Tuesday, 3 January 2017

WOYWW 396 and other news

Hello fellow WOYWWers :-)

Happy New Year Everyone.

 I had hoped to join in last week and wish you all a Happy New Year but it was not to be. My son and family went home Tuesday I then had to prepare for mum coming on Wednesday and time just flew!! I will put more news in Part 2 - so that you can read just WOYWW bit if you wish.

There is not much to see crafting wise -  if you read my news bit later you will learn why :-) My work space AKA dining room table in the main is sporting it's Christmas cloth and there is all sorts of stuff waiting to be put away. 
So here it is, 

I am hoping to change some of my crafting habits :-) I would like to try some challenges and make more cards that I need to send. I am probably not going to be going to many more Sugar Craft sessions as it looks like the Centre will be closing. I also feel I have come to the end with it. I can do what I need to do now - not showing off but don't make many cakes now, I have made a lot of stuff at classes I don't use. The two Christmas cakes I made and decorated were done very simply as I ran out of time - but had spent a lot of time making stuff I couldn't use. So I think I need to move on! it is sad the centre is closing though because as well as classes it was a centre for Mental Health. There were respite flats, a cafe where patients could work , There are still various therapy classes as well and they will all go. The Sugar Craft class was part of Community Centre - lots of other classes all providing social interaction as well as learning. the council will sell all the site for development we think.

If you would like to join in with WOYWW then visit the stamping ground
I will visit all who end with same number as me and as many others that I can.

Part Two 

Well as you know I was unwell before Christmas and it took a long time to clear and I didn't get everything done but it didn't matter. The world didn't end!!!  :-)

I managed to do some shopping and DH finished the rest.  Managed to visit my Auntie on Christmas Eve - though not a joyous occasion :-( she is very difficult to please.

Christmas Day was lovely. We had a leisurely start - most unusual :-) My eldest son and family came down ( from Yorkshire)  to us at four o clock on Christmas Day. Younger son and family  came round at two o clock. I'd planned our 'feast' to start at five o clock . It is the first time for many years that I have had both sons together on Christmas Day, It was wonderful to have them all here. It was hard work and if I'm honest I didn't enjoy my food so much - I think it was a combination of feeling unwell and then worrying that everything was going to be ok. Everyone said it was lovely and when DH and I had a meal from leftovers I did enjoy it :-)

Table - laid by granddaughter - ready and waiting.

 Fun and Photos

We had a super time together and the children so enjoyed being together,
On Boxing Day we got up late, had brunch and then eldest son, D.I.L. and grandsons plus us :-) went to nearby park and boys tried out their mini rockers ;-) DH decided to have a scoot round the car park , then came back to us , hit a patch of grass and rolled commando style over the grass verge. Fortunately he did not injure himself - we were doubled up laughing. We then went on to see Aunt again - not much better than on Christmas Eve but at least I had back up :-) Then home for tea and playing games.

Our D.I.L. had to get up and leave at 6.30 on Tuesday morning and drive to Wakefield as she was at work ( a nurse) she didn't want to go Boxing Night, leave everyone and go home to empty house. It was so cold that morning - a very heavy frost, really felt for her and missed her so much.
DS , grandsons, DH and I went to youngest son's for lunch and then they caught train in afternoon up to Wakefield for when D.I.L. finished work.

Grandsons are up there somewhere :-)

DS playing carols at Auntie's

Both son's at youngest son's on Tuesday- enjoying karaoke - very funny

Below is the cake I made for mum - nothing amazing


DH's card - I was not completely happy with it but at least I managed to make and finish one for him.

It was a lovely family Christmas and I am blessed to have had such a wonderful time with family. After taking them to the station I went home to tidy up - a bit :-) and change beds.
 On Wednesday went to my sister's in Towcester to collect mum. She spent Christmas with them.
Sadly mum had been/was quite poorly- a visit to GP confirmed a chest infection.
I had to take mum to GP again on Thursday as she seemed very unwell and said she couldn't breathe. She is 88 and has a pacemaker and it was very worrying. It has been a very difficult few days as at times she seemed to be quite childlike, critical and not very thoughtful but she is not usually like that.

Auntie came over to see her on Friday - not without it's problems but we survived.
New Year's Eve we took mum to my brother's, did some shopping , popped to see a friend. We went back to my brother's for the evening - mum slept quite a bit though - but it was fun with my brother and sister in law and much needed light relief.
On Sunday we took mum back home to Somerset. Took a long time - weather was atrocious cold and lots of rain. Left ours at 1.30 arrived there about 5.30 and had so much stuff to unload from car. Then discovered that some cream had spilled - everywhere. I had to change beds and cook dinner. I was exhausted.
Monday more leisurely though mum asked me why I was so tired - at eleven o clock that night - I'd taken her shopping to Tesco and cooked dinner!!!!

Left mum's at two o clock this afternoon and home at 4.45. I have collapsed in a heap :-) - it was so sad leaving my mum and I am very worried about her. I spoke to her GP and told him what had happened and my sister down there is taking her to her own GP tomorrow.

An Update re Alexis

Poor little sausage went into hospital on Christmas Eve and is still there. He just wouldn't feed and had lost a kilo. He has a tube for feeding - and has the cutest socks on his hands as he kept pulling the tube out. His tummy is ok - they did a barium meal etc all well there but they don't know why he is not feeding. :-(

Little sausage on Christmas Morning
- above

Later in week he has perked up :-)

So I am sorry (Julia) a bit long - so a varied and interesting time but lots of good times. Hope you all had a lovely time.


