Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hello again. I went walk about last week! Well not really but I had been so busy that I was exhausted and although I took a photo of my desk I just didn't have time to do anything with it.
More of that later. Will show you my desk first as I know that's what the title of the post is all about and I don't want to get told off! :-)
If you are wondering what WOYWW is all about then pop along to Julia's Blog  and join in.

Last Thursday and Friday I was able to prepare for my class on Saturday! Fortunately knew what we were doing but still had quite a lot to get ready. Just about made it. Then forgot to take photos!!! Have three more ladies this Saturday as they couldn't make it last week.
Anyway I took photo of work space this morning as I didn't intend crafting today ( DH and I are on a mission to declutter) and all there was to see is everything ready for next Sat. You can see the two cards and simple tag we made ( cards based on some I've seen but not exactly the same - will have to show you them properly. Oh and the bag we made.

The card to the right above is actually and easel card - was quite pleased with that one!

Then this afternoon I got fed up with sorting and tidying so decided to make a card. So I took another photo after I'd finished for the evening!!

So this is how I left it !!!

You can just see a sneak peek of the card. 

AS I said DH and I on a declutter mission. Yesterday we did the first of two roof spaces. ( Not the loft) There was a lot of stuff belonging to our eldest son. School books, Uni work etc etc. Also stuff of ours - my wedding dress/veil. Baby things I've kept. Books and so on. I do find it hard to throw away things I am very sentimental :-) 

Below is some of the stuff that we are going to take to our son when we visit next. We are not going to be popular with our D.I.L. :-) 

An old camera and some books. 
We spent a lot of time reminiscing and remembering and I must admit I got a bit tearful looking at little baby clothes and shoes and the shawl mum made. 
Well I'd best end this part here. I will visit all who visit me and those who end in same number as me. ;-) x

Part Two

Since I was on last we have looked after these two cheeky monkeys   

On Wednesday a fortnight ago we met up with them and their mum and then brought them back home with us. Had a lovely time but Harry (the eldest) was unwell. To cut a long story short we ended up at A&E with him on he Saturday afternoon. He was ok but got upset and wanted his mum. So my D.I.L. ended up driving down after work and took the day off on Sunday. She didn't want to let her colleagues down ( she is a nurse) but Harry and Sam come first - of course. He seems fully recovered now. Their daddy was doing a coast to coast bike ride in Yorkshire and frantically trying to work out how to get himself and bike down to West Mids in event of an operation. Thankfully all was well. Oh Sam bashed his head on bathroom door and we were looking after the guinea pigs :-) 
On Monday last week we had out granddaughters for the day. Their mum was supposed to collect them about three o clock but she ended up spending whole day in Dental Hospital !! On Tuesday we were due to collect youngest at one o clock from school ( for two weeks new children do until 1 o clock) I had to go to hospital and there was a long delay. DH gets call to collect Ella as well at 3 .30 as D.I.L. still at Dental Hospital - for second day - DS had to leave his car at home and go and collect her and her car and drive them home. She had had an awful time following attempted treatment and ended up having tooth extracted and an awful lot of anaesthetic. She is still having to take painkillers a week later!!! We then collected Phoebe on Wed at one o clock as per plan and on Thursday I rested. Well not exactly as I had to prep for the class I mentioned above - never a dull moment - and that was the short version. On Sunday we went out and rested and enjoyed the lovely weather. back soon x 


  1. Oh dear what a set of events for your family. I hope everyone is ok now.

  2. It never rains but it pours does it? Really hope your family have a quieter week this week and all the poorlies are now feeling much better.
    Annie x # 31

  3. You have been kept busy with your family.... How fortunate all went well. Wishing you a really quite week.
    Sandra de @26

  4. Oh boy - what a week - or two! Lovely cards made there, Anne. Great looking stuff all over the desks.
    Trust your whole family are now recovered - you have had sufficient rest after the manic week - and you can be all relaxed to enjoy the class on Saturday.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  5. Hope the decluttering goes well. Lots of lovely interesting things here. Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #45 x

  6. Crumbs, you and the family have certainly been in the wars recently. I hope you all fare better this week, that the decluttering goes on apace, and that you manage to squeeze in some crafting! Happy WOYWW. Chris # 34

