Tuesday, 13 September 2016

WOYWW - - it's been a while!!!!

So where have I been? I will tell you more after my WOYWW post.
I have managed a bit of crafting since I last visited - I held my repeat All Day Class on the 7th August but after that I didn't do any more paper crafting until last week and I was getting ready for a class last Saturday. I've forgotten to photograph any of the makes - will have to show them next time. The class was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I have another on 1st October ( all being well) so have started work on that this week. The preparations are what 's on my desk tonight and it won't change until tomorrow .
Yes we are making a start on Christmas :-) not all the makes last Saturday or at next class are Christmas - but dipping our toes in the water :-) everyone was happy to start.

 Made the card above for DH for our 45th Wedding Anniversary - I was a child bride :-)
 The one above was for our eldest son and our daughter (in law) who celebrated their 10th Anniversary two days before us.
Above the table set for the All Day class I mentioned, I made everyone a little bag to hold goodies.
So that 's my contribution to WOYWW - glad to be back joining in. If you would like to know what it's all about and join in then visit the lovely Julia at her blog The Stamping Ground.

Part 2

So where have I been and what have I been up to ??? I will try not to write an Epic
After my class on the 7th August my mum arrived on the 8th to spend a few days with me and then my brother - then we were taking her home.
I had lots planned with mum - but it didn't happen :-( On the Tuesday we had decided to go shopping have lunch etc - mum was really looking forward to it. We had coffee and then went to go downstairs in the store we were in and mum fell on an escalator. I tried to grab her but couldn't hold on to her. She fell backwards and went about half way down before I managed to stop it, long story short she fractured her ankle :-) we both got a ride in an ambulance to A&E. They sent her home with a tubular bandage on- said they were not sure if fracture or not. That night I realised they'd left the cannula in her arm so back we went next day.
On the Friday I took her back for a review - doctor said definitely fractured - temp plaster!!!
She then told me she thought she had a water infection and her breathing was dreadful.

On Saturday my son and family arrived back from their holiday in Cornwall. Mum told my D.I.L. ( who is a nurse) she had blood in her urine should she tell me!!!!

We had a BBQ that evening with both sons and families, mum , my brother and his wife. Then my brother took mum to stop with him for a few days. DH and I then looked after our grandsons until the Wednesday. Meanwhile my brother took my mum to medical centre where she was diagnosed with a chest infection and a water infection. He also took her back to hospital where they took plaster off and gave her a big boot arrangement.

On the Thursday DH and I collected mu from my brother's and set off to Somerset to take mum home. She was quite unwell and I had to get someone in to see her. They gave her more medication and a good examination and arranged for blood tests. It was a difficult, tiring time but we did get a visit to the seaside and had fish and chips.

On the Tuesday of the next week my sister came to take over. DH and I went home. We then looked after our granddaughters overnight and then had the Sunday off !! :-) our wedding anniversary

On Monday we met eldest son in Derbyshire and brought grandsons back here. Met son again on the Thursday to hand them back. On Friday we had the girls for the day.
Collapsed in a heap after that :-) took ourselves out to lunch on the Sunday and then I started crafting again ready for last Saturday's Class!!
That was the short version!!!
Mum's ankle is improving but she had to spend last Thursday in hospital. she became very disorientated and had a rash. Turns out that she had an allergic reaction to the medication. I am very concerned about her and of course she doesn't live nearby. There are lots of issues and I am beginning to feel quite down about it all. It has been good to craft again and it relaxes me.
A few photos of events.

Above mum - this was after her fall. She is amazing really. She will be 88 in January.
 About to have champagne - mum bought it - said we didn't have chance to all be together very often and should celebrate - our eldest lives in Yorkshire, mum in Somerset and we are in the Midlands.

 Fun in the park with the grandsons. Managed to catch me on the swing as well :-)
 DH, eldest son and boys when we met up in Derbyshire to collect the boys.
 Had a lovely picnic together. It was a beautiful day.

Anniversary flowers.

Well I think I'd better stop there - sorry it's a bit long - thanks if you made it to the end,
Hope to be back next week.


  1. Hi Anne. Yes I made it to the end....what can I say? Get well soon to your Mum, Happy anniversary to you and I really hope life returns to somewhere near normal for you soon.
    Sending you big hugs,
    Annie x # 16

  2. It is very tricky looking after an elderly parent from a distance...is she in sheltered housing? That was great for my dad when he couldn't manage so well anymore.
    You take care too, I know how stressful it is for you.
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xxx

  3. WOW! Sorry to read of your trauma's and hope everything works out well. Belated Happy Anniversary. Great pix, thanks for sharing

    Happy WOYWW .. hope the champers was nice too!


  4. Hi Anne, first off, Congratulations on the anniversary- I think I'd like your Hubby, lol. I hope your Mom is doing a bit better, it's awful when one thing after another happens, as they are so lowered by one thing it all hits them at once. My Mum is 84 this year, so I know where you are coming from. I do hope all the stress eases a little bit, but it's a worry when you are far away. I only live about a half hour drive from mine, but i worry like you. Have a better week, Hugs, Shaz #9 xxx

  5. Congratulations on your 45th anniversary, I can only wish/hope I will someday be able to celebrate that. How thoughtful those goodie baggies. Happy WOYWW, Vicky

  6. Sorry to hear about your mum! It's scary as they get older. My Mum turned 80 while I was over in England. It isn't fun being so far away. Hopefully she's on the mend now.

