Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Hello everyone. Thank you so much for the lovely, kind comments re Mum. She is settled in the Community Hospital but having trouble putting weight on her foot due to swelling :-( We also heard last week that the hospital she is in may close at end of the month - so another hurdle.

Anyway you are here to see my desk - if you are not sure why I am showing you my  desk then pop along to the lovely Julia's Blog and do join in.

I did manage a little more preparation for Saturday's Class - it is still happening - at the moment.

Well I thought I'd taken a photo of my desk this morning as I knew it would not change until tomorrow - but it seems I didn't :-(

So a few  finished bits and pieces to share instead.

If you are looking Margaret I had a go at ribbon weaving - not the best but enjoyed trying.

A little gift for a good friend who really helped me recently.

The one below was to send to mum- it hasn't photographed very well - it says hugs - the letters are raised - called The Eclipse Technique so I'm told!

A card to go with the little gift for my friend.

Well that's it for now. I will visit all who end in same number as me and as many more as I can. Hopefully back with a photo of my desk next week!!!


  1. God bless you and yours, Anne. I am sorry for the trauma of this season of your family life. Know that I care and at least can relate to some of what you are experiencing. In the midst of the difficulties, I am so glad for the support of family and friends that you have, and am glad that you make time for creative activities when you can...and celebrating a new little one in the family, too :) I am sorry I have not been in touch recently, and thank you for taking the time to stay in touch with me! Your cards are lovely! xx

  2. Gosh I hope the place where your Mum is stays open! What a lot you've been through. Very pretty cards, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely show and tell today Anne but I’m sad to hear of the problems you’re still having with mum’s health problems and the health system.
    Sending you big hugs,
    Annie x #9

  4. The elastics are still holding and here with me in Spain. Thanks!
    Sorry to hear about your mum, must play catch up and see your previous posting. Hope she makes a good recovery before they close. What a headache for you when they do though. Will send a prayer upstairs for you.
    Lovely work and I like the eclipse card, never heard of it so no idea how you did it, guessing a bit so will try when I get home.
    Take care, loved meeting you, hope we can do it again.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xxx

  5. Love the ribbon weaving. BJ#6

  6. The ribbon weaving card is beautiful and I love that 'eclipse' technique card, will have to look that up!
    Stay strong girl.
    Christine #17

  7. Beautiful cards - the ribbon weaving is lovely and I really like the effect of the raised eclipse technique - very clever!
    I hope your mum's foot starts getting better, it must be very difficult and painful for her to cope with. And I also hope her hospital stays open, although we have lost our small community hospital in our village, so I suppose it's happening all over - it's a real blow to the local people when it happens - very sad.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana #19 x

  8. Oh you poor thing, and your poor Mum, so much stress. If the hospital was closing that soon, surely they would have to start advising and planning? Hope its just a rumour. Love the card you made for your Mum, ha, who knew it had a name, 'Eclipse'. Another thing learned then!

  9. I'm glad your mum is doing ok in hospital but hope that it doesn't close, that's all you and she needs! Sending hugs. That eclipse writing is clever, we used to call it shadow lettering when I did calligraphy.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx

  10. Hi Anne,Love all the cards, that 'Eclipse Technique' looks great. Glad your Mom is settled, hoping the Hospital closure doesn't happen! Hopefully there will be another crop in the near future, and we will all be able to meet up! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #1 XxXx

  11. Best wishes to your Mum and you. Medical issues cause so much stress for all involved. Wow not heard of any medical places closing here. Churches, restaurants, and businesses, but not health related. Pretty ribbon weaving and fun cards thanks for visiting...hugs for this week.

  12. Despite the ongoing problems with your mum, you are managing to be very productive, Anne! Well done. Some lovely projects there. Thank you for your lovely comment - glad you like my cards, and yes, Margaret is a poppet and we had a great time!! Lol at your remark re kitties and their toys being like children! How true!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #8

  13. Hi Anne, hope your mum is okay and you sort out somewhere else for her. It's so sad that these small hospitals are having to close. Love your cards especially the big hugs. Happy crafty woyww, Angela x10x

  14. Gorgeous cards, Anne. It's years since I tried ribbon weaving. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum's problems. I hope the hospital remains open. Good Luck with it all.
    Hugs Lisax 16

  15. Lovely crafty makes :o)
    Tracey x

  16. Hi Anne. The raised lettering looks good. Never heard of that technique before. I also love the flower on the thank you card. Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind words on my album and male cards - I'm hoping I find them easier to make in months to come! Have a lovely week Heather #7

  17. I love your raised letters! I've been seeing that lately on some blogs I follow. Am sorry about your mum and the possible hospital issue. Hopefully they can get her transferred if needed. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great class and good week!
    Carol N #23

  18. I'm finally up for air after my challenge and stopping in to see how you are doing, Anne. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom and the threat of the hospital closing. It seems too stressful to contemplate. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for strength and healing! Your cards are marvelous! I'm glad you still manage to get some crafty time!! Lots of hugs, Darnell

  19. Hi Anne, love the ribbon weaving (Margaret is such a good teacher). So sorry to hear that the hospital might close; more stress and strain on everyone. Fingers crossed it won't happen. Hugs, Sarah #24

    1. Hi Sarah she certainly is and such a lovely lady. Hope you ok. Oh yes it's half term - bet you are looking forward to the rest. x


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