Saturday, 23 March 2013


Well it's Spring here in the UK :-) and this is what we woke up to this morning. The snow had started the night before but came with a vengeance last night. It's still snowing as well.

DH had to go into shed in back garden to find something to dig out around garage doors to get big shovel to dig out the car and around door at front.

I am a bit upset as I had been looking forward to a cardmaking class this morning. Had been so looking forward to this after a difficult week ( it has made me feel very sad at times and unable to sleep) - I am feeling happier after finally getting some sleep.
We live on an unmade road that is not flat. Our drive also has a slope and is difficult to get back onto when there is snow. So we are 'snowed in' more crafting at home then :-) x

Have made quite a few cards that I have not put on so need to remedy that. Will put a few bits today and more later.

On Thursday a friend of mine who I met at Sugarcraft was 65. She invited several friends to lunch. (I forgot to take my camera)  I made this little book/album for her. ( Julie if you peep in at my blog yes it is the one I made for the challenge, but I decided I would not send it to Shelli but adapted it for my friend as I was running out of time but wanted something special)

There are some spaces for photographs from her special celebration this weekend.
 Hope she got there ok. She organised a celebration with family members. They have all gone to a large house/mansion for weekend. As well as my friend being 65 her mum was 90 recently and other family members have milestone birthdays. She has done all the catering and I pray everyone got there safely given the weather conditions.

To the book - I learned how to make actual book at cardclass - design of this one is my own.

 The one above was not very focused!!!!

Below is the lid of the box - I suppose it should have been silver but had run out f silver card.

I was amazed to sign up a recruit to Stampin'Up! during Sale A Bration. I had not really organised what I would like to give people when they join my team but had decided that I would give a notebook and of course a welcome card. Below is what I made- well covered he front of a notebook.

Above the card and notebook together.
You can see back garden - this was Friday afternoon - it's covered in snow now!!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading. I'll be staying put all weekend - what about you? Enjoy whatever you have planned. Anne x


  1. beautiful card and beautiful garden, even though we are still buried in snow, even though its been here since October I still think it's beautiful.

  2. Wow, your cardmaking i so impressive! I'm glad to see you've gotten some rest - it will help in your perspective. Keep on smiling and bringing joy to those near you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You definitely were snowed in, Anne! We had a very mild winter with only a trace of snow and less rain than I remember in the six years I have lived in Oregon. Thanks for showing us what you have worked on while you have been house bound! Really lovely! I ran errands with my youngest daughter this afternoon and then we had dinner at a wonderful rustic restaurant on the banks of the Sandy river...a beautiful setting for a yummy meal in good company. After church tomorrow I hope to get more stitching done on Miss Maggie Rabbit :)
    Blessings to you and yours and love with hugs from me to you,

  4. Hi Anne,

    Oh wow - we haven't seen snow like that all winter! It's been terribly windy here this weekend, whichwill dry out the earth even more. At least a snow day also means a craft day!

    The card/album you made for your friend's 65th birthday is great. Congratulations on signing up somoneone under you as a SU demonstrator. You are thoughtful to give them a welcome gift and card.



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