Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WOYWW 266 ( and Le Tour )

Well as always it's been hectic since this time last week. Nothing new there I hear you say. I am going to show my work space first as I know Julia - who started this wonderful weekly visit to desks around the world will be cross with me for a long post. So if you only want my desk you only need to read the first part.
As I have been away again from last Thursday until late Sunday evening my paper crafting desk is the same as last week.
However I have been attempting to set up a sewing corner in one of the spare bedrooms.I am attempting to organise it so that I can easily turn it back to bedroom for when my grandchildren stay.

So here we go

A small folding table with my old, old machine - well used as you can see.

I would like to paint the small sets of drawers above
I am also going to decorate fronts of the boxes you can see to  right of shelf - you can also see folding chair to the right. I still have a lot to organise etc but have used the space to sew and it works well.

And finally for this section - rather late but I hope they will still be acceptable 3 quilts for the Lilybo appaeal. The first one was made by the mum of a friend of mine - she was 90 when she made it ( she sadly died in January)

The next one was made by her niece.

The above are gorgeous - the next effort is mine - I'm not very happy with it and would do it so differently. I hope though it will comfort someone. I would not make such big panels again.

Below the bag for mine - almost done. I'm ashamed at how long mine as taken - the other two were finished ages ago - hope I'm not too late with them.
Well that's it for this section . I will visit all who visit me and any ending with same number as me. Why not join in with WOYWW - pop along to Julia's Blog

Le Tour 

Last Thursday we set off for Yorkshire to visit our eldest son and help with childcare and also attempt to see one of the two stages of the Tour De France which started in Yorkshire. 
On Friday we took our grandsons to school and watched the whole school put on their own' tour' and then looked at a display of work connected to 'the tour' . 

On Saturday our D.I.L. was working and son went off to Pool in Wharfedale to watch the cyclists come through there. We took Sam to band practice and later took both boys for  luxury hot chocolate as a treat for excellent School Reports. That evening we all enjoyed a super BBQ together.

DS with his new toy - a BBQ!  

On Sunday D.I.L. back at work (she is a nurse) and DS set off early as he was one of the volunteer helpers for day 2. DH and I had decided where we would go with our GS's to watch but DS rang and said he was on route not far from home- there was parking , toilets and still a lot of space so off we went and set up camp. DS was able to be with us a lot of the tie and he was especially pleased that he was with our grandsons when the Pelaton went through. It was all so exciting. The boys were really good despite a wait of nearly four hours - we managed though to keep them occupied. As the crowd built up so did the anticipation. The lads enjoyed all the police , support vehicles and floats etc and managed to collect one or two freebies. They were very spoiled with sweets and ice cream. 
Before we knew the cyclists swept through and were gone in a flash on our stretch of the route ( Honley - if you know it) they then went on to Holmfirth and the the climb up Holme Moss. It was an amazing spectacle. 
Sadly my photos don't do it justice. 

My little offering 

I took the above photo at Holmfirth High School where Sam does Band Practice. They have a sweet little garden area and had set up the above scene - a tribute to Le Tour and Last of the Summer Wine

Above 2 my son and his sons.

Above next Harry and Sam all set up and ready and waiting.

Grandpa looking after base camp :-)
 The boys were writing various messages on the road.

 One of the floats.




Hope you enjoyed this little taste of my experience - I think I will do another post later with some other bits and pieces from my weekend. Back soon x 


  1. what a beautiful place ti visit!
    the quilts are beautiful and the bag you're working on, your work space is wonderful, full of interesting stuff!

    1. Dear Laurie thank you. I don't seem to be able to leave comments on your blog. I am sorry to read your last post re your sight. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Anne x

  2. Hi Anne.. wow, the photos of the bicycle Tour were fun - you captured how fast they went by! Enjoy your summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. No wonder your desk is pretty much the same as last week! You were very productive in your new sewing space, so happily busy with your family and attending the big race! Glad you have been having happy days, Anne. xx

  4. The LillyBo quilts are gorgeous Anne and it will never be too late Anne as there will always be new little ones being diagnosed every day with the horrible disease that will benefit from the quilts.
    Annie x # 30

  5. How exciting that you were there for the Tour! I watched a lot of it live on telly, so I think I must have waved to you at some point!!
    I think it's fab that you're sewing again! I can't imagine life without fabric now.......
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  6. Never too late for a LilyBo, and your quilt is fab, don't whip yourself over any of it! Yorkshire really did the whole of the UK proud for Le Tour, it was amazing. I was amazed at the actual speed of the pack..it's only seconds before the whole lot are on the horizon and gone!

