Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Nearly that time again - WOYWW ( I'm writing this ready on Tuesday evening)  - and though I know we say it every week but it does come round very quickly - and I've not been as busy as I have been.

Thank you for all the lovely comments etc last week. Also the kind wishes for my nephew. He has full casts on each arm at the moment. Fortunately the bone had not fragmented as at first thought. Cannot believe he got himself down the mountain on his own - then got help.

I have been crafting - some cards and other bits and pieces. My D.I.L. has a table at a Craft Fair on Saturday and said she would take some bits if I wanted her to - so have been making just a few things for that.

As you can see below I've spread out a bit :-)

The window sill

The bookcase


I've been reorganising as well - put some of my Sugar Craft equipment in boxes upstairs - more accessible and looks neater - it was all pushed into bottom of sideboard and not easy to find. Also 'bit the bullet' and sorted out scrap card - there was so much - it was driving me nuts. So I have kept larger pieces all leveled off ( I know I need to get a life) the rest I binned  know some of you punch out flowers and other things to use later but I never do use them. I also gave all the bits I have kept  to my granddaughters to use. I feel better for having it sorted.

I've also managed to put together the most recent project I've been doing at Sugar Craft- not the best photo - light not good. It is an upturned parasol filled with flowers - whole thing is made from sugar paste.

We had our granddaughters for a sleepover on Saturday so our weekend was very much taken up with that which was lovely. They came to us after school last night as well and the youngest was sewing and Ella was persevering with her knitting. I need a lot of patience :-)

That's about it for now. Will visit all who come to see me, those ending with same number as me and the ones I visit regularly and try and fit in a few extras :-) See you soon x


  1. I hope you know how lucky you are to have your granddaughters close to you. Mine are 3000 miles away. I wish I could spend time teaching them to crochet and knit. Enjoy your Valentines! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *V*A*L*E*N*T*I*N*E*S* *D*A*Y*

  2. Spending time teaching little ones crafts is always time well spent Anne. What a lovely legacy to leave the world. Your sugar craft is amazing.
    Well done you with the sorting and organising of your stash too.
    Annie x # 16

  3. Stunning sugar craft piece, Anne. Well done. Of course you have spread a little with all the things you do. It simply has to spread! .... our home gets taken over by all that John and I do. Knitting and crochet all over the lounge; cupboards full of fabric, threads, silk fibres and wool tops in the bedroom; all my things on my landing art space; all John's things in HIS art space (previously known as the third bedroom!); blankets and dolls awaiting forwarding in the second bedroom; occasionally things spread all over the diner - especially if using the sewing machine....
    So, take heart!! Hope the sale goes well on Saturday.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  4. What real little works of art your sugar paste items are! AND I am glad it's not just me who spreads out around the house. x Jo

  5. The angle of the table shot..my word - you could land a plane on that table! Totally get the 'take up whatever surface is free' thing - I do it a lot..but funnily enough, never resort to the floor - too lazy to bend down for retrieving.
    Hope your nephew is as comfortable as he can be, what a horrid shock for you all.

  6. Wow, your sugar paste work is amazing, those little flowers are fantastic!! In fact, all your makes are gorgeous, so I'm sure they'll sell well at the craft fair. Good luck!
    And well done for teaching your GD to knit....got to pass the knowledge on :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

  7. Hi Anne, Thanks for visiting earlier. That sugarcraft looks gorgeous! Could you eat it? Is it supposed to be eaten or is it a 'work of art'?
    I hope the craft fair goes well and that you will sell a few items. It's nearly Valentine's day so people might be buying for that. I liked the items on the side board especially the 'fat' hand bags. (or whatever they are...)
    It's good to have a clearout even if it is just scrap leftovers.
    Have a good week,

  8. Wow, your sugarcraft is stunning - I can't believe it's all sugarpaste - how very beautiful. I hope the craft fair goes well, I like all the little Valentines bits you are a making - the little bright red box is such a cute shape. Thank you so much for stopping by earlier, I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #35

  9. So wonderful to craft with little ones--I love crafting with my nephews these days now that my daughter is in college. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  10. You look really busy but very organised with your stuff on the table.
    You're very lucky having your grandchildren around but then they are lucky to have you encouraging them. I fear many schools are finding it difficult to offer a good variety of practical subjects so it's up to us to "keep the home-fires burning" as they say. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 37

  11. That parasol is just stunning. Loving the various cards.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #29

  12. You have been very busy! It;s nice that you have someone to give things to to sell! I've never tried sugar-crafting, one of the few crafty things I haven't tried. Looks very complicated! I'm still waiting to be a Grandmother, and I'm looking forward to sleepovers someday! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #60

  13. Good luck with the craft fair bits and pieces. The parasol is lovely...I am so envious of that skill of yours :) Shel@paperoctillostudio #45

  14. I think cleaning out and organizing makes room for new creativity. The detail work on the parasol is stunning. I'm sure my cats would have a field day with that! It's nice to hear you talk about helping your granddaughters learn to craft. So many kids do nothing but watch TV. Thank you for stopping by my blog this week,

  15. Hi Anne, your parasol looks beautiful. You really have had a clean out, wish I could I'm shocking a saving scraps.You're on a roll though making things for the craft fair - having fun it seems. Thanks for visiting RobynO#12

  16. Wow, your parasol is very impressive - well done you. A lot of work in that!
    Hope your nephew is soon feeling much better and healing well.
    Good luck with the craft fair goodies you have contributed.
    Gosh - that is a very long table you have.
    Hugs, Neet 28 (late again I know)

  17. I love your approach to visiting, especially this week, when at #71 I am not in the last spot. Sugar pretties, does that mean you do not have any furry helpers nearby. Happy WOYWW.
    Pat #71

  18. Love how your crafting has taken over every surface in the house lol lol!! Sugar crafting fills me with admiration - not something I've ever attempted, and it is sooo beautiful and lifelike! Love the piece you have done.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - and I really appreciate your prayers. I have updated my Cancer Diary page on my blog to cover today's appointment with the surgeon, where it has been decided that I am to have my whole large bowel removed and a stoma created. Not what I was expecting, but lesser surgery would have left me with unmanageable problems which I said were not acceptable. I'm going in on Fri. 27th for the operation and will be in at least a week.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #81

  19. Hi Anne! Oh, I miss WOYWW. Maybe I'll make it this coming week! I hope whatever you made for the sale Saturday is a success. I see some great looking Valentine cards. I love your deep windowsill!

    I'm glad my post gave you some giggles. It was so funny that I got that email today and just knew that I had to share it with Friday Smiles.


  20. Anne, thank you so much for two lovely comments. I am so touched by what you said. First of all, I think I may have deleted your comment - I think I hit "delete" rather than "publish" on one comment and I'm sorry if it was yours! Thanks for taking the trouble to leave me 2 comments.

    When I hear of other people's experiences, I am also humbled! There is always somebody worse off than ourselves, isn't there. My hubby and I are doing a carers' course at the moment, and hearing the stories of the other members, it makes me think that caring for Mum is a walk in the park... Makes you count your blessings!

    I am trying to be strong and not allowing myself to think too much about the big picture and the whole ordeal ahead. I have recently signed up for a stoma forum and the poo jokes on there have had me roaring with laughter today!! You've simply got to see the funny side!

    Thank you so much for your prayers and kind thoughts. They are very uplifting and sustaining! We are both very blessed in our hubbies, aren't we!



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