Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Once again I have taken a photograph of my desk on Tuesday evening as I know I will be short of time tomorrow - what's new ? Apologies for not visiting everyone who ended with same number as me last week. I will try and visit you this week. I expected to have more time to visit - if you're interested why I didn't I will tell you after I've shown you my work space as that is  what WOYWW is all about!!! Find out more here.

Well here it is. All fairly self explanatory I think. This is how it was after making three cards, which I forgot to photograph - I can't believe it!!!! Trying to get them done and put in a parcel to send to USA.

I have been making some crochet squares that are going to be part of a blanket for a lady who is suffering from cancer. As well as the squares I have sent cards, one for the recipient of the blanket and one for the lovely lady who will be putting all the squares together.
Here are my squares.

We were asked to try and take them near a landmark where we live so that the recipient would know where the squares came from. ( there are people from all over contributing) I couldn't actually get to anywhere as I was anxious to get them sent off. Here they are on the jasmine in my garden.
I did do another card showing landmarks where I live and the three different places I made them.

On the left hand side there is my house,then a photo of  Derbyshire - we were travelling through scenery like this  on our way to my son's. Finally in Yorkshire - where my son lives and the third photo shows the view at the back of  his house. So my squares were made in various places.

I will pop along and visit those I follow, anyone who visits me and those ending in same number as me ( and those from last week I missed.

So why did I run out of time? Well DH and I went to see our grandson who was eight on Sunday. We had a very busy time!!!! D.I.L. made the actual cake but as she was at work on Thurs and Fri and was so tired when she got home on Thurs so I decorated the cake on Fri. She really likes to do it herself but had to be sensible. She also made cupcakes on Fri eve as it was the school fair on Sat. The cupcakes were gorgeous. As well as DH and I staying we were also joined by D.I.L.'s parents on Fri. On Sat morning we went to school fair, Sat PM was Harry's party!!! On Sunday he was awake very early (think he'd been awake a lot of the night as well) he opened presents and was very excited as was Sam his younger brother!!!! My son did a 5 mile run a little later - The Hepworth Dryad. He was pleased with his time. He is hoping to do the York Marathon.
We all then got ready to meet up with our younger son and his family to celebrate Harry's birthday with them. We met near Bakewell ( this was on our way back home) and we had a small room in a pub to ourselves. This was great as with four children aged 3, 5, 5 and 8 and 8 adults  it was pretty lively. Both Mum's took plenty of activities to keep them occupied. We had a super lunch and everyone had a brilliant time. Afterwards we let them loose in a lovely playground nearby - fortunately there was a dry spell!!!! Then it was time to say our goodbyes- always sad until we meet up again.

Below 'the birthday boy' and his younger brother - who kept pulling faces :-)

The cake!!!!

A close up of the model I made of Harry in his Huddersfield Town kit :-)

When Harry saw the cake he told me it was 'awesome' and very professional - he is only eight!!! One of his friends asked me if I made it. I said yes and he said 'all by yourself ?' - I love kids and what they say :-)
Well that's all for now see you soon x


  1. oh my gosh what a wonderful time you had, that is a brilliant cake, its amazing,

  2. Wow, Anne, you have been busy having family fun and traveling about! *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your GS! Your cake is quite literally a WORK OF ART! What an artist you are!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi Anne,
    I have to agree that the birthday cake really is awesome. I can well imagine the faces of the little ones seeing it.
    A x # 62

  4. Yep "awesome" is the right word and to think you made it all by yourself - priceless!! Looks like you had a fab weekend - such gorgeous scenery in Derbyshire and Yorkshire - I love it. x Jo

  5. Super fun cake design, love all the pictures.

    Regards diane

  6. Wow you have been busy. That birthday cake is amazing and I love the photo of your grandsons. Take care. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#132)

  7. Hi Anne, those granny squares are gorgeous and the card you made to accompany it is fab - such good idea to incorporate the photos of places you were crocheting in. The birthday looks like fun and the cake is fabulous - I'm forever being amazed at the talent of today's cake decorators.

    Got your comment about Bloglovin'. To tell the truth I just went into panic mode last night, got a message about the change on 1st July, and finally made the changes necessary. I followed instructions on the Bloglovin' sight, not without difficulty because I did not want to use my Facebook account ... I consider that private and only my children have access. After that I went looking for a way that folk could follow me and found a page of Bloglovin widgets - here's the link


    After that it was just a matter of following clicking on it and letting the widget do its thing.

    Hope this helps,
    Elizabeth xx

  8. Hugely late but I've been away and am desperately catching up on WOYWW comments!
    Lovely squares - try as I might I just can't master them!!
    Thanks for stopping by

  9. Out of the mouths of babe, Anne! The cake is absolutely amazing...a work of art as Teresa said!!! The blanket with documentation of where the squares are made is a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for posting :)
    Gracie xx


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