Monday, 27 May 2013

A bit of everything

really in this post. Since Wednesday and WOYWW I have been poorly with a rather nasty tummy bug. I managed to get to my knitting group on Thursday and to visit my Aunt on the afternoon but after that ...... Friday in bed with not infrequent trips to the bathroom!!!! I felt really awful!!!! Saturday was slightly better and I managed to eat on Saturday evening- DH cooked for us. I didn't do an awful lot yesterday either but did manage a bit of crafting, working on ATC's for WOYWW ( had hoped they would be finished by now but couldn't manage it - they will be done for Wednesday though) I also decided to have a go at some bunting for Lucy at Attic 24 for Yarndale. I have made a couple at the moment.
Don't tell Lucy but I did not sew my ends in when she suggested as I was too eager to master the pattern, it's very easy and an excellent tutorial from Lucy.I did the multi coloured one first and then thought it was slightly larger than requested so then did a plain one with a smaller hook to check tension. Not a lot in it really. I have to pin and block as per Lucy's instructions yet. She assures us that they will then be perfect triangles - watch this space!!!!!

We have been lucky here with the weather this holiday weekend. Sat and Sun glorious. Today windy but dry and I did a little gardening - well told DH what to put where, dig up, move around a bit etc. I'm good to him like that. 
I am going to put on some of the cards I've made recently which I don't think I showed you before apologies if I have already. 

Realised there are some I forgot to photograph and there are a couple I've yet to send so best wait a while before I pop those on. 
Below is a card for a swap on UKPC Forum and this time I sent to Elizabeth (The Silver Scrapper) 

The next one is the card I made to swap at Stampin'Up!s Regional Training at Telford a couple of weeks ago. I managed to make and swap 43. Must show you the ones I got back.

This last one I made for my D.I.L. as she started a new job.

One way and another last week was not the best as well as being poorly my Card Making Class was cancelled again - for the third time. I wasn't told until I'd packed everything ready to go - I was not a happy bunny!!!

All packed up and nowhere to go!!!!!

Anyway that's all for now methinks - more than enough I suspect!!! Bye for now x


  1. Nice of you to make a bunting for Lucy.. I decided not to send one as the last thing I sent to the UK took 3 MONTHS to get there! LOL! Sorry you were ill.. hope you're all better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your tummy upset Anne. Your bunting looks lovely. Those cards are just stunning too. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Hope you are feeling much better now. Well done on the bunting and the cards look great. Shame about the class though.


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