Tuesday, 3 September 2013


It can't possibly be Wednesday again can it? Well actually it's Tuesday evening but you know what I mean. we are having our granddaughters for the day tomorrow so won't have time again to do all this tomorrow.

Thank you for all the lovely greetings last week. Despite us getting some very sad news we did manage to have a lovely day.

Mum has had a pacemaker fitted - yesterday and is now at home with my sister. All went well and we hope that this will make her feel a lot better.

Well onto my desk.
I have had quite a few cards to make of late and not much enthusiasm as I've said. However got back into it more this week. Good job as I am having a table at the Community Association Open Evening on Thursday to promote classes. If all goes well I am going to be holding a workshop there on Sat mornings. So I've been preparing a few bits for that. Luckily had some stuff already made which I will use. will try and get a photo of my table if I can.

All very self explanatory really.

Below you can see I've been using my glue gun. first time in use despite buying it last year at the NEC at Art and Craft Show in Nov. Good job it works!!

 Below is the finished card I made for DH.

This one is for our granddaughters. Ella goes into Year 1 on Thursday and Phoebe will start her new nursery next week. She is going into the nursery at the school she will start next year (same school as Ella)

Have to say that I made this after seeing the absolutely gorgeous one (this is nothing like it - gorgeous  that is ) I saw on Sheena's Blog - thanks for giving me an idea Sheena. Sheena used ladybirds like these on her card and I remembered she sent me some once. Great. The girls will love them. The girls are blonde and wear grey pinafore dresses and red cardigans.

Below is what I used the glue gun for. I eventually got round to having a go at this - from Stampin Up last Christmas. I just cut the shapes from some of SU's paper I had left as well. Enjoyed making it and have some ideas for a simpler version for the workshop if it happens.

And finally my bouquet from DH last week

and a beautiful sunset.

I will visit as many as I can but it might be tomorrow night as doubt I will get much chance with the girls here :-)

If you'd like to go on a wonderful journey around the world then pop over toJulia's Blog and find out more and join in all the fun.


  1. Wow you have been busy Anne... Already starting on Christmas ideas :) hope you had a wonderful evening with your granddaughters. :)

  2. Sorry I missed to call by on you last week but life just got in the way. Really love that sky pic and your cards are fab.
    A x # 49

  3. Lovely items on your desk. Happy woyww jill #35

  4. Your Christmas flower is Gorgeous!! Love it. Brigita #84

  5. Fab post this week. I love all your crafty activities. x Jo

  6. Good luck with the open evening, I hope loads of people sign up with you!! Your cards are fab too, hope the little girls had a good first day back :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  7. Gorgeous photos and I love the various projects, especially the wreath type one which is stunning. Glad to hear your Mum's op went well and I hope it really makes her feel a lot better. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#78)

  8. Hello Anne thanks for visiting, glad to hear all is better for your Mom, beautiful card for the hubby, sweet card for the GD, gorgeous poinsettia in the window, looks like lots of cutting to me :),gorgeous flowers, fabulous sunset, what more could a girl ask for, thanks for sharing it all, hope you have a great week, good luck and have fun with your new adventures..

  9. Glad you got the card finished for hubby, and pleased you managed a good day, even with some sad news.
    The flower is just beautiful - I can see it hanging in a window at Christmastime. You are starting early with your decorations!!
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #50

  10. As usual, your cards are divine.. lucky recipients! What a gorgeous bouquet your husband brought for you.. what was the occasion? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Amazing "glue gun" flower - love it. Thanks for the visit BJ#16

  12. I wondered what you were doing with the glue gun as I quit using mine once I started paper crafting. Now that I see what you made, I get why a glue gun was required. I remember seeing those from last year although I have to say that yours takes the cake!!! I'm glad you found your stamping mojo as you've come up with some cute things to share. Gorgeous bouquet and sunset!

  13. What a pretty ornament you've created and What a lovely bouquet your DH bought :) hugs Nikki 4

  14. I need to look properly first time..I thought that sheet of pearls was you practicing little drop.ets with your glue gun! Love the wreath, that came together really well. Good luck with the table top promotion!

  15. Great post - wonderful pics, and so many beautiful, varied projects!!
    Sorry it's taken so long to visit - busy week!
    Happy belated WOYWW, and thanks for dropping by :)

  16. Thanks for visiting earlier - Brummie born and bred, never moved out of the area I live in, 'up north' by you is foreign to me!!!
    Love your cards and star/wreath.
    My glue gun is 'somewhere', I did see on the web someone drop the melted glue into water so that it solidified into lace like patterns, and thought 'that looks interesting' but haven't found the gun yet!!! lol
    Bishopsmate #48

  17. Love your wreath, that turned out really beautiful and I love my glue gun... had to go and buy a new one because the eletcric voltage is different here in Oz from Canada... think I have a glue gun for all eventualities now! Apologies for being so late returning your visit! Annette #30


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