Monday, 26 May 2014

Card Class

Back in April I had to cancel the card class I was going to do ( because of my knee problems) Several ladies said they were very sorry about my knee but also sorry because they loved the classes so much. That was lovely for me to hear as I don't really have lots of confidence. As my knee has got easier I decided to hold the class - but not at the centre I usually use.
a) because I couldn't face packing everything up to take, unpack there and pack up again
b) there are changes going on at the centre and at least until September it's not possible to hold my class.

I'd prepared the example way back - a concertina card and envelope box to hold it - many thanks to Julie Kettlewell for the idea and the tutorial on her blog juliesjapes. Also to Amanda Bates ( thecraftspa) who also made these and provided the link for the envelope box. We also made a small lidded box - it had sweets in it - I saw this here I think it's wonderful that there are so many generous crafters who share their ideas and provide tutorials. Thank you.

Here are a few photos

All ready and waiting

The ladies - ready to start

Working hard

Below are the examples I made. I can't believe I forgot to take photos of their makes :-(

Afterwards I went out for lunch with two of the ladies - beginning to do things again :-)

Sunday was lovely as well. A very relaxed morning and then later we went to our youngest son's for a BBQ that ended up being cooked and eaten indoors as the weather didn't play nicely.

Today I managed a short walk and then did some crafting. I am a much happier bunny at the moment.
I do hope you have all been able to do things that make you happy. Back soon x


  1. oh Anne thrilled my socks off to see you able to do the class and how swell to see them fill your room and create like that wodnerful work, great sample, would love to have joined you all :D Shaz in oz.x

    1. Thank you Shaz - I am thrilled to be back doing my class. You would have been very welcome here. x

  2. What a lovely group, Anne! There is nothing better than getting together to craft with friends and it's very nice that you are having it in your home! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Oh my goodness it looks like you had so muh fun! Your cars and projects are beautiful!. Thanks for earlier vivid to my space, and for your kind comments. If you can figur out how we can get in contact so we can get eac others adds for a swap, I am game. But I haven't wanted to put my email or add out there for public. :). I haven't been able to figur out the gmail. It says I have it but it won't let me click on it.


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