    Happy Anniversary to you! The years just fly by don't they?

    Hope this next week is less hectic!

    Sharon K #40

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! I love your cards, sweet little bear! Ohhh, your mum looks precious!! My dad is 89, they are a gift, no? Looks like your really had a great time with your family! Moments you just can't get back! Blessings for the rest of the week!: ) Felicia #42

  8. glad things are quieting down and you are getting some creative time
    robyn 6

  9. Fab blog post..its so similar to my Mums story.. nothing but hospital visits etc. Love the look of your class. Happy WOYWW. Elaine no. 20

  10. Hello Anne. Boy it has been eventful in your life lately and I do hope your mom is feeling better soon. yes I do agree living far away isn't easy at all as I am a five hour plane ride from home and haven't been there in over 8 years when I flew home I just have my sister Nikki left back home which I chat with as much as I can and I am sure if we lived closer I would see her lots as we could craft together a ton. I love how you set your table for your class how wonderful it would be to join in. Yes and congrats on your anniversary and thanks for visiting me earlier. Have a wonderful week Hugs LWAYS ~ANNE L#5

  11. I did too... it all sounds a bit hectic! glad your mum is recovering, and try not to worry too much about her(some hope of that, been here, done that!!) Helen #1

  12. Oh Anne you have had quite the adventure this past month haven't you! Glad to hear your Mom is on the mend and you are having some time to your self and to be able to craft. Hope the class went well! btw I am only 64 but I fell at Christmas and broke my knee…you and your Mom's journey sounded a lot like mine and my daughters. It does get better but it is a slow go! Hope it settles down soon and you have a great week. Vickie aka Okienurse #11

  13. Oh Anne, you have had a month! Good grief. I'm so sorry for your Mum, hope she's well on the mend. Honestlybeing the grown up isn't fun is it, when it comes to our parents. Well done on the workshops, they're as good for you as they are for your clients I expect, in terms of keeping you sane!

  14. Our moms are so important and I hope she's feeling better. Crafting is therapeutic for us too! Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #44

  15. Hi Ann, with all that's been going on I am surprised you've had time to craft anything lol! but we're pleased to see you back. Thanks for the lovely comment over at mine and happy woyww, Angela x

  16. Goodness me, Anne. I'm not surprised you haven't been around for a while!! What a month you have had. I trust all is now in recovery mode, and your mum will start to feel better quickly. Water infections really are the limit, aren't they? The person becomes totally disoriented and off planet.
    Thank you so much for your visit and for your kind words. Life has changed in an instant.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  17. What a busy time for your family. Your mom...bless her heart, I hope she's feeling better soon! Your picnic looks so much fun.
    Chris P #34

  18. Oh dear! That's been a stressful time for you! I do hope things are on the mend for your Mum!
    Love that teddy bear stamp! I guess it's S/Up? (Maybe you could let me know, if you have a chance?)
    Thanks for dropping by earlier too.
    RosA # 27

  19. Goodness.. your mom has had a rough time and in turn the whole family is having to close forces and work together to help her out. How far away from you does she live? I know where you are coming from as we lost all four of our parents in a span of a few years. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. What a busy week, and crafting as well, you did good. Your Mum is looking good, it gets tricky when they get to that age. Enjoy your time with her. Lovely family memories. Blessings Hilde

  21. Hi Anne, Oh my goodness what an awful time you and your mum have had. Sending heaps of positive healing thoughts to your mum and huge hugs to you (((Anne))). Hope your mum continues to improve.

    Glad you managed the family get togethers and having the various kids to stay.

    Hope life treats you kinder and you get plenty of crafting time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  22. Great desk, Some lovely pictures of you time out. Loveing the cards,

    Thank you for you visit and comment on my blog

    Lilian B # 26

  23. Glad your Mum's on the mend and glad to see her still enjoying a little tipple there!! :o) Love the cards, I had noticed that gorgeous layered teddy stamp in the new SU catalogue. Your workshop table looks so inviting with all the pretty bags, wish I could come! Have a great week :o) Annie C #21

    1. A non alchoholic tipple :-) - she used to enjoy a glass of wine but not good with her medication now. x

  24. Sounds like your mum is incredible to have coped with so much and still be able to sit with a drink and enjoy herself. Love the look of your prep for the workshops.
    sandra de

    1. Hi thanks for comment. Mum's drink was non alchoholic :-) she used to like a glass of wine but her medication prevents this now. x

  25. Anne! Happy 45th Anniversary! What a challenging season of life you are in! I am so glad your classes are going well and that you are having good times with your family in the midst of the worrisome events. May the Lord bless you and yours as you sort through the details of your circumstances. Please make sure you rest regularly! xxxxx

  26. Lovely workshop makes to take home and home and it's never to early to start Christmas :)
    Glad to see your mom is on the mend and enjoying herself
    Really Late getting around
    hugs Nikki

  27. Sorry to hear your mum's had a rough time lately. I know how hard it can be when you are far away from a parent. I hope it all goes better in the future.


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