Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Well I'm back! I hope for a while but who knows? I won't go on too much - my absence mainly due to the situation with my mum. At the moment she is in the Midlands in a Care Home for some respite care, only five minutes away from me , which is good - has been there three weeks now. It is a very, very long story. It has been and still is very difficult and has nearly finished me. However a stern talking to by my sons and DH have helped and I am trying to view things differently - but not easy.
Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful good wishes following my last post re mum and what happened.

I am going to keep it short - you will be pleased to know :-) , I have just started to do some more crafting - I've not had time or inclination really and so this was my desk aka dining table where I work tonight. My first Christmas Card and some daisy cards ( well they will be) - unsure what they will be for. Afraid all cased though have changed them a little. Have no energy to dream up anything original .

Light wasn't good and photo not brilliant but think you can see enough.

I have just had some new goodies from Stampin Up - looking forward to playing with them.

All being well I will hold my Crafter Noon Tea - postponed from July. Thankfully all the ladies can make the new date. They have been very patient with me.

Anyway that's all for now. I will visit as many as I can, certainly all who visit me and those ending with same number as me. If you don't know what WOYWW is about then pop over to the Chief WOYWWER find out more and join in.


  1. Hello Anne.. I'm glad your mum is settled and so close to you. You're lucky, mine was in assisted living for a long time and it was a 45 minute drive there and the same to get home, often in terrible traffic jams. I hope all goes well with you and your dear mum. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I'm doing a whistle stop trip around my favourite bloggers friends between customers....first arrived 8.30 and I've already shortened 2 pair of trousers. Many more due to come today cos some idiot decided to offer 10% off her Memory bears this week.
    Hope the situation eases with your mum. Crafting is a good therapy at times like this if only in half hour bursts so keep it up.
    Annie x #12

  3. Morning Anne. I'm glad to hear your Mum is close by and settled. It sounds like it's been a terrible time for you all. It makes me so grateful that my Mum's move went through so smoothly last year. It seemed stressful at the time but goodness after your experience I'd have been at the end of my tether.
    Hope things are on the up for you all at last. Hang in there.
    Good Luck
    Hugs Lisax #18

  4. Hi Anne, I'm glad that things are a little easier and that your mum is a bit closer to you now. Look after yourself and try and do a little crafting every day, even if it's only 5 minutes and colouring. Hugs, Sarah #19

    1. Hi Sarah. Can't reply on your blog but love the tag.Thanks for popping by and your kind comments :- My mum's situation is far from resolved unfortunately and I worry so much but just hope that it will get sorted, at the moment she is close by and safe so I have to be thankful for that at least :-)
      Anne x #17

  5. Hi Anne, good to see you back. Happy news that your Mom is much closer, that must at least be a weight off your mind. You do need to take care of yourself as well, but I guess thats what they've been telling you! Sending hugs, and love, Shaz #5 XxX

  6. So sorry for all the stress you've been under. It must be nice now, though, to have her close by. I can understand why you haven't had the inclination to craft, but it does get you thinking about something else. Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

  7. It is so hard when our parents need care that we can't always give them ourselves - been there, done that! and it sounds as if she is in the right place getting looked after. Make sure you look after yourself too! Helen #1

  8. I hope things are working out for your mum and you of course and all goes well... Your desk is full of beautiful cards and a SU box of Goodies I love their items... Happy WOYWW...May #10

  9. I understand your position with your mum. We have had all sorts with my mum and dad though luckily even at 89 and 90 they are still able to care for themselves so far. You must look after yourself too as you are no good to her if you're worn out all the time. Wishing you a happy woyww, Angela x14x

  10. It is so stressful and so difficult, I just thank God that you have siblings who have helped, and children and a husband to make you see through it all. Whilst your Mum is in the care home for respite, try to remember that it's YOUR respite. Hope the new box full of crafting goodies gives you some absorbing fun time!

  11. Julia said it all perfectly...look after yourself while your mum is in respite, it's important. I really hope you can make it to the Crop, it would be great to see you 💖
    Hugs LLJ xxx


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