Sunday, 27 May 2012

What amazing weather we have been having and I've managed to spend a lot of time outside - hurrayyyy!!!! Since my last post I went to Knitting group and made one of the members day's. She had got a pattern from the 1980's. The recommended yarn was discontinued and when I contacted the firm who made it (still in business) they said there was no substitute. So I then scoured Ravelry and Ebay. Finally managed to get some via Ebay. She was so pleased. She came to the group when we started in Jan and could not knit- since than she has made eight tops for herself, her daughter and granddaughter and also four outfits for 'the Fish and Chip ' babies. She has little confidence and I 'm pleased she is finding knitting and being in the group as helped her enormously.
On Friday we went shopping - not my favourite task but needed to as had family here for the weekend. my eldest son and grandsons arrived late Friday evening ( their mummy, DIL Carolynn was not able to make it this time). On Sat morn DH and DS went to Nottingham where Matthew - my son competed in a triathlon. Pleased to say he completed all three elements and was pleased with his time. In July he will be taking part in an Olympic style triathlon - not the Olympics but covering the same distance which are twice the lengths he did yesterday. He is doing it for the psoriasis society as his wife Carolynn has it and their son, my grandson Sam has been diagnosed with it this year.

Don't know who the couple are but Matthew, my son is one of the 'yellow hats' swimming in the lake. This is the first stage of the triathlon.

The second stage is the bike ride. This is Matthew with his bike - before he actually started the race.

And finally the third stage- the run and here is Matthew coming towards the end. Well done Matthew we are proud of you and know you will complete 'the Olympic' distances for Carolynn and Sam.

On Saturday morning while DS and DH were in Nottingham I took my grandsons to my younger son's house where they played with their cousins , my granddaughters. Sarah my DIL also did us a lovely lunch. Today they all came to us and I did barbie food in oven but we ate outside - I get a bit anxious about the BBQ when the children are running around as ours is not a large garden. We all had a wonderful time and the children were so sweet with each other. Lots of wonderful memories to look back on . Hope you had a memorable weekend as well.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I have psoriasis and I sure wish they would find a cure. It's gotten worse since my daughter moved away.. I think the stress of losing my granddaughters hit me pretty hard.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Thanks for including me in your sunny family weekend! The race looked exciting and I'm glad your grands had a good time together. We have guests from CA this weekend and we are having a wonderful visit but little sunshine, so it was especially good to see yours(: <3


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