Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Visiting family,making cards my knee :-)

Not sure why really but been in two minds re blogging again - but decided it's a good way of keeping a record of what I'm doing etc etc and that's good - even if it is just me reading it :-)

Have been for physio re my knee - trying hard to keep up with my exercises. Yesterday I had MRI scan on my knee just need to wait for results. Think the steroid injection may have helped as am taking less painkillers and only slight pain and discomfort. Also managed to do some short, easy walks - very pleased.
Have been working very hard with trying to lose weight and get fitter. This has also helped with my cholestrol  and sugar levels plus my blood pressure - so result all round.

Have made a few cards - quite pleased with these

The three above were ones I made for DH to send.

The Best Wishes above was for my D.I.L. Sarah. Last week she took the first part of her Biology GCSE. She wants to do a PGCE next year and needs this. It has been very hard for her because of her Dad's illness and then his passing. I do hope she will get it - I have every faith in her.

 The thinking of you was for my brother and S.I.L. Last week they attended the funeral of my nephew's M.I.L. to be who sadly lost her fight with cancer.

The one above was for a Colour Challenge set by my Stampin' Up! 'mummy' I did it for the challenge and then sent it her as it was her birthday last week.

This last weekend we were in Yorkshire visiting my eldest son, his wife and my grandsons. My D.I.L.'s parents were also there. We had a lovely, lovely time and the weather was fabulous. On Friday evening we went to see my D.I.L. in a play ( an amateur production) it was so good and she was brilliant - she is a natural.

We took Sam to band practise on Saturday as his mummy had to take his brother to a cricket match and my son was 'on call' so although he was there he had to be able to go if called.

Below Harry ready to go to his match. Looking a lot 'cleaner' than when he returned! He had a very successful match!!!

On Sunday we went out for lunch and afterwards went up to Holme Moss  it is just stunning up there.

Below my lovely D.I.L. Carolynn and her mum.

Carolynn's dad, my son Matthew and DH.

A very rare sighting of moi!!! with D.'I.L.'s mum.

And finally rhododendron in son's garden - just thought it was beautiful :-)

Well that's it for now.  Hopefully be back soon as they say. x


  1. I'm glad the steroid injection is helping with your pain relief. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for the results of your tests.
    Beautiful cards and lovely photos. Take care. x

  2. beautiful cards you have, I'm sure everyone just loves receiving such a lovely handmade card, Harry is a very handsome fell, you live in such an amazing area, its stunning, not sure which one is you but you are both beautiful!

  3. You know you can always count on me for a comment, right? Your family seems so full of love and happiness, you must be a wonderful mother! I love your cards and I also loved seeing YOU! I'm glad to hear your knee is feeling better.. keep up the good work. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hi Anne, such nice cards you made and it looks like you had a great visit with your son, DIL and grandsons... That is always so nice. You look great and I hope your knee is better now :)

  5. I'm only just doing my rounds to catch up with all my blogging friends....it's been a busy day with lots of extra cuddles needed by my little poorly munchkins.
    Fab cards today. Glad to hear you're getting some relief with your knee but sorry to hear you've been thinking of stopping blogging.
    Annie x #27

  6. wonderful post Ann was just thinking had not seen you around!!!

    .. so popped over to say hi..

    ..wow love the first three cards and the one made for SU challenge really brilliant - not that the others aren't, but those stood out :D and great family shots .. really great to read.

    take care praying for you glad knee is doing bit better, Shaz in oz.x

  7. Anne! I missed this post [ and almost missed a chance to see lovely you! ] I enjoyed seeing your family and some of your latest creative efforts...more really nice work! I am so glad you are feeling a bit better and am cheering you and me on! I am working on some of the same goals as you :) [Our household is fumigating with bleach trying to conquer a horrible flu currently, but baby Rosie and my youngest daughter have thankfully escaped it and the rest of us are getting better :)] xx


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