  7. Children always get sick at the most inappropriate times, don't they?! I AWAYS seemed to end up in A&E at 7pm on Sunday evenings :-) glad all are ok now!
    I showed everyone the lovely handbag, charm, card and prezzy last week...people were very complimentary!!
    Hugs, LLJ 30.xx

  8. Goodness you have been busy! I love the cards on your desk, the red and green looks so good together. Thanks so much for stopping by my desk, I hope you have a quiet relaxing week!
    Diana #42

  9. Oh my, you and your family really had a hard time! I hope things are going better now!
    Gabriele 33

  10. It sounds like you and yours have been quite busy recently. Hope all is well now! Love your space today and thanks so much for sharing!
    Glenda #52

  11. OH wow, you really have been busy, and not all in the fun way!

    (You totally hit the nail on the head--one step forwards, two steps back--yes, that's how it seems, unfortunately! Almost finished with the floor, by the way . . .)

    #72 this week

  12. Hi Anne, happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my back yard. Oh my you have had a busy week of it, hospitals and dentists and people everywhere...but yes we step up and manage, and then you're prepping for classes...do have they are enjoyable for you too. Have a lovely relaxing week Cheers RobynO#60

  13. lovely colorful desk!
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around.
    Robyn 22

  14. ah declutter not good at that either,,,,, well done Anne and so glad to see someone else leaves their space like that!!
    It looks like a great card the peek we had :D thanks for popping over Shaz in Oz.x #13

  15. Mercy, Anne! So glad you and yours survived the challenges of the last weeks. I am impressed to see your creative makes and your successful decluttering in light of the short version of your anxious days. Blessings in the days ahead xxxxx

  16. Gosh the trials and tribulations of your family, you need a rest Anne. I hope all are feeling lots better, it surely sounds nasty, thank the heavens for you and DH. I am loving the look of your cards for classes. I hope this week is a lot better for you. FS is with me for awhile as I have a lot planned for her we are in a busy period for broadcasts for TV. Talk later, stay well.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan 54

  17. Yep - you and me, the decluttering twins! I am right there with you in being fed up with it. Even just looking around at the order that is beginning to emerge from the chaos isn't QUITE enough for me :) I just want to be done and get back to making a mess ... and do it all again in 10 years cause I know I have not mended my wicked messy ways...

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  18. You have been busy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 36

  19. Goodness sakes, Anne.. what a eventful time! Families can be quite the comedy of errors sometimes, eh? I'm glad it all got sorted out. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. I though I had a busy life, yours seems to be so full on atm. I find it so hard to de-clutter and I'm impressed to see you are successful at it. far better than me. Have a wonderful week crafting. Sorry I am getting back to you so late, I thought I had left a prior message but it must not have done through.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Belated WOYWW greetings

  21. I am with you Anne, I'm very sentimental and have way too much clutter. And then, recently a switch has gone in my head and I'm pleased to declutter anything given the opportunity...not easy though, as DD and Dh dnt feel the same. ANd yeah, the whole reminiscing thing causes the very act of decluttering to be very very prolonged!
    The card (what I can see!) looks lovely, am glad you rewarded yourself with some crafting!

  22. Hi Anne,

    It must be in the air. I am also decluttering. It seems I've been in this mode since I brought everything from my storage unit to my home. I'm kicking it in full gear and have once again emptied the large closet under the stairs. My place is VERY small so I really need to have a good clean!

    Thanks for visiting my post about Santa Fe. Over the weekend I looked at two condos that are for sale. It's a great city and may be in my future.

    Oh, and the grans definitely keep you on your toes! So glad Harry was ok. There is no better comfort than a mom!


  23. Hello, Anne, my goodness, you have been busy! I love the glimpses of the cards you're making. It's a good time of year for decluttering -- we'll be doing some of that ourselves. Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW, belatedly. ~ Laura #62

  24. Hi dear Anne, it just read your post and I was tire just thinking about how busy you were. Hope everyone is feeling better now n that everyone is done with surgeries and injury pies,
    Have a wonderful week ,


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