Tuesday, 14 April 2015


And I'm back !!! :-)

So where have I been - will try to keep this bit brief Julia.
First and main reason for my absence was my laptop died :-( took time to choose, purchase, get set up ( dear son) and then get my head around it. Did have my phone for internet access but I find it too much of a faff trying to blog from it - and I couldn't post photos ( though that seems to have changed)

Had lots of stuff going on, visiting here and there and then Easter and then we had our grandsons all last week so I really couldn't find a lot of time for blogging . I also have an All Day Class on Saturday and am trying to prep for that - now that it's all designed!!!!

So to my workspace

 Playing making some flowers for decoration for all day class - can't make up mind which type to use.

 Other end of table with preparations for the class - the box is not quite ready yet.

Some bags for goodies for the ladies. Awaiting decoration. My I have a lot to do in next three days.

Some recent makes - for a friend.

Couple of Easter cards.

Easter gift

having a play - not quite right
more Easter gifts

Oh yes I've had a birthday as well :-) flowers from DH

Well that's it ( sorry a bit long this week Julia) I will visit all who visit me and those I follow regularly and those ending in same number as me. If you want to know more about WOYWW then click on link on my blog. See you soon.


  1. phew you have been busy ...great projects
    have a good week, Happy WOYWW
    Thanks for sharing
    Mrs C.x #2 this week :)

  2. lots of people back this week - and you have some great makes, good to see you back again! Helen #5

  3. There are so pretty cards I love them

    Peggy #14

    1. Hi Peggy can't seem to post on your blog sorry . Thank you for poppi g by. Anne x @9

    2. Hi Peggy can't seem to post on your blog sorry . Thank you for poppi g by. Anne x @9

  4. Hi Anne. You've been missed ...I was hoping there was nothing wrong. Such a lot of fab makes on your desk today....gorgeous gifts and cards. Glad all is well.
    Annie x # 32

  5. Wow you have been busy ..... Love the cards, cannot remember when I last made a card...... Yes I can my GS birthday the other weekend I didn't photograph it ..... It was very simple
    Have fun at your class lovely that you make goodie bags for your students
    Janet @32

  6. Hi Anne, oh my your are busy the past few weeks and to be without the electronics we rely on too. Love your card/candle and all the prep for your workshop. Happy belated birthday and thanks for visiting my desk. Cheers and enjoy your week RobynO#22

  7. Hi Anne ..... I don't know what blogger is doing today .... I thought I had already commented here today .... Unless you have moderation on but I thought I would pop back and tell you your comments are loading up multiple times on some people's posts ..... Just been on Fiona staring at the sea and your comment was on there 3 times ........ Just saying that's all

  8. Sorry it wasn't fionas s post it was Robyn O s
    Janet ..... Again

  9. You've been busy, Anne ~ and still have busy-ness ahead of you! Enjoy the class, it looks like it should be great and I'm betting the ladies will enjoy it greatly!

  10. Wow! You have been busy! Lots of lovely projects. I love the goodie bags. You are generous. I wish I could come to one of your classes. Are you doing any next month that are not on a weekend? I will be in the UK then but every weekend is already taken up as we are visiting all the children and grandchildren.
    The candle is beautiful. Did you make that too?
    Have a good week,

  11. Lots of pretty cards and gifts :) Have fun doing the all day class. Shel@PaperOcotilloStudio #17

  12. Hi Anne everything looks great but I have to say the blue card is my favourite, gorgeous. Hoping you have a great crafty week. Happy woyww, Angela x 36 x

  13. Great to see you back on the hop. Love your bags and cards so much.

    Happy WOYWW Thanks for sharing.
    Pat #64

  14. So glad you got your computer sorted out, Anne. I had intended to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, but am not sure if I ever typed it...maybe I just thought it :) At any rate, I love seeing your pretty bouquet as well as all your creative card projects and am cheering you on as you prepare for your class this Saturday! xx

  15. My word, Anne, you have been busy with all your beautiful Easter stuff! Sorry to hear you've been having computer woes. My small laptop died too, and has just come back from having a new HD fitted - when I feel up to it I've got to put all the software back... Thank you for your lovely encouraging comment - my friend went home on Sunday and my hubby has taken over and doing really well looking after me! My recovery will be a long slow process and I have to rest a lot. I had my histology results on Mon. and the cancer was very aggressive and had spread to one lymph node, so I shall have to have some chemo unfortunately - not the news I was hoping for, but a small price for staying alive!! Oncology appt. in early May. Thank you so much for all your good wishes and especially your prayers. They mean such a lot.


  16. Lovely Easter cards.
    Have a good class

  17. OMG! Love all the beautiful projects you have been doing. Love all the Easter stuff. Glad to hear you got a new laptop and are back online. Thanks for visiting my desk earlier. I haven't been too good about blogging the past couple month for various reasons but will try to do better. Vickie #8

  18. Thank you for your lovely comment, Anne, and the hugs and prayers are very much appreciated! I'll get through this - I have to anyway, don't I!


  19. Hi Anne,

    Love the projects you've been making. The card and candle are great!!!

    Computers are great when they work. I bought a Chromebook and now wish I didn't. Glad your son was able to help you out with it.

    Believe it or not I am looking forward to my knee replacement. I'm looking forward to the day that I can walk without pain!

    Thanks for visiting me already.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (4)

  20. Oh, man, I wish you weren't so far away, Anne! I want to come to your class!! Each and every item is sensational! I love the flowers, too, and hope you had a marvelous birthday and many more!! (Not WOYWWing, just visiting.) Hugs, Darnell

  21. Lovely work, glad your laptop is sorted, my favourite is the deep royal blue card it is really lovely, Anne!!!
    Shaz in Oz,x #63


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