Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend.
Our weekend began with a 'Jubilee Party' at my granddaughter's nursery school on Saturday morning. There were all sorts of games and activities for the children
You could have your photo taken with 'The Queen '  

Can you see the little step for the little ones to stand on. My eldest GD stood by the side of 'her' holding her hand.  Wish I could show you the photo but my DS doesn't like photos of the children on the internet.

There were lots of cakes.On the table at the back.

Here you go a closer look!

There was also a buffet - I didn't get a photo but it was lovely and we were charged 50p!!!!!! Can you believe it? I kept my plate as I thought I might use part of it for a scrapbook page.  Lol

There was also facepainting which unfortunatetly My GD can't have as it affects her skin but she did have something on her hand.

She was actually after a bag of sweets from the table.

On Saaturday afternoon I went to say hello to the ladies at my cardmaking class. I was going to go to the class but had to cancel due to Jubilee Party.

The weather on Sunday was just awful.My flag got blown down. My eldest son and family have gone away to the Norfolk Broads and are camping - feel so sorry for them. Younger son and family set off to Wales yesterday to spend some time with his in laws and they are supposed to be camping for a couple of nights!!!! My DIL was made redundant from her job on Wenesday ( she is happy about it and has another job to start after half term) and was given a beautiful bouquet. As they were going away they brought the flowers to me to enjoy. Aren't they gorgeous?

Yesterday afternoon I made some cards, and then when it was time for the pageant on theThames I made a Moshie Monster model for my grandson's birthday cake. Just three more to make!

This morning we went to a local garden centre as I wanted to get a few more plants to put in a palnter to put on my Father's grave. Today is the 6th Anniversary of his passing. God Bless Dad.

Today I have made more cards, cooked dinner and am now sat watching the concert on TV. DH had applied for tickets but we weren't lucky. My nephew had two and was going to take my sister and then decided he didn't want to go!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Apparently they had his photograph on so he couldn't give them to anyone else.

I cannot put the cards on I made just yet. Some need finishing touches and others I don't want to show until I know the recipients have received them.

That's all for now be back soon.

Congratualations to Queen Elizabeth on her Diamond Jubilee and to anyone else who is celebrating.


  1. So enjoyed hearing about your various celebrations, Anne! Oh my...camping in the rain...been there...done that [and have some happy memories of some of the adventures :)] It has been raining here and I turned on the heater this morning.
    Now I am off to Google to see what a Moshie Monster is:)
    Joy to you and yours!
    Gracie <3

  2. Hello Gracie and thankyou for your comments. I too had to Google Moshi Monsters :-) Anne x

  3. Hi Anne,

    It looks like the celebration was in full swing! I watched the Queen's concert last night here in the states.

    And I'm bad -- I can't remember if I got your mailing address to post an ATC to you. I'd rather you get two in the mail than none.... Can you send me your mailing address to



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