  1. Oh, that brave wee lad always manages a smile! I do hope he rallies and then has a long healthy spell. He's as cute as can be! Thank you for the newsy update, Anne! It sounds like your Christmas and New Year's was a lot of work, but wonderful just the same with both your boys home! I'm sorry that your Mum has taken a turn and I pray she quickly gets over the chest infection. I'm wishing you all the BEST in the new year!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Hi. I read to the end 🙂 Sounds like you fitted a lot in over Christmas. Here's hoping life settles down for you and you can enjoy a healthy, happy and creative New Year.
    Annie x #17

  3. It may be long but it kept me reading right to the end. So sorry to hear about the little one but glad that he perked up later in the week. It must be so worrying for all the family.
    Sorry to hear about your mum, and about her change in behaviour, let us hop it was just due to an infection of some kind. Not sure about the aunt though, wish there was something you could do to make her smile and enjoy life. Perhaps dress up as a clown for her, but then she would probably say she was scared of clowns so forget that one.
    Well, even thought it was hard work for you it looks as if Christmas was very successful. Hope you start to feel better now that the new year is here.
    Hugs and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Neet 5 xx

  4. What a cutie Alexis is, praying the feeding problem is solved it is concerning. A varied post Anne but some really happy times there with your dear ones which is nice, pray darling mum improves health wise, she's the same age as my dad. He has heart issues too.
    Happy WOYWW,
    Shaz in Oz.x #9

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  5. What a lovely post and some fab pix. Sorry to read you're still poorly and hope that both you and Alexis will improve soon

    Happy WOYWW


  6. Oh my Anne, what a week you've had. Glad your nephew has perked up a bit, how worrying for you all. And your Mum has your sister close by, which is good. Hope you get a chance to relax a little now, Have a good week, Hugs, Shaz #3 xx

  7. Hi Anne, having read your post right through to the end, I'm not at all surprised you haven't found time to craft. Hopefully, you'll get some time to yourself now that the festivities are over. Hope your mum recovers from her chest infection soon. My heart goes out to little Alexis and so glad to see he is perking up - hope he continues to improve. Take some time to rest before tackling the planned tidying and reorganisation. Hugs, Elizabeth x #21

  8. Happy New Year, Anne. Oh my word - what a mix of emotional times in your home and family this Chistmastime! I do hope all sorts itself out, and your mum gets much better. I know how worrying it was when John went down wih a chest infection, I was on high alert all the time until the antibiotics started to kick in. Take care of yourself in the midst of everything.
    I love the card for your hubby, and the cake. It doesn't have to be over complicated, does it? It looks really good. Well done.
    God bless.
    Margaret #4

  9. Sounds like you had a great Christmas (in spite of Auntie!), having your children together will keep you warm for a long time to come! I hope little sausage feels better - what a cutie pie! I love the card you made for your hubby, beautiful! Mine would have loved it too! I rarely enjoy Christmas dinner - I am too exhausted! But this year I made my turkey on Christmas Eve Day, and reheated it for Christmas dinner - I think it's the first dinner in years I have actually enjoyed! What a difference! Happy New Year! Lindart #37

  10. Your Christmas cake looked lovely and glad to see the wee one's smile at the very end.. it does help when you have so much worry for them.

    Happy New Year
    Erika #27

  11. How cute is thst little smile? It sounds like you have had a horrid time, but the blessings still outweigh the hard times. Hope this year bring you a lot more blessings.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #8

  12. wow, what a lot has been going on... hope everything gets sorted soon and the little one is home soon. what a worry. Helen #2

  13. Bless little Alexis, he looks a lot better after just a few days of tune feeding, I do hope the medics can sort him out once and for all! It sounds like despite a lovely Christmas, you're still way too busy and stressed. Geographic distance is such a sod when you're worried about someone, I do feel for you. Xx

  14. Goodness, you have been very busy with all your family visiting and your mom and aunt.. please remember not to overdo, my friend! You need to take care of yourself too. I hope little Alexis gets sorted out and well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Very busy over the holidays for sure glad you had a fun time and feel better soon hugs Nikki 7

  16. That is one busy post and how sweet is little Alexis. Hope he continues to perk up. Happy New Year and happy woyww, Angela x 18

  17. Know what you mean about a new start with the crafting Anne, I'm right there with you. Thanks for the visit - Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year BJ#12

  18. Oh what a time you have had. So good that you had all your family round but I agree it is exhausting! All the best to you for 2017 - I hope it's a really good year for you.

  19. I'm glad you had a good Christmas with the family despite all the ups and downs. I know just what it's like caring for an elderly relative at a distance, so you take care Anne. You are important too.
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

  20. This season of your life with elderly and tiny loved ones feeling poorly is especially challenging when you are feeling poorly, too, Anne! I appreciate your good humor and worry in the mix, and I pray that you are able to get the rest you need to feel better. I still judge you cake decorating and card making as stellar! xx

  21. OMG! I love hubby's card and your Mom's cake is beautiful. Sounds like your Christmas was a mix of various happy and difficult challenges. Definitely not good that the baby is sick and your Mom at the same time...worry and stress...not good. Make sure you take care of yourself first otherwise who will take care of them? Happy New Years! Vickie #12


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