Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Good morning all. I am actually posting on Wednesday morning for a change, usually do it Tuesday evening!
I'm looking forward to seeing some of the lovely ATC's you all exchanged last week.
I couldn't manage it this time , although there will be one special one to a special lady :-) who kindly remembered me!

Thanks for all the lovely comments last week. I think I got back to everyone.
Hello to Sarah Brennan who always leaves me a comment but I can't on hers.
I am much, much better thank you all.

Have been busy getting ready for this coming weekend - my so called Crafty Retreat - my friend hosts it for me. We go on Friday , craft and eat :-) , return early Sat morning for breakfast , lots of crafting and eating and fun!!!! I have prepped everything and am finishing of some gifts for the ladies. Only six this year but I have preferred it really. Last year there were nine and it was a lot of preparation!!!!

Oh yes, I actually had two turn up for Card and a Cuppa last Wednesday ( thanks Julia for your wise comments re this, I have taken them on board!) The one lady was delightful. She had not done anything like it before, at end said she was hooked! The other one with her might be more difficult, we shall see. They have said they are coming back. :-)

So my workspace. Organised chaos at the moment!!

Photographs taken this morning but light not good. Think more rain due!!!
I am in West Midlands and that storm at the weekend was unbelievable!!! I live on an unmade road, at the top and we had water pouring down our drive and the road was like a Creek. It has made a real mess of the road. :-( Luckily we were not flooded though like some poor folk. An elderly man died , not too far away when his car was submerged. :-( so sad. 

I will be round later to visit your desks. Have a great week everyone. You can find out more re WOYWW by clicking on link on sidebar. Join in and have fun! 

Last Thursday I took a day off from prepping and DH and I went out for Afternoon Tea! A Christmas present from eldest son and family. 
We went to Newhall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield. Unfortunately my photo of the cakes didn't turn out! It was all very yummy though. The grounds there are beautiful and we enjoyed a walk around afterwards. 

 DH. Someone kindly took one of both of us but I don't like it much!

A lovely afternoon !!! 
Bye for now. Hopefully back soon! 


  1. Hi Anne, glad you are feeling better and that you avoided floods. We just escaped from the thunder storms, being a little further north, although we heard them at a distance and had a little rain overnight. Looks like you had a lovely day out. Glad you finally had some interest in your craft and a cuppa, hope it grows from here. Have a great week. Sarah #8

  2. im pleased you had a couple turn up at your card and cuppa group. Hopefully the word will spread now and a few more will join in the fun.
    Annie x #12

  3. Lovely photos. We had loads of rain last night in Lincoln though we have missed most of it up to now so needed it really. I like the sound of the craft retreat, so nice to craft with other people. Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

  4. Hi Anne, well it' swapsies this week! Yes, I've got another UTI. More blasted antibiotics!Glad to hear you have recovered from yours. Lovely pics from your day out, a lovely place to visit, I see. We had the thunder & lightening, but very little of the rain, surprisingly. Glad you came through that ok. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  5. Lovely photos from your afternoon out, bet the cakes were scrummy and you ate them before thinking about taking a photo really.
    I bet your weekend will be really super, sounds great - like the play on words, craft and eat = Retreat!
    Have a wonderful time
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  6. I'm so glad you're feeling better Anne and am pleased to see that you and DH enjoyed such a wonderful present, that location looked amazing! Thank you for your kind email, it did go to our old address which I hadn't realised until I checked this morning...our current one is appletonmob at gmail dot com.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xx

  7. It's good to read I'm not the ONLY one who can't leave messages to Sarah B. AND, she was my PIF this year. Much drama just getting a message to her, as I imagine you can imagine.

    So good that your coffee and craft turned out better than you anticipated. And you have some beautiful photos from your trip to Newhall Hotel for afternoon tea. Happy WOYWW from # 10.

  8. I always vet photos of me too, so I smiled at your comment! glad you had a great time. Helen #1

  9. Hi Anne, lovely photos, sorry to hear you are getting such bad weather. We had thunderstorms forecast, but they never happened. Your coffee and craft sounds a great idea - I wish someone did something similar in my area. There is one but it's on Thursdays when I am at work. Oh well, when I retire maybe! Have a lovely week Heather x #13

  10. Hi Anne, good to hear you're feeling much better! I loved that historic area you visited, lucky you! Your crafting group sounds like it was successful. Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. So glad you had a lovely tea with your hubby, Anne, and at such an interesting location! xx

  12. Hi Anne. I'm finally getting around to folks! Been quite a week... Glad you are feeling better and hope your craft retreat is going well - you are currently deep into it as I write. Your desk looks incredibly tidy for someone doing loads of prep. And the photos from the afternoon out look good. Hope your drive soon dries out properly.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7


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