Friday, 19 June 2015

Still catching up

Various things have kept me busy during last few weeks. One was visiting with eldest son and his gorgeous family. DH and I looked after our grandsons overnight when our son and D.I.L. went to a wedding. They were away overnight and we got to spoilx look after our beautiful GS
 Flower arrangement the bride sent me
 Grandsons with gramps

 Boys being spoiled with luxury hot chocolates

Posing with mummy and daddy before they left! Will be back with more :-),Going to link to Annie's Friday Smiles at a stitch in time 


  1. Thanks for linking up Anne. Family together times always makes me smile. We are having ours around for tea tonight...there will be 10 of us here and it will be total chaos but I love it :-)
    Annie x

  2. The boys are old enough to be easier to take care of, aren't they? I'm glad you had a fun time with them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi Anne, happy Friday/weekend smiles...isn't it grand to look after the grandkids...I love it too. Enjoy them Cheers Robyn

  4. Love the look of your DIL's dress! And I'm sure the boys brought you many smiles x

  5. Awww. Time spent with grandparents only is special to both the grandparents as well as the boys. They will remember those moments with fondness.

  6. It is always good to have some special time with the grandees, and the chance to spoil them a bit. Kate x


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