Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Was in two minds about joining in as feeling a bit under the weather but had to miss last week as I was so busy - nothing new there then. I am also very late to the party this week!!!
Since I last blogged I've spent a day looking after my granddaughter who was poorly and couldn't go to school!
Then we had both granddaughters the weekend before last -overnight so their mummy and daddy could have a day out and a lie in! On the Sunday we all went out for Sunday lunch as part of eldest granddaughter's birthday celebrations. Also made a birthday cake for Ella.
 Then had my hair done, made a lot of cards, another cake for my eldest son and D.I.L. to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary. We took ourselves off to have dinner out one evening as well - needed a break!!! :-)
Then last Thursday went to Yorkshire to celebrate our son and D.I.L's 10th Anniversary. They got a babysitter for the evening and we went out for a lovely dinner with them, my son's in laws and us. Champagne for starters! beautiful bread and olives and then beautiful food. had a starter and main but couldn't manage dessert but had an Irish coffee - delish. Then son and D.I.L. went away for the weekend and along with son's in laws we looked after our grandsons for the weekend. They were very good and at school on Friday and then went to a party on Saturday afternoon followed by a sleepover. As they didn't go to sleep until 4.30 am they were very quiet on Sunday!!! :-)
Lunch out yesterday and Sugar craft class today - phew.
Have been preparing for Saturday's class - 8/9 ladies coming!!!
Sorry Julia think I've gone on a bit!!!

Anyway my desk this morning- not very exciting.

It's tidier than this now as I sorted out all that scrap at the back.

Below colouring in on a Sunday morning with my granddaughters - at 7.30 am


Eldest son and dear D.I.L. last Thursday - their anniversary.

Below quick cake I made.

The happy couple ten years ago.

Their sons - our gorgeous grandsons.

Below a mug made out of paper. This was for a swap on theme of time - I put a twix and the options drink with a tag saying 'time for a break. (I sent it to lovely Sue who is also a WOYWWer :-)

 The One Direction cake I made for my granddaughter.

That's it for now. I can't believe that anyone has not heard of WOYWW but if not then click on button at side of my blog and go join in. I will visit anyone who visits me and all ending with same number as me.


  1. You really seem to be terribly busy! Look at these beautiful cakes you made in a hurry!! I could not create such beauties in days. You have a very nice family! Good you could take off a night to celebrate!!
    Thanks for visiting
    Gabriele 28

  2. Hi Anne, sorry to find you are not feeling too well ... hope tomorrow finds you better. Haven't you been busy, I was exhausted just reading your exploits :) Love the cuppa you made for the swap and the cakes are fabulous. Get well quickly and have a great week. Elizabeth x #51

  3. Hi looks like you have had a busy week .... but a fun one.
    hope you get crafting son
    janet #8

  4. Thank you for letting me snoop around your desk! Happy anniversary to your son and his wife! Coulouring with grandchildren must be so much fun! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #79

  5. Gosh, you've had a busy time! How lovely to see the progression from wedding to sons to anniversary...your cake was fantastic! And what a lovely gift to send to Sue, she must have been happy :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 30 xx

  6. I'm out of breath from reading your post...LOL
    I quite understand the grandkids situations, as for coloring at 7:30 a.m.
    ....well...been there done that too!
    Beautiful GKs, love their smiles.
    Thanks for visiting me this week and leaving such nice comments.
    Krisha #58

  7. Sounds like you've been really busy, but family time is always good. You have great cake decorating skill, and I especially like the white one with the heart patterns. Blessings!

  8. My goodness.. you are a busy little bee! But I am with you on that a busy life makes a happy life. Your family is beautiful! Have a fun weekend, I know you will.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hope you are enjoying your week and having fun with the kids, :)

  10. Anne, Wow you have been busy, but with nice things:)

    Lovely cakes, photos and grandsons.

    As the recipient of the paper mug and scrummy Options and Twix, I can assure you the photo doesn't do it justice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW Sue #36

  11. Oh my goodness that is so much you have done, I thought I was a busy girl this last month but you run rings around me, nah only kidding. Love the cake with the hearts But On Direction I did security for them when they came to Australia last year, cocky little blighters they were. Ooopppsss should be careful shouldn't I. I do hope you get to have a rest.

    Thanks for visiting already
    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan #2

  12. You are way too busy to blog!!! Thanks for sharing it all with us. x Jo

  13. Wow! You've been busy! But they were all happy things you did. (although I don't know how happy you were, colouring at 7:30 in the morning....)
    The photos of the happy couple are great. That white cake (a quick cake?) is beautiful! I'm super impressed!
    I also liked the look of that paper mug. What a good idea! I have a friend who would like one of those. I might copy that idea if you don't mind.
    Have a good week.
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.

  14. Lovely photos you've shared and those cakes look so yummy and professional. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I’m late commenting. Hope that you have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #81 x

  15. My goodness, Anne - what a couple of weeks! Can you put your feet up for a while soon?? Two great cakes there - you have a real gift!
    Take care. God bless.

  16. Wow - you are busy busy busy. Sounds like lots of fun, but I don't know where you fit in crafty time. :-) April #84

  17. Gosh Anne I feel tired just reading about your busy schedule no wonder you're feeling washed out. Sounds like good times were had though. Love your cakes, they are just the business, and enjoyed your photo's. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.
    Hugs Lottie #61

  18. Crumbs, Anne - I need to go and lie down for a rest after reading your post!! Glad you had such a wonderful, busy week. I love all that stuff - the cakes and that great mug ... Have a good weekend (and a rest!!) Chris # 16

  19. Anne! I have missed so much of your news and am madly scrolling back and reading to catch up! So glad for the happy times you are celebrating :) xx


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