Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Can it really be Wednesday again and time to go visiting other crafters desks? Yes I guess it is. Since last week We have had snow, more snow and apparently more to come. Ah well when confined to barracks one just has to craft.
Last week I spent time with my Mum who was here for a week so have been trying to catch up with crafty things. We took Mum home Saturday and came back early on Sunday which turned to be a good idea ( Mum didn't think so as she wanted me to stay longer :-) ) as we got back to a lot more snow and it took DH  an hour, with help of neighbours to get car back on drive! It then snowed for rest of afternoon and most of Monday. Yesterday drive etc cleared again and I managed to get to Sugarcraft and we got car back on drive. More snow last night and this morning. We will see if we make it out and back tomorrow.

To my desk etc etc.

As you an see it's al on the dining table this week.

had to crop this one as I'd left an address on there - hadn't realised. A mess really I'd just finished maing a couple of cards.

Now at end of table :-) you can see why I needed so much space . Some hearts I've been paintinfg ready to decorate - maybe for a stall with my DIL. Some stamps I need to put away. To left the squares I knitted for the charity blanket but have only just had chance to sort out. Decided to wash them and pin out as some were not quite as squarish as others - not sure my plan will work.

Hello what's this I spy. A big pink tape glider. How did that get there? I know Julia mentioned them being reduced so I just had to send for one. Now just have to work out how to put tape in properly. It doesn't seem to be doing what it should!!!
Anyway if you want to see some other more interesting desks and join in the fun pop along to
Julia's blog

Here is my mum's card - I did see something similar somewhere on net. Sorry I can't remember where.

The card below was for a couple who lost their baby at 19 weeks just before Christmas. We have just heard about it. She worked with my husband on a work placement when she was a student and they have kept in touch via email. When my dad died she baked us a cake for the wake - so sweet of her. Inspired by a layout I saw.

Finally in case you live where it is warm and sunny and you need to chill - the view from my front door today.


Will be back later to say hi to as many as I can. Sorry if I didn't visit all who made it over to me last week. Blame it on Mum. :-) x


  1. I have a feeling most of us have seen too much of this cold wet stuff now.....pretty when it came but it's getting in the way of living now.
    A x #47

  2. I sure looks serene and lovely to view...sadly it isn't as serene to navigagte in. Ours has nearly melted thank goodness.
    Your desk/table is bursting with creativity! It was fun to nosy through and I hope you do well at the stall with your DIL!

  3. Beautiful cards and lots of nice things to look at on your workspace - a hive of crafting activity.

  4. You sure had some deep snow and it's staying on, isn't it? We have only had a few dustings of snow this winter.. and today was supposed to be an ice storm.. but it's just rain. Silly weather forecasters get so wound up! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love your stickler collection! ! Sorry to hear your friends news, so sad when it's a young baby. Your card will show how much you care. Keep warm and safe. Karen 94 x

  6. Love your desk. The more room you have the more stuff needs to be left out eh!
    Lovely cards, even though not all for happy occasions.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #100

  7. Beautiful, beautiful cards! I can certainly relate to the snow. We've had quite a lot of it ourselves. Hubby shoveled the driveway and sidewalks just before bedtime tonight and it's still falling. I am more than ready for springtime.

  8. Beautiful cards! Lovely snow fall, makes for cozy crafting for sure!! Enjoy your new tape glider, new toys are fun!!
    ~Rebekah #141

  9. It was hard for me to get past the first picture once I spied that box of stickles!! I love me sum stickles! lol Your cards look beautiful and I am so jealous of your snow. We are suppose to get ice tomorrow, which means a chance of losing power...oh yeah, that should be fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  10. Yep, the snow has made life 'interesting', that's for sure!! We still have quite a lot lying and due some more tomorrow. Thankfully we have a new boiler now so are warm again. Gorgeous cards btw :)
    Hugs, LLJ 37 xxxx

  11. You have a very good reason for being late. Mind you, I am still struggling to get round. We are in a snowy Worcestershire with the prospect of a lot more to come before we then get floods as the snow melts at the weekend. Then I think we get more snow next week. Oh joy!! Your cards are really beautiful. I am intending to pass a lot of my stamps (not the Clarity ones) to other to use. Thank you for your visit today and I hope you don't get too snowed in next week. xx Maggie

  12. Lovely to see your creative desk and you look really organised!
    Thanks so much for your interest with LillyBo Quilts and I really hope you can take part. Keep watching the blog.. it's all starting to happen!
    Re your new pink atg gun you will get great video instructions on YouTube if you google for instructions. You'll soon get used to using it then you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!
    love all your photos too,
    Jo x

  13. Not sure if I signed off properly at the end of my comment, but I hope you have a good week anyway. xx Maggie #20

  14. Fantastic Cards Anne and I'm late getting round WOYWW too! Snow looks lovely when not touched, then it goes yucky! Desk look very busy unlike my mess!
    Happy late woyww

  15. i'm dropping by to say hi! oh my, i don't envy you the CCCold and snow. but i would love to be stuck indoors and have time to craft! lovely cards and how sad for the couple to lose a child.
    happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  16. Beautiful cards Anne! We were 70 deg Wednesday and today only made it to 38...brrr is right! It has always been said if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma wait and a day and it will change! Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great week. Vickie #35

  17. I was tempted by the big pink thingy but managed to resist, hope you sort out the loading of it soon. Super pink card too. Bit of a pink post LOL BJ#27

  18. So glad you got a tape gun. I love mine and once you've figured out the tape, it's just brilliant. Also, thank you for reminding e that I need more tape for mine!

    Hope you're getting in and out of your drive OK.
    Cheers, Rachel

  19. Great pictures, all of them, and what a lot of snow you've had! We've had virtually none down here in the mild SW. Nice busy desk/dining table! The tape glue gliders are a bit of a pain to load but worth the hassle in the end as they are so useful, and convenient to use. I got mine through the Scotch site and you can get nice big refills there, very cheaply too.

    Thanks for your nice comment - yes thanks, I had a wonderful day at the craft show! Now feeling recovered enough to get on top of my emails and blog comments again lol! I managed to finish the spoke guards just in time, and as soon as the video is finished, I'll be posting about them.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #147

  20. Wow, beautiful cards. I love your work. You are very creative. kisses.

  21. Glad you had a good visit with your mum and made it safely home, Anne,
    ...but the snow is sooooo pretty!
    I purchased my first big tape glider a few months ago [on sale!] and my youngest daughter used it for some of her wedding related cards. I have not had to replace the tape yet and find it a bit cumbersome, but all in all I think I like it.


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