Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Oh my word

thank you for the lovely comments on last post. I was very touched. I have been wondering about blogging. I sometimes feel that I'm writing just for myself , which is ok I suppose but it's lovely to get comments and feedback. ( I just wondered how people feel re getting comments. I know sometimes life happens and you might read a blog but not be in a position to comment. However I have sometimes faithfully left comments without ever getting one back. Maybe my blog is just too boring :-) )

A good day today. I went to Sugar Craft this morning and then went to lunch with three of my friends from the class. We moved around the pub trying to find a table we liked. Got settled and got a pre lunch drink when one of the staff asked us, very politely if we though we would still be there at 2 o' clock. Well it was about 12.30 and knowing us we said yes. He explained that the area we were in was going to be 'closed off' at 2 for a funeral party. So we moved - back to table we had started out at!! It was a good job we did as we finally left at 4.10 p.m. after putting the world to rights etc etc.

The following photos are sort of for Teresa (Kasner) :-) I posted a while back that I'd had a new cooker and after 43 years new saucepans ( only because the others were not suitable for the ceramic hob) Teresa wanted to see the cooker and pans :-) well just for Teresa her is the cooker and one pan - not terribly exciting I'm afraid - it's quite an ordinary cooker. I do like the saucepans though they are not exciting either!!!

Yummy melted chocolate in the bowl !

Above this is what I used the chocolate for. Yummy brownies. This was my first baking session in the new cooker. Have cooked other things but not baked. Very pleased with the result :-) Help yourself to one!!! Back soon. x


  1. Your chocolate brownies look delicious. Sounds as if you had a nice catch up with your friends.

  2. Your luncheon sounded like fun, Anne, and I am so glad you all were able to put the world to rights :) I'm glad you showed us your new stove and pans, too. I enjoy having a setting in mind when I think of you. I do hope one day that you are well enough to come explore Oregon. Then you, Teresa, and the other local girls and I could meet at a restaurant and put the world to rights again! xx

  3. Hello my good friend! Thanks so much for showing me your wonderful new stove! I love how you call it a cooker and ceramic hob! We call the stoves or ranges here. I like your names better! Your brownies look delish, wish I could have one! :-) You're a sweetheart. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. woo hoo how yummy are they Anne.. and blogging is guilt free have a friend who writes it on her sidebar as reminder, and her name is Anne too :D.

    I love to comment but sometimes really struggle to get around to it.. so once every so often try and make the effort...Shaz in oz.x


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