Tuesday, 1 August 2017

WOYWW 426 It's been a while!

Hello deskers I have missed you all. Where have I been - for those who want to know I will tell you shortly.

Craftwise I have nothing to show really. I had to cancel my Crafternoon Tea back on 15th July and since then I have not really done anything , apart from an odd birthday card or two. I had to buy several as well. Hope that you will forgive me for joining in but not having a lot to share.

So as you can see not a lot to show. The SU catalogue is an old one as I was looking for something. I have had some new goodies but no time to play :-(  I found the little wooden stand at the back from Ikea and my phone sits there quite nicely :-)
If you want to see more interesting desks than mine then pop along to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/

So where have I been? Well up and down the M5, many times to  where my mum lives.

I think last time I told you that mum had decided to move up here. So the process began. Later that week she became ill. A long story but she ended up in hospital with a chest infection, gall bladder infection and water infection. My brother , sister and I rushed down. She was very, very poorly. She pulled round after a few days and so we went home as needed to sort out the move. The next day got a call that we should go down as she was again very, very poorly. Amazingly she pulled through. She was so ill it was heartbreaking to see her. My brother and I came home and a few days later we travelled down to start sorting out her home. She was then moved to the local Community Hospital - she is still there - getting a bit stronger.
Last Wed evening down there again to complete the packing up. We were reassured at all stages that everything going through. So on Friday a call to check where to send funds due to mum. We said is it going through, yes they said will complete today. So we continued with the emptying and packing. Two hours later my brother came in and said you'd better sit down. The sale had fallen through. So mum in hospital and a meeting that afternoon re discharge. House not suitable to live in. We had packed a lot of her belongings and moved them. Her bed and sofa were on a skip as she was having new.
We were so shocked. Situation still the same at the moment. We all trying to find a solution :-( I am beyond tired and so stressed. Anyway sorry for all this but for those who want to know I wanted to include it.

Another view of my craft space - some of mum's belongings :-(

So sad. I hope that next week I might have better news. Thank you for reading .


  1. Oh dear, Anne. What an awful time you are all having and your poor mum going up and down with her health. How old is she? We lost all our 4 parents in their 80's so I can really relate. I hope everything gets straightened out asap. Thinking of you.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh Anne I know all too well what a nightmare buying and selling is but was really hoping for better for your mum. I hope her health continues to improve and you manage to find a new buyer soon. Sending you big hugs.
    Annie x #11

  3. Oh Anne, I feel quite bloody for you, it's so impossibly stressful when others let you down. Try to remember that you're doing your best and it is very very good enough, I dont expect your Mum has any inkling f what youre going through. Am very glad that she's such a fighter, my goodness. As for your desk - well, sod it..just sit at it and have a cuppa!
    I've finally remembered to acknowledge your arrangement to come to the Crop at Llandudno...dont be worrying about it..if your plans go haywire, it doesn't matter at all...but if you do manage it, I promise we'll make it easy for you , being a bit shy makes it a big breath and step through the door thing....but quite often, I will hover in the car park, so you dont come in alone! After that...piece of cake and all is well!

  4. Oh Anne, I'm so sorry to hear all your stressful news. The sale falling through on top of your mum's illness must have felt like the last straw. Hugs. Sarah #12 xx

  5. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting my little blog. So sorry to hear about your Mum and all the problems you are having. House selling/moving is such a stressful time for most people isn't it? Of course, there are always those people - usually with pots of money - who sail through it easily. Hope it all gets resolved soon anyway. See you again...

  6. I too hope that next week you have better news. So sorry to hear about what has gone on in your life. Bad enough mum being so ill time after time but for the house sale to fall through at the last minute is awful - beyond awful.
    Sending lots of love and healing thoughts for mum.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx(a few extra xxxxxxx)

  7. Oh Anne - what a mess!!! I do trust that, indeed, everything sorts out for your all. House buying and selling is utter chaos in England and Wales. There must, surely, be a less stressful way.
    Please don't be nervous coming to the crop. I had never been before last year. John had recently died, but I was determined to go. I had SUCH a lot of fun. Made very welcome, invited for a meal, enjoyed really meeting folk we "meet" up with each week. You will be amongst friends.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  8. Hi Anne, I'm so sorry to read of the problems. How awful for you all. Just read Julias comment, remember you've met me, so there will be at least one known face there! Sounds like a nice relaxing day chatting & eating cake will be just what you need. Look forward to hearing better news soon, Hugs, Shaz #16 xXxX

  9. Oh you poor thing - I'm so very sorry to hear about the house sale falling through at the last minute - what WERE the purchasers thinking of?? And it's so hard when you're trying to sort your mum out too. Sending you big hugs, lovely gal - try and get some rest yourself, otherwise you'll go bang.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  10. Oh what a dreadful time - so much stress - stress enough with your mum being ill, but the final straw for the completion to fall through. Just noticed that Sarah (previous comment) said almost the same as me ... looks as if I'm copying, but those where exactly the words that came to mind when reading your post. I do really hope and pray that something gets sorted very soon and that mum gets stronger. I'm not surprised that you have an unused desk with all of this going on. - Hazel, #26 x

  11. Great WOYWW Have a great week! xx Jan (31)

  12. what a nightmare of a time - firstly I hope your Mum is better soon, but hope more that you sort the sale out (hear a lot of that in my job) and your lives all get back to a more normal stress level! Helen #2

  13. Oh Anne you poor thing! It's hard enough when parents are ill but to go through all that as well. Do hope things get easier soon. Sending big hugs and thanks for the visit to mine, Angela x15x

  14. What a time you're having, I am so sorry... I do hope you're mum is improving, but England really has to sort out it's house-selling process! This should not happen - moving is stressful and exhausting enough, without this last-minute falling through!
    Sending hugs xx
    Claire no. 7
    PS I forgot to say, thank you for visiting yesterday :)


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