Thursday, 22 February 2018

Smiles for Friday

Well this week passed by very quickly - they say time flies when you are having fun and we have had fun :-) in the main anyway - our son has been suffering and that was not fun to see - sciatica - see previous post.
Anyway last Saturday we had our granddaughters for a sleepover. Their mummy and daddy were going out but the sciatica put paid to that but of course the girls were not going to be put off and we wanted to have them as well.
On Saturday, after picking them up we went off to spend some pocket money! Home for lunch and then there was a lot of crafting!!! :-) We had pizza for diiner - their favourite. Then they changed into their pj's as did I and we `all settled down to watch a movie - with toffee popcorn- their choice :-)
More crafting and baking on Sunday before they went home. Lots of fun had by us all - well not for their daddy who has been in such pain.

I made one of these with my ladies at class - Phoebe wanted to make one for daddy as soon as she saw it- I cut the card and scored it. Told her what to do and this is her finished suitcase. She put chocolate inside for her daddy.
 The girls also bought chocolate for mummy and daddy and decorated some SU bags to put the chocolate in

Phoebe's decorated bag- she painted mummy and daddy and used her brush for the message, Ella's by the side was stamped and she wrote a message.

On Sunday morning Phoebe wanted to make a dream catcher , she had some instructions in her diary - I found everything - even feathers and when I came down after a shower she had done it! She is eight ,very clever and creative.
Ella made a card and also went a long walk with Grandpa.

Monday I did more tidying and decluttering - I am on a mission. Eye test on Tuesday and am having new specs!!!!
Wednesday - the girls again. Their mummy was working - she is doing temporary work at a nursery at the moment. This week is Half Term here and she had to do a day  at the Play Scheme and the girls are on holiday. They were due to go to another Play Scheme but begged to come here :-) - how could I say no :-) So they arrived and we were making pom poms as Phoebe, the youngest wanted to make something for her daddy. Later we went out for lunch and then popped to see a friend of ours and the girls were duly spoiled :-)

Pom pom making :-)

Afterwards we took them home tired but happy.
So there you have it a lot of smiles. :-)

So I am going to link up with the lovely Annie !


  1. I hope your son gets help with his sciatica, sometimes a shot of cortisone can help. I'm glad you're near enough to help out with your little girls.. nice for you all. Sounds like you all had fun.. good for you to be such a good grandma. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What fun you had spoiling those granddaughters this week. It put a smile on my face, right down to the crafts you three made. That dream catcher is fabulous. Proud grandmother, I can tell. Hope your son is feeling better now. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, too.

  3. Oh Anne what a wonderful week filled with smiles....apart from the sciatica of course. He has my full sympathy cos it’s not long since I had it. Thanks for sharing your week.
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  4. Wow! You have some really creative and dextrous granddaughters! They can't be that old judging from the written messages. I am impressed (and you can tell them that)
    Yes, I imagine you had lots of fun. I hope their daddy is feeling a bit better with his sciatica.
    Have a good week,

  5. Hi Anne, loving the look of those cakes, I can almost taste them from here Lol! Sounds like a busy week but I bet your son was glad of the rest, hope he's feeling better soon. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx

  6. A lovely happy post. Time with our grandchildren is very special. How clever those young ladies are, and how nice that they want to do something creative with you, as well as snuggling down together for a film afterwards. I am sure you all enjoyed the cakes you made.
    I hope your son's condition is improving. Sciatic is no fun at all, but it is lovely that his little girl was concerned and wanted to make things for him to cheer him up.
    Have a lovely week. Kate x

  7. How lucky you are to get chance to spend time with your grand children. It is a memory I will never forget of the happy days I spent with my grandparents which many people just don't get. Have a lovely weekend too, Angela xXx


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