Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Time to share our desks with other crafters across the globe. I cannot believe how quickly this week has passed by.
I've not done a lot of crafting as since last Wednesday had a lot going on. However as you are probably here cos you want to see my desk only I will add all that to end of my post. Don't want to get in trouble with the lovely Julia who is the founder of WOYWW and the reason we go peeking at desks everywhere each Wednesday. Why don't you pop along and join in the fun.

Apologies for quality of my photos as well. Was not feeling my best when taking them.

A bit blurry I'm afraid. I was just finishing off this card for my Nephew's wife. She is going to be 30 this week. Still looks like a teenager. I have put a tiny 30 on brad in flower. I have made quite a lot of cards using these colours and elements. They were going to be part of a class I was supposed to teach which kept getting cancelled. I gave up and decided to use everything for cards I wanted/needed to make.

Now a massive WOW to Sandra who was the lovely lady above me on week 208  and who sent me an ATC. Well I say ATC she sent me a special book with several ATC's in it and space to add some more!! It is gorgeous and I feel honoured to receive it. Thankyou doesn't seem enough.

The front

 Onto the inside.

A close up of the decoration on the front cover. Isn't it wonderful? I will have 4 other ATC's that I an add to this beautiful book - a lovely way to keep this 4th Anniversary ATC's.

Also wanted to say hi to Lucy who became a follower last week. I'm not sure if you have a blog though Lucy. If you have and let me know I can follow you.
Well that's it for my desk. I will visit those I follow regularly, those who leave me a comment and anyone ending with same number as me. 

Last week I told you about my mum and her blackout. Some people have kindly asked how she is. She is still staying with my sister although she wants to go home. However she says she keeps having 'funny feelings' so not advisable that she is home alone especially at night. She is getting better though.

Last Friday I had a small op. Had to have General Anaesthetic but was allowed home the same day. The op went well although I was told that what they did last year was not successful. They tried something else but I may have to have further work, more traditional surgery which will not be nice!!! Watch this space. I then developed a really painful throat, roof of mouth. So we were back at the hospital on Sunday to get it checked out. I have antibiotics for a severe throat infection and also oral thrush ugh!!!! Not sure how that happened but it is getting better. The antib's are making me feel a bit down. I also tried to cut down on the painkillers but that was not a good idea as felt very uncomfortable this morning. Taking my medicine again now like a good girl and feel lot more comfortable. 
I think that's it for now, am sure could rabbit on further but you are probably losing the will to live by now. See you soon.x


  1. Oh Anne, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling so good since your op. Really hope the meds start to work soon and you feel much better asap. I am proudly showing off the ATC you sent me on my desk today....I love it and the gorgeous card you sent with it.
    A x # 51

  2. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I do hope both you and your mum will feel a lot better soon! The ATC book you received is awesome!!! Some happy mail that is, wowzah!! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #85

  4. Such a pretty little 30th card - I recognise those components!! Your gift is stunning - what a treasure and perfect way to keep all your ATCs. Hope you are soon on top form. Take care. x Jo

  5. That ATC book is really something! So nice to see! Uniflame - 71

  6. The card looks really pretty - shame the class kept getting cancelled - looks very much like their loss to me.

    Hope both you and your mum are feeling much better very soon.

  7. What a fab little book . happy woyww Jill #28

  8. Sorry to hear you're poorly and I hope you both get better soon. Just wanted to say thanks for my gorgeous ATC, it's looking good on my art line. Have a good week. MMx #43

  9. Glad to hear that your mum is on the mend but sorry to hear you have had to have surgery and that you are not too good at the moment. I wish you better, please do rest as much as you can and keep taking the tablets.
    Thats a lovely ATC book
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  10. Hi Anne, the card is lovely and it is a very pretty colour. The ATC book is absolutely gorgeous - beautifully made and a super keepsake. Glad to read your mum is a bit better though clearly not ready to be on her own yet. And then there's yourself ... not so good. I recall when my son was a teenager he got a sore throat accompanied by oral thrush and the advice he got from the doctor was to eat dry toast ... apparently it helps clear away the infection. You could try it, if you can bear to eat dry toast, that is. Hope you've had a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #78

