Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy 70th Birthday!!!!

My husband was 70 on 30th April!!! On his actual birthday our dear daughter in law Sarah took us to lunch and youngest granddaughter came as well. We had to keep quiet about it as her sister Ella was at school and would have been very upset !
After lunch we went back to Sarah and  Jonathan's house and waited for J to come home from work. When he did we had cake and tea and DH opened his present from us all.
Thursday was a quiet day - calm before the storm :-) but a very enjoyable storm!!!

On Friday my lovely friends Marion and Julie prepared and brought to our house a beautiful five course dinner!!
served us cocktails and canapes

They laid the table  - can you see the soup in the pretty cups.

 and individual souffles

 They left then leaving main course in oven

and dessert ready to serve

 There was a lovely red wine and hand made chocolates!!! How lucky am I to have such wonderful friends.

On Saturday my eldest son and family arrived and we were joined by Sarah, Jonathan and girls. It was a beautiful afternoon and we sat outside. The children had such fun playing together. We also had an Easter Egg hunt - delayed from Easter as they were all away.
We went inside for some games and then had pizza, jelly, ice cream, cake - a beautiful chocolate and strawberry cake made by Sarah - yummy. Afterwards the children had a disco!!! I'd also put some drawing paper across the table and everyone drew and left messages for grandpa. It was all such fun.

Grandma getting ready to pin the tail on the donkey

Pass the Parcel - Grandpa won!!!

At the 'disco' and drawing ( excuse the 'blind' I tried to cut down light coming in. I am waiting for my blind to be made - a long and sad story)

The following day ( Sunday ) the youngsters all went out to the park for a while. They came back for lunch and we all got changed to go for a 'late lunch' at a nearby hotel - which is in a beautiful setting. We were able to sit outside for pre dinner drinks. The children were colouring and playing and we sat and chatted. My sons gave DH a 'special watch' as an extra present . Youngest son is interested in watches - especially vintage ones. DH gave him the one he'd had from his parents when he was 21. It had stopped working and he didn't wear it. My son cleaned it up, got it working, had it checked out and bought a beautiful strap for it. He put it into a lovely box and they gave it to him before the meal - both my sons had shared the cost of getting it working etc. DH was so touched.

Phoebe in the background.

We had a wonderful dinner  and at the end DH was presented with his 'cake' which my friend Julie ( think back to Friday) had made. I had asked her to make it but had not seen it- it was amazing.

Above the children in grounds of hotel in an area left wild it was beautiful.

Afterwards we went back to our house and had champagne !!! All the children stayed at our house - so that we could spend evening together.

The children were shattered and lay together on the sofa watching a DVD.

Day five saw the children up very early - they happily watched a DVD though. After breakfast we made a picnic and went to the park. The children had such fun together.

Everyone went home from the park. When we returned home it seemed very quiet and the house seemed very big!!!! :-)

There are lots more photos but I think that's enough for now. Hope you've enjoyed looking. x


  1. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to DH! What a wonderful family time full of fun! Bravo to you that made such a loving family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Anne, what a lovely few days you all had, lots of special memories! A belated Happy Birthday to your husband. Sarah xo PS you can send you friends my way if you like, a 5 course meal would be fantastic!!!!! xo

  3. Oh, it was a fabulous celebration, Anne, and what a special gift your sons put together for DH! Thanks for posting and letting us join in the celebration as well :) xx


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