Friday, 2 January 2015

Friday Smiles

Haven't been able to join in for a while - hope I can do better this year

We have been away for a few days. We went to our on and daughter - in  - law's in Yorkshire. Arrived on Tuesday evening - feeling a little cold and slightly nauseous. Carloynn and Matthew prepared a delicious dinner which I did manage to eat. By time I went to bed felt really unwell. had dreadful night. DH and I were looking after boys during day as both mummy and daddy at work. A film was booked at cinema (in Pennistone for anyone who knows area) DH mainly looked after boys but I managed to get to cinema. I had a very poorly tummy ( leave rest to your imagination - or not) ate nothing all day. Arrived home and had to lie on sofa under a blanket. poor D.I.L. at work till 7.00 She then came home to prepare a feast. I managed to sit at table eat a tiny amount and play game. We had fireworks - boys were allowed to stay up - they had fun. Then to bed. DS ill in night and D.I.L. had to work New Year's Day and so DH mainly looked after the boys. Managed to eat a little last night. Then another bad night. Very poorly tummy again. Managed to drive the two and a half hours home though ( well DH did without a stop. Mind you I'd had nothing to eat/drink. Now feeling worn out!!
So you might well ask what do I have to smile about - well it was lovely being with family.
I loved watching these two having so much fun in their garden on New Year's Eve

The film was also funny ( A Night in the Museum) and it was lovely to see boys enjoying it.

When we arrived home I managed tea and toast and it stayed put :-)

I put the TV on as I didn't feel like doing much and there was a very old film on How the West Was Won!!

I had never forgotten my father taking all five of us and Mum to see this when it first came out (1962) I was entranced - it was on a new type of screen and you felt you were there. We loved it. I've never seen it since - until today. Brought back a lot of happy memories.

Finally we had slightly more hopeful news re Carolynn's father. He needs open heart surgery. Before Christmas he was told his op was cancelled as they were afraid they would not be able to restart it afterwards. Today he saw the cardiologist who said he wants another angiogram to check pressures and if ok he will recommend the op goes ahead. So that is more hopeful.

Happy New Year x


  1. Love the fun in the garden pics :-) Really hope you're back to full health very soon Anne. There's nothing worse than tummy problems when you're away from home is there?
    Annie x

  2. Not such a good start to the New Year for you - hope you are now beginning to feel better. Fingers crossed for Carolynn's father x

  3. Oh bless you Anne. What a time you had. Today my Doc urgently took me off some new meds and I just am beginning to know the relief when you stop the nausea, heaving and wanting to throw up.

    Hope this year improves eh?


    Di xxxn

  4. Hi Anne, Happy New Year. Sorry to hear you were poorly (did your son have the same thing I wonder?), I am going down with a cold or something now too. Thanks for popping over, and you are not late really - I was late joining in due to the internet, and I am still trying to get round a few desks myself.

    Great snowy pictures, we didn't get any at all.
    Cazzy x

  5. Thanks for your visit. I'm so sorry to learn that you were knocked down by the flu that is sweeping the world. I was surrounded by it over the Christmas season, so I'm telling it to stay away and leave me alone! I hope you're feeling better yesterday! You still managed to enjoy your time with the grandkids--- you're an angel. :) Take care. Nann #62

  6. I am so sorry to hear of all your health issues during a time that should be fun. Your grandsons look like they are having a ball in the snow. Get well.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Thank you for stopping by earlier. I a so sorry you re not feeling well. I hope the new year gets better for you. Thank you for sharing photos of your family fun., and the memories. I remember How the West Was Won, and I don't think I have ever seen it since back then, either. Happy 2015!

  8. ah Anne hope that you are mending soon, tummy not is good is no fun.. and good to see some fun was had on post below too with runner coloured :D
    Every blessing for 2015.Shaz in Oz.x #15

  9. Glad you got to spend time with your boys. I do hope you are feeling better soon x

  10. Hi Anne, seems like we were all a bit run down and managed to catch a bug or two - I'm feeling much better today and hopefully you are on the mend too. Having fun in the snow looks wonderful. All the best for the new year Cheers Robyn

  11. I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill, Anne. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy the family in spite of the tummy woes. The photos were great - love the snowman!! I hope that today forward finds you feeling fit as a fiddle again!! Happy New Year!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. Wishing you well, Anne! I'm glad the boys enjoyed the snow and the movie, and that you were able to enjoy their pleasure in the midst of feeling ill. Also, glad for the more hopeful news about Carolynn's dad. I just talked with a from childhood friend who is scheduled for a heart procedure this Thursday to correct his heart rhythm. If all goes well he may be able to come home the same day...modern medicine can be so amazing! May you and yours have a happy creative 2015. xx

  13. Happy New Year. Sorry to hear you have been poorly and hope you are feeling better now.
    I fancy seeing that Night at the Museum film but with Hubby working shifts it makes cinema going a tad awkward!

  14. I am doing a very quick catch-up before everyone posts again tomorrow. Sorry you have felt so rough, but I hope you are picking up again now.
    I am glad you still managed to spend some happy time with your family. Hugs. Kate x


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