  11. Oh Anne, you have had a bucketful, haven't you?? Poor thing, I really hope the meds kick in and you start to feel better! That gorgeous ATC album must surely help, it's beautiful!
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  12. You poor baby, I hope you are feeling better and I sure hope your last surgery was successful! Take care and thanks for visiting my WOYWW desk, well...organization space, lol Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  13. What a gorgeous ATC book Anne - and I love your card! Sorry to hear you've had a rough time lately - hope you (and your Mum) are both much better really soon.

    Hugs, Di xx

  14. sorry to hear you had to have another op! Hope you are feeling better soon. Love all the ATC's, book, and card! Very nice! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week! Vickie #26

  15. Your card on your desk is really lovely, Anne! And that ATC book full of ATCs from Sandra just left me with my mouth hanging open! I am gobsmacked! Thank you for sharing!

    And thank you for coming by the Playhouse! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #61

  16. What a lovely gift...and so aptly timed to arrive during a season of illness and worry when it can brighten your day and encourage you! Blessings to you and yours, xx Gracie

  17. Adore the 30th card, love all the elements you have used up! And the ATC book is amazing, I really need to make some little books to put my tags in let alone my ATCs. I'm feeling worse today but it will pass in a few days, hope you are getting better too. Thanks for visiting me this week Happy WOYWW BJ#74

  18. Hope you're feeling better soon, I hate feeling under the weather so you have my sympathy. The ATC's and Book are gorgeous, what a lovely, generous gift. Glad your Mum is on the mend. Hugs. Pam#26

  19. Beautiful ATC book you received from Sandra.
    Happy late WOYWW,
    RosA # 10

  20. Hi Anne, I am so pleased you like the ATC book. I think it arrived at just the right time with all you have on your plate at the moment. Hope things improve and you start to feel better soon. Take care.
    Sandra @106

  21. ah Anne so feel for you over there had seven minor but affecting your health ops in seven months so know what you mean and four were with general anesthetics do affect you and that is prob why the thrush and throat infection from tube if you had one??

    ... praying for dear mum and also for you to be back on an even keel and solution in least invasive way of your problem too..

    ah what a wonderful gift from kind thoughtful Sandra isn't it wodnerful how you can have a pick me up when things really get you down the Lord cares ..

    every blessing dear friend, Shaz in oz.x #4

  22. Thank you so much for stopping by my WOYWW! Sorry I'm so late and it's already Friday! I loved that beautiful ATC book - what lovely people crafters are! Do hope you will soon be feeling better and your mum too. Take care. I'll try to visit next Wednesday! Julie Ann xxx

  23. Sandra is very generous indeed! Hope you heal quickly and best wishes on upcoming healthcare!
    Thanks for visiting my desk,
    Lisa #125

  24. That ATC book is a wonderful gift! You are so blessed! I hope you get to feeling better and that this surgery will do. And best wishes for your mom, too! Happy belated WOYWW and thanks for the visit!
    Carol N #115 (I think)

  25. Happy belated WOYWW. The card looks nice, and the ATC book is wonderful, what a lovely gift.

    I hope you are feeling much better now, and you get your problems sorted soon. Elderly Mum's are a worry aren't they.

    Cazzy x #155

  26. Hi Anne,

    The ATC book is great! How thoughful and what a special gift for the Anniversary! I hope you feel better real soon and the antibiotics do their job. Also, I hope your mom continues to improve and can soon return to her home. Bless you all.

    Thanks for visiting me already. I knew it would be the weekend before I had a chunk of time to sit down but Sunday evening..... Better late though!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (93)

  27. wonderful ATC book. There are some very talented people out I blog land. pretty colours on the card and I know what you mean about the youngster ageing. where does the time go eh!
    janet #35


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