Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Again I've missed a week! Missed visiting you all. There really are not enough hours in a day etc at the moment.
Since last time I've been back up to Yorkshire to help with childcare during school holidays. I came home on Sunday 3rd August, hospital appointment on 4th, a sugar craft class on 5th  and down to Somerset on 6th to collect my mum for a visit here. Came back on 7th and then spent time with my mum until yesterday when we joined my brother and family for most of the day. This morning I went to second sugar craft class and I'm now hoping for a few days of rest and chance to paper craft!!!!
During this time there have been a few issues to deal with - some resolved but another I fear won't be. I've tried and can do no more!!!!
Anyway enough of all that and on to the reason for today's post WOYWW - what does it mean - you don't know well pop along to Julia's Blog and find out all about it!!!

I cleared my work space as I wanted to use the dining table on Sunday as our  son and family joined us for dinner and of course Mum was with us as well. So all that is there now are two paper cutters and envelope board. Mum messed up an envelope for a card for my Aunt so I made her another. She was very impressed :-) sadly wasted on my aunt though.

So to my desk

Very , very empty and boring!!!

However I've managed a little crafting of another sort. Remember me mentioning two sugar craft classes? Well this is what we were making an Amaryllis and a rose - both from flowerpaste.

And while travelling backwards and forwards I've been knitting!!! This travelled in my lovely LLJ bag . Love that bag!!! 

Well 'That's all folks' as they say. COuld have written a book but tried to keep it short. I will visit all who visit me, blogs I follow regularly and all those ending with same number as me. Thanks to all who visited me last time. See you soon. x 


  1. Happy WOYWW Anne, wow you have been busy but it's always nice to catch up with family. Your flower paste flowers are amazing, I'm agog they look so real, congrats. Have a super week and get some crafting done Cheers RobynO#39

  2. Wow, your sugar flowers are just amazing. How patient you are. Slightly alarmed by being able to see all the spots on your table, but hey - life causes us to be the most flexible of people huh!

  3. Sounds like you've been really busy Anne so an table is a nice restful balance! Good to see you've been able to get some crafting done whilst on the move. I took my knitting with me to Scotland but it's still unstarted in it's bag! Great job with you sugar craft too.
    Have a lovely week!
    Gillian #34

  4. I'm exhausted..... your sugar craft is outstanding! I'd love to learn how to do this but fear my artistic streak is limited to rubber stamps! Have a restful week. Helen 3

  5. Anne, you have been busy, hope you can get a bit of rest now.
    Those sugar craft flowers are stunning, I thought they were real and you were going to say you picked them from your garden. Aren't you clever.
    Chris #63

  6. My goodness, Anne, those sugar paste flowers are astonishing! Especially the rose, it's so life like!!
    I'm so glad the bag is proving useful...I do use mine all the time :-). Hope it gives you many good years' service.
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  7. How nice to have such a clear desk - all ready to fill up again! I love the sugar paste flowers - I do a little bit of sugar paste work but cheat and use molds- your flowers look impossibly difficult to make but stunning! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier - the use of a glass mat when carving stamps means that the cutting tool can be held in position while the carving block slides around to the direction you want to cut, therefore you don't have to keep moving everything and lose momentum while cutting. Hope that makes some sort of sense! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #43

  8. Oh my Anne, I'm worn out just reading what you've been up to never mind doing it!
    Those flowers are so beautiful and detailed. It sounds like a great class.
    As for the knitting to use the time...well that's just a perfect way to relax whilst sitting still.
    Enjoy WOYWW
    Neesie #62

  9. How silly, using the dining table to dine at! I love your sugar flowers. They are so realistic looking. Your knitting is very lovely too. Thanks for the visit earlier. Judy #73

  10. Hi Anne,

    WOW - those sugar flowers are amazing! Can you make them last forever? You are quite accomplished and it shows!

    The knitting looks great. I started an infinity scarf but didn't like how it was turning out so I ripped it out. Started again and ripped out again. Bah.

    Thank you for visiting me already!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (14)

  11. Anne

    OMG What amazing flowers you have created and you have not crafted, don't you see the irony in that. I thought I had a busy life melding days together but you are running rings around me. Please breathe take it easy and sit and craft.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Belated WOYWW greetings

  12. Hi Anne, that sugar rose is awesome! So realistic, I'm truly impressed.What a busy lady you've been, tiring just reading the post, lol.Running late this week, Have a great week, Hugs. Shaz #23,xxx

  13. Your sugar craft projects are so amazing, Anne!!! Isn't it crazy how busy "retirement" is? Wishing you peace and productivity :)

  14. Those sugar paste flowers are just lovely, Ann. Well done you!!! I've done a little sugar paste work - but nothing as beautiful as those. They are just great. Good knitting, too - all those miles have proven most productive!! You have certainly been extremely busy. Hope all things get themselves sorted soon for you.
    Thanks for visiting - it has been a manic week here, so only just getting round!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #27


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