Thursday, 27 March 2014

'Chin up buttercup '

It has been a difficult few days. I shared in my earlier post the sad death of my beautiful D.I.L's Dad who was also became a friend.
At the same time I have been dealing with a very, very painful knee. Had problems for a long time. To cut a very long story short it had begun to hurt quite severely. Saw GP - painkillers etc. No joy. Got much worse last weekend - especially Saturday when we were needed to help with our granddaughters. Saturday evening and Sunday saw me in agony. Back to GP on Monday. More painkillers and referral for an xray. Was told would take approx 2 weeks for that to happen. By this time I was in agony and tears and Doctors receptionist told DH to take me to A&E. Xray revealed loss of cartilage due to osteoarthritis and bone is rubbing on bone. Was give anti -inflammatory tablets and a stick!!!!
Despite pain killers etc and resting it I am still in intense pain unless I keep my leg out straight. Can just manage a shower after taking painkillers and to get to bathroom and back. I cannot sit at table - do anything. DH has been brilliant looking after me and our granddaughter while her mum helps to sort out funeral arrangements. ( that has not been straight forward due to mix ups with doctor and coroner)
So why 'Chin up buttercup' - by chance I went onto another blog this morning and the owner of the blog who has had difficulties in her life was told this and said it helped. So although I am worried and afraid about what is going to happen I am trying to keep this in mind.
So I have to go back to GP for a referral to orthopedic surgeon - cure knee replacement - could take ages for that to happen - not sure I can stand the pain :-( alternative - have it done privately - obviously expensive. However as it is at the moment I cannot do a thing except sit on sofa or stay in bed - no life. Very, very worried. x


  1. Hi Anne

    Oh sweetie, I do so feel for you. I too have osteoarthritis and had a hip replacement a good few years ago in my 50's. Bounced back like a Spring lamb - although knees are a different thing altogether. I did have it done privately and have enough medical money squirrelled away in my medical piggy bank for more ops.if needed 'pot'. Apart form the intense care I had and the privacy - it was the after care that made all the difference - lots of aqua physio and such truly got me back on my feet in double quick time and so much stronger than I believe I'd have been on the NHS. Having said that. my surgeon also does NHS work so the actual medical op. side would be as good I'm sure, whichever way you go. Just pester them for exercise programmes and of course you could then go private for therapy if needed.



  2. Oh Anne I feel your pain. Been there done that. Had my knee replacement when I was only 47.... Privately. Thankfully we are in Bupa cos it would have taken years otherwise. It was the best thing I've ever had done. I got my life back. It really was as if someone switched the pain off. Oh yes it was sore, you expect that after surgery but the nagging 'toothache' just disappeared. I really hope you get a speedy solution to your pain too.
    Biggest hugs,

  3. Anne, I too have osteoarthritis in my knees, but am currently not taking pain meds. For me it seems that gluten and dairy and soy consumption were contributing to the inflammation pain I was experiencing. Swimming is helping me have more strength too. I still get uncomfortable standing still, and sometimes use a stick or walker if I am on uneven ground. I will be praying that you will find the best way that works for you to be pain free soon! Meanwhile, I hope you can stitch and read and sketch while resting. Sending you lots of hugs!!!

  4. Looking at the above comments it seems there is a lot of it about! I do hope you can get it sorted soon - I know what Annie was like before and after and her knee replacement really made a massive difference. Best wishes x Jo

  5. Hello Anne. Sorry to hear about your painful knee. Andrew my husband is patiently waiting to have both knees done, not at the same time of course. He had his op date for Feb and now they have put it back for 8 weeks because of his high blood pressure. He cannot walk at all now. Hope you hear from them soon. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Oh Anne so very sorry to hear of your mother hae hers done and what the others say is so very true. Must admit that is one reason why kept up cover. Will pray for mercy to bear pain and a speedy successful solution for you. Havec osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Rather think may have fracture in finger..dumb of me. Will get it checked on Mon. if not better. Its ok if strapped so can't bend. Gentle hugs and much prayer Shaz in Oz.x

  7. Had to come back Anne on my blog I have this buttercup image on my sidebar from this blog post.
    It so blessed my heart and thought it might bless yours. I get Abby's emails in my inbox and she really is encouraging uplifting posts. Xxxx

  8. Oh dear, Anne.. so sorry to hear of your knee issue! I think you know my husband was bone on bone too. He got the full knee replacement and it's rough but will be a miracle for you in the end. I hope it works out fast for you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Sorry to hear that things are hard for you right now. I hope you can get it sorted out quickly.

  10. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments and good wishes. I am trying to keep 'my chin up' though have to admit it's hard at times. Have the feeling it's going to be a rough ride for a while. Hugs to everyone Anne x

  11. Sorry to hear about your knee my dear friend... It sure isn't fun to be In pain. I hope you can resolve the issue and have the surgery. In the mean time I hope the medicine start to work and you feel better.


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