for your mum. Love the sweet peas...we had some at the wedding last weekend...gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and happy belated WOYWW. Caro x (#71)

  31. Hi Anne,

    Wow! There is so much eye candy and motivation on this post! I'm glad I came over to visit. The felt book looks amazing. I can't wait to see the flower bunting you make from the book. Speaking of bunting, I LOVE the crochet bunting. I absolutely love granny squares and that would probably be the only reason I'd even try to learn to crochet. Your knitted quilt is coming along nicely.

    The images from the book seem to jump off the page. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, can't wait to see the butterfly brooch.


  32. Hello Anne! Love the crocheted bunting pieces!!!! My crochet would be totally lumpy. I can only do ripple afghans and even then the edges are all wonky.
    Hope the news is good for mum!
    Have a good week!

  33. One thing I love sewing (arrgh bad word) is felt, it's so forgiving. Is thata good word? Even a scooter head like me can make something! Well done on the book, it looks fabulous and filled with ideas! Sorry I missed this (I was sure I mentioned lucky you on the book win, but hey ho, I must have forgotten to press something!! Have a great week, thanks for my snoop!! Happy (late) WOYWW!!??
    ((Lyn)) ##11

  34. WOW, Anne!!! You have been sooooo busy :) I have yet to try felting anything or succeed in growing sweet peas, but want to do both! Your organization inspires me!!! Gracie xx


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