Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Wonderful Weekend

Had super time in Yorkshire! We went to celebrate Harry's 10th birthday. DH and I travelled up on Thursday. Looked after boys before/after school on Friday. On Sat I helped Carolynn decorate birthday cake. At 4.15 6 lads aged 10/11 arrived and along with Harry and Sam we set of to Xscape - the lads were trampolining! They had great fun. Afterwards we went to Pizza Express where they consumed lots of dough balls and pizza :-)
After cake and unwrapping of some presents we all went to bed!
Sunday was Father's Day and DH and our son were given breakfast in bed ! We had a really lazy morning. We also gave Harry his birthday presents as we were coming home after lunch and his actual birthday is tomorrow! He was thrilled with his presents, the main one being a special rucksack.
Had a delish lunch of pulled pork and salad followed by birthday cake!
When we got home we went to visit our younger son & family to celebrate Father's Day again - more cake :-) x
The birthday boy - in blue! Love you H! X

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  1. Goodness.. aren't you a social butterfly! What a lot of family fun you had! Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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