Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Thank you one and all who have visited and left me a comment. I hope I returned the compliment. 
As always the week flew by :-) I took part in a Blog Hop (see previous post)
Then on Friday my brother and I travelled down to Somerset on Friday ( a round trip of 300 miles) to collect my mum. On Saturday we took her to see some Retirement Apartments. Things got a little heated between us all that evening - everyone tired, all wanting best for mum etc. My brother asked mum to stop over on Sunday as well but she wanted to get back. So on Sunday brother and I took her back home - another 300 miles there and back. From all that she said it sounded as though she really didn't want to move. We left with heavy hearts as she stood in the window waving, crying and looking so sad. Then last night a call from my brother she has decided to make the move!!! It will not be easy and I have some reservations but I know it is the best thing. 

I delivered over 100 hundred cards to the care home mum spent some time in, ready for the Fete on Saturday. Hope it goes well for them. I am still trying to sort out and get organised. Bought some new shelves to try and help :-)

So my desk tonight - which won't change by tomorrow morning

I had started to put some stuff away as I'd made a right mess cutting up an oasis. Then remembered I'd not taken a photo so that's it at the moment!

Recent make.
Managed to make a few cakes for my granddaughters to take up to school. Apparently all good. I just wish I could find some cases that don't come away from the cakes. 

Anyway I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my week. I will pop by and visit as many desks as I can and those ending with the same number as me. 
If you would like to join in with this fun , weekly visit of desks then go and visit the lovely Julia and her blog where all is explained


  1. An especially busy week for you, Anne! I am glad that you are making progress in sorting out your mom's situation. I had many long drives to be with my folks in that season of their lives, and decisions were difficult for all of us, too. It is always lovely to see your creative makes, from paper craft to yummy looking food :) Wishing you and yours a good week. xx

  2. Oh my.. sorry about the traumas of you Mum's move and all.. I hope it all works out best for her and you, too. Your cards are wonderful.. I hope your week is a good one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I know how heartbreaking this move for your mum must be. I went there a long while ago with Chas's mum and it was hard work then we had it all over again with his auntie. It was awful but it is for the best and I have told my family that I must go in a home when the time comes. Hope I still feel that way.
    Just enjoy your crafting, I love your glass cutting mat, who did the handprint?
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  4. My heart goes out to you with all you're going through with your mum. It's such a difficult time. It's nearly 20 years since we went through the same but it feels like yesterday. Really hope the move goes as smoothly as it can.
    Big hugs,
    Annie x # 14

  5. It's the enormity of the move that must be overwhelming for your mum (and you) but once she's moved and has company and closer to you, she will be ok. You can't carry on like this, I know what caring at a long distance is like. Take care Anne,
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  6. Bet none of those yummy cakes are left now - they look scrummy!!
    I was determined to visit you today :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    Claire no.9

  7. Sounds like a difficult time, hope and pray all goes smoothly.
    sandra de @24

  8. Ah, such a difficult time for you and your mum, am delighted she's agreed to move, but really, expect her to change her mind again, its a scarey proposition! I think Oasis mess has to be amongst the worst - it gets a life of its own and clings to everything! Love that birthday card!

  9. Happy WOYWW. How difficult for your family. I do not look forward to what the future brings with regards to my parents. They divorced over 26 years ago and mum still lives alone in the flat she bought in Oxfordshire, whilst dad remarried and lives in Birmingham (his wife had a very serious stroke last year and is in a home permanently). They are in their 70s and in reasonably good health, but it is still a worry. Me and my 2 sisters live in scattered corners of the UK, and I am not able to drive far (we are 5 hours from any of them). Life doesn't get much easier! At least we have our crafting to keep us occupied. Ali x #25

  10. Hi Anne, it sounds like you had a very stressful weekend, but the news that your Mum has made the decision herself is good. I know myself that it has to be a decision they make themselves because they want to.It will be a great deal of stress removed to have her closer, even if there is more stress to start with! Love the card, and the cakes. You are quite right, cake cases do seem to peel, don't they? Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #11 XxX

  11. Beautiful birthday card and cakes, Anne! I had a heavy heart with you as I read the saga of your trip with your brother, but then it lifted when I read she changed her mind! I pray that the transition will go as smoothly as possible. It's not easy, but I know you are strong. I'm sending lots of love and hugs and support!! Darnell

  12. It does seem a lot to take on... but it will be so much easier and less stressful when your mum has made the move - good luck!
    Those cakes made my mouth water... hungry now lol
    Have a wonderful Wednes-YAY!
    Bubbles #7

  13. Happy WOYWW #422 thanks for sharing xx Jan (31)

  14. Hi Anne. Thanks for the visit. Oh wow! You are coming over for a holiday - we must meet up - plus your DH - and have coffee or lunch or something. I'm only over the hill from town! It will be so good to have you at the crop.
    I do understand how hard it is when parents can't cope anymore. We offered to help my mum and dad to move nearer their dream (living in Wales) a good few years ago now - but they had left it too late - so we had to do the move toward them! It was hard - both for them and for us - but I'm glad we did it for as long as John's health allowed it. My dad is now in a home - costs an absolutely immoral amount of money each month, BUT, he is looked after, he is warm, and he has company - all of which he lacked in his own house. But it is an enormous upheaval for everyone. One of the most important things John and I learned was to ensure time for ourselves in it all! I wish you all well.
    Take care dear girl. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  15. You have been so busy, It's a difficult time for all I am so glad your mum has agreed in the end it's a big decision for her.. I hope all goes smoothly in the end with not to many hiccups along the way... your cakes do look yummy and the card is simple Beautiful....Take care....May#4

  16. I hope all gets sorted out smoothly with regards to your Mum's move - it's such a difficult decision. Lovely cupcakes - I'm sure they didn't last long!
    Bernice #22

  17. Looks like you've been really busy. Love the cup cakes bet they went down well. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x16x

  18. Those cupcakes look yummy and I hope your mom's move goes well and if she is closer to you both it will be better for her to be able to see you all easier :) hugs Nikki6

  19. Yummy! Those cakes look so good. :-)
    April #8

  20. I feel for you never had to cross that bridge but as I now get older and realise the amount of possessions I have it will be difficult should the need arise. Craft stuff alone fills my house and to be parted from it doesn't bear thinking about. Anickoana #3

  21. I'm glad things are working out for your Mum, it's so hard at that age to contemplate change, and so scary for her, but I'm glad she's taking the plunge! Good for you for making 100 cards! Wow! Those cakes look very yummy! Thanks for sharing (sorry for being late!), Lindart #37

  22. how awful for you all, I hope to choose to remain in the home and land I love to my dying day - but I accept sometimes our choices are denied for practical reasons, we can't always continue to live our dreams eh? , your Mum is so brave, hope the change works out for you all, much love dx21


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