Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Few Days Away

We are just back from spending a few days with my eldest son, my D.I.l and grandsons. It had been about three weeks since we last saw them so couldn't wait to catch up. We went last
Wednesday and arrived in time for boys coming home from school. Lots of time to play together and hear their news. On Friday we collected them from school as mummy was working. We also looked after them that evening. My son and D.I.L. went to a PTA quiz back at the school the boys used to go to. They stayed overnight with friends from where they lived before as it was some distance away.
On Saturday DS went off to London to catch up with Uni friends and Carolynn (my DIL ) DH and I went to watch the boys at their football club. In the afternoon DH went with Harry (GS) to a football match. The boy's club had arranged for them to go. Sam who is younger went out with Carolynn and me to Holmfirth to buy a toy and have a milkshake. I had  a lovely hot chocolate and a scone - well had to join in didn't I.
Last night Carolynn, DH and Ishared a chinese take away. Very tasty.
We set off home early this morning as the forecast was not good. Possible snow. It was snowing in Holmfirth but turned to rain as we came further south. We may still get snow though. Forecasters seem unsure as to exactly where, when and how much.
Below is Harry in his Beavers Uniform he was showing me all his badges and I sewed two more on for him.
 Harry and Sam in their football strip. Their tops are Huddersfield Football Club Strip. It's their local team so they are now supporting them.It was Huddersfield v Cardiff match that H and DH went to.

So I am now suffering withdrawal symptoms after leaving them all. The boys are so entertaining. I love them so much. However we are going to be having Phoebe our youngest granddaughter on Friday for a few hours as her mummy has to go into work (she doesn't usually go on Friday) for a training day. So that will be fun.

Hope you have all had a fun weekend. Anne x


  1. Hi Ann, it looks like you're getting lots of grandchild time, good for you! Thanks for showing your adorable boys, they are so cute! Have fun with your GD. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. beautiful family photos, you are a lucky grandma,

  3. Sounds as if you all had a wonderful weekend together- It's lovely to be able to see them grow and enjoy their lives.

  4. What a lovely break you had with your family, and what great photos! Thanks for sharing. You must be so proud of your family.

    Thanks for your good wishes for our move. Lots to do, but we'll get through it, God willing!


  5. Grand time with the Grands! So glad you all had fun, Anne, and that you can look forward to time with Phoebe on Friday.

    We are having a misty day here, and my three little grand-daughters are in and out of my room...the older two pretending to be reindeer, and I heard a bit of "Ho ho hoing," so I am assuming Santa was somehow involved =)

    Happy Week to you and yours,
    xx, Gracie

  6. Hi Anne, I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award, have a look at my blog today to see what it is all about. BJ


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