Sunday, 7 July 2013

Delights in Derbyshire

This weekend has been an absolute delight!! The weather has been superb - dare I say just a touch too hot if you are having to move about!!! I had to :-) but for good reason. Our sons and families met up in Derbyshire near to Buxton to spend the weekend camping together. They all met up on Friday and apparently the children had a wonderful time - staying up way past normal bedtime.
On Saturday DH and I also joined them. However we were booked into a local B&B. DH and I used to camp with our sons but I am afraid for me it's no longer possible. We met them in Buxton and had a wonderful afternoon in the park area near to Pavilion & Opera House for anyone who knows Buxton ( it was my first visit)
After booking into our B&B DH and I went to the campsite. We played of course and it was still very hot!! Later DS 2 did the BBQ and we sat and ate, chatted and enjoyed the children!! Oh had a glass or two of wine as well.
After a lovely breakfast at the B&B we rejoined the campers. Our sons were busy taking down the tents and we helped occupy the children. Then we made our way to a nearby village and had lunch before we all set off for our own homes. Eldest son and family back to Yorkshire and younger son and us back to West Mids.

We watched end of Wimbledon and I put my Stampin Up order in. Lots of lovely goodies to look forward to!!!

A few photos

Come on Grandma and meet the goats!!!!

Watch how they munch up this!!!!

A view from by the tent

This should be other way round - the dragon marks our encampment :-)

D.I.L. relaxing !!!! oh and you can just see DS 2 !!!

Oooohhhh yummy food!!!1

 A view from the village of Chelmorton where we had lunch

Below is the pub we ate in.

To the left and the other side of the wall was a little playground where the children let off steam while waiting for lunch.

So all in all a truly delightful weekend. Hope you had a delightful time this weekend. x


  1. Lovely post, Anne, and the mention of Buxton brought back happy memories. We often shopped there when we lived in the High Peaks and went to quite a few performances at the Opera House too - most memorable perhaps was a 'Night with Alan Titchmarsh' :) Your photographs are lovely. Elizabeth xx

  2. What a great family time - and you got to sleep in a nice bed! :-) It looks like you had a splendid time.. is that your whole family? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Looks like you had a lovely family time
    Thank you for visiting me
    Jackie 39

  4. What fun, Anne! I have lots of good memories of family campouts, but have not been camping in years...your B&B arrangement sounds brilliant :)


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