Sunday, 28 April 2013

This and That

Just wanted to say a big welcome to Taci and Darnell who recently became followers - one more and I will hit 40- getting there slowly!!!

Well it's been a busy few days since I was last here. I had several cards I had to finish especially DS's and DH's. Also made a joint cake for them. It was not one of my more successful to be honest!!!
I  made it too quickly and opened oven door before time (DH's fault :-) ) and the top is uneven . Tasted good though :-) The banners were made by my D.I.L. using the SU punch.

I have also had to contend with a very swollen and painful big toe. Think I have ingrowing toenail- ended up at GP on Friday and have to take antibiotics. Also had a cut on first finger of left and - done with my craft knife!! Also little cut near thumb nail on my right - has made crafting difficult!! Also had to have man fom gas board here three times this week to fix boiler - finally got it sorted on Friday.

Made DS a card and money wallet as he wanted money for his birthday towards a bag to take back and forth to work.

I sometimes despair of the world and what goes on but in 'Blogland' there are some wonderful people. Not least of these is the lovely  Jo from Jozarty designs. One day she had put photos of some head dresses she had made for her granddaughters. I commented on how lovely they were and how I knew two little girls who would love those. Do you what? She made some for my granddaughters. How wonderfully kind. 

Aren't they just gorgeous. The girls loved them. They dashed upstairs to put dressing up dresses on and they matched perfectly!!! 

Look what the postie delivered this week. I paid for it with money I had for my birthday. It matches the smaller bag I had for my birthday as well. I am very lucky I know. 

Will be stalking the postie again tomorrow for some fabric I ordered. 

We have been working on the garden-well at the beginning of the week but the weather changed again and we've had rain,hail and cold winds. Should have known better than to buy new garden furniture :-) 

Wel I think that's it for now. Have a great week everyone. Hugs Anne x 


  1. The birthday cake looks fantastic and no one would ever know it was uneven.

    What a week you've had - I do hope the antibiotics work and your cuts soon heal too.

    Beautiful head dresses for your little girls.

    Hope you have a better week this week - take care.

  2. Love your cards and cake! Your friend was so nice to see those cute tiaras for your little girlies.. so cute! I'm glad to be home, even though we had a great holiday at the beach. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. such lovely gifts! There are any big hearts in blogland that is for sure,
    Sorry the weather turned bad, ruined your plans, maybe tomorrow,

  4. Hi Anne,

    Your cake looks yummy - can't see the fallen part at all!!! I don't bake as it's just me and I don't need to eat an entire cake! tee hee. Love the banners!

    The money holder card look great.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is nice.


    PS You'll get there (followers). It never gets old - getting new followers!

  5. Even when you point out the flaws of your creations I can not see them, Anne!!! Your cake looks perfect, and your cards lovely. Now as for the sores and cuts and balky boilers...not so perfect, but hopefully all on the mend :-) The gifts you received are wonderful indeed!

  6. The cake looks great Anne! And I bet it tastes delicious. thanks for mentioning my name and welcoming me ! I loved you visit and looking forward to "see" you soon again. :)


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