Wednesday, 12 February 2014


|Well had thought I wouldn't make it this week and I am later than usual! Had to go to the dentist this morning :-( and then come home and pack to visit my Mum. She lives in Somerset. After the latest weather forecast we both agreed it's probably not best to travel down there at the moment. We are both disappointed but better safe than sorry.
Have been my usual busy self - but also making time to craft. So without more ado to my desk (dining table)

You can see a card in the making - I have several others the same and just deciding exactly what will go on front of each. I stamped with an acrylic block. Inked once and stamped three times.Also some tissue that I sprayed with water and then with ink. Didn't work quite as I'd thought but it gave an interesting effect. I have stuck another sheet down onto card to use as one of the challenges for the D.I.P.
Above looking along the table - to the left other crafting paraphanalia (sp?) including the stuck down piece of tissue. We finally decorated the kitchen and had a new cooker. DH also suggested new saucepans!!! Could've knocked me down with a feather. Still got ones I had 42 years ago. He decided that we should change as others not suitable for ceramic hob - even though previous cooker had ceramic hob. So those are two of new pans and a new colander - had some new bits and pieces :-)

And look what finally arrived after a few hitches!!! Unpacking later. Also packaging from trip to Lakeland :-) fatal going there!!

And some cards

Congratulations for our D.I.L.

I think this was on my desk last week. This one is for DH :-)

Above a small card and little envelope to hold a gift. The Valentine card and small card and gift envelope were for a colour challenge.
If you'd like to know about WOYWW and how to join in then pop over to Julia's Blog to get all the info you need.
I will be by to visit as many desks as I can. See you later! x 


  1. Oh what a shame you can't visit you mother at the moment Anne. Some lovely things on show for us to see today . Happy woyww Jill #35

  2. Hello Anne. I like your cards - especially that simple one with the single background colour and the stamped flower - lovely. Sorry you can't get to Somerset - but probably best at the mo! I agree - visiting Lakeland is fatal! Cruelty to credit cards...
    Have a great week

  3. Great cards Anne. Glad you have decided not to travel in this weather too. Is that one of the other stamps from the Gorgeous Grunge set on your DH's card. I'm just going to have to take the plunge aren't I? Thanks for visiting me this week. BJ#58

  4. Hi Anne, Nice lot of stuff going on there. I love the idea of stamping one image several times and also just the one image against the background providing interest.
    Lucky you, new saucepans, I still have one from 1969.
    Chris #48

  5. I love Lakeland too - can never leave that shop empty handed!! In fact, kitchen shops are a fav of mine...does that mean I'm getting old??!
    Love that bunting cars, so fresh and pretty - you really do have a great eye for colour!
    And you have SO made the right decision, not going to is foul down here in the west today......
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  6. Some great makes and some great buys too by the look of it!
    What a shame you've had to cancel your visit to your Mum but it's wise at this dreadful time. I hope she hasn't been affected by the floods too,
    Jo x

  7. Better late then fun Dentists. It's great when husbands suggest a new purchase...can't turn that down. I love the colander color. A lovely assortment of cards.
    Carole #68

  8. Beautiful cards Anne - you've certainly been very busy. I hope your mum is keeping safe.

    Well done on your orders last week - fingers crossed many more to come.

  9. I like the first technique you have in the first picture with the card. So pretty. Brigita #88

  10. Gorgeous cards and new toys to play with in the kitchen exciting.
    Annie x # 50

  11. Some fab cards there, love the bunting one.
    I know what you mean about Lakeland. I look through the catalogue and I could easily buy something from every page!!
    Happy Wednesday

  12. Nice cards! But I want to see your new stove and pots and pans! LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Hi Anne,
    Your cards are just wonderful!
    Please stay safe with all the real weather your having in your area.
    Krisha #34

  14. I love the cards you've made. Hope you enjoyed unpacking your parce,l although little compensation for not going to see your mum you are right - today wasn't a day for travelling! What is it about Lakeland - you go in for one thing and come out with something you didn't know you needed!! The one in Windermere is huge and is to be avoided if possible! Thanks for visiting, Chris83

  15. New pans, a revamped kitchen, and some lovely creative cards...good news indeed, Anne :) So sorry you have been having such frightful weather, and hope you are able to visit your mom soon! After 4 days of being snowed in it is raining, in the 50's, and there are just a few clumps of snow left here and there. I got out and about with Teresa and compared snowbound stories :) xx

  16. Love the cards...I just got a new stove as well, although mines still sitting in the middle of the lounge waiting for install...Oh well, at least it will stay clean and shiny..LOL
    Happy crafting
    DeDe #98

  17. It's not often you get to see pots and pans on a workdesk. Glad to read you got new ones. Of course, those cards are fantastic. Perfect for this time of year, too. Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Happy day after WOYWW from #1.

  18. Hi Anne,

    I love the color of your new colander. I wonder what color are your new pots? I should really get a new saucepan too.

    I love the cards, especially the Congratulations one. Since I visit so many UK blogs and was the happy recipient of bunting from Lunch Lady Jan, I have a new love for bunting!

    Thanks for the lovely Welcome Back!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (86)

  19. Lovely cards,and you've had some great shopping buys there! Love Lakeland myself- almost as much as IKEA, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xx


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