Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

I hope that all the mums who have been celebrating have had a wonderful day. I certainly did.
 Last Wednesday we set off for Holmfirth to visit my eldest son and his lovely family. Our visit was to celebrate Matthew's birthday which was the 4th March and Mother's Day.
Things didn't go quite as planned as poor Matthew had to go to work- unexpectedly!! He was due to be off at the weekend. Firstly the Consultant who should have been on call broke her arm so Matthew was next on the rota for emergency on call. He had several calls to deal with on Friday evening until quite late. Then about 5.30pm his SHO called to say she was ill and could not work. So he had to go in. Then he managed some cover for Saturday pm and met us for coffee and for my grandsons to choose a present for their mummy. He was lucky enough to be able to stay at home for the afternoon.
We had just sat down for dinner when he got a call and had to go. He was back 10 mins later things had changed. So we started to eat again. Another call and off he went again. Returned later in time to go to bed!!!! He managed to be there until 8.30 this morning and then had to go. So I did not see him again today. I am used to not seeing him on special occasions - part of the job he has chosen to do.
DH was also unwell yesterday and couldn't come out with us. :-(

However we have had a lovely time. Saw Sam my youngest GS do his Mothers Day assembly at school. I helped selling some cards at my GS's school. Though as the children had all made cards I did wonder if mums would have not been happy with the ones their children had made.
Spent lots of time playing with the boys and chatting to my D.I.L.
This morning my eldest GS made his mummy and me breakfast in bed ( with daddy's help , before he left) a first - he was so proud and to me it was priceless.

We left after 'brunch' and after unloading the car we went to see younger son and family. More playing with my GD's and then dinner. I have had some lovely cards and presents. Will save those for another post. :-)

My grandsons - do you think they take after grandma - crafting away???

Cheeky Monkeys!!!!

And finally the view this morning from our bedroom window. It has turned very cold here again. Have lots of lovely memories to keep me warm though.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. Anne x


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Anne!!! Your account of your son's schedule interruptions reminded me of the years my husband was a computer doctor for IBM and got customer call outs at the most interesting times! Some how I missed out on your last four posts so have just now caught up on some of your glad for your good classes and progress on various projects. We have been fighting off wicked colds this past month in our household and am sorry that some of you and yours have been ill as well. Wishing you well :-) xx Gracie

  2. Hi Anne,

    Happy belated Mother's Day! It sounds like your son was up and down; glad you were able to have little bits of time together. Your two grands look so happy, crafting away!

    Thanks for stopping by. I really did get a kick out of that truck!



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