Monday, 22 April 2013

Prayer Shawl finished and on it's way

I had hoped to finish this before my friend began her treatment but could not quite manage it. However she has a long road ahead so I hope it will comfort her.

Below a close up of the flower which is crocheted ( is that a word :-) )

Below folded card with card I made to go with it.

Below a card I made for a swap. The recipient has seen it now so I can post it.

I had a lovely weekend. On Saturday DH and I went looking for a new water feature for the garden and new garden furniture. We have tokens and money that were presents for our Ruby Wedding which was in 2011. We have new table and chairs and water feature is being ordered today. I still have the tokens so I can choose some other items for the garden as well! While we were out we had some delicious scones, butter and jam with tea at one of the places we went to , it was delicious. The scones are homemade as is all there food.
Saturday was lovely and warm and we later went to see our son and say out in garden watching GD's having fun.
Yesterday was spent doing a little gardening ( on my part) DH did a lot!! I also did some crafting. I have a lot of swaps to make for an SU event as well as DH and DS birthday cards. Also am making a cake this week for DS and DH and am back to Sugar Craft tomorrow, knitting group on Thursday and if there are any takers I have a card class on Thursday. Everything is prepped for that as it is the one that was cancelled before Easter due to bad weather.
Well I think I had better go and get started!!!! What do you have planned for this week? Anne x


  1. As the recipient of the butterfly card, I have to say it really is beautiful. Its sitting right by my TV so all can see it :) Thank you Anne

    The prayer shawl is pretty too, was it crochet or knitting? Looks like crochet! And the card to go with it stunning, love the blossom :)

    Karen xxx

  2. Thankyou Karen I'm so pleased you like it. Tha shawl is knitted,the flower crochet. The blossom stamp was an SU one. Ax

  3. The prayer shawl is fantastic and will bring lots of comfort during their treatment. We made the most of the sunshine we had on Saturday too and did some gardening, also managed to get lots of stitching done with the extra daylight hours we are now having. Have a great week.

  4. beautiful work, lovely!
    You sound very busy and I love the outing you had, the scones sound delicious enjoy your garden all dressed up pretty with water feature and table and chairs, happy spring!

  5. Beautiful cards and your shawl is really lovely. The flower really sets it off.
    Jo x

  6. Hi Anne, take another look at my blog as my WOYWW post went missing but it's there now and you might like part of what's in it.... take a guess who they are for too?
    Jo x

  7. Your friend will love the shawl it really is beautiful and made from the heart. So love that crocheted flower and yes it is your word. LOL

    Your cards are really beautiful.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  8. Hi Anne,
    Beautiful prayer shawl! I'm sure it will bring much comfort to your friend! Also, the card is just beautiful!!!


  9. Hi Anne!

    The prayer shawl is lovely as are the cards you made. So glad you are able to get some gardening done along with all of your other activities! My sons-in-law are out spreading new gravel on our driveway, and I have some geraniums I need to get into two hanging baskets.

  10. Hi! Anne, your blog is very beautiful
    You have a new follower in Spain

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