Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Well I didn't make it last week to the weekly desk sharing - a lot going on.

Cannot believe it is almost May!!!! The year is flying by for sure.

Last week was busy with preparations for a wedding we were attending- mainly me finding something to wear!! Found it very difficult and had a bit of a meltdown at one point - so silly really. More re the wedding following my desk sharing.
I had to finish the wedding card and gift holder. Have also been making birthday cards for DH and youngest son who have a birthday a day apart this week.

Also been making two more of the stationery chests that the ladies made in my all day class ( see previous post) my granddaughters saw the one I'd made as an example and wanted one. So I've made them one each but slightly different contents for the girls.

I have also been trying to decide what we will make in next half day class plus preparing for another All Day Class for those who missed the previous one ( at their request - so a confidence boost for me )

So here is my workspace - ready for a tidy up. It doesn't seem to take long though to get messed up again - I am not a tidy crafter :-)

The blue card in the middle ( above )  is DH's card waiting for finishing touches.

DS's card.

The chest's for the girls - filled with all sorts of things they like.

Thanks for looking - will visit all who visit me ( where I can) those I follow regularly and those ending with same number as me.

If you are interested
The Wedding

The groom was present at our wedding 44 years ago aged 18months so it was lovely to see him marry. He and his now wife had been together for 14 years and I'm sure his Mum thought he would never actually marry :-) it is his first marriage and we hope they will have a long and happy life together.

The venue was Iscoyd Park Whitchurch Shropshire - stunning setting.
Everything about the day and celebration was just lovely- we had a super day.

Some photos

The gardens

DH scrubbed up well :-)

There were beautiful floral decorations everywhere

Waiting for the bride

Some words of advice maybe :-)

Confetti time - the grooms brother directing proceedings

Finding where we were sat for reception

Our table

The cake - made by the brides mum

Cutting the cake

The card and gift holder I made.

Thanks for looking.


  1. The wedding looks stunning. Your card is beautiful.

  2. The cards and stationery boxes are gorgeous, what a great grandmother you are! The wedding looked very posh.. how could they be with each other for 14 years? They both look so young! I wish you'd shown us you in your dress! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a beautiful wedding. I hope they will gave a long happy life together.
    Annie x # 17

  4. What a fab wedding - I have never heard of the venue and I am a Shropshire lass! x Jo

  5. I love the birthday cards and the boxes for your daughters. I must look at your previous blogs and see how you did that...
    Enjoyed looking at the photos of the wedding. I was looking for a photo of you to see what outfit you got in the end. But of course I don't know what you look like....
    Have agood week,

  6. What a cake!
    Happy Deskday

  7. Loved your card, so beautiful as was the cake, the venue and the couple :-). I understand about the 'what to wear' meltdown though...did much the same last November for a friend's wedding...what are we like??
    Hugs, LLJ 19 xxx

  8. Someone looks as though they've been busy. Great wedding photos.
    Happy woyww, Angela x 21

  9. lovely photos, the chests are brilliant. always nice to see wedding photos - the cake looks amazing. Lea - number 32

  10. Great cards, and those chests are very cute. I'm with you, the year is flying by but someone should tell the weather, we have snow on the fells here

  11. Well done on those chests they are so petty..great cards too, and images of the wedding to share, thanks Anne, happy WOYWW a bit late. Shaz in Oz.x

  12. Lovely photos, Anne, and gorgeous cards and chests... How busy you have been! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment - yes, the card my hubby found is pretty good isn't it!! As for how I am, I am doing well with my recovery from the operation, but had some pretty earth shattering news yesterday that the chemo that I thought might just be a quick bottle of pills has turned into six months of aggressive intravenous chemotherapy, probably starting next week. So not what I wanted to hear just as I am starting to feel getter! Oh well, with my hubby's help I'll get through it, I've no doubt.


  13. Thanks for your return visit, Anne, and no problem - you lot keep me sane lol!!! And yes, together my hubby and I will get through this. A friend visited this a.m. and said to remember that with each treatment I have, it's one less to have! I'm getting lots of useful hints and tips from people who have been through it and this is very helpful.

    Looking again at the wedding photos - how lovely they are! What a special day!


  14. More really lovely work, Anne, and I can imagine your Grands really enjoy their treasure chests! The wedding was beautiful, and I'm glad you all enjoyed attending it, too. I'm so glad your classes are going well and I think it would be fun to attend them, as well :) xx

  15. You certainly have been having a busy time lately, Anne. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! Your prayers and kind thoughts mean so much to me.



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