Monday, 25 March 2013

Baby it's cold outside

It snowed almost all day yesterday as well! DH was back outside shoveling snow again!!!! He did have a little play though  :-) His Ice Sculpture

He said it was a Tombliboo - from the Night Garden ( which you will only know about if you have young children/grandchildren) If I didn't know better I'd have said he'd been drinking :-) he had fun though !!!!


 The view from the lounge - much preferred to be this side of the window. Though I am getting fed up now, have not been out since Thursday!! Out tomorrow all being well.

So something warming and hearty was called for. Beef, mushrooms, carrots, onions and leek. Was later topped with pastry!!

So there was only one thing for it- crafting.

And a few more!!!!!

Also been knitting. Cannot remember if I mentioned before that I am making a Prayer Shawl for a very, very dear friend who is very poorly.  Also working on another project. Show more of that later.
Bye for now. What have you been up to? Anne x


  1. Sorry to hear you are fed up with the snow - it looks so pretty though - easy for me to say when we haven't had any!

    Gorgeous cards.

  2. What a busy bunny you have been yet again. Love the snow sculpture - I've lost the will to sculpt anything with the white stuff. It was all I could do to just scrape the stuff off my car today. BJ

  3. Goodness.. I'm sorry about the snow, we have daffodils in bloom and sunshine! I'm sure your Spring will be welcome when it arrives. We had a gloriously sunny day today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Bored here too with all the snow and hate to think what our heating bill is going to be like :( Not sure our boredom will stretch to making strange creatures in our garden though!

    Love the ribbon cards, I have so much ribbon maybe I should think about how to use it more. My crafty area is in the spare room which also doubles as the coldest room in the house, so don't think much crafting will be done today ;)

    Karen xxx


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