  7. The quilts will all be loved I am sure Anne. Well done on your "Tour" snaps - it was a wonderful spectacle - if only watched on a TV screen - but I bet it was so exciting watch them fly through! x Jo

  8. Real TDF photos, they do go fast don't they. We went to see the Olympic road race on Box Hill, glad they did the loop a few times with that!. BJ good to be back #9

  9. The quilts are lovely...we enjoyed Le Tour too from a little further on than you...we watched from just beyond Bradfield. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#77)

  10. Your post today started this whole conversation between my husband and I. He thought Tour of France was just in France! Anyway, then I took this whole trip online looking at the route etc! LOL Thanks for posting the photos. I am now following the tour on Facebook. About 23 years ago we were in Paris and saw the Tour go down Champs Elysees in person! Back to our desks, I look forward to seeing your drawers finished. Your quilts are great, even the one you made. Something I remember about quilting. I enjoy the hand quilting, but am not good at piecing them together, because it involves sewing and precise measurements! LOL #78

  11. The quilts are all lovely! I'm sure they will be appreciated.
    My sister has been watching the tour de France, not because she has any interest in cycling, but she has just come back from 6 weeks in England and Wales, spending almost 2 of them in Yorkshire, which she loved.
    BTW, I'm pretty sure your Elna was one of the machines that we used when I was at technical college. They are great machines. I have a Bernina, similar vintage, and it doesn't miss a beat!

  12. It's good that so many people have gone out to watch the cyclist but it is a bit, here they are and here they're gone.
    Lovely quilts. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  13. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting my desk....you have certainly had a great week. Love that you've set up a sewing nook and I think you've done brilliantly to use up scraps for a quilt, they all will surely be loved. Seems like you all made a great time of the cycling we only got to watch some on tv and that was wonderful to see the English countryside. Happy WOYWW and have some fun crafting RobynO#28

  14. Hi Anne, your sewing corner looks perfect and I like your box on the table. Love all the quilts, I am sure they will be gratefully received. Looks like it was a grand day out at the Grande Depart, we didn't go to watch as the Wimbledon mens final was on and also hubby likes his grand prix so thank you for sharing your great pics of the day.
    Hugs Lottie #85

  15. Lovely little nook of a sewing space! The quilts are so lovely! Thanks for coming by!
    Angie #58

  16. Awesome post Anne. I think your quilt is very nice and someone will cuddled and loved with it. Love the organizational ideas! Loved seeing the pictures of le tour. Have a great week and thanks for already visiting my desk. Vickie #82

  17. I am jealous of your sewing area. I keep meaning to get my machine out of the cupboard and leave it set up, but never get round to it. I bought it a couple of years ago and have only played with it a few times.

    The quilts are lovely and I am sure will be very gratefully received.

    Glad you enjoyed the Tour.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW Sue 48

  18. How lovely to have your own sewing corner - it looks really neat and organised! I bet seeing the Tour was an experience - looks like you had a brilliant time. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I hope you have a great week,
    Diana #40

  19. Wow, it has been such fun to see the tour through everyones pics. The weather looks gorgeous.
    Sandra de @55

  20. An exciting day for sure! Love the quilts. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #76 a day late

  21. Busy week! Love your set up. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. #63

  22. How wonderful...I am so touched to read about the LillyBo quilts especially about your friend's dear Mum. Sorry I've only just caught up as we've been so busy with work at home. They will really be appreciated and how special they are. Another WOYWWer sent her's only last week so they are trickling in still. It has been so successful that all the children in the unit received one so now we just need them for newly diagnosed children so it is perfect that you have finished these. If you intend to post them try Hermes courier services online as it is so cheap and a fraction of the PO's cost. They will collect from your door too for only pennies extra. I sent 1 kg parcel to Brighton for about £2.75 this week by Hermes.

  23. Hello Anne. I'm late getting round this week - sorry. Thanks for visiting and for your comments. What a busy lady you are. Lovely to have a dedicated sewing space. I have currently set up camp on the dining table - which, of course, means we need to eat off a tray!! Great quilts and lovely shots of the cyclists - these events happen so very fast, don't they? - all that waiting and then - gone!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  24. Wonderful post Anne. Great quilts for the Lillybo quilts. Loved the bit on le tour. Thanks so kuch for sharing have been watching it every night and record the end. Love it.
    happy WOYWW
    Shaz in Oz x


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