Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Hello everyone Firstly can I just say a huge thank you for all the kind words and wishes re my mum.
She is making slow and painful progress. she is getting out of bed, with a lot of help but it is very difficult for her and she really struggles but she has to do it. She is going to need 24 hour care for a long time I feel. yesterday we were told she is medically fit and they are looking to discharge her. They have said that she does not meet the criteria for the Rehab Unit and we need to sort out care. She is 88,has numerous health issues and we are now to quickly find her somewhere to go. There will be a meeting tomorrow with all concerned :-( I am not sure where all this will go.

Anyway I am here for WOYWW - sorry to digress. I have not done much crafting as you can imagine but have been having a little play - it is therapy and helped

 Above - my work space with something I am working on but can't share yet :-) In the background the abandoned project that was to be some swaps - I might go back to it

A view along the table
 The bag and gift card holder above were for my D.I.L. - photo not so good, it was her birthday on Monday.

The Cookie Monsters Cupcakes ( she designed them herself :-)) were for our granddaughter who was ten on Friday. She went out for afternoon tea with some friends. The restaurant is the photo above the cupcakes. We were invited and it was lovely. Again photos don't do justice to everything.

Well that's really all for this week. If you wonder what WOYWW is and would like to join in then click on the icon on my sidebar. I will do my best to visit as many as I can and all ending with same number as me. Hope to be back next week.


  1. Great cupcakes! Hope you get something sorted for your Mum, it is so hard when the resources aren't there for proper care, as it really sounds as if she needs lots of help... makes you wonder who WOULD qualify!! take care. Helen #1

  2. Morning Anne. Love the monster cakes. Glad you had that lovely time out!!! You really needed it. Do take care of yourself in all that is going on around you with your mum. I trust that something good will come out of all this - especially at the MDT meeting - today?
    Glad you are managing a little crafting - it's good for just breathing!
    Trust, too, that you and hubby are going to make it on Saturday, despite all. It will be a day for being cared for. and generally spoiled! Any food issues with either of you?
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  3. It is terrible that they won't take your mum in rehab - what are we coming to these days? My mil went into rehab and it was a blessing for all concerned as it got her assessed properly for further help. Hope you get somewhere with the authorities, you just have to push them.
    Lovely photos, glad you got time to do some nice things amidst all the worry - those cupcakes are fantastic!
    Hugs, Neet 8 xx

  4. Oh bless you. What's the saying?....been there done that, It's such an awful thing but you will have to fight for what is right for your mum my friend. Look after yourself well so you're up to the task and the very best of luck.
    Those cup cakes are amazing....I bet everyone loved them.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Annie x

  5. Good luck with finding somewhere for your mum, it's tricky but not impossible so I hope you and the family are lucky. WE made a similar decision when my dad needed more care than we could give him. Thinking of you.
    So I really hope you can get to the Crop on Saturday, it'll be a good stress reliever to chat and eat cake...maybe do a little crafting too :-)
    HUgs LLJ 7 xxx

  6. I hope all goes well with your Mum... don't be pushed into anything stand your ground ... I retried last year after 40 years as a nurse.. If you feel she is at risk health wise shout... Love the cupcakes they look so yummy... Take care... May #19

  7. Happy WOYWW. Thank you for sharing photos of your lovely crafty projects and those cupcakes (hungry now!). Glad your mum is recovering slowly, but sad that you have to sort out her care needs. I always panic when I think about what would happen if my mum or dad were needing care (or both - they have been divorced for 26 years and live in different counties, and 5 hours from me). My 2 sisters live in different corners of the UK too and I know that I would struggle to travel, but in the past it has been left up to me as I do not have children/career. I push that to the back of my mind, but perhaps I need to have some conversations with family so we are prepared if the worse happens. Ali x #26

  8. I hope your mother heals quickly and feels much better soon, and that you are able to make a great plan for her. My thoughts are with you. Cute cupcakes!! Have a great week, and thanks for sharing! Lindart #29

  9. All the best with the meeting; don't let anyone railroad you into something you're not comfortable with. If your mum needs a certain amount of care then that is what will have to be securely in place before she can be discharged even if they feel she is medically fit. Happy WOYWW Sarah #30

  10. There is hardly any wonder you haven't done much crafting. Hope the care sorted. I so love the monster Cupcakes, what fun. Happy woyww and enjoy your crafting, Angela x11x

  11. I'm really not sure how they can say she's not eligible for the rehab care. It would seem she should be. I hope you let us know how your family meeting goes. I hope you can figure out something. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Glad to hear your Mum is improving. Good luck with the care situation. I am sure you all will be able to come up with a plan. Love, love, love the cupcakes.
    April #20

  13. Hi Anne, Sending your mum positive healing thoughts and you huge hugs (((Anne))). Don't let them railroad you. They have to keep your mum until a suitable place can be found.

    Glad crafting is helping you de-stress.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #16

  14. Sorry to hear about your mum hope you find somewhere suitable. Fortunately never had to go down that route. Carry on crafting find it relieves stress. Anickoana #5

  15. Life is sooo hard isnt it?? My Mum is 97 & I live so far away ....! Love the cupcakes!!


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